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A L E T T E R T O M Y D A U G H T E R O N H E R F I R S T B I R T H D A Y . . H A P P Y F I R S T B I R T H D A Y B A B Y G I R L . . A big round of applause to both of us for doing this. We did it. We survived your first year and I feel like we both did a pretty good job. Thank you for being so patient with me on this journey while I figured this whole motherhood thing out. . . This journey has been both amazing and adventurous. There were times when you cried and I cried with you. But then other times you smiled and I still cried because I hadn’t seen such a pretty smile before! . . Every day I taught you something and you taught me even more. When you weren’t gaining enough, I learnt everything I could about boosting my milk supply, pumping and storing milk. I was about to give up on breastfeeding when you surprised me with how well you gained. You taught me Faith. When it was time for you to start solids and I wanted to go with Baby Led Weaning, I read up on it as much as I could , still when you took that first bite, I was scared. You surprised me with how well and quickly you got a hold of it. You taught me to be fearless and hope for the best. Sometimes you would cry no matter what I did, I just couldn’t console you, it was those days that you taught me patience! . . Above all You taught me selfless love. I never knew I could love somebody this much. You have no idea of how much joy you have brought into my life. You taught me to enjoy life more. I see the world as a whole new world now. It’s not about just me anymore. It’s about you - about US. I see you looking at ME no matter what I’m doing and it constantly reminds me to be more kind, more patient, more loving! . . Thank you for teaching me all you did. Thank you for bringing out the best in me! Thank you for choosing me to be Your Mama! . . Love you to the moon and back xoxo . . . . . PC: @_sandyphoto_ #mybabysfirstbirthday #firstbirthdaysarethebest #letterstomydaughter #mamasworld #lettertomydaughteronher1stbirthday🎂 #greatcaptureschildren #documentyourdays #mylahturnsone #pleasestaysmallalittlelonger #b1withbabies #b1withmoms #b1withgirls #acolorstory #honestmotherhood

Loved making these sweet little tags and imagining what the person who purchased them will use them for! 🏷 #gifttags #hangtags #giftideas #letterstomydaughter #letterstomyson #handlettering #modernscript #moderncalligraphy #etsy #estyshop #etsyseller #etsysellersofinstagram

My Love ❤️😘 Today is the day when I decided to create a page for you...just for you and will tell you about it later. Thank you! Your mamma.❤️😘 . . . . . . #mamma #mydaughter #momanddaughter #mom #momlife #letters_toher143 #letterstoher #momblogger #lifeforher #mylove #mylife #motherhoodunplugged #motherhood #17january2019 #blessedmom #motherdaughter #letterstomydaughter #motherlove

Sometimes I catch baby girl humming or singing words? to herself while playing with her toys. Sometimes she even messes around with me by singing then saying, “mommy turn!” to get me started, so we end up singing to each other ❤️ • Keep singing, sweetness. Have your voice join the symphony of the world .


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

My fear is || . . Will I truly be able to teach you self embrace with the absence of social reference on it's distorted and bound meaning of life • Will it be solid enough for you to believe my teachings to be true without an inch of a doubt, even in my absence • Would you know your true essence, and that you are more than enough even when the world seeks to dim the light in you • Would you be yourself unwaveringly, and live your truth unapologetically without seeking validation but to find it in yourself • Would you always remember to leave enough for yourself beloved • #amotherslove #motherhood #youngmother #letterstomydaughter


2 Days 19 Hours Ago

"Just because I cannot speak, does not mean I don't have anything to say." It was the 16th of August 2017, you were turning four in a couple of weeks. We had left you at the Audiologist's. You were undergoing hearing tests under sedation after the speech therapy was not improving, after almost 2 years of attending your sessions. I knew what news we would get, I had noticed a lot of the things that would suggest you did not hear when we spoke to you. A lot of people around us always used to say "Yakha's a stubborn child, she never responds when you call her. She might grow up to naughty." Deep down I think I knew this was not the case, but maybe we were also hoping that one day you would say a word, just one word. We might have left the hearing tests for a bit long because we were still recovering from the noise and chaos cerebral palsy came with in our lives. Maybe we were convincing ourselves that it could not happen to us, not after the way our lives had changed after that cerebral palsy diagnosis. The Audiologist confirmed what we knew. But our hearts were not ready for that. We were not ready for that. It was not part of our plan. How could such a little baby go through so much? Why my little baby? How were you going to handle this why you? Why not me, rather. My heart was in shambles but I could not cry because I ws so numb. Today, our home language is Sign Language. We have a deaf mentor that comes to help us with our signing twice a month. We have material and books. We have support from our famiky and friends. We have God in our hearts. Your father and I are doing NQF acdredited courses to learn the language. Your brother signs to us to communicate. Our family and friends know the basic langiage so when we are around them, they are able to communicate to you and us. You have changed our world by being yourself. And I know you know what my voice sounds like, you know what your father's voice sounds like, you know what Yazini's voice sounds like because we are connected in spirit and not just in the flesh. Our breakthrough is still coming. God promised. We will wait in faith. #letterstomydaughter #signlanguage #specialchild #yakhathewarrior

*Letter to my daughter* In the future I hope that you and I will be as close as we are now. . . That you find strength in your faith, love God and share that love with others. . . That you find joy in the smallest of things, yet constantly dream big. . . In the future I hope that you always know how much I love you. ❤ #letterstomydaughter #babyro #baby #mydaughter #motherhood #dreambiglittleone #iloveyou #ig_motherhood #blogger #bloggerlifestyle #momlife #momblog #transparencyinparenthood #honestmotherhood #picoftheday #love #beautifullife #stayyoung #simplelife #dailypic #instagood #parenthood #ipreview via

Communication is key. Some parents think it’s disrespectful for their children to speak this honestly and openly... I don’t. I think it’s necessary. This kind of open communication is all I’ve ever wanted in my own life and relationships. I know the power it holds. After I lost my patience and told everyone to go to their rooms I received this letter from Madison “ You know if you’re mean to us we’ll be mean to others.” My response 🔥🔥🔥💙✨ ✨Me demanding respect in a home I maintain and a family I created is not being mean. It’s self-preservation. If I am not respected HERE, where will I be? Without me you don’t exist, you better recognize that truth...and revere me as the Goddess that I AM. I was not created for you- to clean up after you. I’m here to save the world by loving myself first. ✨🌈 Ps. HER WEBSITE THO 🤣☺️😑✨ #stahppp 🐝✨👑 💙 #letterstomydaughter #communicate #truth #parenting #lovehard #conversationswithkids #demand #respect

A beautiful book to write letter to your babies as they grow up ❤️ #letterstomydaughter #letterstomyson #treasuredmoments #treasuredmemories

Elle Lindquist

4 Days 23 Hours Ago

I want her to know she can be whoever she wants to be. I want her to know she's beautiful no matter what size or shape she is. I want her to be fierce yet empathetic. I want her to know we prayed for 2 years for her. I want her to know both her brothers prayed every night for a sister. I want her to know Bumpa cried when he heard she was a girl. I want her to know her daddy and I will always love and support her unconditionally and without judgement. I want her to know she'll never please everyone, to find out who she is, and do it on purpose. I want her to know she has the freedom and support to fully develop into the authentic self that she's deisgned to become. I want her to know she has a whole community of love and support who are excited to watch to see who she becomes 💕 . . . . . . #babygirl #20weekspregnant #letterstomydaughter #iuisuccess #thirdpregnancy #thirdbaby #healthymom #littlelindquist #mybump #lovemybump #thebump #healthypregnancy #vegetarianpregnancy #fitpregnancy #pregnant #pregnancy #infertility

MiR’z Musings

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Dear Mahu This week was a long one 🕰 , back to work after spending so long with you was hard.😑 As you grow daughter you will realize how important but underrated me time is. Something that hit me hard this week was a thought about makeup, while growing up you will most likely see me rarely wearing any but having a good stash(I hope to stop this habit). By observing the people around me, i realized that I am absolutely and completely comfortable wearing no make up whatsoever, and when I do wear some it’s not to cover any insecurities , rather it’s like a mask I put on , somehow I transform into this other person ( story for another day😜)also side note ♥️that red 💄 no I’m not perfect, yes I know I look “prettier” with some coverup but sweetheart remember this Incase I forget to remind you often, you are beautiful, absolutely stunning, and all that matters is that you believe this, this has nothing to do with your physical appearance and everything to do with the strong, respectful and loving woman I know you will become (inshallah) , bacha always remember , you don’t need the crutches of makeup to shine bright, just your smile lights up my 🌎, and that dearest is more than I could ever hope for Sweet dreams #desiblogger #lifestyleblogger #blogger #letterstomydaughter #mac #bobbibrown #louboutin #jomalonelondon #ciate #tartecosmetics #foundation #perfume #louboutinmakeup #eyeshadow #mother #motherdaughter#dubailife #dubaiblogger #ajman #uae #makeup


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To my friend "Since life is our most precious gift  And since it is given to us to live but once,  Let us so live that we will not regret" - - Maya Angelou 'Letters to My Daughter' #goodreads #goodbooks #instabook #reading #mayaangelou #letterstomydaughter #bibliophile #bibliophiles #bookstagram #readingwomen #womenwriters #writtenbywomen #bywomen


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Curious, headstrong, independent, outgoing, sassy, animated. These are the words I would use to describe your beautiful spirit, my love. I am so grateful to be your momma, and watch you grow into the beautiful little lady you are today. . . Don’t let anyone dim that light inside of you. Easier said than done, but I’ll do my best to create the space for you to learn about, express and LOVE yourself wholeheartedly. . . Love, momma . . #momsofinstagram #igmoms #momblogger #phoenixmoms #momblog #bossmom #bossmomlife #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #momswhoblog #podcast #podcastingmom #momswhopodcast #phxmoms #phoenixmomsgroup #workingmomma #letherbelittle #letterstomydaughter #bossbabe #momstyle #bloggingmom #azmoms


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I cry a lot, and am actually proud of it. #cleansing. Whether it’s commercials, movies, books, articles...anything with remotely any sentimental human element to it, happy or sad, guaranteed water works from me. This has been interesting for me to explain to baby girl, and we are still working on it . • When she sees me crying, she immediately comes to me, cups my face with both her hands, looks at me straight in my eyes with her beautiful soul-searching eyes and asks, “mommy sad?” The gentleness of her touch and the earnestness of her question makes me melt . • Her touch brings down my heart rate. Her laugh pumps me with endorphins. Her gaze brings me clarity. Her voice gives me purpose. She makes me stronger 💪🏽 • Would love to know what heals you

Dear Ibukunmi, Many say I am a strong woman! It's not like when I was leaving heaven, I went to Baba God with a shopping chart with a list of 'must have' in my personality. I didn't say "oh Lord, I need a pretty face, add a bit of bow leg and oh put money shack kind of stomach, give me a kind heart, and throw in there strength for the road"..... I had no CHOICE than to be strong! Like what else am I supposed to be? I realized as a child (between 13-18) that I am the surest person to have my own back. My background taught me how to be me, I was forced to know me, love me and accept myself. So when life throws me a curveball, my dear I just go ahead and OWN it! I once told your dad that EVERY situation in my life will make me PROFIT and I wasn't kidding, I will milk the good, bad and very much ugly to my advantage. I decided to decide and I made a decision earlier in life that I was going to LIVE and not bearly exist! I mean ANY idea drop in my pretty head, I'm going for it without even putting brakes o. I dated a guy in uni, who brought another girl to school for Val's to make me jealous 🙄, ah brother did not know I don't have time, I just broke up straight and continued life like nothing happened. He too came and said "you are strong Tolu"... but how I for do? Cry? Oh yes I cried, but I see in my tears Mann! I am strong physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and I'm building up my strength financially. So why this letter mama? I'm just letting you know you have a ROCK behind you or is it in front of you? Then we now even have a higher ROCK of ages. We will both catch you until you've built your own strength so you will be thrice fortified. Good morning omo mi, Oluwasoromidayo ni pesi Your Rock, Tolu #strongwoman #letterstomydaughter #goodmorningnote #myblessing #mylive #mylove #mychild

Hina Bashir

3 Days 10 Hours Ago

Dear Mirha, Your second and third month passed in the blink of an eye,and when I say that trust me I feel it that way.In this month I just wanted to stare at you all day so that I could savour your petiteness. With every new sunrise,you turned into a little adorable girl who mesmerised everyone with her sparkling eyes.Whether you resemble your daddy or I continued(it will continue for long,I guess) to be a debate in the family.However your daddy and I second that you are a carbon copy of him.Mihu,yes that's right.By now we started calling you by different nick names,though we liked this name the most.Occasionally I call you 'M' too. You are an easy going baby,but sometimes when you get your mummy upset with your fussiness your both grandmas say "Ab itna bhi nah tang keray woh".🙈 Listening to all your coos has been our favourite activity this month.In this second month,you have enjoyed couple of outings with mummy and daddy.In case you are not comfortable daddy puts you on his chest.Mihu,in this month I have had pretty much maintained your wardrobe.I just love dressing you up and seeing your clothes not fitting you anymore makes me sad,for my bubba is growing up so fast.MashaAllah. You have been such a nice baby in your hospital visits.During your vaccination,your mommy cried more than you did.I think.Mihu,you and I developed a routine. Our days were filled with naps,feedings,listening to music and cuddles.I love that no matter what anyone did to soothe you,but in the end you just needed your mummy to hold you in her arms.Around daddy,you did not have to worry about where mummy is because you were so busy listening to him.The three of us,we make a happy family.Your dad and I had fun talking about the type of girl you will be when you grow up.Now we are looking forward to having so many adventures with you my Mihu;we discuss where to take you and what values to teach you. Your presence in our life makes everything beautiful,my little doll.❤ Love, Mihu's Mummy #motherhood #motherdaughter #letters #formydaughter #blog #letterstomydaughter


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“You are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough and strong enough and never forget it my darling girl” ~Wearing our new matching swimsuits from @salissociety • So I have decided that these are words that I will not only tell my daughter but also affirmations that I need to remind myself of! Once upon a time I would have literally worn jeans to the beach if I could, I HATED my legs... what an absolutely ridiculous thought, the very things that carry me through this life and I would try and cover them up at every opportunity because I was embarrassed that they were “pole legs “ 🤦‍♀️ (This was before my weight training days and I’ll be honest, they were like very flabby and unshapely) But when I think back to that I actually feel like the most self-absorbed person in the world, seriously some people don’t even have limbs and here I was crying over my Kankles 😭😂! That’s one thing as you get older, you learn to let go of stupid insecurities! I never want Nakoda to see me overcome by self-doubt in any area of my life, I never want her to hear me say the words “I’m stupid” or “I’m not good enough” and I never want her to ever see my insecurities rule my life, because she deserves better than that kind of influence in her life. I want her to believe that she is worthy and capable of doing anything her heart desires in this world and that we are all perfectly imperfect! #whorunthewordgirls BTW to shop our matching swimsuits and for 15% off storewide use code: MYGIFT . . . . . #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motheranddaughter #bodyconfidence

To my first baby, . Watching you grow has been my greatest experience. . You made me feel an explosion of love I had never felt before. A love I never new existed despite how often other parents tried to explain it to me before I met you. . Every time I think I’ve reached the peak of this love, that I cannot possibly love you more than I do in that moment, you show me that there is truly no end in sight. . For all the “firsts” you given me and for ALL the ones you’ll forever give me, Thank you 💕 . My sweet, brave, vibrant, energetic, loving, delicious Meiah, you’ll never understand the love I my heart holds for you until you hold your own (one day 😌) . . . . . . . . . . #myfirstbaby #amotherslove #momentofmine #lovebeingamom #lovemydaughter #blessedmama #proudmama #isntshelovely #bigsister #letterstomydaughter #thatsmiletho #momsofgirls #deepestlove #lovemygirls #momof2girls #firsttimemom #mommyhood #parents #myheart #toddlermom #endlesslove

My scrapbooks are now BACK IN STOCK and are currently on offer at £10 . . 💜personalised with any text/ names 💜contains 60 blank pages ready for you to fill with memories/letters/pictures for your children to enjoy when they are grown up . . . #scrapbook #scrapbooking #letterstomydaughter #letterstomyson #memories #sentimental #specialgifts #specialkeepsake #unique #bespoke #notsoldinstores #giftideas #independentbusiness #shopsmall #buthandmade #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsyfinds #etsylove #beautifollieellagant

The Teheis

10 Days 4 Hours Ago

“A son is a son untill he finds a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for life” my love for you Lei Lei is more than you could ever imagine , mayb you always find joy in my arms. #familyvloggers #vloggers #mixedbabies #theteheis #trilingual #letterstomydaughter #daddysgirl #fatherslove #snowboarding #lds #snow #australia #fun #familyfun #kidsonboards #joy #love #daughter #blog #openheart

Bella Judith

10 Days 19 Hours Ago

Never dull your shine for anyone. ❤️

Maegan Odicino

11 Days 12 Hours Ago

I hope I never take you for granted, little girl. You’re healing parts of me I didn’t know needed it. Your tender coos and snuggles are a balm to my soul. Lord, let me be what you want for her, and cover my mistakes with your grace and mercy. #motherhood #letterstomydaughter #agratefulheartisathankfulheart #margauxwithanx


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A collection of essays from the incomparable Dr. Maya Angelou's amazing life. Aptly titled, Dr. Angelou shares anecdotal advice that is so timely and relevant that I felt like this was a personal letter to me. Quote from the book : "Make every effort to change things you do not like. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new solution" ° ° # readinglist #bookclub #letterstomydaughter #bookworrm #mayaangelou #airportreading #travelphotos #offthebeatentrail #globetrotter #sightseeing #travelbug #stampgetter #dreamer #travelnoir #workingholiday #workingholidayvisa #wanderlust #newzealand #kiwi #pellathepilgrim #travel #2019 #livingmybestlife #whywait #btm #passport #blackgirlstraveltoo #blacktravelmovement #freeyourmind

Still doing loads of these personalised letters to my son/daughter books #son #daughter #letterstomydaughter

Birdie Barn

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Oh hey there pretty thing 😍💖 Introducing our new hardback personalised books... 📖 This beauty is a personalised birthday letters book to give to your son or daughter on their 18th or 21st birthday. A perfect keepsake they can cherish their whole lives ♥️ They also make a great gift for new parents 🥰 Look out for our guest books & valentine’s books coming soon... Available to shop on the website now. • • #letterstomydaughter #personalisedbook #newparent #newborn #childrensgift #momento #keepsake #rosegold #goldfoil #foileffect #babyshower #homedecor #homeinspo #giftideas #friday #weekend #personalisedgifts

Dear 5 month Hazel Grace, . Aaaand... you’re mobile. You can roll, back to belly, belly to back. You maneuver your way in circles and your backing up skills are impressive. You’ve even found the strength to get up on your knees and rock back and forth. . You now know you have feet. It’s the sweetest sight watching you hold onto them, those chubby legs kicking in the air, and hearing your happy noises. . You’ve decided naps are for infants and nights are warmer in bed with mama and papa. . This month your biggest success has been finding a song that helps you rest at night and not scream during car rides. It’s a song written by @israyvalemusica . The words say this: . ✨He goes before you, he will not leave you nor abandon you Take courage Remember His words Let the truth not depart from your heart, seek His will Do not fear, he is with you unto the end Be strong and courageous, do not fear or dismay God is with you wherever you go . He will be your light in the night, and your shelter in the storm Don’t lose faith Do not be afraid, he is with you unto the end Be strong and courageous, do not fear or dismay God is with you wherever you go✨ . I love how these words bring you peace. I love how these words bring me peace not only on rough car rides but in a month full of fears for me. They speak directly to my heart, they speak directly to my fears and the God who can silence the lies is with us, wherever we go. . Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and for picking this song to silence your fears and rest. May you always find refuge in your Abba Father. . ❤️ yo mama. . #dear_hazelgrace

The Savi Life

13 Days 13 Hours Ago

Letters to my daughter... . You’ll never know just how much I love you ❤️ . I already see the changes in you from the tiny, adorable peanut you were to the vocal, active and giggly lil cutie you are today. . I know there’s more to come... and I’ll be right here loving you through every minute of it! . . . #momblogger #mominfluencer #newmom #newmommy #newmommylife #thesavilife #moments #becomingamom #betterme #newmom #bossbabe #momblog #momlife #mom #mompreneur #momboss #mommylife #momtribe #motherhood #momsbelike #moms #familylife #letterstomydaughter #lovehertobits #canadianmoms #kingcitymoms #torontomommies #blackandwhite #longhair #bowsforlife

Mrs. Pena

13 Days 17 Hours Ago

Don’t mess with Texas women 💪💪 + I’m getting ready to go see “On the Basis of Sex” and am getting all girl power sentimental. + That paired with the new year and Bean becoming super aware and actually remembering things I’ve come up with my New Years resolution. + For 2019 I’ve decided to start viewing myself the way I want Bean to see herself. I want to embody all the things I hope for her to have. I want to not only speak into her but show her how to love herself. As a Mama of a daughter Bean will look to me to see how the world should treat her and how to act in the world. I want her to be strong and compassionate. To be gentle but powerful. To know her worth but also know the worth of others. I want her to keep being opinionated and vocal and stubborn but to research her views and be able to admit when she was wrong. But most of all I want her to love herself fully. To radiate confidence knowing she was created for something big. I want her to have mercy and grace towards others but also to herself. Having mercy and grace on yourself can be so hard. In my life I’ve found it’s much easier to be kind and merciful to others then it is to be so to myself. That’s what I’m working on, showing her it’s ok not to get the to-do list down it’s ok to mess up. To love herself by showing her I love myself. + I do want all these things for Booger too but his post will be later. This ones a girl power post 😆 + Also snag this AMZING sweatshirt at @shop.luella + + + + #letterstomydaughter #momanddaughter #strongwomen #texasgirls #texasstrong #texas #raisethemconfident #raisethemkind #raiseherstrong #confident #loveyourself #gentleandpowerful #love #momlife #motherhood #mama #bewhoyouwantthemtobe #newyearsresolution #2019 #girlpower

Been a while since I've written in this but making some time tonight 😊 #letterstomydaughter #18thbirthdaygift #babygirl #septemberbaby2017 #sentimental

Baby girl is a rambunctious 2 year old who loves getting into stuff. It’s really entertaining to watch most of the time (the other times I’m going crazy trying to stop her from hurting herself, me, everything!) . • She inspires me to try new things. I’m so grateful to be able to witness her fresh eyes on this old world . • Will you take a page from her book and try to explore your old world with fresh eyes? Say YES!

[treasured] i wasn’t sure if i wanted to share this, which i created for them. after every getaway, i create a little video for them to look back on + relive their childhood memories. i then send these to their personal email addresses, along with a few words about the experience. these email addresses we’ll keep from them until they turn sixteen iA. as a gift, they’ll receive bits of their past, captured in a creative way. these are the best of times. in between, like any other family, we have our share of bumps to step over. raising three kids, is a challenge + a blessing. i seek grace through patience every single day, so that they may learn to do better as they grow together, rather than to pick up on unhealthy behaviors. motherhood is a journey, a beautiful one if we learn to grow with them. ♥️ happy thursday y’all. * * favorite song currently: crazy by lost frequencies 🕊

When she’s far away and feeling lonely, or scared, worried, or having a bad day...there’s a note for that. 😊 Until you can be physically there for her (and in between the Skype calls), this will do. ❤️ . . #ephemera #handwrittenletters #letterstomydaughter #openwhen #openwhenletters #snailmail #journaling #scrapbooking #scrapbook #junkjournal #travelersnotebook #diytickets #vintagetickets #vintagepaper

Ever wished you could slip yourself in an envelope and mail it to your love one thousands of miles away? This isn’t quite it, but it’s close. 😊❤️ . . #scrapbook #stationerylove #scrapbooking #letterwriting #snailmail #loveletters #openwhenletters #openwhen #letterstomydaughter #handwrittenletters #ephemera

Nazreen Fazal

13 Days 2 Hours Ago

Dear Baby Z, You are 7 months old today. You are now a full fledged baby, congratulations! Two weeks back your grandparents came and on that day it's as though a switch went on and now we have a squealing, blabbering, super responsive baby at hand. You were immediately enamoured by your grandparents and are completely at ease with them. Maybe the video calls every day were effective! This month you learned to sit unassisted. We got you a highchair which you love sitting in. You love joining us at mealtime and playing with your food. So far you have had banana, carrots, potatoes, cucumber,rice, and lentil soup. You devoured the lentil soup like we hadn't fed you in days. It's pretty clear you enjoy food as much as your mamma. This month you went on your second long road trip. It was your first visit to Makkah and Madina. I was very apprehensive before taking you because I didn't know how you would react to such a big crowd. But you were an absolute delight. You loved seeing all the people around you. You smiled at strangers, drew children towards you with your signature happy head nod dance, and enjoyed trying the food we were eating (I maybe guilty of giving you a french fry or two, after licking off all the salt. In my defense, you LOVED it. I'm hoping to give you some baked ones from home). This was one of my best pilgrimage trips. I wore you constantly, despite an aching back, and truly felt connected to you. At the saee, as people walked back and forth between the safa Marwah, it hit me with much more force what hajara (as) would have endured as she desperately sought water for her thirsty child. We walked on cool marble in an air conditioned path, yet our thoughts were with this incredible mother who didn't stop till her child's thirst was quenched, her calloused feet hitting the scorching rugged hill till a source of water was gifted from God. A mother's love for her child made possible a well of water that hasn't dried to this date. Having you with me made my trip so much more spiritually charged. My supplications were more profound, my tears more profuse, my prayers more prolonged. Thanks to you. May the One who gave you to us envelope you in His Mercy.


15 Days 15 Hours Ago

One of the scariest things about having a girl is the quality of relationship she’ll grow to have with herself. Body image is such a prevalent issue and unfortunately it’s not something you just outgrow, you have to work at it and boy does it take time! But my little love, loving yourself and your body takes far less energy than hating it so here are a few truths I’ve learned along the way that might save you some time: 1. Your body will change. It’s inevitable. You will grow and so will it and it is a GOOD thing. 2. Eating healthy is key to your body and mind feeling good. 3. But don’t be too strict or deprive yourself; it will only lead to bad habits. 80 healthy/20 treats is a good balance but there may be days when it’s 5/95 and that’s ok, don’t punish yourself for it. 4. Starving yourself does not work and it should never be an option. 5. Throwing up does not undo what you just put in your mouth, it makes it worse. 6. Everyone has cellulite. Some more than others but it’s completely normal. 7. Even the girls in the magazines don’t look like the girls in the magazines. Or in your case, social media. 8. Don’t compare yourself. Everyone is a different make and size and it’s not a competition (even though it may feel like it is). You are limited edition baby. 9. Keep the relationship with your body within yourself, never let anyone come between that and try and tell you how to feel about it. 10. Embrace your flaws and find a way to feel good about them, that’s half of the battle. 11. You will NOT be happier once you’re ‘thin’ or ‘lose just an extra few kilos’ - work on being happy now. 12. Wear the bikini. You’ll always look back and wish you did. Wear it and feel good in it. You’ll go through ups and downs with the way you feel about the female body and that’s inevitable; but know that I’ll always be here to give you a gentle reminder of how amazing it is; after all, it gave me you 💗 What lessons do you wish you could share with your younger self about body image? Xx #selflove #selfacceptance


15 Days 23 Hours Ago

When someone makes fun of you, don’t defend yourself. Be astute like the flamingo, who preens the more you call her pink as Malibu Barbie, or say she can’t be taken seriously. Preening gets you food. Defending yourself doesn’t. . When people - especially those who are not your close intimates - make fun of you and your quirks, you should own your quirks even more. Because it’s the least about you, and mostly about them. They are either jealous, hungry for power, or just trying to feel better about themselves. #embrace2019 #letterstomydaughter

You we’re born a cold afternoon on December 31st in Louisville KY would never forget the first time your skin touched mine, there was nothing cold about that day afterwards. Happy 4th birthday my sweet Isabella thank you for teaching me what the word mom means.💕

Hannah Hutslar

17 Days 22 Hours Ago

My baby is 4️⃣!!!! Kate...... you are the answer to so many prayers. You are my sunshine and rainbow after the storm. You amaze me, make me laugh, and grow my heart every single day. Your sensitive, caring spirit, creativity, sense of humor, and powerful love for your family are just a few of the traits that make you so very special! I hope your birthday is just as perfect as you are. Happy Birthday, Katie Noel!! 💙

Laura Miller

18 Days 19 Hours Ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARCY LAINE! Clearly you’re thrilled about turning 2 🤣 Our Darling Darcy. If could bottle that feeling of elation that I felt this time 2 years ago, I would be a very rich lady indeed. I can still remember that feeling of being on cloud 9...watching you in my arms and wondering if someone was going to wake me from this dream. Even when you’re scribbling on walls and sofas; shouting and calling everyone naughty; or storming off in a stroppy huff, I go back to that wonderful moment. I open that bottle and I flood my mind with that pure joy and elation. Because, my Darcy Boo, you have flooded our lives with so much joy and have completed our family in more ways that you can ever imagine. We love you to the pink sparkly moon and back again. Happy 2nd Birthday xx . . . #letterstomydaughter #twotoday #birthdaygirl #instafashion #girlboss #girlfashion #daughter #love #motherhood #motherdaughter #happybirthday #terribletwos #love #siblings #newborn

Holding you is a treasure. Your sweet features a blending of daddy & I. Those wrist rolls & finger dimples. Lashes that could put mascara brands out of business. Ducky dark hair, still yet to reveal if it will be full of spirals like your big sister. Your ever lengthening body reminding me of how I was just holding your big sister the same way: reminders that time isn’t a thief but rather a treasure to be cherished and soaked up. Sometimes you give me baby fever, but mostly you cause me to slow down my days to savour your babyhood & your sister’s toddlerhood. You are peace, Life, Stillness, A true gem. . . . . #rubynoelleelizabeth #babygirl #babiesdontkeep #letterstomydaughter #momswhowrite #mommyblogger #secondbaby #slowdown #babiesofinstagram #candidchildhood #magicofchildhood #magicofmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #flashesofdelight #momtogs #documentyourdays #momentsofmine #theartofslowliving #liveauthentic #thesearethedays #writeyouonmyheart #girlmom #simpleandstill

Faith opening up her Christmas presents on #christmas morning! 😀 Check out our story at and at

When you are brought to tears by such a thoughtful gift from your hubby @scotty_pt !!! #penniesfromheaven #sdjthornton🎀 #newmom #firstchristmas #adoption #thisisus #thorntonpartyof3 #letterstomydaughter #etsy

Morgan Elizabeth

21 Days 18 Hours Ago

My sweet Maple, you have so much muchness. Today you are 3 and can't decide whether I'm Mommy or Mama. You hate going to sleep but love your Minnie bed. Your sister is your best friend and constant annoyance; partner in crime and stealer of toys. You love preschool but can't sit still, love to climb but want mama when you look down from up too high. You're in the middle of toddler and little girl, and some days are a serious struggle. I'm learning how to be the best mama for you, and it's anything but easy. But always know I love you endlessly, and that's what I fall back to on the rough days. On the good days you're all my sunshine and laughter, my goofy girl, my goober. My first baby you changed and rocked my world forever. Happy Birthday Maple bean.

Dear daughter: life is filled with hard times and good times. Making the most of every moment is what happiness is all about. You are so strong and loved, do not let anyone confused you. Keep that smile forever and you’ll help to change this world. Love, mama. ❤️ #letterstomydaughter 📸 @notthatfrancisco


23 Days 9 Hours Ago

Here’s to a bittersweet week before you turn 3. I still remember the time when you were handed in my arms. Tears rolling out my eyes and as soon as I saw you I knew you were the most beautiful thing in the world. Nothing mattered anymore. My dear Navya I can’t tell you how proud I feel today being your mom and seeing you grow like a beautiful girl. You are caring, loving and most stylish girl I have seen. Seeing you pose, throw tantrums, ur confidence reminds me how I was in my childhood. But I want you to go places and achieve much more than I ever did. It’s ur birthday tomorrow and I am emotional already. I will always love you the most my kaddu. #happybirthday #birthdaywishes #daughtersbirthday #motheranddaughter #feelings #motherhood #motherlove #letterstomydaughter

this little lady gave me the title Momma. today she is 7 years old. I really can remember the day that she was born. she is braver than i give her credit for. she is an amazing artist. she has a tender heart that feels deeper than she lets on. she is a homebody and an adventure. she loves to be in the wild and one with nature. her tender heart always surprises me and teaches me to be more thoughtful and tender. i learn lessons from all of my children. but there is so much reflection that i see in annaka, good and bad. i am so glad she is mine. . to my daughter, over the past year you have grown so much my sweet girl. with each new twist and turn that motherhood brings me you are right there with me. you are patient and forgiving. you are strong and determined. my prayer is always that i can be healthy enough to teach you how to love yourself. how to serve others and how to love Jesus. i love this journey we are on kid, thanks for bringing me along. Being a mother really is my greatest joy. . . . #motherhood #birthday #annakathea #letterstomydaughter #siblings

Whoever said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was correct! This is what Mónica Salazar-Orr made for us tonight!!! Check out our story at and at

Faith and me at #steaknshake. It is our Christmas Eve tradition. Check out our story at and at

Ashley D

24 Days 16 Hours Ago

Best gifts everrrrr ❤️🌲❤️🌲 #piajune #willowgrace #sundayletters #letterstomydaughter

Merry Christmas from Faith, Carlos, Monica and me. Check out our story at and at

Baby girl, when I met your daddy, I fell in love so hard I literally couldn’t wait to tell him. I left it on a phone message within a week and I was shouting it from the rooftops within a month. When we had you, we brought you in together. Daddy’s hands were the first ones on your tiny body. My chest was the first place you laid. You were born of that love Adalei Louren. I want you to always know that. We are a family of quiet homebodies but our love is big. Big, loud and ALWAYS there. Now you’ve grown into this beautiful young lady with an infectious giggle, an outgoing personality, a playful mind, and you’re getting more and more independent by the second. While it’s scary for us, the love we instilled in you is loud enough to overrule any negative energy in your path. I know that without a doubt. And you will too. This mama is making sure. 🖤 . . . #momlife #momsofinstagram #momswithcamaras #lifestyle #gilbertazphotography #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #mommyblogger #thepursuitofjoy #liveauthentic #momof2 #documentlife #pursuepretty #momminainteasy #sahm #wfhm #momofgirls #momofboys #childhoodunplugged #babiesofinstagram #mypeople #lifeisbeautiful #momlifebelike #momstyle #fashionablekids #letterstomydaughter #mygirl #mommyandme #motherdaughter

A gift was dropped at Good Earth Cafe in Canmore yesterday! Who was the lucky finder? 🎁 . 📚About the book: For a world of devoted readers, a much-awaited new volume of absorbing stories and inspirational wisdom from one of our best-loved writers. Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to My Daughter reveals Maya Angelou’s path to living well and living a life with meaning. Told in her own inimitable style, this book transcends genres and categories: guidebook, memoir, poetry, and pure delight. Here in short spellbinding essays are glimpses of the tumultuous life that led Angelou to an exalted place in American letters and taught her lessons in compassion and fortitude: how she was brought up by her indomitable grandmother in segregated Arkansas, taken in at thirteen by her more worldly and less religious mother, and grew to be an awkward, six-foot-tall teenager whose first experience of loveless sex paradoxically left her with her greatest gift, a son. Whether she is recalling such lost friends as Coretta Scott King and Ossie Davis, extolling honesty, decrying vulgarity, explaining why becoming a Christian is a “lifelong endeavor,” or simply singing the praises of a meal of red rice–Maya Angelou writes from the heart to millions of women she considers her extended family. Like the rest of her remarkable work, Letter to My Daughter entertains and teaches; it is a book to cherish, savor, re-read, and share. “I gave birth to one child, a son, but I have thousands of daughters. You are Black and White, Jewish and Muslim, Asian, Spanish speaking, Native Americans and Aleut. You are fat and thin and pretty and plain, gay and straight, educated and unlettered, and I am speaking to you all. Here is my offering to you.” –from Letter to My Daughter #ibelieveinbookfairies #bookfairy #bookfairies #bookfairiesunwrapped #thebookfairies #canmore #alberta #letterstomydaughter #mayaangelou #booksofinstagram #instaread #fortheloveofereading #igbooks #readersofinstagram #bibliophile #bookworm #bookish #mustread #bookstagram #readallthebooks


24 Days 14 Hours Ago

It was your second night on earth, after all the commotion surrounding your birth had quietened down and I was finally alone with you in that hospital room that the magnitude of what had happened hit me. And a fresh avalanche of tears sprang from my eyes and dripped onto your tiny new face as I cried for all that I had simultaneously lost and gained the night before. I don’t know who comforted whom more on that cold, silent December night; I just know I clung to you as suddenly the world as I had known it, and me as I had known me ceased to exist because now you were here. And since that night I think of my life in terms of two halves: before you and after you. And so now, in the wake of all the commotion surrounding the celebration of your half a decade on this earth, I sit again in the silence of that second night and contemplate your sleeping face- no longer resting on my arms but beside me now in bed and a new avalanche of tears is released. So I cry for innocence lost and memories gained, out of gratitude for each day I’ve been able to spend by your side, out of nostalgia for those little hands and milky breath now gone forever and out of joy for all you have become and have yet to live for. And I cry out of love my mouse, oh so much, such deep ravaging love for you. Happy Birthday my little one! . . . . . . . . . #letterstomydaughter #liebeliebeliebe #documentingmotherhood #letthembelittle #mybabygirl #mamaliebe #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #mymotherhood #holdthemoments #ohmamamoments #sewersofinstagram #jeportecequejecouds #nevernotmaking #costureira #costura #coser #nähenisttoll #sytilbarn #costureando #sysysy #handmadewardrobe #oliviadress #sewing #sewcialists #sewingforgirls #seamstress #unicorndress #nähenistwiezaubernkönnen #kidsfashion

Guess where we are at? Our favorite place to eat breakfast together! 😀 #steaknshake Check out our story at and at

Hannah Hutslar

27 Days 21 Hours Ago

Dear Kate, always keep your sweet spirit and tender heart. Don’t ever let anyone take that away. You’re perfect EXACTLY the way you are and I feel so lucky to get to be YOUR mama and to have you as my best gal pal. ❤️ #letterstomydaughter

Courtney Walsh

29 Days 1 Hour Ago

Dear Sophia, When I look at you, I see an incredibly strong young woman. You’ve been hearing that a lot, though, haven’t you? You’re so strong. It’s as if “strong” has become a label that defines you, as if it’s something you now must live up to. . . I even hear myself mentioning it. Just today, when we were talking about some of the younger Studio girls looking up to you, I said “especially after what you’ve been through,” as if somehow what you’ve been through now also defines you. As if the way you’ve responded to it is now who you are and who you always will be. . . Strong. . . And yet I’m reminded of that verse that says “When I am weak, he is strong” and I think about how we were never meant to be always-strong. It’s not how we’re designed. We’re designed to need other people. We’re designed to fall apart every once in a while. And I guess I want you to know that that’s okay. . . It’s okay to not be okay. . . It’s okay if, in the dark moments when you’re by yourself you don’t feel strong. And it’s okay if, when you’re surrounded by so many people, you don’t feel strong. And it’s even okay to tell someone who looks up to you “hey, I’m not handling this day very well.” . . Oddly, they might have a little strength to send your way. Young people are good at that. . . Some days when I think about the last two months, I feel like a warrior. Other times I feel like a victim. I can only imagine how you feel, being the actual one with the battle scars. My emotions ebb and flow. They ride along the waves, sometimes gently, other times tumultuously. . . Sometimes you seem to have bounced back like nothing ever happened. You’re the exact same person but with a scar on your neck. And other times, I see you quietly struggling to hold it together. And I guess I want you to know, it’s okay not to hold it together. It’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to lay in your bed for a couple of hours simply because you aren’t sure you can fake it for another second. It’s okay to refuse to fake it. . . Full letter on my blog today. In case you also don’t feel strong. . . Artwork via @cellardesigns

Dear Evelyn, You are my everything, baby girl. 🥰😍 I may not be a perfect mom but I try my best because you deserve the world. Lately you've been having a tough time with your emotions. You've been having fits and I'll admit it's hard to calm you down. And I don't want to add to your distress. So I take a deep breath and tell myself to be patient. I know it must be rough being so little and being unable to express yourself or explain what you need. Sometimes you are overly tired and just need a nap. Sometimes you are hangry. And you've been through a lot lately. I'm not sure you trust me right now and I understand. I just wish I knew the best way to help you. . Love, Mama 💕 P.S.- No matter how "terrible" you act, I will always love you fiercely. #letterstomydaughter . . . . . . . . . . . . #motherhood #christmas #letters #firsttimemom #momssupportingmoms #motherhood #momcommunity #momsofig #motherhoodunplugged#memoirsofmotherhood #momlife #oureverydaymoments #babiesofinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #momblogger #morethanmama #documentyourdays #momsofinsta #mynameismama #acupofmotherhood #ig_motherhood #unitedinmotherhood #momsofinsta #motherhoodthroughinstagram


29 Days 15 Hours Ago

Dear Sami Lou, Happy 2nd birthday (a few weeks late). 🎉🎂 I was hoping to use a photo from our epic Disneyland trip, but you had other plans with a little🤮 accident in the car on the way there. You’re turning into quite the comedian, always trying to get one of us to laugh at your facial expressions or mimicking our body language. Your heart is full of gold, especially when it comes to stuffed animals. You’re always trying to fit more into your bed at bedtime. You use the phone to ‘call Bazza’ daily and are always telling me to say ‘cheese’ for the camera. You have many boyfriends, Benji, Aleph and Lochlan- the writing is on the wall that you’ll be the one I have to keep my eye on. 🤣 You already know how to ask for ‘5 more minutes’ at bed time and tell me every night ‘’I’m not tired”. You love blowing bubbles into the water and floating on your back in the tub. You LOVE to sing 🎤 and your favorite songs are wheels on the bus, going for a bear hunt and freeze game. You constantly refer to yourself as jack jack, and ask to watch incredibles and monster jack jack. You want everything your sister has, says or does. Have taken to pulling her hair (that’s been real fun) and have a mischief in your eye that keeps us on our toes. You love walks and the beach. Constantly ask for gummies. You have the sweetest voice, give the best hugs and are the light of my life. Love you to the moon & back. - mom . . . . . #toddlerlife #thisis2 #letterstomydaughter #childhoodmemories #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodintheraw #birthdaymemories

Letters to my son/daughter notebooks! Still a popular item over in etsy! £9 including postage #letterstomyson #letterstomydaughter #etsy #etsyseller #notebook #personalised #personalisednotebook #preciousmemories #preciousmoments #keepsake #mycreativebiz #parentgift #newmumgift #newdadgift

LIFE EVENT ALERT: #dearmaryevelyn Yesterday was a bittersweet feeling for us, but overall you will always be our baby. You will never be too big for us to smooch and never to be to rock to sleep. We will always cherish every second with you and ALWAYS be here for you. We will always love you and there isn’t a size or age where we would stop. #happybirthday, sweet girl. We ALL love you so much! Thanks for everyone that came by, gave gifts, or shared words on Evie’s special day. We know that you love her like your own, and for that, we are grateful!

Ruchika Sanyal

2018-12-17 06:48:29

#bekind #notestomydaughter #notetoself . . Dear Daughter, . In a world that will emphasize being nice, especially to a girl, I say, be kind.💫 . In a world that will expect you to always be polite, I say, be kind.💫 . In a world that will praise you for your sweetness rather than forthrightness, I say, be kind.💫 . . Here's why - because I am coming to realize that... . 🌟“Being nice” may involve suppressing your own emotions, opinions and thoughts in order to please others. . 🌟“Being polite” may involve making empty gestures of “please” and “thank you” but not real human connection. . 🌟“Being sweet” may involve biting your lips to smile through someone's transgressions, insensitivity and/or arrogance. . . 💥So in a world where you may (are) expected to be a certain way, I say, choose to be kind… then you can be forthright but choose your words carefully and kindly, then you can be expressive about your own feelings but with empathy for the other, and then you can be real without losing yourself in the process.💥 . . I wish I could tell my younger self this. Since I can't turn back time, let's start together from today, to not be bound by “niceness” but be guided by *kindness*. . Love, Your “it's never too late to learn life lessons” Mom. . . . #lifelessons #lifelessonsforbothofus #youinspireme #alwayslearning #alwaysgrateful #benice #lessonlearned #letterstomydaughter #meditatingmommy #meditationinmotion #everydayspirituality #meditatingmom #meditatingmomma #momsthatmeditate #mommyblogger #momblogger #mombloggers #njmomblogger #toddlermom #motherhood #parenting #parentinglessons #motherhoodunplugged

Ashley D

2018-12-16 15:27:05

Sisters, sisters there were never two devoted sisters 👯 #willowgrace #piajune #sundayletters #letterstomydaughter

This is a clip of Faith singing in the children's choir. She is in the second row. You can't see her very well until she starts raiding her hands. It's about a minute in. Check out our story at and at


2018-12-15 21:36:47

. Dear Selah . We have officially moved to Dubai and started a new chapter of our lives. . Today marks the start of my time at home with you- a full time mom. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive and anxious about this new chapter. But I’m going to choose to lean into it and make the most of a very special gift- the gift of being together, just me and you, as you grow and learn and explore this world. . This was you over the weekend. Man do you love water. These were fountains at a market and you chose to just dive right and have the best time of your life. . I’m going to try and be like you in this way. I’m going to dive into this chapter, clothes and all. Because it truly is a privilege to be able to give you my time, my love and my presence. . Thank you for pushing me to do this. For you. For me. And for us. . I love you my guru. . Love your mom in the desert 🐫 . #dearselah #letterstomydaughter #momofgirls #momlife #dubai #dubaimom #momblogger #girl #oneyearold #fulltimemom

Tristan Michael

3 Days 6 Hours Ago

I never enjoy taking pictures, but I understand how profound they can be.#letterstomydaughter