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One of my fav #snacks to munch on. Known as #apom manis ( sweet #crepes or #pancakes ) in #penang (theres many versions from chinese to indian and even malay style) but what im posting today are all chinese version. In dis first pix, we hv what the locals call "apom guan" made from flour, #eggs & fresh #coconutmilk . The sweetness is just right and its #lightandfluffy ! Sooo goood and Gotta eat it while its warm! My mom also ❤️s these and usually if im heading to kl, i would buy some back for my mom(and she will put it in the fridge so dat she can slowly eat a few at a time and enjoy it as these cant really be found in kl for some reason) 🤷🏼‍♀️ the man dat makes these is called Mr Teh(a jovial man) and he uses charcoal to cook not gas so it tastes more flavorful. Pix 2/3/4 - one of our close friends actually queued up for more than 40 mins to buy me/us these chinese #banchangkueh (2 types styles thick or thin chinese peanut pancake) to try as we hv nvr tried them b4 ( i feel so blessed to hv such good friends around and take their time to do this for me👍🏼❤️🙏🏼and mind u this wasnt the first time!) Anywho, the bang chang kueh is Made from a slightly chewy dough, are filled with a variety of fillings and the ones our friend got us was #banana and #peanut , freshly grated #coconut with #gulamelaka (brown sugar), and just plain crushed peanuts. So the verdict is the banana filling one was the best followed by coconut and then the original 😬👍🏼😋 Overall sweetness of these snacks were just right! I ❤️ it! I've said it once and i'll say it again, #penang has some of the best local foods/snacks and def spoilt for choices. #foodphotography #foodporn #foodie #foodblogger #snacks #instadaily #igpenang #foodofinstagram #feedme #foodcoma #instagram #instagrammer #instagrammers