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Don't mind me, just injecting myself with goodness 🤺 I briefly tried dermarolling in the past but stamping is new to me. And the kind Folks @panaceaskn sent me the meso stamp to try. . . . It's a cute little glass stamper with 20 gold plated & grooved needles which are meant to allow your serums to flow into your skin directly. To use this you just make sure you prep the skin with some rubbing alcohol then you can use the stamp as is or fill with some choice fluids. As you press down the button depresses and the fluid will be released. Easy as that. . . . tips. ▫️hold the stamp on your skin for a second or two. helps the serum get out a bit more ▫️softer-fleshier parts of the face have a harder time depressing the button, you might want to add serum beforehand or right after ▫️I would recommend using more Watery serums since they flow better through the teeeeny openings . . . So this is 36.99 and Panacea says this is good for 4-6 uses. So to me this breaks down as using 6 deluxe fancy sheet masks or 6 peeling foot masks... orrr like 4 lush bath bombs. To me this use limit makes sense since the needles are super thin and will get dull over time. Now I've used this 8 times in total, altho I don't try to stamp every single part of my face, I try to focus on nasolabial folds, forehead, cheekbones and jawline. I do find that my skin in those areas firms up, but it doesn't last more than a day or two. I feel like this would be a good investment for people who are trying to focus on areas that are harder for a traditional derma roller to hit, but it is a lot pricier. For example I can get a derma roller for like 8 bucks. I do kinda wish this was more in the 15 dolla price range or that it came with an additional needle cap to replace the dull one. . . . what do you think? Do you like the stamp version of needling? . . . . #panacea #panaceaskn #mesostamp #mesostamping #peepingpomeranian #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #instablogger #instablog #instabeauty #instaskincare #makeup #makeupaddict  #lifestyle #lifestyleblogging #natural #naturalcosmetic #쇼핑#스킨케어#뷰티#abcommunity

It was such a pleasure working with you ladies. Thank you for being so patient and thoughtful with me given this was my first wedding. It was an awesome experience and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. Jeshik’s journey has only just begun! Stay tuned and follow @jeshikstyle 🙏💙 #hairbyme #makeupbyme #kangarho @kkkkarenkwan @viaromz @viasumz @elishhkim @iennak

© B I K E S H ● D E S H A R Five important facts about prayer flags are: 1. They're steeped in Buddhist tradition According to Buddhist legend, the first prayer flags were used by Gautam Buddha, on whose teachings Buddhism is founded. Devas, which in Buddhism are a type of god like, non-human entity, would carry flags with Gautam Buddha's prayers written on them into battle with asuras, which are a type of demi-god. 2. The colors hold meaning Tibetan prayer flags are bright and beautiful, but their colours aren't just for show. Each hue signifies an element — and the flags are always arranged in a specific order, from left to right: blue, white, red, green, yellow. Blue represents the sky, white represents the air, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth. All five colors together signify balance. 3. The flags don't carry mantras to the gods This is a common misconception: rather, the mantras printed on the flags are carried on the wind and believed to spread goodwill and #positive #energy wherever they go. 4. There's more than one type of flag While the square-shaped, horizontally strung prayer flags are arguably the most common, they aren't the only variety of Tibetan prayer flag you'll see being used at sacred sites and on significant calendar dates. Those flags are called lung dar prayer flags. Flags that fly vertically, which are less common, are known as dar cho or dar chen flags. 5. Good intentions are #important You don't have to be a Bhuddist to hang prayer flags, but there is a right way to hang them. While stringing your flags up wherever you choose to display them, it's important to keep good, selfless motivations in mind, in keeping with the flags' ultimate purpose, which is spreading positivity far and wide. #monastery #buddha #prayerflags #kathmandu #topofthemountain #buddhism #buddhist #stupa #statue #photostory #peace #peaceful #swayambhu #kathmandu #travelblog #travelblogger #instablog #spiritualpath #photooftheday #instablogger #traveler #nepaldiaries #thoughtful #inspiration #motivation #bikeshphotography #bikeshdesharphotography

This morning, I decided to go for a 5km walk 🏃‍♀️around my area. When I say walking I mean walking at a pace that you can’t talk at. Sometimes I’ll bring my music to motivate me but today I decided to leave all my gadgets at home and just reflect and rejuvenate my mind. It’s proven that walking helps your mood !!! Make sure you share your walking/running pics with the #kfwa ❤️❤️ • #fitness

“After this... pizza” 🍕🍕🍕

Sun kissed😘😘☀️

I spent this weekend exploring my city - Perth! Starting with Leederville, I had a delicious strawberry and dark chocolate gelato from @gustogelatoau , then moved onto the shopping streets of @cityofperth , where I explored the weekend markets, had a sugar and lemon crepe from @lilyparis_wa and looked through all sales in the little streetside boutiques. ✨ My night ended with a delicious dinner in Fremantle and some performances from @fringeworldperth - it's fun to be a tourist in your own city sometimes 🏮😌


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You know when you just get that "mother's instinct" and know there's something wrong with your child no matter what people say? I had a feeling something was wrong with my little love and sure enough, after hours later from being in the ER, found out he has strep throat 🤒Then, ran around like a chicken with its head cut off to find a pharmacy that carried the specific medication for him. I had no sleep, still have assignments to do, I'm so exhausted, but I would and will continue to do anything possible for my Xavi to feel 100% again 🙏🏼 #amotherslove #hesmyworld #xaviandmamaforever

Brunch is the most important meal of the day! 🙌🏽

Beauty With Ayat

2017-08-28 20:48:46

Love this stuff 😍 smells so amazing and makes your skin so soft @sephora @soldejaneiro

@bareminerals has stepped up the makeup game in a pretty amazing way! You can buy their custom made makeup by following some easy steps.. go install their ‘Made 2 Fit’ app from any app stores and tht works really good! I got mine from @influenster for reviewing purpose and it has my name written on the container.. which is pretty impressive. The formula of this foundation is very light yet it doesn’t feel like you put on foundation more over it gives full coverage as well.. a must have for all the makeup lovers! ❤️👌🏻#made2fit #bmxm2f #complimentary #contest #indianyoutuber #instablogger #instareview

4 classes into being back at the barre and I’m already loving it! It’s a super hard workout but I love the uninterrupted hour and amazing positivity that it brings to my day. #purebarre #lifeisbetteratthebarre #lifttoneburn

Celebrating Valentine’s a little late, but celebrating love is something you should do daily.❤️ (And, celebrating weekends is always good, too!) So thankful for my photographer & love of my life, @worksmartplayhard! 📷 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I wear the heck out of these shoes, so good and good quality. • • • #postoftheday #mystyle #styleoftheday #sotd #style #wiw #details #whatiwore #southernstyle #outfitpost #clothes #potd #fblogger #bloggerstyle #styleblogger #instastyle #stylegram #instablogger #ootd #mylook #lookoftheday #outfitinspo #wear #outfit #aboutalook #outfitoftheday #currentlywearing #southernblogger


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[REVIEW]: Atopalm Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream Kit 👀 · 🔹Disclaimer: I paid a $3.99 trial fee to participate in the @atopalmusa campaign, courtesy of @0.8l_usa, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. · 🔹Description: 3 piece kit consisting of a full sized Real Barrier Eye Contour Cream (30ml) & deluxe sample sized Essence Mist (30ml) & Extreme Cream (7ml). Each product in this kit is formulated with Atopalm's patented MLE Skin Barrier Formula, which provides long lasting moisture while strengthening skin's natural barrier. Does not contain Parabens, Mineral Oil or artificial fragrances. · 🔹Eye Contour Cream: This rich anti-aging cream is specifically developed to nourish, moisturize, & strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes & lips (i.e. the Triangle Zone). Formulated with Ceramides & Hyaluronic Acid, which binds water to the skin, & Peptides, to help support elasticity while nourishing skin's outer layer which is the first to show signs of aging. · 🔹Essence Mist: Formulated with Panthenol, Madecassoside & Allantoin, this lightweight mist instantly soothes & relieves dry skin with one spray. Light-weight, lotion-like formula absorbs quickly & provides long lasting moisturization. · 🔹Extreme Cream: Formulated with Ceramides to fortify, Panthenol to calm, Madeccoside to moisturize, Allantoin to soothe, & Hyaluronic Acid which binds water to the skin; all of these ingredients aid in the replenishment of lipids while helping to restore skin's protective barrier. This cream leaves behind a thin veil on the skin protecting it from the outside elements including harsh wind & environmental pollutants. · 🔹My Thoughts: - Eye Contour Cream: I'm just starting to see fine lines creeping up around my eyes so I'm always excited to try a new eye cream & this one did not disappoint! It's rich & creamy yet it absorbs quickly, leaving my dry under eye area plump & moisturized. - Essence Mist: I love a good facial mist & this one is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The mist is fine, even & covers the perfect amount of surface area without drenching my hair & clothing. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS ⬇⬇⬇)