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Lack of sleep consequences 😯 ||⠀ Just like diet and exercise, SLEEP is one of the most important aspects of maintaining health and recovering from physical and emotional pain.⠀ However, traditional medicine doesn’t seem to have a lot of great answers for many sleep disorders. ⠀ 💊 "Sleep medicine is not extensively taught in medical schools," says Sat Bir Khalsa, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a yoga and sleep disorders researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. ⠀ Khalsa is troubled by the tendency of many doctors to resort to prescribing insomnia medication. ⠀ 💊 "Drugs may not treat the underlying problem—when people stop taking pills, often the insomnia returns," Khalsa says. 💊 "Pills have their place in certain situations, but behavioral treatment is often a permanent fix." 💊 While pills can be helpful, they are not the complete solution. Ultimately we have to look beneath at the underlying causes of sleep disorders, and address those, to have a comprehensive and sustainable solution.⠀ 🤔 If you’ve struggled with getting a good night’s sleep, what seems to help? What seems to make it worse?⠀ ⠀

Free verse on my struggle with night terrors. Sweet Dreams #poetry #freeverse #spokenword #insomnia #insomniacs #writing #writingbysarah

Trouble #sleeping? Join Julie Bernier of @juliebernier @goorusyoga on SAT 1/27 2-4pm for Restful Sleep With Ayurveda: Bedtime Rituals That Work. Sign up at goorus.us/workshops to reserve your spot. #yoga #pacificpalisades #ayurveda #ritual #sleepbetter #sleepbetterlivebetter #healthylifestyle #insomnia #insomniacs

I'm sure kalau @eevnxx itu akunnya @agung__hapsah juga.

…… …… 🏆Art by : @Chris.effects * 💛Chosen by: @art_by_lcc * © All rights reserved by the artist * 💛 tag #artby_moonlight * ➡️#lifestylephotography #lightworks #moonshine#butterflies #stars #magicphotos #moonlight #insomniac #insomniacs #beautifulart #imagination #imaginationarts

Calling all #insomniacs and #teamnosleep When you've decided that sleep is just the thing u need but you're stuck in your ways or just have a lil harder time than usual falling asleep, a couple drops of #lavenderoil on ur #pillow and a cozy sleeping mask will do the trick Sleeping Mask, oils and pillow all available at @skincareglo 8 Hillcrest Ave We're open from 10am-7pm

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This guy always likes to keep me company, especially when I am not feeling the best. True definition of companion.😻 #insomniacs #insomnia #upallnight #inmyhead #cutecat #companion #anothernight

Let's just call it, shall we? Admitting is the #firststep to recovery right? Trying to get a nap in is just literally every other step 😴 #tiredasamother #mondaymood

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Too much fun with these guys. I would only run in the freezing cold in the dead of night for a few reasons. This is one of them! #film #yes Huge thanks to @billyscorner_sylvanpark ❄️⛄️🙏🤓❤️🎬🎥 . . . #insomniacs #cast #crazy #fun #latenightshoot #ugh #latergram #instagram #insta #actorlife #setlife #freezing


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Checked out Insomniac’s newest club, Academy LA with some amazing ladies. #insomniacs #insomniac #academyla #basscon #justdance @insomniacevents @insomniacclubs

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Me: “What is this?” Guy: “If I knew what it was I wouldn’t be selling it for $5.” Me: “I’ll take it.” #brooklynsidewalk #thriftfind 💡#whatgooglesays If you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep, you should consider placing a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom. Many people have said that sleeping with one of these salt lamps in their sleeping quarters not only helps them fall asleep, but also improves the quality of their sleep. Positive ions in the air are said to limit the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain, which can have a negative impact on sleep. It is believed that Himalayan salt lamps put out negative ions, evening out positive ions in the air. #hope for #insomniacs #himalayansaltlamp


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#insomniacs #snapchataddict GOOD MORNING ... At least I added bunch songs to my playlist all night..lol

Learn to turn the brain off!! 703-385-8222 or visit www.bluepointmed.com #insomnia #insomniacs #sleepwell #sleepy #sleepyheads #tired #cantwakeup #imsleepy


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Amazing Testimonial about CBD & PTSD! from Khristyna Lynn Hello everyone, very proud to be a part of this group / family! :D Also, I would love for you to hear my story: I was diagnosed with Acute/Severe PTSD, as well as experiencing pain daily from injuries throughout a 2 year traumatic experience. A great friend and business acquaintance of mine was witnessing how I had changed. It was devastating for me, and the people in my life that cared for me. My doctor had prescribed me medications for the PTSD and the pain, which made me feel tired, depressed; zombie-like, and angry. I knew pills were not for me so I stopped taking them, but then instead of having the side effects from the medication, my PTSD symptoms were at full height. I felt lost, with nowhere else to turn!!! My dear friend (life-changer) mentioned that he had gotten involved with a Networking company called Hempworx, and then handed me a bottle of their Hempworx CBD Oil. I sort of shook my head a little, but thought to myself, why not try it. I trusted this person with my life, and he had taught me that specifically, HempWorx CBD Oil is Non-GMO, 100% Natural and Organic. Everything is manufactured in an FDA Approved facility and their products contained ZERO THC. He then went on to say, HempWorx CBD Oil is 100% Legal in all 50 States, Canada and ships World-Wide! Well that was enough for me to try it, but I shook my head in doubt, very sadly; as I felt lost, that my life and happiness had been taken from me. I took the drops and my hands stopped shaking!!! I immediately knew this was a miracle, and he had given me a product that all of my doctors had not, and had in turn (over the course of a week) changed my life! I cried to him in tears!!! Tears of pure happiness and relief!!! For the first time since my trauma, I felt human again and happy, I was crying because my life was back - truly miraculous! HempWorx has changed my life!!!! Thanks to all for having me as a part of this life-changing movement! Good Health, Wealth, Clarity and Relief (CBD) for ALL! <3 Find out about CBD Oil here: www.HempWorx.com/ThatHempyChick

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12.30 AM reading. Insomnia is kicking my butt, but I'm not complaining 😁 #insomniacs #whybeaveragewhenyoucanbemore #nonfiction #whoneedssleep #mysofaiscomfy