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2 Hours Ago

OK y'all she's a gifted one we got the hot actress @ms__marcia #msmarcia and the great @actordanajay #teamactordanajay #actordanajaywantsin #actordanajay on the hot anticipated film called C A N D Y #candythemovie #candyatl #candyatl produced and written by the hot @isabelleboys comeing very soon #workingactor #agentkimberlee #gilltalent @gilltalent @hayestalentagency #hayestalentagency @tiffanyhaddish #tiffanyhaddish @tonibrooks #tonibrooks @authorleosullivan #leosullivan #leowaters @januarydcurry #januarydcurry @ooogbrand #ooogbrand #earnednotgiven


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

Hey Everybody! This year, your girl will be attending @Myss_Shan 's Annual African American Book Expo! The #aabe is Coming to Cali August 18th in the City of Carson. Mix and Mingle with me, ask me questions about upcoming projects, purchase my current works and recieve signed copies with goodie bags! I look forward to seeing you all 🙌🏾💜💙💚 be sure to hashtag #aabecali


3 Days 1 Hour Ago

Have your wine glasses ready.. I'm about to take you for a roller coaster of a ride with this dramatic completed series. Part one 👉🏽 goo.gl/9d5TwC Part two 👉🏽 goo.gl/faSJss Tara is waiting for you.. 🍷🔪😈


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My first title. Completed series available on Amazon. #gooreads #leosullivan #urbanfiction #tynessapresents #romancebooks


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Welcome to the crew Leo 👑 #kingofthevalley #eaglevalley #dogsofinstagram #leosullivan


2018-06-14 09:52:57

I love getting new reviews from the first book 😂 yeaaaaah y'all slept on the kid huh?? ❤️💜 Lol yall wait for this new project on the way 🔥🔥🔥


2018-06-07 05:47:33

5⭐️star reads y'all .. #dtly is lit🔥


2018-06-03 07:19:52

When 'By Any Means Necessary' is the name of the game, Everyone refuses to lose. Four twisted souls are caught up in the war of love and are battling to make it out alive. This love triangle is like nothing you've ever seen before. Romance, Sex, Plots, schemes, twists, turns - accidents and dead bodies? How far are you willing to go for love? Find out in this five star ⭐️ completed series.. #dyingtoloveyou Available now Part one 👉🏽 goo.gl/9d5TwC Part two 👉🏽 goo.gl/faSJss


2018-05-25 18:38:18

Tara and the staircase. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Who else tripped out on this scene? Lol


2018-05-20 18:08:55

What are you waiting for? 😎


2018-05-15 05:59:19

If you haven't already folks, Don't forget to check out my completed series, #dyingtoloveyou. Available now🔥🔥🔥 Four twisted souls are caught up in the war of love, struggling to make it out alive. Kyren and Kiyera just want their happiness, but Tara and Terrell want their Exes back..😈 'By Any Means Necessary' is the name of the game. Plots, schemes, twists and turns? Somebody's gotta win before this madness takes them all down. Are you ready to die for your love? Part one 👉🏽 goo.gl/9d5TwC Part two 👉🏽 goo.gl/faSJss


2018-05-15 00:01:55

#pengamestrong go get it #free with #kindleunlimited .99 with #kindle if you're traditional get them from me for $10 with an autograph or #amazon for $15 #supportblackbusiness #supportblackauthors #helpmebuildabrand #rememberme the skinny nappy head girl that had a dream.. Book two and three #comingsoon #alluremepresents #meshamesh #deshondreamz #evelynlatrice #queenki #dominiquenikail #danilane #leosullivan #blackgirlswrite #dopegirlsread #notyourtypicalurbanfiction


2018-05-10 11:40:24

❤️❤️❤️ #comingsoon ❤️❤️❤️ "Never allow for any man to determine your destiny.” -Unknown Jacques is a hot-head, known for blazing heat on anyone who crossed him during his uninhibited excursions of life. May it be a jack move to fatten his pockets, some fool testing his gangsta, or the husband of the many wives that he subjected himself to on numerous occasions. After suffering a grave loss in the first installment, he had given up on life and all of the good things that the world has to offer. In the midst of a tempestuous moment, he meets Zyyah. An out-of-towner that knows nothing of him or his past and may be the one to put all of the negativity suffered, into positive perspective. By any means necessary, Jacques, also known as Kez, maintained his it’s my way or the highway lifestyle until he was forced to accept the fact that no one beats karma. Left with no reason to go on, fate intervenes bringing Zyyah’s innocence into his world which threatened to change him for the better. But, their budding emotional roller coaster relationship is only half of this sultry tale. Jap and Chyna are still firmly in the mix leaving everything and anyone they encounter reeling from their touch. Will everyone get what’s rightfully theirs or will the beautifully stacked house of cards come tumbling down around them. Find out on this unbridled ride in A Thug’s Story Not A Love Story 2. #dopechicsread #sheisme #intellectissexy #books #writers #urban #blackgirlswrite #allureme #authoressdashanta #leosullivan #meshamesh #deshondreamz