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22 Seconds Ago

Haters say Salah is a one season wonder🤷🏻‍♂️👏 ______________________________________________ 🔴Follow @liverpool_news_stuff 🔴 ______________________________________________ #insta #likeforlikes #f4f #l4l #follow4follow #instagood #imstadaily #lfc #liverpool #liverpoolnewsstuff #likeforlikes #salah #mane #firmino #klopp #shaqiri #wijnaldum #gerrard #torres #messi #ronaldo


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This was completely and utterly amazingly HILARIOUS #benidorm #live #empire #liverpool #hilarious #🤣


3 Days 11 Hours Ago

REVIEW: @pieminister, a UK pie restaurant chain with branches all over the country. Growing up in the North of England, how could I not like pie. Some absolute dirty value for money with a pie a side and a sundae for £10??? I had beef steak and Stilton pie with a side of mash. The sundae I went for, I picked because I thought the flavour combination sounded good. Honeycomb, figs, honey and pistachio. However, it was paired with frozen yoghurt instead of soft serve icecream which I didn't realise (would have been so much better with ice cream!!!) additionally, the figs were dried not fresh 😢 and the quality of the pistachio and honeycomb and Honey for that matter wasn't the best which was quite disappointing. I guess what can you expect for the price point but I will say the pie was bomb 👌. I will also try to recreate the dessert myself at somepoint with some bomb ingredients to give myself some closure 😂. Not something you can eat everyday unless you don't care about your cardiovascular system but the value was too cheeky, solid 7/10. Thanks @rishib97 and @ekshagupta for the assist. So lovely to spend time with you both. (they're laughing because I'm hilarious 😇)


6 Hours Ago

REVIEW: lunchtime roast meat sandwiches at B Clark & Family, a traditional butchers in Wavertree Liverpool. 🥩🍖🍗🥓 🐄🐖🐑🐔 This sandwich may not be much to look at, but you cant quite appreciate its beauty and its smell from behind a screen. This bad boy is a roast pork shoulder baguette with homemade gravy, stuffing and apple sauce finished with salt, pepper and butter. 🤪😵. Not going to lie, I prefer this sandwich to most of the roast dinners I've had before in the past. This place was seen at the pinaccle of gourmet eats for me during my time in Sixth Form when we were finally allowed to leave the school premises at lunch time. Many years later, I just found myself thinking about so I had to go again. Having been again a few times in the last year I can honestly say, for me, it's one of the most humble, unassuming and excellent things I've eaten in Liverpool and I'm glad I can finally appreciate it for what it is. It's rich, flavourful, and has quite a suprisingly complex set of textures. Put it this way. If I have friends from university visit me, I will take them here for a good time, and they all agree 😂. Imo pork shoulder has the best flavoured meat with the best fat to meat ratio as there is plenty of wet components (sauces and stuffing) which make the fat of the belly redundant (still bangs don't get me wrong) but the crackling on the belly is something else for sure 🤔. The lamb and mint sauce is also worth a S/O for those who don't back pork. If you get anything else, I'm afraid you're wrong. Lol. £4.60 per baguette 🥖 Value for money right and too much nostalgia fully give it a 8.5/10


2 Minutes Ago

🎉 Are you joining us on New Year's Eve @ Invisible Wind Factory, #liverpool 🎉 To see the full line up head over to our Facebook page! #fiestabombarda @invisiblewindfactory 🎉


6 Hours Ago

REVIEW: @crust_uk for as the name suggests - Pizza. I had the capricciosa (pictured) which was good for sure (q hard to have a badddd pizza experience) but I've never seen one with sausage and salami and anchovies in addition to ham 🤔 ngl I thought it over complicated unnecessarily and made it feel a bit like a domino's? The woodfire taste to the crust was definitely there though and was good but I didn't get the aeration of dough I would've liked to have seen in a supposedly neapolitan pizzeria? I also had the burrata as a starter which always goes down well also but the combination and presentation also felt minimal, but not in a good way (feels like something you can plate at home hungover) so was a little disappointed. Some good olive oil and salt and pepper woulda been better! All in all, was still a tasty meal for sure. But I felt it wasn't worth the price point given I feel the menu is trying to hard to do different things and make it a little bit different which doesn't work with Italian food unless you get really creative like @homesliceldn for example. Sadly the waitress also didn't really know half the menu which doesn't leave a good impression 🤦‍♂️. I think a smaller menu of better executed dishes would really transform the place. 6/10 Thanks @sandorbako @eilishsumner @rionachmccarron for the excellent company, so lovely to see you all, hope to see you guys soon! 😊


2 Minutes Ago

***EATING OUT*** I had always wanted to eat at San Carlo but somehow never got round to visiting before getting pregnant. When we stayed in Liverpool we were debating for hours about where we would eat.. Not wanting to go somewhere that was as lively bar, good food and somewhere appropriate to take the baby. I googled and googled until I saw there was a San Carlo in Liverpool. I called the restaurant to firstly check that they allowed children with it being more of an upmarket restaurant to find out they did! Yay! So we booked the restaurant for 5.15pm so that we could eat before it got busy. On arrival, we found that the restaurant was surrounded with children, so my anxiety of having a screaming baby with lots of people trying to eat disappeared as soon as we got to our seats. As you can see, Sophia did cry whilst we were eating our starters🚨crumbs alert🚨(garlic bread of course) so we decided to take it in turns to eat whilst holding the baby to settle her off. Luckily we fed and cuddled her and she went asleep which meant that we had the rarity of eating our main courses together (like a date night)😁😁😁The staff were very accommodating with our pram, made sure we had enough room as we were guided to our table and took a chair away so our pram could fit in with us. Dining out early is a good idea, especially when you are in a routine - which we are trying to get in but Sophia is a little bit to young yet 😁😁 #sancarlo #liverpool #mummyblog #themummythateats #eatingoutwithababyisnotsodifficult


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Leece Street, Liverpool, November 2018


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Scenes from Saturday's sellout show with @gentlemansdubclub We love you Bristol 💚💚💚 Up next in your amazing city: Submotion Orchestra #bristol #fiesta #submotionorchestra


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Did you know that there are different types of wrinkles? The two types are called ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ lines. Dynamic lines are those that are formed when you move facial muscles, such as the wrinkles formed on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows. Static lines, such as the ones shown in the photos above, are those that are present when your facial muscles are at rest. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Botox mainly works to relax and ease the appearance of dynamic (‘moving’) lines, but does also have some effect on static lines. The picture above shows the effect of one treatment of Botox on static lines after a two week post-treatment period. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As you can see, the static lines in the after photo have been significantly reduced from how they originally were. With continued treatment every few months we would expect these lines to ease even further, adding to the smooth effect often desired as part of this treatment.


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•Microblading @timelessburnley by @jd.dot ...Client wanted a fuller,thicker,darker brow.. so we used the powder shading technique with a few added hair strokes! The colour will heal lighter and top up is required in 4-6weeks! Message for more info💌 #timeless #timelessburnley #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #microbladinghairstrokes #powderbrows #powdershading #spmu #spmubrows #spmua #cosmeticmakeup #cosmetic #beauty #tattoobrows #preston #manchester #leeds #liverpool #lancashirelife #instabrow #instabeauty #instagood


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😂😂😂😂 #vvd #vertonghen

Last trim before me buddy @jonojones__ starts a new career in the south of France All the best ye wool xx #hair #haircut #barber #barberuk #menshair #style #fade #barberinternational #liverpool #barberlife #ukbarber #modernbarber #xercise4less #scissors #barbering #barberlove #barberlife #wahl #fashion #beard #beardgang #gentshair #instahair #hairstyle @barbershopconnect @sharpfade @internationalbarbers @barbersince98 @nastybarbers @fadegame @menshairworld @showcasebarbers


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🖤 G E T T H A T C O L O U R P O P P I N 🖤 A few colours from my selection.... I cannot wait for my new colours to arrive in the next few days 🙌🏼 Appointments available this week, message to book! 💅🏼 . . . . #cndnails #shellac #nails #liverpool #camanchester #nailsonfleek #beauty #pamper #gelnails #gelmanicure #nailsofinstagram #cndworld #nailjunkie #darkside #cagang #indulge #prettynails #nailtech #lecente #woolton #allerton #prettynails


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A pint of delicious Liver Bird ale. #wheninliverpool #liverpool #ale #beer


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Join us for a fabulous evening of Christmas music, carols and festive joy! Our passion and community spirit will kick start your advent season. Concert starts at 7:30pm. Refreshments available. Wheelchair access and accessible facilities are available. 0151 558 1255 #liverpoolchoirs #choirs #liverpool #choir #localsingers #sing #choirmusic #music #localevents #lovemusic #choirdirector #christmaschoirs #choirchoirchoir #liverpoolchristmas #community #communitychoir #singing #hale #halevillage #christmas #christmasmusic #christmasliverpool #christmascarols #choirlife #christmascarolservice #stambrose #choirconcert #carolservice #speke