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Delight yourself in the L̟O̟R̟D̟ and He will give you the D̟E̟S̟I̟R̟E̟S̟ of your H̟E̟A̟R̟T̟ ............................................... ❤️ LOVE fulfills DREAMS ❤️ : 🔊On Press ▶️ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hey there Insta Loves!🤗 February is almost over and it doesn’t really matter because LOVE should be/is celebrated everyday, SINGLE or NOT☝🏼 . This bible verse is a personal fave and is a constant in my life. It’s a beautiful reminder of one of many of God’s promises, especially when you are WAITING for a breakthrough or a dream yet fulfilled. The words that strike me the most areDELIGHT and DESIRE. . BIG & INTENSE words right?! Sounds damn intimidating...are you intimidated? Don’t be because God is like that. He delights in His creation, and if you spend more time to know him...he’s actually a pretty intense “lover”...Now single ladies, imagine a man who benchmarked his life and “playbook” on God’s word (PAUSE: just got goosebumps #kilig )🤗😍 . When we delight in the Lord we get to have this closeness and intimacy with Him (one of the greatest privileges in my opinion🙄) when you delight, you need to trust God. From experience God doesn’t just make a move to change our circumstances, He also wants to change us ( I call this character building days); because we need that change for the breakthrough coming our way. . Now DESIRE...If you haven’t realised it yet, GOD KNOWS everything. Nothing is hidden from him, especially the desires of our hearts. Desire is not just a want or a wish, it’s a STRONG want or wish. And God is a generous giver, heck He probably delights in giving the desires of our heart (according to His plan of course). . NOW isn’t that something?! That is LOVE. Wait on God with a trusting, expectant heart, and you can look forward to all the good things He has planned for you. . Please comment and let me know what you think or share a fave verse/quote that Inspires you about love😍 #idareyou2love #febibig #inspirethefilipina #liveindayspired #diaryofadalagangfilipina 💃🏻🇵🇭 . . . . . #iamthatgirl #dubaiblogger #filipina #love #lifestyleblogger #influencer #paanobato #christiansingles #content

Hey peeps wir sind hier am brunchen und die Sonne ☀️ genießen Sonntag ist bei @__mirkof__ und mir immer Familien Tag ☝🏽 Zeit zu zweit verbringen und die Seele baumeln lassen ... reload time.... Was steht bei euch heute schönes an ? - - Check out the Team: - @__mirkof__ 🖤💪🏽 @d_k_fitness - - #dualinnovation #janninad #germany #frankfurt #wiesbaden #trainer #influencer #fitnessmodel #inked #fit #fitnessaddict #fitfam #gymrat #fashion #fitness #lifestyle #eatclean #bodybuilding #workout #instafit #inspiration #motivation #gymgirl #pretty #flex #muskeln #fitness


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Hey 💃🏻 Kızlar bugün sizlere uzun zamandır neredeyse her gün uygulamaktan rutinim haline gelmiş olan günlük makyajımdan bahsedeceğim. Günümün %80 i okulda geçtiğinden ve makyajı sabah çok erken yaptığımdan oldukça pratik ve dayanıklı olan bir makyaj uygulaması yapmam gerekiyor 🤷🏼‍♀️ Makyajın starları farlar ve aydınlatıcı olduğundan sizlere bunlardan detaylı olarak bahsedeceğim. Far olarak bazdan sonra @lorealmakeup eye paintlerden peach me babe i uygulayıp üzerine @nyxcosmetics_turkiye cosmic metals paletindeki sol alttaki ve ortadaki iki rengi tüm göz kapağıma iyice dağıtarak uyguluyorum. Yansımalı bir görüntü elde ettiğim için ekstra gölgelendirmeye gerek kalmıyor 🤩 Aydınlatıcı olaraksa bana Becca opal i unutturan @makeuprevolution strobe highlighterı kullanıyorum. Kızlar alın ve aldırın ! Hem çok doğal hem bam bam bam bir aydınlatıcı hem de 24.90 tl 😍 Göz kalemi olarak @maybelline master drama the nudes serisine bu ara bayılıyorum, canlı ve uyanık gösteriyor. Bendeki rengi rose pearl ve bir de üst kirpik dibime de @rimmellondonturkiye scandal eyes 24 serisinden 003 brown ı uyguluyorum. İkisi de oldukça kalıcı ve akma yapmıyor gün boyu. Bende tüm kalemler akıyor normalde ama bunlarda öyle bir sorun hiç yaşamadım uzun zamandır, alın aldırın 🤩 Allıksa @thebalm_cosmetics hot mama. Ürünleri yakından görmek için postu kaydırın piliz 😋 Sorusu olanlar ise DM 🌸 #makeuptalk #makeupoffer #makeuptips #beautyblogger #makupblog #makyaj #dailymakeuproutine #instablog #influencer

🇬🇧what’s good when you have self confidence, no matter if people say you are sexy or a 🐄 it doesn’t affect you at all. I am what I am and I love myself even with my 15kg overweight 😊 don’t get mad at me bitches 😘🇫🇷ce qui est cool quand tu as confiance en toi, peu importe qu’on te dise tu es sexy ou une vache 🐄 cela ne t’affecte pas du tout. Je suis ce que je suis et je m’aime même avec 15kg de trop 😊 n’ayez pas la haine contre moi 😉#love #confidence #sexy #curvy #skinny #selflove #influencer #lifestyle #blogger #beauty #mindset #paris #london #miami #riodejaneiro #nyc #abudhabi #kuwait #shanghai #seoul


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Lying in bed feeling rough but looking through the past few weeks photos is making me feel pretty damn proud of myself. Rewind back over a year ago I could barely leave the house after spending time in hospital never mind have the confidence to meet new people and do a job by myself. Not every day is good - god some days I contemplate giving it all all up and question if I'm good enough or have what it takes while dealing with being unwell. Then days like today I think about what I have achieved and realise what my mind is telling me is all bullshit 👏🏻 never ever give up on something that your passionate about. It will always work out 💕📷 @eimhearquigleyx being a little babe 😍

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Siempre hay flores para aquellos que quieren verlas 🌾🌷

¿Quieres ganar estas estupendas zapatillas?🤪¡Estás de suerte! Participa en nuestro sorteo ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . 🔸Sigue las cuentas de @influenceroneday y @coneldiatonto. 🔹Menciona a una amiga o amigo en la publicación original en nuestro perfil. . Podeís participar todas las veces que queráis mencionando a amig@s diferentes cada vez. (IMPORTANTE, la persona que se mencione debe estar entre vuestros seguidores) . Puedes participar hasta las 23:59 del Viernes 2 de Marzo. El ganador o ganadora se publicará el Sábado 3 de Marzo. . ¡Mucha suerte a todos!🍀 Sorteo válido solo para España. #iod #sorteo #sunday #goodluck #fashion #influencer #blogger #fashion #participa #premio #shoes #moda #cool #trendy #followus

All I want is to have some summer vibezzz in my Instagram feed🌞 Feeling annoyed or motivated?😅 Finnish people are freezing out there right now so I am feeling a bit bad when posting pictures like this 🙈😅 #holidayspam #goodlife Ps. Käykäähän osallistumassa vielä tänään Benecos-arvontaan, löytyy muutama postaus takaperin 👇

Málaga, bella y azul 💙🎡✨

"A girl who doesn't belong to city" Spent most of my childhood in a very small village of Uttarpradesh. I was happy to stay with my Naniji rather than  coming Gujarat with my mom, because of the attachment I had with her. It was not about the serenity of the village but the innocent heart which wanted to stay with her. I have explored different parts of India. Spending my childhood in a small village wasn't a bad idea. So now I feel i was really smart in taking decisions from very small age like i was just 4 years old at that time when I l refused to come to the city.  I have seen the struggles of people struggling for basic needs. I have seen its magical Winter when the blanket and beds are cozy and the summer when the birds are playing and chirping in the trees. I have witnessed the marriages of girls at a very young age just because for the sake tradition society and see parents take a sigh of relief as if they got rid some of huge problem. I have seen daughter -in-laws being treated like a slave at every other home, getting beaten up and man handled. I have seen them compromising & spending the whole life for a family that she approved of. All of a sudden they got this huge responsibility to prepare food and breakfast on time. Also they will also have to be a sex object every night for the man with whom they are so called married. It's not about just my small village or the city or India.  Its about the whole world. In order to be a change we will have to sit & talk to ourselves.Why can't we live on our own terms. I have all the rights to say No I belong to a community where even creating a social account with your own name socially for girls is a sin. You will be get judged if your pictures are slightly not in terms and conditions with them. There was a quote when neil armstrong first stepped on the moon 'One small step for men one giant leap for mankind' So i believe in taking small steps against this fake beliefs which will create a ripple effect which is not going to benefit me or my country. Let's invest in being what we love to be. Please stay connected to read the full article, will be coming soon with the full content on my blog. #influencer

Queremos agradeceros que ya somos más de 1000# followers;que habéis confiado en nuestro criterio y experiencias !!!no podíamos fallar en un día como este que en nuestra ciudad se da el pistoletazo de salida a las fallas ,para probar el helado con fresas y Kinder bueno de @icewaveshow esperamos vuestros comentarios,a nosotros ya no nos queda ni un pedacito 🤤🍓🍧🍫 #icewave #valencia #helado #yummy #brutality #awesome #influencer #travelblogger #vlc #gastronomy #insipiration #cool #fantastic #foodlovers #spain #blogger #bloggerfood #instatraveling #photooftheday #chocolate #amazing #healthyfood #fallas #foodporn #trending #delicius