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Quem aprende a amar um gatinho descobre que eles são puro amor e humor e cada um tem a sua personalidade única, seu charme e seu jeito de te conquistar.

#catloaf for dinner.... One seems like a double serving of #loaf lol! #luna #apollo

when I was little I had absolutely pinky nose. pinky pinky nose. starting from some point there’s black little dots showing. at the beginning my roommate thought she accidentally painted my nose while writing and left ink on it cuz I really enjoyed sniffing around her when she’s working. but the dots kept growing and you can clearly see them in any of my pics. we finally googled and realized those are freckles! freckles! I didn’t know that’s an option for cats! so I’m a freckle cat! quite charming isn’t it? . . . . . #cat #freckles #catsofinstagram #instacats #sleepycat #balinesecat #nikonf100 #filmphotography #35mm #petphotography

Annnnnd you're looking for me where? #cats #catsagram #ilovemycat #instapet #instacats #petsofinstagram

Snuglife 🐶❤️🐶

Take your pets snuggle game to the next level with this giant pet bed! Now in stock at the Life with Whiskers shop.. link in the bio!

Who needs a bath when you have a brother?! 😻🐶

Does your furry friend day dream about seeing the great out doors?! Dream no more! With this space capsal carrying case your pet can see all there is to see all while having your back 😉.. Link in the bio!

When the winter storm is over and can finally eat ice cream again 🍦🍦 📽️: Reposted from @astroandangus 🐶🐶 . . .