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Gettin my study on. Healthy trees bear good fruits. Let the hypocrites know. Watch how our garden grows. #weareone #godislove #letgraceabound. #beggingforgiveness #mycuprunnethover #valuabletools #proverbs16 #bookofproverbs❤️worth every moment


2019-03-15 03:30:44

🎶⚡️🦋❤️ inevitably evolutionary. Expansion. All we need is love. #createart use your heart. Find joy. Care for the earth, the beasts of the earth and each other. #godislove #letgraceabound #nikolatesla❤️


2019-02-08 16:57:41

In the foothills of the Sierra lay bones and old stories. Holy Spirit and souls crying peace. Singing glory to the highest, waiting to hear our prayer. The price of fuel out there is cheaper than in here and our guts keep wandering around. Oh holy holy🎶 #letgraceabound


2018-12-29 01:35:24

Naked as the winter #trees, and blue, like where the #sky meets the sea. I walk firm, knowing less is, and more. gaining. from #sweetsurrender . Truly, my cup runneth over. #godallmighty #letgraceabound

Marvello V

2018-11-28 07:11:14

Happy Wednesday folks! #letgraceabound


2018-11-27 09:57:38

#lifedeathlife ~ into the great mystery we grow. #livelove #doyourbest #letgraceabound


2018-10-29 22:09:02

#nashville in #ccnv #color #ride .... keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it, are the issues of life...🦋#proverbs 4;23 #letgraceabound


2018-10-13 00:20:01

You fingernail moon . #letgraceabound

So how do we tactically set ourselves up for joy? It starts with grace, continues with a plan, and ends with grace.- Emily Ley @emilyley #gracenotperfection #letgraceabound #grace #lifequotes #momlife #smallbusinessowner

Behind the ‘gram. I am bringing to you this unedited pic of real life to show you what it really looks like behind the camera. Oh sure I have days of frolicking in the garden and flying to parts unknown but most days this is what life looks like. And I wanted to risk my coiffed Instagram feed to dispel any notions that Life is always excitement and swooning kisses from my husband. So many of the posts I see make me think that others have the perfect, carefree life. And I suppose, I am guilty of this too. But behind the ‘gram is just everyday life, full of laundry, like this picture. This mess is not just from today. That laundry basket has been sitting for three days. The pile of sheets a few days longer. The Zappos box off camera, has been waiting to be returned for a couple of months. The sweats, waiting a bit longer, need to go into the bag for the homeless shelter. Which is in the garage. But I just haven’t had the mind to drop it in there. Yet. But the day is not over. (Gregg can only hope this is the day!)This picture screams of procrastination. I wanted to tell especially the new mommies and parents of Littles out there, that Real life is messy and full of things that should’ve been done yesterday. But nobody died (even though my husband did have to wear holey underwear for a few days!). I think if we all showed a little bit of real life on SM we would give our own life a little more grace. Nobody has it totally figured out. Nobody does it perfectly. And that is perfectly OK. And it is OK to let it leak out that life sometimes is a struggle and not picture-perfect. Love you precious Mommies! You’re doing just fine! #letgraceabound #behindthegram

I See You 😜 #weekendvibe #positivevibes #iseeu 🌍 #ladypproduction #enchantment 🎼 #heartinspirations #harmoniesoflife 🔰 ShiNing StArs repeat after me: "I See You"..... Now see additional postings for: #eyeofapoet 🖋 Posted 📝 Poetry by 💝 LadyP #letgraceabound 💫 www.pennypublishings.com #spirit ☄☄☄☄☄

LiOns🦁TiGers🐯 BeArs🐻 Oh My!! #oz #perspective #perception 🌍 When you appear surrounded..PuSh BAck 💝 LadyP #shiningstars #stayfocused #keepmoving 💯 See additional postings for: #eyeofapoet 🔍 Posted 📝 Poetry by LadyP #dreamcatcher 😘 www.pennypublishings.com #letgraceabound 💫

You are imperfect, but JESUS loves you perfectly! <3 #letgraceabound #youareworthy #thankful🙏 #grateful🙌 #soblessed😇

Monday Motivation 🙏🏼 Truth: Raising kids is hard work and most days I feel like I’ve completely failed 😩 Always falling short, never completing the day 💯 satisfied with my words, decisions, actions, etc... Everyday I’m greeted with another opportunity to improve and pour into them (THAT IS EXCITING 😃) 😊 Purposing to invest in the lives of my treasures because even at my worst- God will use those moments for His glory regardless of how miserably I’ve failed 🙌🏼 That is where my hope stands. Motherhood is the most amazing ministry and my motivation for this week is to not let the enemy destroy what God intends to use for good 🙏🏼🤗 #letgraceabound #lead #children #godsgifts #dailybread #ministry #motherhood #mylegacy #perfectlyimperfect #mondaymotivation #hope #raisinggodlychildren #invest #ourfuture #grace #strongchildren #beencouraged #momssupportingmoms #liftingeachotherup #steadfast #faithful #love #joy #peace #patience #kindness #goodness #gentleness #selfcontrol #fruitofthespirit

#letgraceabound #eyeofapoet 🖋 A solemn thought of FIRES..drenched within a dream past..as sand flows through an hourglass..of minutes, micro-seconds of time; Pauses and rewinds of footsteps; A hologram crept..as I rearranged my distant sighs..to greet its LIGHT; Hot and pure, entwined my spirit within this room..amongst CLOWNS of doom; Transfigured faces, laughs and lies; A silent whisper awakened, through rosy colored eyes; Yet amongst all of the folly, a hoovering pain still ached within my bones; A simmering reign of defeat! Headaches..hollowing..repetitive SPEECH. Rocking and taunting; Contemplating REMARKS engraved within this tunnel DARK; Ragging and COLD..a silent lonely grandfathered SOUND..yet puzzling..SHATTERED "LeT GrAce AboUnd"...... XoXo 💝LadyP #ladypproduction #itisso 🌋 #keepmoving #heartinspirations #harmoniesoflife 🔰 www.pennypublishings.com #dreamcatcher 😘

I am... NOT a mistake. NOT a failure. I am a work in progress. I am somebody!!! | I came to the realization that it is sooo easy to lose ourselves these days because we try to find and/or place our identity, joy, peace, value, worth in people & material things. BIG mistake. | Our identity comes from God & ONLY through HIM we will truly find our purpose in life. | Not man. Not things. | Focus on God. Seek Him. He is waiting for you — the time is NOW! You are PRECIOUS to Him. You are HIS. | Don’t waste your time chasing after men & things — it’s all in vain! | To God you are somebody & He created YOU for a purpose & He wants to use you — wherever you are He can use you. Just be a WILLING participant. Work with Him as He works in, through & for YOU! | I am Somebody. You are somebody. | Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 💜✨| #iamsomebody. “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ | “Since you were precious in My sight, You have been honored, And I have loved you; Therefore I will give men for you, And people for your life.” Isaiah‬ ‭43:4‬. | “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭| “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” James‬ ‭4:7-8‬ ‭‭| #aworkinprogress #godsnotdone #hismasterpiece #preciousinhissight #hewillfinishwhathestarted #drawneartogod #letgraceabound #letthetruthsetyoufree #findyouridentityinchrist #toomanyhashtags #beblessed #timeisrunningout #turnbacktogod 😘

Romans 3: @womenlivingwell Today in my reading, verses 23-24 stood out to me. Poll any church service and I bet 99% of all members know verse 23. It’s one of the first verses I think we all learn but what about verse 24? How many of us go further and truly grasp the meaning. Not only the meaning but how does it apply to us? “Being justified as a gift by His grace through redemption which is in Christ Jesus.” Simple enough. A few minutes of word study and it simply means that we are treated as righteous (right living with Him) not by our own merit but by the free gift of His (Christ Jesus) grace. Our ransom was paid by Jesus (through the cross). We were once prisoners to our sin, in bondage, but Jesus paid our ransom and we are now free. Simple! But?!?! Here’s where He convicted me this morning. Do I gift freely grace and redemption? If I am a follower/believer of Christ, do I do the same? Where am I falling short? I’m 44. I have lived a mostly Pollyanna life. I’ve never really struggled like I know many have. I was raised in a Christian home, I had access to a good education and lots of opportunities. But I have had hurts! I do have hurts. Hurts that keep me in bondage daily. Regrets, abandonment, loss..these are all very real. Where do I fall short was the question that came to mind. I am not freely giving grace and redemption to those who have hurt me nor am I giving it to others for fear of being hurt. My prayer today is that I begin that change. That I begin to write off my own bitterness and fears and begin living in freedom. That grace will abound in me as Christ does. #goodmorninggirls #womenlivingwell #onlinebiblestudy #romans #letgraceabound #grace #iamredeemed #romans3

Won't ask for more! #letgraceabound

Pray up for Puerto Rico for all the families losing loved ones and their homes may the most high give them strength to endure these tribulations. #prayforpuertorico #sendlove #letgraceabound

Celebrating Rome today 🎈🎁🎉 He was created with a huge personality and even bigger heart. He is fearless and doesn't take no for an answer 😅 Children are a blessing and Roman helps make each day brighter in the Rosas home 😊 #amotherslove #bestvalentinesgift #letgraceabound #4goingon14


2017-01-06 05:11:37

E Q U I T Y / O V E R / E Q U A L I T Y / . It's not about fair, it's about what's right. Everyone's need and capacity is different, The one shoe won't fit us all. . #truesocialjustice #equalityenslaves #equityrespectsindividuals #fightforright #fairisdiscriminatory #letgraceabound

Patrice Davis

2017-01-01 01:18:49

Let love overtake this Year. #godsloveisthegreatest #letlovewin #letgraceabound ❤️

Miah Abalos

2016-11-04 07:13:33

Let your path be straightened and ordered by Him who is the Way. Let your directions be clear and factual coming only from Him who is the Truth. Let your existence be filled with purpose and meaning breathed by Him who is the Life. What a wonderful Name is His. Yeshua. #letgraceabound

When you're in an airport, it's the best time to test your extension of grace! Let's try and be grace-FULL towards people in all situations. Also allowing ourselves to accept the grace God gives to us in our rough patches as well 💗 #speaklife #letgraceabound #scripture #letterthebible #buildup #calligraphy #florals #lettering #tombow #tombowusa #dualbrushpen #brushlettering #handlettering #letteringpractice #moderncalligraphy #workhard #dowhatyoulove #fernandflower #fernandflowermarketplace #keepmovingforward #inspirebeauty #create #creative

As a mother, I cannot imagine having to tell my children that their father is not coming home because he was killed outside of a convenience store. I can't imagine having to watch my husband be shot while our children watch from the backseat of the car. My heart breaks for the loved ones of #altonsterling and #philandocastile and grieves with them. May the Lord comfort them in this tragic time. Today I'm holding my babies extra close and crying out to God for peace and social justice in our country❤️ #blacklivesmatter #letgraceabound

This photo crushes me. Why am I not seeing more white people posting about this situation? It makes me angry. I'm just going to keep posting things until I see more involvement by my white friends. #blacklivesmatter @ohmamaco with @repostapp ・・・ Hold them tight 📸 @livebeautifulmama #blacklivesmatter #letgraceabound

A gentle reminder as we deal with loved ones, our children, our life's work. It is my belief that when we approach hard & difficult tasks with love 💝 Grace appears and no matter the outcome -> all will be well. #doallthingswithlove #letgraceabound #hardworkpaysoff

🎤when I look into the face of my "enemy," I see my brother. @thebrilliancemusic recently reminded of how all of humanity is in this thing together; we all are in need and we all wish we brought more to the table. #letgraceabound

So Many Conflicts don't just happen with your words but with your tone. Let God lead you as you converse with others and even witness to the lost. We all Need Grace. #letgraceabound #colossians #youmaybetheonlyjesustheyeversee

Sometimes life makes us forget that despite what where going through He still loves us. #thankyoulorddespitewhattheysayaboutmeyoustillcallmeyourdaughter #letgraceabound #hismerciesisneweverymorning Still serving the Most High God 👣👣 follow HIM

Hannah Hirsch

2016-01-29 19:30:58

{Romans 5:20} #letgraceabound

Gary C

2015-08-22 17:45:50

Somebody saved up for another Doll. The doll of the year, her name is also Grace. #letgraceabound

Could use some prayer right now! #letgraceabound

No makeup no filter selfie. Yes I have acne, yes my skin is oily, I got a little bit of wrinkles too but I am beautiful. I love my skin and I love all my imperfections. Nobody wakes up flawless so don't let Beyonce fool you. We are all flawed but thanks for the grace of God we are transformed into new creations #letthechurchsayamen #nomakeup #nofilter #lovingallofme #flawless #imperfectionsaregoodthings #ifwewereallflawlesslifewouldbeboring #selfie #sundayselfie #lifeisgood #godisamazing #mysaviorlives #theislandgirl #theislandgirlblogs #selflove #letgraceabound #newcreation #happysunday #beenhadoilyskin #beenhadacne #wouldnottradeitfornothing #wrinklesarenew #lol #beenhadbagsundermyeyestoo ☺️💕

This is me getting pulled over by the po po... #letgraceabound

What a styled shoot in the desert actually looks like! Sun cooking you up; sand "gently" exfoliating every part of your body including your eyes; solitude while you hold all you precious set up; intense work out to bring up the high dunes of sand all the furniture and supplies... But besides it all you learn patience and endurance, you realize it is only by the grace of God that this photo shoot can happen... So you rest on His arms in the midst of chaos! #stylistlife #letgraceabound #weneedjesus


2014-04-02 14:46:26

I'm going to be a bit personal with all of you here. The last week and a half have been quite trying for me. I've felt a disconnect, and some sort of numb sensation.. I was subject to my worries and stresses. I didn't just allow myself to become subject to those things, I fought for victory in them- but felt I was coming up short. Today, I actively pursued surrender, and I feel my burdens being lifted. There is such beauty to be found in simplicity, in surrender. I'm seeing His goodness all around me today. "Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the lord forever." (Psalms 23:6 NLT) look for beauty in your struggles. Praying for victory for all those caught in the midst of trials today. Love you guys! #letgraceabound #ilovehisunfailinglove #hisbeauty #thankyajesus #nofilter #glorious


2013-12-03 14:58:59

Sometimes we need a reminder- #youreworthmorethangold#dontbeashamed Don't sit in regret, stand in ur #victory! We will not be defined by what has been but by who we are now becoming! don't just wait for a better tomorrow- #letgraceabound & #freedom awaken today! We can not live in #love if we currently hate ourselves for who we once were...we need to actively 'forget' what is behind us #phil3

This theory holds a lot of truth (not absolute) so long as your values, motives and morals were not flawed from the genesis. #dotherightthing #stayfaithful #stayfocused #staycommitted #complacencykilledthecourtship. Not gonna preach tonight, cause I'm sleepy, but some people needed to see this, I'm certain. #letlovelive #letgraceabound much love.