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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”⠀ Do you remember that question? ⠀ 🔸⠀ Every kid was asked this question all throughout childhood. It’s like they were all wanting to get a glimpse of someone who still had big dreams for their lives.⠀ Because maybe those dreams don’t always pan out.⠀ 🔸⠀ I want my kids to know the same thing that I want my husband to know and my friends to know. ⠀ That you were created for greatness! You were meant for something beyond what you may even get to see this side of heaven.⠀ 🔸⠀ Rahab, the prostitute in the Bible who protected the Israelite spies; made a single courageous act that would become set in a story for people to read thousands of years. I don’t think she knew that the lineage of her bloodline would produce the Son of God.⠀ 🔸⠀ I think we get scared to step into our rolls and give it our all because we compare our success to the standards of this world.⠀ 🔸⠀ But kids - they just dream! With no obstacles or worries about who will tell them that they didn’t succeed. They just put their hearts into something and they shine.⠀ 🔸⠀ Don’t forget to dream. Don’t be afraid of that misguided word “failure”. Give your goals a shot ☺️⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #momsaftergodsownheart #motherhoodnarrated #verseoftheday #bibleversesformoms #bibleverse #dailyinspiration #christianmoms #christianwomen #wordoftheday #wordsofwisdom #momblog #momblogger #quiettime #momsaftergodsownheart #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodsimplified #unitedmotherhood #childhoodunplugged #childhoodsimplified #momblog #momblogger #momlife #letthembelittle #raisingtinyhumans #raisingtinydisciples #motherhoodnarrated #kidsactivities #leavingalegacy ⠀ ⠀

Happy Boss Day, @robinjonesrealtor!! 🎉🎉❤️❤️ #bossday #sheisthebestest #robinjonesgroup #makingeverymomentcount #kwlegacygroupky #leavingalegacy #1marketshare #myrichmond @triciaspack @justin_eversole @mojorealtor @raehunt72


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This was us eight years ago—our eleventh year of marriage. Six kids under 10 years old, a few thriving businesses, and a bit of pride on the side. • Yes, you read that right. • “Pride comes before the fall.” • And we did fall... HARD. • But in losing what the world values most, we gained what we didn’t realize we needed most. And that which we needed most couldn’t have been found without the sacrifice of comfort and a big plate of humility. • The last few years have been our Job years. Everything from a failing business, having to sell our house and more to pay off debt, to losing a baby and almost dieing in the process myself. Experiencing financial stress for the first time in our marriage was refining to say the least, but it gave us the opportunity to pull our resources together, work hard, be frugal, re-evaluate what we could do without and simplify. • • It gave our community opportunity to serve and support us, which was honestly the hardest and most humbling. To have younger families bringing meals, was hard to swallow. • Through it all, God always provided. • We’ve grown a lot in these past 8 years. And to be honest, we are better people bc of what we’ve walked through. • Where we once couldn’t relate to others, now we can lead and give hope. • Most importantly, we have perspective that can only come from experience. One’s perspective on money, time, and other commodities and assets changes when you begin to evaluate things through the lens of what is eternal. • Is it eternal? Are they eternal? What will this decision cost me? • Our pastor always says that maturity isn’t defined by age. And it’s true. And right isn’t always defined by success either. • We might have been married over a decade, but we hadn’t been tested and tried through fire yet. • There are always lessons to learn and opportunities for personal growth and refinement, but there is no room for pride. Once broken, you never want to go back there. • • #leavingalegacy #perspective #marriage #istilldo #bettertogether #19yearsmarried #marriagegoals #largefamily #prideful #success #godsprovision #godiagoodallthetime #worldview #liveandlearn #allyouneedisgod #lifestruggles #hardknocks


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This is Milledge, my 2nd great-grandfather. I feel like I’ve been in somewhat of a spat with him for the last five years or so. Milledge was a prominent fruit farmer in the Pacific Northwest. He traveled across the country as a young boy, covered wagon-style. He worked as an Indian-scout in the time of Buffalo Bill. His name is recorded in an Oregon history book, along with his two wives—neither of whom were my great-great grandma Agnes. I don’t know whether their marriage was legitimate, or if it was simply kept quiet because divorce was taboo at the time, but I don’t think their relationship ended well. I have been searching for quite awhile, but I’ve yet to find out the truth. Every time I look at photos of Milledge, I feel him smirking at me, knowing he has kept his secrets well. I won’t give up, though, Pops.⠀ ⠀ #genealogy #familyhistory #familysecrets #ancestry #homehistorian #tellyourstory #historylover #storyteller #mystory #heritage #oldphotos #history #storytellingmama #mcelhaney #genealogyphotoaday #historynerd #formykids #leavingalegacy


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The property at 1840 Richmond St in Mt. Vernon has a new price! If you've had your eyes on this wonderful commercial property near Renfro Valley, now's a great time to make an offer! #thericegroup #investmentopportunity #renfrovalley #newprice #commerciallisting #kwlegacygroupky #leavingalegacy #1marketshare


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These are the common myths associated with Estate Planning and Elder Law. None of these statements are true. To receive correct information about estate planning, please contact us TODAY! ⠀ 📧 : info@srlawgrp.com⠀ 📞 : (404) 410-6505⠀ .⠀ #estateplanning #familymatters #intestate #leavingalegacy #elderlaw #medicare #medicaid #socialsecurity #incapacity #willsandestates #guardianship #conservatorship #endoflife #death #incapacity #probate #assets #finance #banking #insurance #retirement #lawyers #womeninbusiness #legacy #nationalestateplanningawarenessweek


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Wise words from our beautiful client! 🌹❤️🔥 #womenempowerment #womensupportwomen #repost @lulumassonfit83 with @get_repost ・・・ I’m working on me for me. My happiness come from within me and doesn’t depend on anyone else to validate it. Sooo Happy Monday beautiful people, only you know what makes you happy, so get out there and live your best life 😘! #happymonday #growthmindset #happiness #nomondayblue #leavingalegacy


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JUST REMEMBER HOW I CARRY IT I'M FOR MY PEOPLE IN MY HUEY P NEWTON VOICE @Regran_ed from @cityrich_blackownbusinessonly - WHEN I'M ON SOCIAL MEDIA I'M ABOUT 2 THINGS #supportmypeople #wakingmypeopleup SUPPORT MY PEOPLE ➡ WAKING MY PEOPLE UP ➡ SUPPORT MY PEOPLE ➡ WAKING MY PEOPLE UP 💯❌💯🎯❤👑🎯❤👑🎯❤👑 #trusttheprocess #stayinposition #supporteachother #leavingalegacy #borntobealeader #alwayswarready #alwaysonthefrontline - #regrann


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This kid sure makes everyday an adventure 😂 . . . #asaspade #thirdbaby #hattenhizzy #hattenboys #superasa #leavingalegacy #superheros #boymom #momlife #laughoften


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Yesssss..... yesterday I made some candied peaches and strawberries because of this crazy craving but now I know why 💙💗💙💗 March 19,2019..... Congrats!!!! We having a baby 🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽and those peaches and strawberries was sooooo good 😋😋😋. #justalilgirlfromsmokahollawithavision #livelovelaugh #godsprincess👑 #leavingalegacy #teamboy💙 #teamgirl💗🎀 #justwantahealthybaby #godsgreatestgift

Jess here: In full and total transparency, I’ve been in a funk lately. And I have been for awhile. I finally had to sit down with my husband last night and just tell him, “I don’t know what’s going on with me. I don’t feel good- I’m exhausted- I’m cranky- I’m down- I’m unmotivated- I’m discontent...” and the list went on and on. When he asked me why I thought I was feeling this way, I told him I just didn’t know. I have an autoimmune disease that can easily explain a lot of symptoms but I told him deep down I feel like it’s NOT that this time. I honestly feel like Satan is attacking me. Everything I talk about on here- contentment, joy, finding relationships that make us better, leaving a legacy, the importance of being a present parent.... all of these things are like BLAH in my life. My 3,200 square foot house in a nice, safe neighborhood- not good enough. Being a stay at home mom- not good enough. I mean, I could be doing so much more with my life! That family member is super irritating to me- let’s point out AAALLL the annoying stuff they do. My husband who loves me more than anything in the world.... well he forgot to pack me a gluten free snack the other day sooooo.... we should probably rip his head off about how he doesn’t pay attention to my needs.... GUYS!!! This is NOT me. Do you know what my husband said to me last night? “Well, have you been in the Word lately?” Ugh- I haven’t. I’m too busy scrolling through social media looking at all the people more successful than me, prettier than me, living out big dreams that I want to live out and making more money than us. I’m too busy reading books that are supposed to be inspirational but instead just make me feel like my life isn’t good enough. So what is the point of this post? HONESTY. Sometimes we feel ALL the feels- and sometimes the feels aren’t good. It’s okay. God made us human and with that comes emotions. What’s NOT okay is seeing all these things above as truth. One of the best things one of my mentors ever told me was this: Live by what you KNOW, not by how you FEEL. I may feel in this funk- but I KNOW God is the answer. I need to seek His direction and approval and NO ONE ELSE’S!


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Wooohoooo!! First closing for this lady!! Great job @jennifercecilrealtor we are so proud to be in business with you!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👊🏽💪🏽💜🏡🔑🎈🎉 #kwlegacygroupky #leavingalegacy #firstclosing #congratulations

Sometimes you just have to Boss Up and show them you still got it! Just because you dont see me flashing my successes doesn't mean i'm not making moves! #bossup #levelup #drive #determination #motivation #leavingalegacy #growth #selfcareisimportant! #goals . . . . . . #entrepreneurlife #bossmoves #beautifulclassydriven #werking #lifestyleofamompreneur #millionairemindframe #ambition #success #luxury


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“If you truly understood residual income, you would run through a brick wall to get it.” When I opened my personal online grocery store, I opened it for me. When I fully grasped that I could be paid for weekly for helping others order from their online grocery store, our financial blueprint began to make a shift. People tell me, Lakin I couldn’t do what you do?! I reply with a few simple questions. Can you eat? Do you refer others to your favorite stores, food joints, etc? Do you desire to see change in your health or wealth? Then yes, you can do what I do! There’s no secret or magic. It’s simply eating your overhead and showing others how to open their own virtual grocery store! This simplicity has aloud my family to help over 630 families create freedom in their bodies, and their bank accounts. I will continue to share the impact of this company in my life, and the lives of my team! Thank you Isagenix for the freedom you have given my family! • • • • • • • • • • #lifechangingincome #moretolife #buildingyourlife #createyourlife #networkmarketing #notapyramid #notamlm #weserve #serving #lovingothers #livetobless #success #startyourlife #bestcompany #thisiswork #bossbabe #empirebuilding #leavingalegacy #allidoisshare #bestcompensationplan #buisness #buisnessbabe #workfromhome #bestjobever #thisisit #servingbodiesandbankaccounts #livetogive #blessingothers


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Half smile cuz half my face is numb. :/


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Say Yes. Lean in. Even when yours hands tremble. . . . #monday #mondaymotivation #motivation #mindset #momlife #instamood #instagood #onedayatatime #leavingalegacy


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Happy Un-Anniversary to me! 🎉 13 years ago I got married. I was 23, felt grown, took the leap and made a promise of forever. It didn’t work out. It didn’t last forever. All the grownup stuff was put on my shoulders. I was exhausted, found different passions, grew apart and fell out of love. It was so disappointing. I felt a lot of guilt for not being able to “stick it out” and “see it through”. I’m here today to tell that younger me that it is okay. You didn’t have the tools and really didn’t even know who you were at 23. You’re still doing that work at 36. You are not damaged or used goods. You are strong and independent. You are never going to be okay with mediocrity and that will take you to amazing places. Picking suitable partners will continue to be a struggle but you are lucky to learn from each and every one. • • To everyone going through a separation or divorce or breakup, you will find your happiness again. It might look differently than you had planned. Lean into it and let the universe show you what is possible. I promise, it will be much better than you could ever image. 💞 • • This photo is the only one left from that time in my life (on my hurricane-ruined honeymoon). I have realized it’s time to take myself on a honeymoon of sorts. 🏝


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Happy birthday, Lincoln! LCS is celebrating over 50 years of international education right here in Accra. Our 50th anniversary weekend in November will bring together all those in our community-parents, staff, students, and alumni. Let’s get ready to celebrate! #lcsconnects #lcsat50 #leavingalegacy


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When we have our children we get really excited they have their grandma' nose and their uncle 's ear shapes ..lol. u get what I am talking about. But how often do we consider what kind of personality traits do we want them to take? Yes I kniw the society and social media plays a big role in their lives, but the truth is they will get the majority of their personality traits from us parents. Even if let yhem spend too much time in day care nurseries and when we rushing to collect them and feel very cranky and exhausted after a long day at work. We take them home while we are huffing and puffing instead of expressing to them how much we miss them we rush them to bed and get back to preparing for that meeting next morning. We teach them that this the only way life can be. You graduate , you have kids , you dread them because you have to go to work. We tell them we are working for them but we are shouting at them because we need to rush to work. Kids are confused which one is more important them or work. Then they grow and repeat the same life with their kids It is time to break that vicious cycle and set free from the dilemma of trading our previous time with money. So how do u create time and financial freedom so we can spend our precious tome enjoying our little ones and teach how to love life to the fillest. Check out >> @mrsfatmazubia Click the link in my bio to visit my blog , leave your email address so I can send you free info on how to create that financial freedom so you can learn on if this lifestyle of freedom and spending quality time with our children is what u want or not. Those kids will not stop growing , in a blonk of an eye they will move out and they won't know any better that what we taught them. Take action now


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- ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀——BUILT FOR THIS—— Being self employed, nothing is guaranteed. It can all be gone tomorrow. That’s what makes the journey to success so worth while! I’d rather grind 24/7 for myself then work a 9-5 for a company that doesn’t give two shits about me. Why? Because in the end I’ve lived my life to its fullest potential, fulfilled my purpose on earth, left my mark, made an impact and left a legacy. I’m Built For This💯 - Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you. Take that risk... NOW!!! - #bossletics #herobuilt #itcosttobeaboss #buildinganempire #leavingalegacy #lesgetit #motivationmonday


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Moving through Monday with this affirmation up front and center. 👁 . . . #mondaymotivation #instagood #focused #affirmation #mindset #mindfulnessmeditation #instaquote #lovehard #leavingalegacy #love