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3 Minutes Ago

This one of uzi’s hardest records.


17 Minutes Ago

Shoot @liluzivert


13 Minutes Ago

Bricks in the brick house ♥️ @liluzivert


16 Minutes Ago

🤑 @liluzivert


14 Minutes Ago

Boonk got deleted for this🤔? Yall Fw Boonk 2 or nah⤵️⤵️⤵️ @binkk.tv


18 Minutes Ago

Flex @liluzivert


24 Minutes Ago

@lilyachty worded it perfectly lmao 😂 @liluzivert


25 Minutes Ago

Smoking that gas ☄️🔥 Follow @uziluvisrage for more‼️


36 Minutes Ago

Smh 🤣


38 Minutes Ago

F*ckin weirdos.. 😂


39 Minutes Ago

leave her in the past but i know i’ll miss her 💔


40 Minutes Ago

Follow @Uzismh for more ❗️❗️


43 Minutes Ago

NEW SONG ALERT... 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨....................Should I drop it 🔥 or 💩?••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••🌐🔮stay connected🔮🌐


41 Minutes Ago

◾CL0UT, CL0UT, CL0UT DA DA DANCE, FL3X, FL3X, FL3X◾ 😂➖😂➖😂➖😂 P0P, POP, P0P, POP OF THE ++++! ? ! ¤ Follow @blue._.hunnids ¤ Tag ur ppl's💯 ¤ Ignore Tags🛇 ¤ #trapmusic #trap #hiphop #music #rap #hiphopmusic #rapmusic #soundcloud #rapper #producer #artist #beats #newmusic #musicproducer #dj #miami #rappers #edm #hiphopculture #singer #dubstep #beatmaker #trapnation #atlanta #flstudio #trapbeats #newyork #follow #recordingartist #bhfyp


42 Minutes Ago

Damn this guy is so lucky 😳🐐 @liluzivert - Follow @uzislatt for more


42 Minutes Ago

He hit that shit @yolaflare #newpatekchallenge 🦇.


53 Minutes Ago

This is at Juns Beauty Supply in Tulsa, OK. The one of North Peoria. This is the 2nd time an Asian owner of a Black beauty supply shop has physically attacked a Black woman in the past week. A small child walked out w/ a keychain - she took it back. He followed her out of the store harassing her and telling her that she needed to keep a better eye on her kids. It was a simple mistake. Everybody’s kids have done this. She then tried to walk away. He punched her in the face as she walked away mind you - bloodying her mouth and requiring stitches


1 Hour Ago

Lil Yachty Wilson on the gram today 😂 @lilyachty

That’s on my momma


59 Minutes Ago

This probably one of the first anime films I watched and this shit was trippy asl | Spirited Away


59 Minutes Ago

Who what when and why?


1 Hour Ago

NEW SPIDER WEBS ON MY WRIST 😂💀@ghetto.spider & @liluzivert 👕: @therpcstudio 💍: @kingice


3 Hours Ago

Woke up wit my toolie, what it do? #vlone


3 Hours Ago

$500 to anyone who was closer than me that night (excluding media)


2 Hours Ago

Some of my favorite moments from Playboi Carti’s show @terminal5nyc . The XXXTENTACION tribute mosh pit was 🔥💀