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Painting while the little one sleeps 🙌 Colourful nursery prints or perhaps artworks for your home will be available soon 🙊 I’m really in love with this one, can you see the bub, mum & partner/family? #ittakesavillage ✨💛🌞

Mom Support Thursday ~ my favorite day of the week. The magic happens when we share with each other. Mama, you don’t have to do this alone.⠀ .⠀ New moms support group, put on by About Families, Inc. , is tomorrow and has a new time and location.⠀ .⠀ New time is 12:30 @ 47192 Monroe St. Indio, CA Mariposa Parent-Child Workshop in Indio.⠀ .⠀ Have a safe space to talk about your highs and lows as a new mom, hear from other women who are in the same step of their journey as you and know you are not alone.⠀ .⠀ Different topics are covered each week from your birth story, expectations vs reality to your maybe redeveloping relationship with your partner.⠀ .⠀ Come. Talk. Cry. Laugh. Be heard. Know that you’ve got this.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #newmom #momsupport #ittakesavillage #palmsprings #indio #laquinta #ranchomirage #coachella #palmspringslife #rmcv #realmomscoachellavalley . . . #regram @doula_aisha #mamasupport #findyourtribe #bevulnerable #itsok #momlife #highsandlows #selfcare #becomingus #palmsprings #joshuatree #la #oc #ie

It’s always a great day when we get the opportunity to adopt another pup into our program. This sweet guy had the right temperament, desire to train and we fell for him. He’s now starting his journey and moving on to bigger and brighter things. Thank you to the crew that came to the shelter today to help find a new STS pup and also many thanks to the San Diego County Animal Shelter, Carlsbad location, for caring for this special dog while he was in your care. #ittakesavillage #everylifecounts #sheltertosoldier

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Because although you have a million and one things going on, you make time to help a friend. #ittakesavillage #forourkids #theydependonus 🙏🏽🖤

Being in service to others is important to me. I love what I do be cause at the root of it I’m helping people solve problems. These are Hickman Hiders. . Used to keeps central lines away from tiny fingers of pediatric patients. Keeping the central line secure and clean. . As a part of my #sewcialmission I provides free of charge to anyone that needs one (including shipping) . . . . #sharpplant #hickmann #hickmanhider #centralline #pediatriccancer #cancer #momlife #momvillage #community #communityservice #faithinaction #momblogger #ittakesavillage #pinkzeppelinfabrics #dinosaurs

Well, mostly we’ve been taking it slow and savoring every moment with this little lady since Friday. I wish I had gotten pictures with all the handfuls of friends and loved ones who have served us and visited us since this little ones birth, but here are a couple that bring so much joy to our hearts. #ourlittlepeanut #lauraelizabeth #handsandfeetofjesus #ittakesavillage

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Today was a doozy. Around 2pm my brain was on overload due to too much caffine and too many things to get done. I was an exhausted, jittery, and anxious mess. BUT my day turned around when I went to see @weightlifting_doc who put me back together after training kicked my ass all week, laughing all the while. Then @liliaikawai came to visit me at training and parked her chair at my platform to do what we do best - catch up and bullshit. THEN @coach_melnicove turned around a crummy snatch day into a great one, finishing out my heavy 3 complex at 85%. He knows how to bring out a good performance. NOW my sweet @l.a.y.l.cody is making one of our favorite dinners, measuring and counting my macros in full support. His cooking cures all. The people in my life truly make it all worth it. I love you all. #vulkanstrong #ittakesavillage

Hey Insta family please go to the link on the bio of @chicagofirejuniorscity and help our brother in this time of need. Any amount will help so please go now and donate. Thank you! (Please share) • “Helping one person might not change the world, but it can change the world for one person.” #cf97 #firejrs #chicagofire #soccer #soccerfamily #familia #ittakesavillage #chicago @chicagofire @firejrs

It Takes a Village. Isn’t that the truth?!? Whether it be family, friends, teachers, coaches, neighbors, or babysitters, every single one of those people play a role in raising our children, and help us all to survive this journey called parenthood. It is truly a wonderful thing. Just another friendly reminder to be kind to your tribe; because our lives are all connected by our precious little babes ❤️ 📷: @ambs2884 • It Takes A Village Onesie . . . . . . . . . #youngapparelco #ittakesavillage #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #bekind #lovemore #spreadkindness #pickflowersnotfights #spreadlove #loveisbeautiful #sweetbaby #happybaby #momswithcameras #candidphotography #babiesofinstagram #brandrep #smilesformiles #sandiego #babystyle #babyoutfit #babyshower #friendsandfamily #stylegoals #happygolucky #thatsdarling #organiccotton #graphictees #handmadegifts #smallshoplove #momlife

Despite some of our freaky eyes, we’re having a great time in Miami. #hhyglm2019 #ittakesavillage

So many ideas in my head, but it’s time to launch this one! On Saturday, 1/26/2019, will make its debut! Let’s just get it done. My reason why, can’t continue to be my reason why I can’t. #momandsongoals #ittakesavillage #lovethyneighbor #neighborlymomdotcom #onlinegrandopening #subscribetoournewsletter

Teach the babies how to cook like our tias, abuelitas, mamas did #ittakesavillage #foodjustice

I’ve been quiet over here on Instagram but busy out in the real world! Tonight I’m serving a sweet couple and their new twin girls as their postpartum doula, and this amazing client brought me her Snoogle so I could rest comfortably while the babies sleep 😍. Feeling so thankful for the lovely families we get to serve at @littlelilacsbirth!! ✨ Also...if you’re pregnant and you don’t have a Snoogle yet, buy one tonight. It’s hilariously huge but insanely comfy. ✨ #birth #doula #postpartum #babies #twins #motherhood #parenting #twinmom #momofmultiples #family #dfw #dallas #dallasdoula #infant #pregnant #pregnancy #postpartumdoula #birthdoula #birthrevival #ittakesavillage

Hi! 🍃If you are new to my feed I am dr. steph peltz, naturopathic physician and mother. 🍃I treat all aspects of women’s health and children both in Vancouver and new Westminster 🍃I’ve been in practice for 10 yrs and have a background as a yoga teacher and birth doula. 🍃My passion is to inform and empower my patients to look after themselves, their children, and if possible Mother Nature. 🍃I challenge my patients to shift their perspective, question the status quo, and think outside the box. 🍃I’ve tried most things I recommend in practice. 🍃I offer gentle, low invasive approaches to medicine using nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, vitamins, and bodywork. 🍃I am a firm believer in compassionate healthcare and the power of holding space. I see tears in my office in almost every visit 🍃I think of myself as a partner with my patients in achieving their goals 🍃 I see women dragging themselves through their lives and am continuously both amazed at our power, and how much we give, and struck by how little we often take or demand. 🍃if you are still reading... I’ll tell you that my favourite thing to do when no one else is around is to eat bkfst (lunch or dinner) in bed with a good movie /book! Nice to meet you! I’m so glad you’ve come... . . . #naturopathicmedicine #yaletownnaturopath #newwestnaturopath #drmom #holisticnutrition #vitamins #minerals #nutrients #ittakesavillage #acupuncture #craniosacral #therapy #mentalhealth #womenshealth #fertility #pregnancy #pediatrics #lovemyjob

REMINDER FOR ANYONE ELSE WITH MOM BRAIN: 👖 👚 🧦 👕 Because it's 10:50pm and I just remembered my laundry.... that I started THIS MORNING 🤦‍♀️ #hotmessexpress #mamaistired😴 #mombrainatitsfinest #ihatelaundry #butiloveclothes #ittakesavillage #needsleep

Welcome to The Village Project! The Village Project is all about a network of support, encouragement and connection for Mums from all walks. In a culture that places much pressure, and judgement on mothers, there is a greater need than ever for realness, genuineness, acceptance, love and understanding, despite the differences and uniqueness each individual mother owns. We were made for connection, we are wired to live in a village like environment - one that nurtures, supports and uplifts...not judges, tears down, and discredits. This is a place for a village of mothers to unite, to share, to dream, to empower, to be real, vulnerable and above all that, totally accepted and loved. This is The Village Project and I am so glad you're here 🌻

Mama, you don’t have to do this alone.⠀ .⠀ New moms support group, put on by @aboutfamiliesinc , is tomorrow and has a new time and location.⠀ .⠀ New time is 12:30 @ 47192 Monroe St. Indio, CA Mariposa Parent-Child Workshop in Indio.⠀ .⠀ Have a safe space to talk about your highs and lows as a new mom, hear from other women who are in the same step of their journey as you and know you are not alone.⠀ .⠀ Different topics are covered each week from your birth story, expectations vs reality to your maybe redeveloping relationship with your partner.⠀ .⠀ Come. Talk. Cry. Laugh. Be heard. Know that you’ve got this.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #newmom #momsupport #ittakesavillage #palmsprings #indio #laquinta #ranchomirage #coachella #palmspringslife #rmcv #realmomscoachellavalley

My kleinste lyfie is 5 maande oud die week! What a treat. Happy for days, rolls around way too easily for my nerves, sits pretty well, gurgels and talks away. She loves her older sisters. She is just a delight to have around. Ons doen goed @christoharms. Dankie dat jy saam my wen♡ #mymooieatarah #5monthsold

This Sunday we're sitting down with Playwright & Poet Kameelah Montgomery about her new play. It touches on some big issues that impact our communities like substance abuse, mother/daughter issues and HIV. A GIRL'S GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRL’S GOTTA DO" is a stage play about three female students who are presently graduating from college. Jamie, Kadari and Monique have been friends throughout their college years and are becoming a little apprehensive about leaving their comfortable dorm room and going out into the real world. As they discuss their future plans, they also express a desire to maintain their friendship by having a weekend reunion once a year. But will life’s twists and turns lead them all down a path of destruction or deliverance? Only the reunion will reveal these answers. Follow @kameelah_the_divah for tickets today! (Event Brite link in @officialdofd bio) #supportthearts #ittakesavillage #kameelahproductionsink #substanceabuse #hivawareness #womenhelpingwomen #recovery #findingyourself #officialdofd #comegetsome

It’s late and I am still up .. trying to finish some work .. and I wonder how many other moms are just now getting to the core of their todo list ... let’s be honest this is when it all happens! Kids in bed, house is quite .. but my work is just starting ... the laundry is running and the dishwasher too ... I am working on my submissions for my masters course, I just returned some emails and ran the vacuum over the floors .. packed lunches, and poured a glass of wine .. which if I am honest I will most likely fall asleep before I drink it ... the alarm will go off at 5 and I’ll head to the gym for a run, before I shower and do breakfast for the kids.. take them to school and teach ... and then tomorrow night I’ll finish this paper and do the edits do the report cards for my class. Oh and I need to book the dogs vet appointment, Layleys medicine needs a refill, she has swimming and Sam has hockey, the car needs serviced and I need to do a run to the garbage dump, I’ll order the groceries on line, and pick up Jamie from university on Friday... it sounds like a lot but it’s just what every mom I know does .. and we all feel exhausted at some point, and we all feel blessed at some point and we all wonder if this is what we thought it would be like ... and we all wonder if we are doing it right or anything right ... this face ... is one that wonders ... if she is doing the mom thing right ... if she is making memories her kids will love, if one day they will look back and know she did it because she believed it was to make life better, this face is tired of being judged and not being enough for some and being too much for others... this face is tired of others telling her that she needs to be good on her own .. she is so so good .. this face is simply ready ... to let go of others expectations and judgment and be in the trenches with her friends fighting for happiness... because that’s the only reason she does laundry at 11pm .. and goes back to school at 45 ... because.. she believes it will bring more happy into their lives ... into her life .. into the days her children remremember. #momlife #personalgrowth #lifeunderrenovation #inthistogether #ittakesavillage

This Sunday we're sitting down with Playwright & Poet Kameelah Montgomery about her new play. It touches on some big issues that impact our communities like substance abuse, mother/daughter issues and HIV. A GIRL'S GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRL’S GOTTA DO" is a stage play about three female students who are presently graduating from college. Jamie, Kadari and Monique have been friends throughout their college years and are becoming a little apprehensive about leaving their comfortable dorm room and going out into the real world. As they discuss their future plans, they also express a desire to maintain their friendship by having a weekend reunion once a year. But will life’s twists and turns lead them all down a path of destruction or deliverance? Only the reunion will reveal these answers. Follow @kameelah_the_divah for tickets today! (Event Brite link in bio) #supportthearts #ittakesavillage #kameelahproductionsink #substanceabuse #hivawareness #womenhelpingwomen #recovery #findingyourself #officialdofd #comegetsome

This year will be the last of primary school for the eldest of my babies. Having a birthday that only just fell inside the dates for starting school the year that he did means he has always been the youngest in his year, he is mature in ways that are mind boggling to me, very emotionally intelligent and understands things that seem far beyond his age and yet he is still so young in so many ways. ••• I had a pretty awful high school experience (the part that I made it through) and it wasn't a good time in my life. The two of us often experience emotions in a similar way and deal with them in similar ways too (a lot of overthinking and critique of self included). It feels so terrifying to send him off into this larger, older, part of his journey to deal with things I never successfully learnt to get through. Will my support be enough? Will I know when he needs me to step back and when he needs me to push past his silence to find him? Will he ask for help when he needs it? I hide all that fear from him, I don't want it to become his fear or to make my fear his responsibility. ••• Of course I am also SO excited for all the wonder in his future, for the person he is and more solidly becomes every day. I hope he finds people and friendships that build him up, that help him grow, that inspire him and I help he can do the same for them. I hope his confidence grows and that his already huge heart does too. I hope he learns his lessons the first time and has patience with himself if he doesn't. I hope he finds his own feet and feels the pride of independence but never feels too proud to lean on the people that love him when he needs too. I hope his kindness continues to be one of his greatest strengths and that he can keep inspiring more kindness in the world around him - because we all need more of that. And I hope... that this year feels like a reeeeeaaaaallllly long one!💛

Now offering tutoring/study sessions for all ages! From basic math to college math, even a little physics! ☺️ . . . . . #noenglishplease #weworkproblemsnotwritesentences #houseofengineers #tutoring #stem #educationmatters #makinglearningmeaningful #eachoneteachone #ittakesavillage

Nick and I are headed out for our vacation and I can't help but just share a little about how sweet and generous my parents are for being willing and excited to invest in their grandkids this week. I want to remember their sacrifice so that I can pay it forward to my kids someday when they might have little ones. Ahh that's a weird thought, but seriously. Intergenerational parenting can be so sweet. I'm so thankful that my kids will grow up having memories of their grandparents this way. Praying they have a succesful time and that the kids can be obedient and helpful and not get into too many sibling quarrels or power struggles! #keepinitreal But I know they will have fun and the time will go fast because of all the fun things they have planned (a field trip, sleepovers/play dates, gymnastics, etc!) Not to mention some fun art projects that grandma brought. It's funny how as a kid it is so easy to take your parents for granted. I know I was not the most grateful kid and I definitely let my immaturity affect my relationship with my mom and dad. But now as an adult and with another generation in the picture the role of grandparents is one of the things I am most thankful for these days. It really does take a village... and I don't want to leave out the other people who pour into our kids either, the other grandparents too, aunts/uncles, and close friends (the ones taking our 2 older ones for fun sleepovers!). This is my village and I couldn't be more glad about it. Not taking it for granted now. #marriageadventures #marriagegetaway #grandparenting #ittakesavillage #whosyourtribe #mytribe #intergenerational #vacation #cruise #royalcaribbean #blessed #cruisevacation #grandparents #parenting #childhood #grandkids #coupleswhotravel #travel

Hellooooo Piglet! We were contacted by the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter last week and asked to consider taking this gal into the rescue and getting her some medical attention. She has cherry eye in both eyes, demodex mange, skin allergies and there might be something going on with her esophagus. We met her and fell IN LOVE and said “YES” She is ADORABLE and amazing. 🐷💕 She is getting her eyes fixed tomorrow (1/24) and spayed. We’ve already started treating her skin issues and you can tell she is feeling better already. We got you girl! 💕🐷 She is not available for adoption yet but when she is, her dance card will be full. What a girl! 🥰🥰 Link is in the bio to donate to her medical care. We can’t wait to see her progress and will update as she gets better! We 💗🐷! . . . #newgirlintown #rescuedog #dowhatittakes #rescuepit #bulldog #bulldogrescue #bullys #standupforpits #dontbullymybreed #advocate #betheirvoice #rescuelife #rescuedog #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #rescued #pnwdogs #nonprofitorganization #ittakesavillage #myheart

Lucy started Jiu Jitsu last week 💪 I’m thrilled that she’s doing something that will not only empower her physically, but mentally as well ❤️ So grateful and proud that she has this opportunity to participate in this activity and the community that we’re a part of now. #claudiofrançabjj #jiujitsu #jj #empoweringgirls #stronggirls #strength #mentalfocus #mentaltoughness #santacruzjiujitsu #jj #ittakesavillage

Mum guilt : I had the chance to spend an evening out with friends last weekend it was a much needed time away from the daily stress and routine I got to take some photos of downtown Vancouver and talk to adults 🧑 yaaaaaaay 😅 (it’s been a while) it was a blast 🤘🏼 (thank you girls😉). Now comes the heavy stuff the mum guilt that little voice in the back of your mind 👿 (how could you leave the kids?) (Is it fair that you get to enjoy a meal with out them) (look at you and you call your self a mum) (why is it that you get to enjoy your time while the hubby babysits the Kidd’s) ...and many many more . That evil voice trying to steal the happy moments and leave you feeling ...hmmm what’s the word 🤔well ... GUILTY 😥it’s like you didn’t get any time for yourself and you are still feeling the stress of life because of it. When that voice starting to take you down the guilt road just STOP 🛑 take a breath and say to your self “I EARNED THIS TIME “ don’t let it take away your right to feel happy rested and come home fresh and ready to tackle motherhood like a BOSS 👩🏼‍🎤. —let me know what are your tricks to silence that little voice ? . . . . #mumlife #mumguilt #outandabout #vancouvermoms #downtown #hijabfashion #hijabinspiration #momof3 #autismmom #momblogger #vancouverblogger #strongwomen #ladiesnightout #funweekend #girlspower #ittakesavillage #kidos #hijabi

Dr. Cheryl Tip: Nursing your little one can cause a strain on your neck and upper back. Watch as Dr. Cheryl van der Mark demonstrates proper posture and post-nursing stretches. #strainfree #tips #bestposture #welovemoms #protectyourspine #nursing #beststart #neckstrain #backstrain #upperbackpain #lookingdownatbaby #ittakesavillage #chiropractic #optimalhealth #wecareforyourspine #pregnancypain

Hey mama! We want you to know we are here to support you through the government shutdown. If you or your partner are furloughed or working without pay, please join us for free classes until the shutdown is over. DM us for class times and locations. . . . . . #fit4mom #ittakesavillage #hellomeridian #mymeridian #meridianidaho #fitmoms #mommyandme #idahome

Thanks to Sam Mughrabi for sharing his love for dance by teaching and dancing. He is also a choreographer that loves to inspire his students. He is a pleasure to watch. Lovely lines and a big heart to share his passion. He is an active dance influence in the Idaho community. He can be reached on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see a collaboration between Sam and @alexdwong PC: @freestyle_mikereid PC: @thekhoalabear #passionatemaledancer #flexible #alexwongchallenge #idahodancers A strong message we want to relay @idahodancerz is to inspire a positive message of the power dance can have in our lives. #tryanewgenreofdance #raisingawareness #getinvolvedinanonprofit #ittakesavillage #idahosupportlocalartists #dancespeaksforus #spreadlove #danceisasuperpower #loveyourcommunity #dancetime #dancingkeepsusyoung #danceisthrivinginidaho #dancemakesyoufeelalive #idahodancers #hugadancer #supportthearts #getinspired #idaho Tag us if you want a repost of your Idaho dance activity. Tag us if you love where you dance in Idaho. Tag if you are inspired by an Idaho dancer or teacher. Tag us if you have a dance story to share.

It’s time for us to move! Please come on the journey with us and help to find our new home. Read all the details via the link in our bio 💙

We are way past the toddler stage, but it's helpful to look back on how I dealt with my toddlers back then; after all, it's #throwbackthursday. So, how do you deal with toddlers? I gathered some tips. Click on the link in my bio and leave your thoughts, or better yet, add to the list. . . ••• #parenting #toddlers #toddlerparenting #momlife #growingkids #motherhood #tips #ontheblog #momblogger #blogginglife #ittakesavillage

It’s a wrap at our Newport Island happy for the new owner to settle in and make it their own & grateful for everyone that helped us bring it all together! 📸:@ryangarvin #modernbeachhouse #newportisland #newportbeach #newportbeachrealestate #groundup #newconstruction #customhome #architecture #interiordesign #designbuild #claytonbuilders #teamwork #ittakesavillage #grateful

Eaton HK

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As part of Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize x Eaton HK, Eaton HK will host a day of critical programmes under the title “A Village” in response to the exhibition, on Saturday 26 January 2019. Taking as its starting point the notion that “it takes a village”, the day of explores each individual’s responsibility for social violence. Considering major historical phenomena from colonialism to the Holocaust, to present day human trafficking and modern slavery labour practices, this day invites us to question how it takes a village to make manifest human tragedies. Visit @tomorrowmaybe_hk for full programme. 為香港人權藝術獎 x Eaton HK的公共項目,Eaton HK將會舉辦於2019年1月26日(星期六)舉辦《成村人,人權人》的教育活動以回應展覽。 來自於「傾盡全村之力」的概念,項目旨在探討個人於社會暴力下的自身回應。通過種種歷史事件,從殖民主義以至大屠殺,到現今的人口販賣和當代奴隸式的勞動,這一天我們邀請大家探討「傾盡全村之力」如何煉成種種人間悲劇。 請前往 @tomorrowmaybe_hk ig 查看更多節目資訊 #village #humanrightsartsprize #hkhumanrightsartsprize #ittakesavillage #eatonhk #exhibition

‼️”I’m exactly where I need to be to get where I’m going” - Oprah‼️ #positivereinforcement #abaworks #ittakesavillage #differentnotless #nobrakes “MY PURPOSE IS BIGGER THAN ME..... I made a vow to myself to be the person to others I once needed. I’m so dedicated to helping others and doing what’s right. As a survivor of abuse, neglect, & suicide it is my obligation to keep going and execute by any means necessary. I once was the girl who couldn’t sound out words, who was bullied in school, who needed support, who needed guidance, who struggled in school due to lack of resources, who was left out the crowd and was told by my teachers I’d be in jail or dead due to my attitude .... I want to be able to share my experiences with the world and truly be a resource.” -Tatiana P. 📚The #nobrakes Project is one of my greatest accomplishments and I’m thankful, for all the support and encouragement .....📚

It’s up to us as a community to come together and help each other in any way we can. I am offering free haircuts to any furloughed government worker. Please if you know of anyone share my contact information with them! #ittakesavillage#payitforward#goldenrule

@rodina_restaurant is open for business! Great food, great location. Definitely put them on your to do list. . . . #rodinameansfamily #czechvillage #ittakesavillage #angelsinthevillage #cedarrapids #iowa

Our adult skateboarding mentors are called “Skate Buddies.” You can see why. Look at these dudes all hanging out together and having a blast. Jadon’s smile is so big! There is no doubt our volunteers make the world a better place. 🙌❤️#skatebuddies #ittakesavillage #builttokind #untilnextkind #thankyouskateboarding Photo: @quiverpics

My hero is 11 years old. I admire his strength and discipline. He is wise beyond his years and has a special way with people. God has big plans for this child and he will touch many lives. He makes me so proud💙 Jayden committed to working out twice a week since New Years and has done so without having to be reminded. His clothes are changed and ready to rock at 645pm. Nothing makes me more proud than working out along side my boy. #dedicated #proudmama #blessed #bigplans #myhero #ittakesavillage

Big Brothers/ Big Sisters adventure at the interactive museum with their mentor! #bigbrothersbigsisters #mentor #bigsister #ittakesavillage #lifeexperiences #scienceisfun

Shout out yo @ratherbeskiing12 for her #zerowaste lunch. Inspired and encouraged by being on #lowwaste journeys with my friends and communities. #ittakesavillage

Congratulations to Ms. Defranco for an awesome Family Art Night!!! It was well organized, creative and loads of FUN!!! Judging by all the smiles and laughter everyone enjoyed themselves!!! Thank you for all your hard work last night! Double doses of thanks for your preparation !!! We know how hard you worked to make this event successful.... from the computer work for the directions, the gathering of materials, to organizing the volunteers - it was not an easy task, but you did it!!!! And it was AWESOME!!!! Thank you.... We can’t wait until the next one. 🦅💗🎨 #eaglesloveart #vcsart #vcspride #familyartnight #scholarship #leadership #community #family #ittakesavillage

We have the BEST next door neighbors EVER!!!! Thank you @jessicasecan, Joel, Elliot, and Alki!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ This mama needs to get her Troublemaker on!!! #ittakesavillage #myneighborsarebetterthanyours #wine #troublemaker

Whishfull Wednesday! Hi my name is Torin, I am a sweet boy who is friendly and lovable. I also love other kitties and am fostered with dogs too. I am very playful and active. I love playing with the other kittens and exploring and climbing, but mostly I look for something or someone to play with. So a home with another playful kitty who wants a buddy would be great! I am wishing for a family of my own, are you looking for me? Contact my foster mom so we can meet! #adoptdontshop #adoptme #foreverhomewanted #fosteringsaveslives #startastoryadopt #rescue #ittakesavillage

I feel the need to post this again. Why do we spread hate? Why do we allow body shaming? Why do we allow cyber bully? Why do we allow bullying at all? Why do we try to pass the blame? Guess what - its all our faults. From those who don’t speak to their kids about how you can not like someone, but that doesn’t mean you’re disrespectful to them. To the parent not talking to their child and I mean really talking and prying out of them sometimes how their day truly is. To the society who watches these sites that show the bullying and hatred going on and yet sit back and do nothing. What’s it going to take for us to wake up? Social media, the internet aren’t to blame they’ve just made it easier. We have to blame ourselves for not stepping up, speaking up and making changes that start with our own kids. Yes your child may not be bullying but maybe their a victim, maybe their watching and not speaking up to an adult, maybe they are laughing as they think it’s funny. Too many young kids are struggling and ending this struggle with suicide. Yet still it continues because it starts at home and we aren’t speaking up enough. Spread kindness Spread respect amongst differences Share it’s ok not to be friends or like everyone but you don’t get to tease, be mean or bully others. Speak up because that person doing the bullying and being unkind is most likely facing their own struggles and acting out. Let’s get to that root cause and help both parties if we can. #steppingoffmysoapbox #antibullying #spreadkindness #itstartswithme #ittakesavillage #itstartswithyou #letsdothistogether #momof3kids #stopbullying #leow

T-minus one week to #blackout514 opening. 😬 // 📷 @jaclyn_t

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village. #truth 💯 #ittakesavillage #autism #raiseconsciousness #autismawareness #autismacceptance #autismspectrum #autismfamily #love

Sometimes life throws curve balls....I’m slowly learning what it means to swerve that shit over the bleachers, Into the outfield and resume to “play ball” 🍿 🥜 Cheers to all the mama’s out there playing ball, swerving like there’s no tomorrow and hitting homeruns outa the freakin’ ballpark. You the real MVP’s ⚾️ 🏆 🙌🏼 #homerun

Parents have emotions & feelings too! Tools like #sizeoftheproblem & #zonesofregulation help children & adults share a common language, express their feelings, and learn together. #parenteducation #ittakesavillage #parenting

On January 1, I wrote down 19 goals for 2019. One of them was to work out 4-5 days each week. We are 23 days into 2019, and so far, so good...but it ain’t all because of me. It takes a dang village for me to work out consistently and push to reach new goals. Without @elliottbaustin being a completely supportive partner and coach through this process, I’m not sure it would happen. On more nights than I can count, he cooks dinner, cleans the house, bathes our son and still comes upstairs to coach me and push me a little harder. I am infinitely thankful, and I don’t say it enough. The power of a supportive partner is an intense blessing. Creating space for the folks we love most to find success is such a selfless act. I’m going to be working hard this year to create those kind of spaces for my husband, to take cues from his selflessness and flip the script on him a bit. We both have so many things we want to achieve in this year and in this thankful for the honor of getting to cheer each other on along the way.❤️

apparently Phoenix’s 💩 schedule is very regular and comes right at bathtime. twice this week. someone please tell me this is just a phase. a super duper short phase. 😫 #sendhelp

I got the dreaded call yesterday that Eli’s teacher needed to meet with me this morning. Well, it’s 2019, so it was actually an email. But, you understand. My heart immediately started beating very fast. My mind started thinking about all the possibilities. What had he done? What was wrong? Was he in trouble? Is he struggling in school? How could something be wrong and I didn’t know? Why am I being called in for my kid? Is he the only one having issues? I replied saying that I would be there and asking for a little more detail. She told me that he is having trouble finishing his work in class. Y’all, I know that. I know that he brings home papers sometimes that are not finished. But, I still panicked. Why? Because I immediately started worrying. Inventing bad scenarios in my head. Would he need to repeat TK? Is he so far behind that he can’t make it back up? Is he struggling to understand the work? Is he causing issues for other kids? Why was I worrying so much? Why was I freaking out? Because I was trying to handle it on my own. I needed to remember that I’m not alone in this parenting game. I have a husband and partner who has an amazing way of getting through to Eli when I can’t. I needed to remember that we have a Heavenly Father who is here to support us in every way we could imagine. I needed to remember that Eli has precious teachers who love him and want him to succeed. So, I calmed down and went to the meeting this morning. Of course, it was fine. We talked about everything and came up with a plan. Per the usual, I had overreacted. Y’all, you are not alone in this mama gig. You have a village. Our villages may all look a little different, but you are not alone. Lean into your village. Pray!

Swipe Right!!! Thanks to All Parents and Community Members who came to celebrate 100 days of learning with us! #ittakesavillage

We’re so thrilled to be in the press again; thank you @ucla for this wonderful article in U News! What an incredible year it’s been; THANK YOU for your support! #medicineforhumanity #healingwomentrainingdoctors #endfistula #ittakesavillage #weloveyouuganda #ucla #uclahealth

Princess Laila had another great dance performance!!! Family showed up, she felt their energy and most importantly she felt their #love on a weeknight!!! #encouragement is #everything #ittakesavillage and we are #grateful for each of your #support #smile #love #godisawsome #ittakesavillage Please help in any way out can. The Dawson family is amazing and in need . 🙏❤️🙌🏼 Target Registry

This Tuesday’s Stroller Walk at the Georgian Mall turned into a Toddler Toddle instead! . . . #lwabwonderland #lwabsimcoe #mommyblogger #momandbaby #toddler #momlife #georgianmall #barrie #ittakesavillage #funwithkids #free #freeevents #toddlertoddle

"The United Nations asked people from all over the world a series of questions. Iceland stuck out on one thing. When we were asked what we believe, 90% said 'ourselves.' I think I'm in that group." Let’s all be a little more like Iceland this year! . . . . . #empowerly #believeinyourself #perservere #empowered #collegeadmissions #collegeacceptance #collegebound #extracurricular #ivyleague #essaywriting #essayhelp #studentsofinstagram #parentsofinstagram #counselorsofinstagram #ittakesavillage

Confidence is the most beautiful quality... no amount of name brands, makeup, titles, money, etc. can accomplish what a confident capable person can.

Family Science Night! Way to go MACS! Parent involvement in education is crucial. No matter their income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school. #steameducation#learningtogether#partneringwithfamilies#ittakesavillage

Beyond proud of my Alex for making this commitment! Thank you again to Travis for being there for my girls. ❤️ . . #alexhayden #ittakesavillage #weloveourchurchfamily #trainachildup #bestillmyheart

“It takes a Village to find your Element5.” Village Fitness Clubs of Oregon are all soft opening all new Element 5tudios in February! Village Fitness Eugene E-5tudio is up and team is training as we speak! More info coming. #groupfitness #doneright #element5 #e5a #ittakesavillage #villagefitnessclubs #oregon

Gia’s Baby Banx #ittakesavillage

Who’s ready for more Caramel Trail Blazers? 🙋🏼‍♀️ are there any other colors you’re ready to see? . . . Like this photo and drop a comment on my posts for a chance to win $25 shop credit before our next drop! We will select two followers from all of our comments to win shop credit before we reopen!!!

My Jadyn Mae’s Baptism. Thank you so much Travis for helping me lead my girls to the right path! ❤️ . . #jadynmae #bestillmyheart #ittakesavillage #trainachildup

This is what happens when you’re a mom - you go to an awesome baby and business seminar with @lifewithababy and you don’t get to document any of it because you’re bouncing a 6 month old the whole time. So you take a selfie in the mirror in the coat room and you don’t get to actually post it until all the kids are in bed later that night 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . #lwabwonderland #lwabsimcoe #babyandbusiness #momlife #ittakesavillage #maternalmentalhealth #ppd #mompreneur #funwithbaby #learning

EOY Meeting, we accomplished a lot in 2018. Looking forward to what’s on tap for 2019. Couldn’t do it without each and everyone of you! #uvmba #ittakesavillage #thankyou

Last night, I got a call from a 757 number I didn’t recognize. I don’t always answer unknown numbers, but when it’s a 252, 757 or 540; and I can, I pick it up. I answered. “ASHLEY, now how the hell did I get you on the line!?!? I was on the phone with Diane!” “Hey, Judy!” I said. It was Judy, like my third Mama from my childhood- my Mama’s “mom friend” and entertainer, and voice of truth (no bs), to all. Who knows how she called me, but I’m glad she did. “Well how the hell are ya?” She asked. I didn’t say it, but I was annoyed. My 3-year-old child refused to go inside her dance class. She threw a fit and gave me my first good parent embarrassment. Made worse, because we had to wait 45 minutes in the dance waiting room until her class was over and it was time for her big sister to go to class, and then 45 minutes longer until Annalisa was done. It wasn’t exactly fun. When Judy called I had just pulled into my driveway. “We’re just coming home from ballet,” was may response to her - “How the hell are ya!?!” Judy said, “I was a hell of a ballerina you know that? Well, I was — until someone dared me to do the splits at pearls and I broke my whole crotch. I went down too damn fast! I was bruised from my ass to my ankles!” 🤣Now that’s a “cheer you up moment”, right there! 🤣 Judy has always been a riot, she’s one of those people that makes every story funny. Even when it really shouldn’t be. Well, today, my defiant child played that roll AGAIN, at the dentist office. I couldn’t believe it, she’s always been strong-willed, but this threenager attitude is something-else! Right when I had lost all of my patience, I could hear Judy’s voice saying “Kids are shit heads sometimes, Ashley. You know that! 🤣And I laughed again, and had all of the patience I needed. 😍 We had “post dentist” lunch with my own Mama friend, who would tell me the same thing. So, tonight , when we were counting deer in the backyard, and all was sweet, again, I was reflecting on how super thankful I’m for the village, the one that helped raise me, and the one that is helping to raise my girls. #ittakesavillage #lovethoseladies #thankfulforthevillage #threenagerdramaaintfun

How where you inspired recently?

Taste one tell one ! Aunt Kelly’s Cookies the Best in the DMV ❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️ Baltimore’s Newest Landmark 🎁 Thank you @chardellemoore @realchristinamd @bmorelifestyletv for the invite ❤️😊 #auntkellyscookies #fox45baltimore #foodie #bestinbaltimore #dmv #dreamscometrue #ittakesavillage #baltimoreeats #maryland #madewithlove #thankyou #smallbusiness #howardst #cookies #dceats #bestinbaltimore #cookiemonster #ravens #ibetyoucanteatjustone

A heart felt thank you to @nobleoutfitters for the amazing cold weather gear! With the recent snow I’ve been loving my Girl Tough Canvas Jacket especially because the hood actually fits over my helmet (!) and the sleeves are just right to wear over an Apple watch. Our horses send their deep appreciation for the Guardsman 4-In-1 Turnout Blanket as their human care takers can adjust the layers as needed with changing temperatures to keep them cozy, the blankets met all our needs and there are less hassles for everyone, a true win-win! #warmandcozy #snugasabug #supermodelsid

Please if you can please help support my friend Craig Hollander in his surgery and recovery 🙏🏻 LINK BELOW or in MY BIO ‼️‼️ Anything helps! Share or please consider a donation of whatever is possible ♥️#community #spinalsurgery #gofundcraighollander #recovery #ittakesavillage #togetherwecan #helpingothers #giveback 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 COPY PASTE or LINK in BIO

#wcw goes to this 4.0 High School Junior, Captain of her JV Basketball Team 👑 Focused. Intelligent. Motivated and OH SOOOOO CAUTTEEE 💝#mybabygirl #proudmom ♌️🦁💎