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25 Days 6 Hours Ago

Jasmine is finally out of her coma, and it seems like ever since she woke up, things have been spiraling out of control. This was supposed to be a happy moment, but apparently, people have other plans for Jasmine and Lamar’s future. Tonya lands in jail and is accused of shooting Tony and kidnapping Lamar. On top of that, she is pregnant. Things have gone from bad to worse, and Tonya has no idea what to do next. Johnathan has just found out that Monica, the first girl that he has ever taken seriously, is now at the center of all his family drama. He tries to talk to her and make sense of everything, but she drops a huge bomb on him that changes everything. He will be forced to choose sides. Will he be able to resist the lust that he has for Monica, or will he betray his family and stick by her? #asouthcarolinaloveaffair #resistingtemptation #authoraria #blackauthors #blackfemaleauthors #blackauthoress #urbanfiction #leosullivan #urbauthors


2018-08-20 19:25:16

I highly recommend this book it’s an urban book written by sha Jones and Leo Sullivan and its about a girl Hennessy who doesn’t have the best life but she make the best of it until someone actually notices her and want to learn her story there is slot of plots and twist but the link is going to be down below. You guys need to go read my opinions on this book is that it should have been longer and less predictable with more mysteries but other than that it was greatt goo check this book out the link is down below once again ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️https://www.amazon.com/Books-Sha-Jones/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ASha%20Jones. #shajones #leosullivanpresents #leosullivan #dopeboyslovehennesy #shaderoom #urbanfashion #urbanfiction #urbanauthors @zee.lovessyhu @authorleosullivan #bloggerstyle #bloggerlifestyle #livingmybestlife #livinglifetothefullest


2018-08-18 12:35:25

Hey Everyone! Come and check me out today in the city of Carson with @myss_shan .. I'm here from 12-5PM ❤️💙 #aabecali


2018-08-13 19:40:12

Hey Everybody! This weekend, your girl will be attending @myss_shan 's Annual African American Book Expo! The #aabe is Coming to Cali August 18th in the City of Carson. Mix and Mingle with me, ask me questions about upcoming projects, purchase my current works and recieve signed copies with goodie bags! I look forward to seeing you all 🙌🏾💜💙💚 be sure to hashtag #aabecali for any posts and pictures 💙💙💙


2018-08-11 12:01:09

The Tuskegee Redtails Graphic Novel, written and illustrated by Floyd Norman and produced by Leo Sullivan Multimedia, is a pictorial and text essay depicting the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. It’s about the men and women who rose to the occasion to defend their country during World War II.  Discover more about the Tuskegee Redtails Graphic Novel, at the Afrokids.com website. #urbanfamily #urbanchildren #tuskegeeredtail #afrokids #floynorman #leosullivan #graphicnovel


2018-08-11 08:12:19

You've heard of love triangles, but have you ever seen a love square??? Meet Kiyera James, 27 years old and at the top of her game. All she ever wanted was someone who was on her level that she could share her ambitions with, but she finds herself stuck in an unfulfilling situation. She has been down for her no-good boyfriend, Terrell, surviving through all the hell that seems to come with being his lady. After finally realizing that he will never overcome his issues from a past relationship, Kiyer makes the decision to walk away and move on with her life. The only problem is, Terrell isn’t willing to let, yet, another woman walk away from him. He'd sooner see her dead. Kyren Warren, also known as, Kye, was given an advantage in life. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; and doesn’t know what it means to go without. At the age of, 28, Kye has reached the point in his life where he understands that money can buy you everything except real love. His best friend, Tara, is willing to show him that what he thought he was missing has been right in front of him the entire time; but Kye doesn’t see her as anymore more than a best friend that he occasionally sleeps with. When Kiyera enters the picture, she and Kye hit it off immediately. Tara isn’t pleased and is willing to do anything to eliminate this woman from standing in the way of the happiness she’d always strived for. Are you ready for war? In Dying To Love You, be prepared for a drama unlike anything you've ever seen. Completed Series Available Now 😎


2018-08-10 23:50:09

Had a great day today. Well done babe and big thanks to @mickyo19 Top bloke #leosullivan @shanelsullivan


2018-08-10 18:38:18

Putting the finishing touches on part 2. If you haven't read part 1 go ahead and do that today. It's available on Amazon, you must have Kindle. #authoraria #asouthcarolinaloveaffair #resistingtemptation #leosullivanpresents #leosullivan #blackauthors #femaleauthors #blackfemaleauthors #blackfemaleauthorz #authoress #blackauthoress #supportauthors #suportblackauthors #author

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Milky Way 📷 @talitahalboth . . . . . #projetopiko #arturdrake #leosullivan #danilocutter #tommytenzin #talitafrazer


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Have you tried my completed series? Four twisted souls get caught up in a whirlwind of drama, when all they really want is Love. Kyren Warren - the financially stable Playboy is tired of the dating scene and ready to settle down with the perfect girl. Kiyera James proves to be that be special one, but can't seem to shake her past baggage, or her deranged Ex Boyfriend, who would rather see her dead than happy. Last but never least, there's Tara Michaels. The Queen Bitch. The ultimate baddie with the fatty. The one that can take your nigga AND your bitch and send both them back to you with empty pockets. Tara wreaks havoc on everyone's lives because her happiness is all that truly matters at the end of the day and fuck how you feel. Interested yet? What are you waiting for? Because Tara is waiting for you 😈