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Have you gotten your copy of “Mommy and Me Don’t Match”!? I would love to hear what you thought about it! And if you purchased off amazon, would you be willing to leave me a review?? 😍😍 #ittakesavillage #mommyandme #mommyandmedontmatch #children #childrensbooks #author #authorsofinstagram #read #gogetacopy


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Son doesn’t say much at 16 months, but he saw these and said “more dis”. Lol #daycare #chocolatechipcookies #foodmotivated #moreofthis #hesmyson


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We had a blast this morning filling up our backpacks with school supplies for our littles! BIG thank you to everyone who woke up very early, UEI College, Valley Iron Inc, Madera Rotary Club, Mayor of Lemoore Ray Madrigal, Board Member Bill Hicks, Board President Chris Childers, Board Member Antoneya P. Banks-Graves, Teresa Sardina TV and George from KSEE24 News, and our amazing staff. #bbbscc #startsomethingbig #backpackdrive #ittakesavillage #dogoodfeelgood


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We won’t see this view and trail for quite awhile as teams continue to work to revive the beloved Napali Coast trail, rebuild the roads past Hanalei, and help with the homes of so many who experienced loss or devastation to their structures and properties in the floods this past April on Kauai’s North Shore. I’m that much more grateful to have gotten in some time here with @sassaronie not long before the spring storms came. Looking forward to being able dip my toes in this river once more in time, when the land has healed, and the trails are safe for nature lovers to explore. Sending love and support to all who suffered loss in the April storms. Email me anytime at floatandflowllc@Gmail.com if you’d like a few extra helping hands to help out post-flood on the North Shore. We’d love to help and I know many still have a long way to go with repairs and rebuilding. @floatandflow #kauai #kula #friends #family #community #ohana #love #togetherwerise #bewell #helpinghands #ittakesavillage #kauaihawaii #yoga #northshore


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There is nothing better than friends that love your children like their own and take them on their family vacation so you can have a break!! Tice’s we adore you!! #besties #hockeyfamily #motherhood #ittakesavillage #familypic


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When the house has a combination smell of dog🐶, pee, and vomit, 🤮, I practice a little self care with a little longer of a shower, hair washing, and application of some make up... Then buckle down and do the work! ➡️Grab the all purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth, and clean EVERYTHING. ➡️Fold the mountains of laundry ➡️Change lives ➡️Catch up on life With cuddles, play time, and laughter in between. 🤗


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Make the investment. Be present. Build relationships. Disciple. Mentor. Seize opportunities. #ittakesavillage @skyline_youth_

#repost @trussy with @get_repost ・・・ #😂 #🤣 #🤪 #🤦‍♂️ So proud of these new serie of @cabiclothing #commercials #vignettes #byeshoppingfails #amazingteam #amazingcrew #talent #ittakesavillage #repost @cabiclothing ・・・ ✨GIVEAWAY✨ Tired of crowded stores and not-so-helpful salespeople? 😩 Then you’re ready to say #byeshoppingfails…hello @cabiclothing. Enter to win a $1,000 cabi Gift Card to use with your cabi Stylist. #yesplease 🙋‍♀️ Link to enter in Bio☝️⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #giveaway #giveaways #sweepstakes #contest #fashion #instalove #instafun #prizes #win


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#throwback to Aunty Sha serenading Siah after experiencing a traumatic hospital visit last year 💕 But he was simply happy to have his snacks so we’ll try again soon 😂 🎤: @songbird623 (My cousin is sickening with the vocals 😍 She’s just playing around here 😩🙌🏾) 🤔 Nursery album Sharifa? Whattaya say?!? ☺️😏 #raisingjesiah #blackfamily #blackyoungandbroke #lovemadeanoops Lmbo #godgotus #ittakesavillage #strengthenedbyourvillage #stillhustlingnoexcuses #onepublicnyc #africanamericanhaitianbaby #blackbaby #raisingablackboy #queenandkingraisingaprince


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Sarah’s Story: (1/3) . “My introduction to foster care started about 8 years ago. Some therapeutic foster children were being brought to our church on Sundays and I asked, ‘what can I do to help?’ I didn’t even know what therapeutic foster care was but we learned that some of the children wouldn’t have a Christmas. . There were two boys M and K, who had nowhere to go for Christmas so I talked to my husband and we decided we would try to get clearance to have them over on Christmas Day. We got a lot of backlash from people saying we would never get clearance but we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into so we figured we’d try. God paved the way and we ended up getting clearance for the boys to spend Christmas Day with us. . My husband went to pick them up that morning. When they got to the house and saw the Christmas tree, M said to K, ‘alright take off your clothes.’ We didn’t know what they were doing but they had worn their pajamas under their clothes so that they could have Christmas morning in their pajamas. We opened presents and they tore through the ones their social workers had gifted them even though they were nice gifts. What they wanted was the kind of gift you open up with a family that you have to be in pajamas in front of a Christmas tree for. They wanted a real Christmas with their picture taken in front of the tree with our whole family. These were teenage boys. One had been in foster care since he was 8 and the other since he was a toddler, they’ve never known anything else. . For the next two years we would have them over and they would watch football games with us and things like that. We kept a relationship with them until they left the area.”


19 Hours Ago

(2/3) . “It wasn’t all pajama photos under the Christmas Tree. After they left, M ended up tangled up in drugs and in and out of jail. He had yanked my chain enough that I was sending him money and he was using it for drugs. A family from CA wanted to adopt him but he had such detachment issues that it couldn’t work and the adoption failed. . A few years ago, M was in a car accident. I get a call from a nurse saying, ‘your son is in the hospital.’ I told her I didn’t have a son and she told me when she scrolled through M’s phone my number was listed under ‘Mom.’ Foster care is messy. . About 2.5 years ago we met up for lunch. We learned that M hadn’t kept up with K even though they were like brothers. After that meeting, I stopped sending him money and I had gotten mad at him and blocked him on Facebook and we hadn’t spoken since. . About a month later I pulled up his Facebook page to see how he was doing and saw people posting ‘RIP’. He had died in a car accident. I was just riddled with guilt, like what else could I have done? But I couldn’t have kept sending him money. We learned that they wouldn’t release his body because there was no one to bury him. There are no words for what that is like.”


18 Hours Ago

(3/3) . “His friends started messaging me saying, ‘you’re his family why won’t you do anything?’ I connected with a resource agency that had been reaching out to him on the streets and we started a fund to cover the burial and we had the service. A funeral for a child who’s been in foster care since he was a toddler looks like a puzzle with just a few sections here and there and none of them connect or make sense. I was just one section. . When I first came to The Bloom House, Kristen told me, ‘you made his life on this side of heaven as good as you could have.’ . This whole thing looks like a failure to some people. What was the point? How did reaching out to a child without a Christmas help at all? Maybe it ended the same way it would have without me trying to help. But maybe it didn’t, I don’t know. K is doing well and has two jobs right now. He still messages my daughters and talks about that Christmas and the football games we would watch. And as for M, we were the only true sense of family he knew and he got to experience unconditional love which may have never happened if I hadn’t reached out. All I know is I did what God told me to and He knows what impact it had. . If I could tell people the point of all of this, it’s this: love people where they’re at.”


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It’s that time again! I appreciate all of my friends and family that donated last year. Be a blessing to someone who can’t afford to eat hot lunch! #ittakesavillage #mixingfaithwithlearning #begreat #getblessed #livingingodslove


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Hannah's Tea Talk & Sip is a celebration and discussion on the transition of life and responsibility, how the choices we make in our womanhood affect ourselves and our community, and how as community memembers engage in our youth and hold each other accountable for the future of our people. 🌺 Feel free to bring your own food dishes, snacks, and beverages to share. As we are a group that supports healthy socio-economics, inclusivity, diversity, and unity. 🌺 Schedule: 6-7 Connect with each other and share intentions 7-8 Discussion on responsibility, accountability, and leadership 8-10 Celebration with music, food, dance, and fellowship! for more information please contact: Board@thebbwcircle.com Peace and Light


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Tea time is for every age, everyone is invite to the party! . Tea Talk & Sip This FRIDAY 6-10pm. 🌺Proceeds go to an org in need, chosen by @montannaa____ 🌺 *link in bio*


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// Kindred Meets...Happy Tums // Starting solids with a baby can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. As mothers of 8 and 9 month olds, we know first hand how difficult it can be. Miro struggled throughout the first month and seemed completely uninterested in anything but milk. We signed up to a ‘Weaning in a Nutshell’ workshop with @happytums and from that day have been Baby Led Weaning confidently and enjoyably. A month on and Miro is feeding himself and learning to manage his own food intake, he’s exploring new flavours and textures - ones that I wouldn’t have felt confident giving him if I hadn’t attended the workshop. The advice I was given by @happytums was invaluable and that’s why we are so excited to welcome them into our Kindred Meets community to host a session teaching us all about family nutrition. Happy Tums is here to help you make your baby's transition to solid foods easy, fun and healthy! Happy Tums is owned and run by Nicola and Theresa, both mums and Registered Nutritionists who are passionate about helping you provide the best start for your little ones by ensuring they are eating healthy, delicious and easy to prepare foods. Between them, they have a wealth of experience in the fields of nutrition, food product development and teaching healthy eating. . . . . #parentcommunity #supportlocal #newmum #newdad #kindredmeets #parenting #mothersmeeting #babyclass #walthamstow #parentmeetup #connect #support #community #mumlife #dadlife #parenthood #meetlearnshare #e17 #walthamstowparents #ittakesavillage #walthamstowparentcommunity #meetyourvillage #payitforward #e17community #happytums #blw #uniteinmotherhood #parentsofinstagram #parentsupport #babyledweaning


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We thought this quote was fitting after yesterday’s story: . “As one person, I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” . If you missed yesterday’s 3-part story head back to check it out now, you don’t want to miss it ❤️ . If you feel led to support us through volunteering or donation, head to our website to learn how: www.bloomhouse.org


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Repost from @thecatdaddy @TopRankRepost #toprankrepost Wow. Every time I look at this, I get chills. What a journey! From his intake photo, terrified as he lands at the East Valley shelter in LA, to his next stop with a foster mom who took him in when the city went into crisis mode during the July 4th weekend, to the photo on the right, in his adoring new forever home in Portland via his Homeward Bound plane trip (oh, and along the way, the extraction of most of his teeth which were causing him incredible pain)... Teddy was not only the first dog passenger on an #operationhomewardbound flight, but also a symbol of communal determination and loving kindness. Teddy is a reminder to all in the animal rescue community that even when it seems like an uphill battle, YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And to the rest of the animal loving world, he’s a reminder that whether you adopt, volunteer or donate, you will help make that difference. And as for Teddy, he doesn’t need any reminders. He’s just a happy (and grateful) little Portlander. #lovewins #ittakesavillage


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Opa! What an amazing weekend at Taste of the Danforth! Parents and their Wee Ones were so appreciative our Bébé Station Lounge and of the free diapers, wipes and snacks provided by our sponsor #pcorganicsbaby @preschoice @tastedanforth - Tag yourself and/or your kiddies!! ****************************************** Bébé Station Lounge sponsored by #pcorganicsbaby at the 25th annual Taste of the Danforth Street festival! #sponsored #pcorganicsbaby #bebestation #totd25#danforthstrong #greektown #lounge #comfort#posh #baby #newborns #toddler #nursing#breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #changing #diapers#wipes #snacks #treats #babyblog#entrepreneur #mompreneur #roboanddino#sheaessence #summerevents #kidfriendly#familyfriendly #ittakesavillage


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Opa! What an amazing weekend at Taste of the Danforth! Parents and their Wee Ones were so appreciative our Bébé Station Lounge and of the free diapers, wipes and snacks provided by our sponsor #pcorganicsbaby @preschoice @tastedanforth - Tag yourself and/or your kiddies!! ****************************************** Bébé Station Lounge sponsored by #pcorganicsbaby at the 25th annual Taste of the Danforth Street festival! #sponsored #pcorganicsbaby #bebestation #totd25#danforthstrong #greektown #lounge #comfort#posh #baby #newborns #toddler #nursing#breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #changing #diapers#wipes #snacks #treats #roboanddino#sheaessence #summerevents #kidfriendly#familyfriendly #ittakesavillage


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Just a little but of our First family vacation. We have had so much fun!! Thank you!! @casey429cummings #ittakesavillage #mytwoladies #sothankful #six #bransonmo


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This weekend was one I’ll never forget. The race was awesome, the scenery was, well...breathtaking, but most of all, I have the BEST family and friends who made a long drive and followed me around the LaSal mountains for 29 and a half hours straight making me laugh and making sure I had what I needed to keep going. I couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks also to friends who weren’t there and sent cheers and encouragement from afar! I sure felt it! @evan28r @ridebicyclesgrowgardens @spencerplumb @s_henkel @mewjsw #ittakesavillage #ute100 #unicornsforlife #rabidcows #justkeepswimming #pukeydukeypacercrew #onlypukedonce #snickles #kaibabbadbabes #allthesnacks


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Let's not forget those fabulous humans that are teaching/counseling/directing/feeding our kids at schools & maintaining g their environment this year. Please join me in praying over them and this coming year. #ittakesavillage


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For Tummy Up Tuesday, Olivia would like to know if you’ll pick her to love furever?!?! . . . #startastoryadopt #tummyuptuesday #fosteringsaveslives #adoptme #dailykitten #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #rescue #bestmeow #ittakesavillage


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#repost @ourmamavillage with @get_repost ・・・ Have you seen this story? A mama whale not willing to let go of her baby that she lost. A village of whales that surround her and hold up her baby for her when she needs to eat and rest. .🐳 How different would our world be if as humans we held each other up and allowed others and ourselves to openly grieve our losses. . .🐳 Moving together as a village to support those who are hurting. . .🐳 Allowing each other to know that it’s ok to grieve. .🐳 Not putting end dates on grief but instead knowing it is a process. . .🐳 We can learn a lesson from the whales. grief takes time, it’s ok to grieve, and sometimes the best thing we can do is move forward as a village allowing grief instead of pushing it aside. . . . . . . #grief #lossmama #ittakesavillage #madeformore #tahlequah #tahlequahwhale #orca #grievingmom #itsokaynottobeokay #itsoktocry #itsoktogrieve #griefandloss #bethevillage #momvillage #momtribe #supportmoms #momsupportmoms #grievingmom #grievingmama #grievingdad #ittakesavillage #itstakesavillagetoraiseachild #rachelhollis #loveisbest #lovequotes #loveandloss


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Can’t deal with this girl and her style! Trail Blazers are making their big Fall release this Thursday 8/16 6 pm pst! Who’s coming?! 🙋🏼‍♀️


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I'm sharing this article because some (or a lot) of it hits home and it may with some of you too. 🏡 Parenting. It's the hardest job that we'll never regret. It takes a "village". What happens, though, when you don't quite have a village? 🏡 I've wanted to lead Tinkergarten for many reasons. The top reasons are: 🏡 1. To stimulate and grow the best parts of our precious tiny humans (my little one included). 🏡 And 🏡 2. To know that, each week in a season, I'll be bringing the same families together to bond and support one another WHILE we help our tiny humans thrive. 🏡 Tinkergarten, to me, is more than learning, playing, and getting in touch with nature. It's finding like minded, caring, free spirits and growing a nurturing community. That latter aspect mixed in with the former, my friends, is invaluable. ✌ Let's create our village. 🏡 Let's support each other and our explorers. 🍃 Let's do this. 💚 . . . Link to article in bio today. 👆 . . . . . #momssupportingmoms #ittakesavillage #community #magicofchildhood #slowliving #playingoutside #outsidefun #freerangekids #enchantedchildhood #tinkergarten #loveyourtribe


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I love to travel! Most importantly i love to travel with my family! We get a chance to enjoy each other’s company and most importantly act like a bunch of kids for a couple of days. My family means the world to me. They motivate me to keep going in so many ways. *side note* I over did it at the park and my body hurts 🙃🙃 #operationiam #shareyourstory #notyourname #family #checkoutmyswing


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I love to travel! Most importantly i love to travel with my family! We get a chance to enjoy each other’s company and most importantly act like a bunch of kids for a couple of days. My family means the world to me. They motivate me to keep going in so many ways. *side note* I over did it at the park and my body hurts 🙃🙃 #operationiam #shareyourstory #notyourname #family #checkoutmyswing


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Parents sometimes say to me "Ugh how could I forget that! 🤦‍♀️" when I make a suggestion. The truth us we ALL forget stuff and we have approximately 10 million (no basis for that number) things on our minds every day. 🙃 We need each other to share ideas, resources, perspective, and love. 😘 A very special 4 year old reminded me JUST how much 1 simple tool helps my kids: MORNINGS OUTSIDE! 😎🤗 I'm in Vegas and it gets way too hot 💥 but we're in August and it's perfectly lovely outside in the shade at 7am so for us there's no great excuse to skip this amazing ritual. But I have been. Call it busy, call it lazy, call it life. 🤷‍♀️ Whatever it is, it's time to reinstall this connection time every morning. I feel better already and it's only been 10 minutes! 👍 Other tool I use: coffee. 😂😜🤩 #sureparenting #respectfulparenting #gentleparenting #positiveparenting #peacefulparenting #connection #sayyes #brothers #littlekids #kidsofinstagram #playtolearn #playdough #dinosaurs #coffee #outsidetime #morningtime #connection #vitamind #ittakesavillage #weareinthistogether #focusonthepositive #starttoday