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⠀ × Doritos 😍 × ⠀ #doritos

Empezó nuestra interacción! Si quieren venir aun estan a tiempo. 🍻te regalamos una cerveza para soltar la lengua 😝 #inglés #inglesnegocios #interactivo #interaction #languages #aprenderingles #beerbogota

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Indeed. When someone is talking seriously do not ever respond with a joke. Respect your interlocutor #manners #interaction pics from Google.

#tbthursday so exciting to be 3d printing the toggle ring now! This is the original - it was made by my hands 🖖

Saw this ☝🏾awesome post yesterday by @devonfranklin and it led me to think further on this point. Think we've all been through this at 1 point in our lives or may be in it right now. Anyway, I thought I'd share my note to self below. - - - - There comes a time when there's a sudden (or sometimes a gradual) shift in the dynamics of your interaction with someone/ppl, whether it be friends or even family. And within that time we question that shift and try to hold on to the "relationship" sooo much when God might be saying, "No...listen to Me, the dynamics changed, that was Me and THAT shift came about bringing that uncomfortability to an arrangement that was once comfortable because YOU are now going somewhere that they can't go". But what do we naturally do? We resist because of what we're used to or how long we've known someone (fear of change) and then we remain, wondering why we're not moving forward. Well in this case it's because we are carrying the baggage of relationships that are "dead" into the place that is new and should be thriving. It doesn't make that other person/ppl bad/evil or indicate that they've done something specifically wrong; it's just that what God is doing TODAY in your life somehow does not have an intention of you sharing it with them and them being IN there with you. Some relationships/interactions are for a lifetime yes, but let's do well and let go of those ones that were only supposed to be seasonal and stop trying to live life by force allowing the interaction to take up time and undoubtedly energy that can be refocused elsewhere. Assess the quality and purpose of each interaction/friendship/relationship. Is it purposed for your purpose? The detachment may be hard and it may hurt... but for the sake of purpose, peace of mind and fulfilling what we must, some things and/or ppl just have to go. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #newseason #newday #newthing #review #shift #grow #pruning #time

Hello 🎮 This is a live streaming app where you can find games, trends and categories to watch streams :) . . . . . #dribbble #uiux #ui #ux #interaction #interface #app #mobile #userinterface #uidesign #twitch #overwatch #pubg #dota #livestream #deusetop

Blog 1. Wednesday 21st February 2018. - Title: “Waiting for the perfect time” Written by: The Abstract Interaction - Time. In essence, the obsolete defiance to our life. Wake up ... not enough time. Fall asleep ... not enough time. I would if I had more time. In search of finding time, you stumble upon it’s near impossible existence. So now what? Now you have time ... You jumped the first hurdle, you were not expecting another. All you needed to create that world beating idea a reality, has presented in front of your eyes ... Time. However for many of us, this environmental condition is not alone satisfactory. We need “everything in place”, we need “everyone to be ready”. I now tell you to re-read the first sentence of this blog. Tic-tock, tic-tock. The perfect situation is subjective and thus always subject to change. So why be an observer to this change. Dive into this change and swim with it. Use your passion as paddles as you sail through that world beating ocean of imagination. You’ve taken the first step. Now you find yourself in open water ... free. Take that first step, pursue that dream ... now! Do not wait. The worst way to reminisce is to do so in regret. Reminisce in happiness, laying a foundation for future elation.

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Clay and feet #exploration #sensory Strengthening muscles as they dig in their toes into the big slab of clay. Feeling the coolness, the stickiness Observing how patterns are left on the clay - and the clay firms patterns on the feet. #interaction With the clay - with all their senses. With each other as they share their experiences - verbally and non verbally #förskola #lera #clay #preschool

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