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Every unpublished writer is hesitant to call themselves exactly that—a writer. But misleading perceptions aside, whether you write behind a mahogany desk or on your couch in a Ninja Turtle onesie, you've earned the right to call yourself a writer. Now it's time to start acting like one! . In this week's blog post, we discuss how changing your mindset can have a monumental impact on your writing career, and the simple practices that can get help you take your writing dreams seriously. . . . #spineblog #newblogpost #jecblog #forwriterswithbackbone #mindset #writersmindset #writingmindset #writingcareer #changeyourmindset #writer #writelife #writingblog #unpublishedwriter #blogpost #canadianeditor #juniperediting #thewritinglifecoach

There is a period in everyone's life (in fact it happens more than once) that is known by anthropologists as the liminal stage. Liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the "middle stage of rites," in other words, when one no longer feels themselves to be who they used to be, but has not yet become the next iteration of their self. It is often accompanied by confusion, resistance, even anger, since such change threatens to overthrow any number of things we have taken for granted about our selves or our lives and futures. Writing feels very much like a liminal stage: we are tunnelling in utter darkness towards a sense of completion that eels like it may never come—searching for truth, beauty, and meaning as we go. If we fight it, it will hurt more—and likely result in work that is abandoned and left incomplete. If we embrace the unknowing, and keep going—keep writing our way through the tunnel—we will find its end, and one way or another, it will be profound. . . . #writingpractice #writingphilosophy #justwrite #juniperediting #junipereditingandcreative #liminalstage

I was scrolling through old posts the other day looking for something on my feed for a friend. It made me nostalgic for the days when I checked in in real-time with a photo of something from my day—often of just any old thing! Whenever I look back I'm awed at the distance travelled, and nostalgic for what seem like simpler times. It was almost exactly a year ago that I wrote this: . "Our house gets messy; things get made here. There's oil paint on the floor and bolts in the walls and usually a plate or two in the kitchen sink. There are papers on the desk, Post-Its on boards, books and notebooks stacked in towers on available surfaces. We make things here. And even when I'm doing my makeup on a Friday night, I'm thinking of what I can make for you--what it is JEC does for you. In that particular pre-party moment it struck me that we free your stories. Whether from within your unsure mind, or from the dead weight of superfluous material, from the burden of grammatical error, or the mind map of ideas that's become too unwieldy to work with...we free your stories, be they an idea on a scrap of paper, a manuscript in need of editing, or a bunch of thoughts and feelings that you don't know how to translate into words yet. We assess, we coach, we edit, we pitch: We free stories from their particular bonds in order to let them fly." . Our house is tidier now. Our lives are calmer now. Much has changed in a year—not least our location, some 5,000 miles further east. But JEC's purpose and mission remains the same. We are as devoted as ever to helping you free your story and letting it fly. . . . #editorsdesk #askaneditor #canadianbookeditor #writerscorner #editorsofinstagram #writercommunitesofinstagram #writersgonnawrite #writerscommunity #bookstagram #bookaholic #bookgram #capturemycraft #prettycreativestyle #seekinspirecreate #creatorslane #girlboss #ladyboss #womensupportingwomen #bossbabesmindset #femaleentrepreneur #picoftheday #juniperediting #junipereditingandcreative

Have you read this yet? It's marvellous. I've read Heti in the past and found her existentialist narrator an irritation; not so in this wondrous book that explores the many conditions that have women becoming mothers—whether from desire or a sense of inevitability or the panic that comes with getting older and being constantly assured that, "Well, you might not want them now, but just wait! Let's hope it won't be too late!" It's a lesson in womanhood for men, who should read it. It's a lesson in womanhood for women, who should read it. I've been bringing it up in conversation regularly since I read/finished it (I tried to pace myself but it was hard to put down) a month ago. You should read it. . . . #canlit #readthenorth #sheilaheti #motherhood #feminist #feministreader #feministwriter #feministeditor #gillerprizeshortlist #canadianliterature #juniperediting #junipereditingandcreative

On Ego: A couple of weeks ago we posted about ego, and how you should leave it at the door (or floor) of your writing space. It elicited some good conversation, a little of which we thought we'd share with you here. . Q: "But doesn't writing sans ego equate to writing without personality or choice?" . A: Many writers attest to the fact that when they're writing at their best they are not making 'conscious' decisions or doing so in a box-checking kind of way; the words are coming without much thought about how or where they are being formed, or what the effect will be on others when they do or do not read them in the future. I use 'ego' in the sense of formation and self-conscious creation: asking questions like "Does this writing exemplify the kind of writer I want to be?" "Does it live up to Plath?" "Is it cool enough to achieve the overall future I dream of when I think of becoming an author?" These questions are damaging to the creative process and a hindrance to one's work; attempting to emulate a writer one admires is denying the fact and potential of your own writing voice; worrying what others think will naturally make one's writing more self-conscious and cautious. Concerns about 'cool' have no place in creation, though they are so often present. A piece of writing will be what it wants to be. The best thing a writer can do is to get out of its way for long enough to allow it to be born entirely—conscious choices can come in abundance during revision. At least this is my belief! . What do you guys think? How do you experience 'optimal' or 'ideal' creativity, or do you feel that's a romantic and fictionalized notion?! What are your greatest challenges when it comes to the process of writing new work? . . Photo by jojotastic . . #mywritingpractice #howiwrite #howtowrite #hownottowrite #writingpracticetheory #resistyourego #writing #egotisticalwriters #resistselfimportance #reflectionsonwriting #writerslife #amwriting #bookwriting #writersreads #writerlyreads #leaveyouregoatthedoor #juniperediting #jec

You know that story that's been kicking around in your head for the past year? The one you've been meaning to write? Well, what can we say? It ain't gonna write itself... . And guess what? It's November in one short week. That means @nanowrimo is right around the corner giving you zero excuses to find some time and make yourself accountable! There's a community of writers out there ready to support and encourage YOU, sweetcheeks! Go get em. . . Image from @shediditherway . . #writingmotivation #startwriting #amwriting #freeyourstory #writelife #writingjourney #juniperediting #bossbabementality

When it comes to writing, leaving your ego at the door is an absolute must. There is always room for improvement, always room to re-examine and re-work. But more than anything, writing is an exercise of self-reflection and vulnerability, and if you prioritize your self-importance or your concern for what others will think, you'll never have the clarity to write something true. . . . #resistyourego #writing #egotisticalwriters #resistselfimportance #reflectionsonwriting #writerslife #amwriting #bookwriting #writersreads #writerlyreads #leaveyouregoatthedoor #juniperediting #jec

"Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you." —Carlos Ruiz Zafón . If you're looking for a sign that it's time to free your story, this is it! Don't just do it for yourself, do it for all the people who will see themselves in what you've written. Not sure where to start? Book a free call with Kate through the link in our bio to discuss your big publishing dreams. . . . #literaryquotes #bookquotes #freeyourstory #carlosruizzafon #publishingdreams #junipereditingandcreative #juniperediting #feministeditor #femaleeditor

This Week on the Blog: "5 Weird and Wonderful Book Genres." . "Just like film, theatre, and other art forms, literature is constantly diversifying as people seek new ways of defining their interests and perspectives." . This week we're exploring the world of obscure book genres and subgenres you may have never known existed! Whether its existence was thought up in the dark reaches of the internet or banded together by a group of like-minded employees, these genres prove that books really are for everyone. You never know, you may even find a new genre to love! . Image by negativespace.com . . #weirdbookgenres #spineblog #writersreads #writerslife #writingaboutwriting #writingblog #blogpost #nordicnoir #cashiermemoirs #juniperediting #canadianbookeditors #writersofinstagram

The road to getting published is not only daunting, it's often also complex, nebulous, bewildering, and intimidating. If this little truth bomb hasn't turned you off like a lightbulb, good stuff. You're gonna need that resolve. And while you're ready to travel this sometimes lonely highway, it ain't so bad as all that. Know why? Cos we got your back. Helping authors navigate their unique and multilayered paths from manuscript draft to a pitch-able book that gets picked up by a publisher or literary agent *is what we do.* And we fudging love doing it. . But before you take a look at that savings account, we're laying out the structure of our process for you nice and clear and simple, so you know exactly what we do, how we do it, and how it can work for you. . As you will know if you've downloaded our magnificent and eminently useful Publishing Roadmap, or indeed taken a cursory look around our website, we break our process into three major stages: ASSESS; EDIT; PITCH. . We've elucidated what this process will look like for YOU on our blog, with the article "3 STEPS TO PUBLISH: ASSESS; EDIT; PITCH." We're all about opening those doors, pulling back those curtains, cleaning those windows to give you as clear and comprehensive an insight into what we (and editors at large) do for you and your book. Just follow the links in our bio to learn how we can make your dreams come true!! . . . . #canadianpublishing #canadianeditor#northamericaneditor #whateditorsdo #getpublished #indiepublish #traditionallypublish #editorscanada #editorsdesk #askaneditor #writelikeawoman #writelikeawomxn #askabookeditor #feministeditor #feministbookeditor #womenslit #womensliterature #juniperediting

This was her last remaining door to his world. His corner shop, closed up, secure, and empty of his person, was cluttered with his presence. The perfectly aligned objets upon white hand-painted shelves and that hardwood floor that he would kneel to polish on Sunday mornings, the pad of receipts with pen beside it and the mural of a meadow that his sister had painted upon the back wall were all still so marvellous to her. #inkdrawing #doors #doorsaswindows #windowsasdoors #juniperediting

Happy Friday word lovers! Wait, who's that with the serious face and the lovely bookcase? It's me! If you've ever found yourself wondering what an editor does, how they do it, or what one even looks like IRL, take a look at the interview Kelly from @scorpiopress invited me to on her YouTube channel! Amongst other things, I answer questions on the different kinds of editing available to an author, the value of each kind of edit at each stage of the pre-publication process, where to find an editor that's right for you, and how much to budget for. Follow the link in my bio to watch it now! ~ ~ ~ ~ #getpublished #indieauthors #selfpublishing #prointerview #whataneditordoes #juniperediting #editor #editorslifestyle #freelancerforhire #authorsofinstagram #authorsofinsta

And the winner is... @_thegeneral! I will be taking a look at her story in which "a small town, spiritual girl moves to Montreal and falls in love with a schizophrenic film editor". More details of the project will be featured in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for entering and keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity to win! ~ ~ ~ ~ #juniperediting #instagramgiveaway #instagramcontest #instagramcompetition #authorgiveaway #contest #giveaway #contest #instagood #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #editing #editorslife #editorlife #bookeditor #freelancer #freelancerforhire

It's giveaway time! I'm giving away a free sample edit to one lucky writer. To enter, follow the instructions below: 1) Like this photo and follow JEC; 2) Tag a fellow writer in the comments below; 3) Share your favourite quote or image from JEC's account, with credit, on your own IG and include a brief description of your current writing project. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The length of the prize will be determined by the number of followers JEC has by 9 am Pacific Standard Time on Monday 3rd October when the competition closes. So, the more followers, the longer the piece you, the winner, can send for editing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it! The lucky winner will be chosen and contacted by the end of the business day on Monday. Good luck, and happy writing! ~ ~ ~ ~ #juniperediting #instagramgiveaway #instagramcontest #instagramcompetition #authorgiveaway #writergiveaway #contest #giveaway #contest #instagood #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #editor #writing #freelancerforhire #authors #editing #getpublished #selfpublish #indiepublish #indieauthor #writer #writers