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Diversity☺ #dubai #lifeindubai #beach


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Romantic environment. Love, life, flowers and aroma. #travel #nature #mydubai #leisuretime #leisure #lifestyle #happinessuae #weekend #lifeindubai

English follows↓Swipe for 👶🍽️ ・ 晩ごはん -辛さ控えめエビチリ -空心菜炒め -きゅうりのポン酢漬け -トマトと卵のスープ ・ 今日は父の日ということで、父親になってちょうど1年と1ヶ月の主人のリクエストに応えてエビチリ。 本当、毎日助かってます。 「俺は何もしてない」と言うけれど、もしあれで何もしてなかったら逆に何をしたら「何かした」ことになるのかと思う。 食欲は回復したけれど、念の為辛さは控えめ♡ ・ ・ 息子の晩ごはん -野菜たっぷりソーミンチャンプルー -ブロッコリー、プチトマト ・ ソーミンチャンプルー、一口食べて虜になった息子。そうめんの塩気のおかげ? 半分食べ進めたところでごちそうさまポーズをしたので片していると… 大惨事発生😂(3枚目) 一旦床に置いたソーミンチャンプルーに飛びつき食べ始める息子。そのまま食べ続け、完食しましたとさ。 マナーも大事だけれど、今は食べる事は楽しいんだと知ってほしい。 床でそうめんまみれになりながら食べている瞬間が一番幸せそうだった。 ・ 🍉 ・ Dinner: -Not-so-spicy chili shrimps -Stir-fried kongxin cai -Pickled cucumbers -Tomato and egg soup ・ Happy Father's Day!! Since it's father's day, I made what daddy requested. ・ You've been a wonderful father and husband for the past 1 year and 31 days. Yet you are too humble and say you've done nothing. If what you've done is nothing, what do you need to do to do "something"? It's true that you only get to spend about an hour or even less with K everyday, but after a long day of work, you still step in and help. You spend as much time as possible with K on your precious weekends. Not to mention you also help me around the house. You don't know how much those things mean to me. Thanks for always being there for us. I am just very truly grateful to have a husband like you❤ ・ ・ K's dinner: -Somin champru (stir-fried somen noodles) -Broccoli, cherry tomatoes ・ K just loved the noodles!! It was actually loaded with veggies but I don't think he noticed😉 He fiercely ate halfway through, suddenly stopped and did "I'm done" sign so I started cleaning up... and this happened (pic. 3) I placed the bowl on the floor to clean the table and a second later, he was sitting right next to it and eating...and he finished the entire thing!!! (minus those left on the floor. Don't worry I clean the floor before meals). Manners are important, I know. But for now, I want him to know that eating is fun and food is good. Indeed, he looked the happiest and most satisfied when sitting on the floor and demolishing the noodles. ・ ・ ・ Happy Father's Day to All of Dads on the Planet!


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◾A Father hold his daughter hand for a short while,but he holds her heart forever... Thank you Dad. Miss you so much and time will never heal my heart.With time is just harder💔...But I know you looking after me always. Happy father's Day ❤❤❤ #fathersday#mydad#notanymorewithus#missyoudad#daughterandfather#dadisthebest#mydadisthebest#family#losemydad#mydubai#myheartisbroken##dxb#lifeindubai#missingfamily#


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This afternoon we had some friends over for Sunday roast and while we didn’t go out it was still so nice to socialise, I’ve said it before and il say it again... as I don’t go out much during the week anymore it’s really important I do stuff on the weekends! So now the girls are in bed and it’s time for meeeeere 🤘🏻 party on!


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Tomorrow, is another day. Another chance, another opportunity. Tomorrow is whatever you make of it.


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Cool place to hang out while waiting for daughter at gymnastics. Good food and atmosphere 🙌🏼 🥗😎 @nathaliescafe @fitrepublikae @dubaisportscity


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Gleb, what did you do today in the middle of the Dubai's desert? - well, skiing :D #ski #skidubai #lifeindubai #fun #snow