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im dead💀

i love yesterday’s video from @erikacostell it was amazing! i’m happy everyone spent time together. @tayloralesia.pt2 @tayloralesia @cortney.erin #tayloralesia #taylored #tannerfox #erikacostell #jakepaul

Chapter 6 Nathalie’s POV Well, in the end, I’m telling him everything, literally everything. Jo (Jonah): awww come here baby He pull me into a hug and I can feel nothing but care from him. We end up falling asleep cuddling. — 2 weeks later — My relationship with Jonah is going well. But my health is not going well. Recently I got high fevers and I throw up a lot. At first I thought I’m pregnant. But first of all, I haven’t done “anything” with any boy, I’m a virgin. Second of all, I checked with some pregnancy test, and they all said that I’m not pregnant. Jonah and the boys are getting big and famous. And I’m a very proud girlfriend, but these days he don’t really have as much time as he used to have. He’s always in the studio, working on some songs, and other times he’s on tour. But in the middle of his busy schedule, he always try his best to make time for me and take care of me. Today Jonah’s on tour with the boys. Not gonna lie I’m actually proud, but he have no time for me. Being the weak me, I can’t take care of myself. I decided to go see a doctor and ask what’s wrong with me. — hospital — Do (Doctor): so what’s the complain? N (Nathalie): I have been so sick lately, which includes throwing up, very high fevers, turning very weak, and even my hairs start to fall off easily. Do: okay so we’re going to check your blood and check some stuffs and see what’s going on with you. N: okay — after the check — Do: alright everything’s done, and sorry to say, but you’re in a pretty bad condition. You can take the check results next week. N: okay thanks doc The doctor nods and I got home to take a rest for a while. When I check my phone, I immediately get calls from Jonah. I answer the call since I miss him a lot lately. — through the phone — Jo: hey babe, how are you holding up? N: not great but I saw the doctor earlier today. Jo: what did the doctor say? N: well... he said I’m in a pretty bad condition but no one is sure yet because I’m getting my check results next week. Jo: aww I’m so sorry for not being there for you when you’re pretty sick N: no, it’s fine Jonah, at least you called me More in comments👇

Jakeyy😍😍❤️ . . . a very crappy edit but I enjoy u guess?😂😂❤️ . . . Tag him? @jakepaul 🖤 . . . #jakepaul #dolanxpaul #jakevsdeji #jakewillwin

Big bibba


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a trio :’) ————————- @tayloralesia @erikacostell @cortney.erin ————————- Tags: #trio#friends#bffs#team10#tayloralesia#erikacostell#erika#taylor#tayloralesiaedits#cortney#yass#slay#jakepaul 185💫