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Keep pushing through it 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😎 @gavinstatham smashing out the kettle bell burpees this morn!!! NEVER MISS A MONDAY! 🔛 . . . . . #f45training #motivation #perthfitfam #fitness #fitspo #healthyeating #paleo #crossfit #f45 #instafit #bodybuilding #workout #livingthegreen #trainingday #kettlebell #bodyconfidence #activeliving #bodypositivity #lifestyle #f45challenge #perthfitness #leederville #perth #bike


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FREE MASSAGE💆🏼‍♀️ Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve got an awesome gift for you! Sign up for your Sweat Social Membership before Christmas and you’ll receive a complimentary 60 minute massage from our friends at @healthplace 😱👌🏽Offer only valid for new members, sign up via the link in our bio💕

In between Christmas parties and eating too many fruit mince pies, a pressed earth juice could be just the thing you need as a detox during the festive season. 😁❤ Photo:@pressed_earth . . . . #greengoodnessco #goodnesstribeperth #livingthegreen #theperthcollective #perthfitness #perthfitlife #perthfitfam #perthsmallbusiness #perthblogger #urbanlistperth #perthgram #perthdaily #perthcommunity #pressedearth #juicecleanse #festive #summer #wellness


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Stunning Colour melt with certified organic Colours & products 🥳

What is CLINICAL NUTRITION? • . . Have you heard the term ‘clinical nutritionist’ before and wondered, what the heck does that mean? The term ‘nutritionist’ can be kind of confusing, as many people use it and have different qualifications. . . To become a clinical nutritionist, I studied a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Nutritional Medicine. A degree that takes 3 years minimum, of full time study to complete. During this degree I completed clinical training, with experienced supervisors. I was lucky enough to have guidance and support from qualified health professionals while treating clients in our student clinic. . . We are taught nutritional biochemistry, pharmacology and counselling, by experts in these fields. We are taught in great depth about differential diagnosis, disease states, how to interpret pathology results, how medications and nutrients can work symbiotically, or can be contraindicated. . . We are also taught how to read and decipher scientific literature. Every piece of information or advice we give is backed up by scientific research. When I am writing an educational article or blog, it is always researched based. . . We treat the individual. Each and every human can react differently to any treatment, despite general belief about ‘common’ supplements. Seeing a qualified health practitioner means that you are in a safe and monitored environment. . . After we have completed our degree, we are able to become registered with an association, and we must have insurance. Our associations give us strict guidelines and we have a duty of care that we follow. . . I encourage you to see qualified health practitioners. There are many of us out there, and we all have different interest areas and personal approaches to suit your specific needs and requirements. I am always happy to recommend other practitioners in my field if I believe they better suit your needs.

The most delicious looking breakfast with all the good stuff! With the festive season upon us, it's all about moderation. Eating healthy is important while still ensuring you treat yourself and enjoy all the delicious food that comes with the festive season. 🍒 Photo:@leefromamerica . . . . #greengoodnesstribebrisbane #livingthegreen #glutenfree #brisbaneanyday #brisbanefoodies #brisbanefoodie #brisbaneblogger #wellness #brisbanefitfam #breakfast

Every good shot deserves a mating call 🐒⛳️ (Sound Up 🔊⬆️) #aweemahwehh #golfcelebration #primategolf #golfmonkey #golfshot #getinthehole #livingthegreen #golfmeme #golfmemes #golffunny #golfhumor


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Happy Sunday! Going back to the basics with some plane work ⛳️🙈 A not so fun fact about me: I am such a klutz that I fall and slip regularly, hence the knee bandaid 🤓 #livingthegreen #golfislife #sundayfunday


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Think about it.. and let me know. Does your score have to dictate your happiness on the course? Can you play well and not have fun? Can you play poorly and still have fun?


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Another great session with @wabinez yesterday... he is working hard towards his goals for next season! NOW IS THE TIME TO WORK HARD!! #shortgame #goals #golf #hardworkpaysoffs


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Hey ladies! Let’s Play! #ladiesletsplay @aliesterly crushing driver!

DAY 8 OF 24 - @bowood_hotel ⛳ Visiting Bowood is definately up there with the best day out me and Riley have had all year! Not only is the course a great test of golf but the friendly welcome we had from @rjdgolf and staff at the club was second to none! Our first taster of an away golf day as father and son! It definitely will not be our last ⛳😊 🕳️ #bowood #bowoodgolf #fathersongolfjourney #juniorgolf #juniorgolfer


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We want to know what you think… comment below your experience of the game! ⬇️ #golf #golfing #golfer #livingthegreen #instagolf #golfstagram #golfball #golfgame #strategy #golfaddict #golfclub #ios #android #app #golfclubmanager #competition


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VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE ❤️⠀ Women’s bodies respond really well to variety which means that cranking out the same one-hour, super intense workout every day might not actually get you the results you're after! 💪🏼⠀ .⠀ At BUF, our timetable is designed to give you lots of variety whilst maintaining a good balance of cardio, strength and toning. We also mix up our workout structures (movements and timings) fortnightly to keep your body guessing and results progressing 👌🏼⠀ .⠀ Come FALL IN LOVE WITH FITNESS with our $22 INTRO OFFER 👉🏼 that's 2 weeks unlimited acess (including babysitting) for just $22! ❤️⠀ .⠀ PURCHASE via link in bio⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #bufgirls #fortheloveofit #perthfitfam #activeinperth#fitperthlife #fitperthlife #livingthegreen #womensfitness #womenswellness #wellbeing #health #healthyliving #healthy #fitmum #fitness #perthbootcamp #perthfitness #perthboxing #boxingforfitness #boxing #womenswellbeing #selflove #fitness #perthfitness #activeliving #healthy #fitmum #varietyisthespiceoflife #variety #fallinlovewithfitness


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All is calm, all is bright 🎄 I made this! (with some help, of course). Had such a beautiful time at incredible @greenbunchperth inaugural wreath making workshop this weekend. Wreaths, expert tuition, beautiful materials, a grazing board, bubbles and a dear friend. Perfection xx


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Having moved on from the November theme of “Note To Self” (exploring themes of commitment, boundaries, values, ethics and morals, family, and community) we shift our focus in December to the yogic concepts of Dharma (purpose), Karma (actions), and Sadhana (practice). These are very powerful concepts to work with, particularly at this time of year when we can be so easily distracted by our own ego, sadhana + dharma + karma are all ways of acting and being, ritualistic and committed, that can guide us through turbulent waters. Check out the community mandala created in November, isn’t it stunning?! Yogi’s visiting VBY Midland in November added their own mark every day until it evolved to this. At Vital Beat, one of our core values is Community, so it made perfect sense to “open-source” our Mandala. 💕💕💕

Such a fun day yesterday celebrating 50 Dinner Club Members. 🎉❤️ 🎉 The vision of making good nutrition simple and affordable for families is coming alive! 🙌🏻 Thank you to all of the Dinner Club members for making it such a great community! ❤️ #happyhealthyfoody


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If you're in need of some Christmas gift ideas we have you covered! On the blog, you will find affordable gift guides that range from self-care to homewares. For all those who are struggling to find a gift for the men in your life, we have some trendy gift ideas he will love. 🌟 . . . #greengoodnessco #greengoodnesstribeperth #livingthegreen #perthblogger #wellness #perthfitfam #christmas #gift #festiveseason #festive #giftguide #blogger


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As we settle into Sunday night, and gear up for Monday morning, we were thinking about the essential oils that’ll help us sail through our work week feeling supported and strong right through to the the ‘S’ days again ... and the best bit? You’ll find every single one in our #essentialoilperfumes because, we get it, and we got you! ⠀ ⠀ 1. Cinnamon⠀ Found in our Amplify blend; The scent of #cinnamon can greatly boost brain function, improve mental alertness, and even enhance our memory. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 2. Grapefruit⠀ Blended in our #lift and #ground perfumes. Citrus smells, like #grapefruit, can help alleviate our stress levels.⠀ Grapefruit scent in the morning helps us get the day started with energy and mental alertness. For general use throughout the day, sniff on the sweet citrus smell to lower anxiety levels and reduce stress. ⠀ ⠀ 3. #lavender⠀ Found in our #rest and #aware blends. This calming and soothing fragrance is considered the perfect stress buster and pain reliever. It’s the perfect oil to help us stay balanced and calm, uplifted and revitalized, soothed and fortified. Evoking an emotional response that lends itself to the mental and physical rest and regeneration we can all benefit from daily.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 4. Spearmint⠀ Doing its bit in our #lift blend. The smell of #spearmint is known to improve our cognitive memory. When administered either through the mouth or the nose, the smell can improve our recognition, working memory, and our overall response. A sure fire way to smash through your workday with ease. ⠀ ⠀ 📸 @charli_marden_photography

Breathtaking photo of our course by the talented photographer @karl_ahnee. #sungolf

〽️〽️⛳️ 3D-Analysis with Mike Bradley @gchetzenhof • We are very happy to get an inside view on the movement-patterns of our players at the beginning of the season.. 😊 • Key-takeaway from day 1: Starting with proper bendings and tilts really helps getting the job done 💪🏼 • Day 2 in progress ✍🏼 - let‘s see what happens.. 🏌🏼‍♀️⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️ 🔘 3D-Analysen mit Mike Bradley im GC Hetzenhof • Wir freuen uns zum Saisonstart einen tiefen Einblick in die Bewegungsmuster unserer Spieler zu bekommen.. 😊 • Das wichtigste vom ersten Tag: aus einer guten Ansprechposition ergeben sich viele Dinge fast von selbst.. 💪🏼 • Der zweite Tag läuft ✍🏼 - mal schauen was passiert.. 🏌🏼‍♀️⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️ #neverstoplearning 👉🏼@marcomuentnichgolf

NURTURE • BALANCE • REFLECT 🍃🌱🌿 Karen and I have only a couple of spots left for our Women’s Wellness Mini Retreat this Saturday the 15th at @earthpointenergycentre in East Perth. Join us for a relaxing and nourishing afternoon. You can book via the link in my profile, where you will find full details of this event. Let us help you rebalance, rest and set yourself up for a healthier and happier 2019! We would love to see you there! 🙏🏻💕


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RETREAT ANNOUNCEMENT 💚💚Im so excited to announce we are running the first Elevate Retreat May 2-6th 2019 🙏 In our Balinese eco-sanctuary we will share empowering information on women’s wellbeing, encompassing everything from diet, sleep & sex to spirituality & soul alignment ✨✨Link in bio to book or find out more 🌈❤️


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INTERVIEW ✨|| Our founder Amy has been interviewed by the gorgeous Jennifer McMahon, founder of @themoderndaywoman_ (and our business partner for the @theperthwellnessfestival) to share her personal, health and entrepreneurial journey. Being an introvert, working away behind the scenes, our founder doesn’t usually come out to share her personal story. But after being inspired and encouraged others, including Jen, she is so happy to be able to share her personal story behind the brand in a hope to inspire and impact others 💕💗🙏 . We would be so grateful if you could spare some time this coming week to tune into Amy’s interview on The Modern Day Woman Show @themoderndaywoman_ hosted by Jennifer McMahon for Boss Mode Radio @bossmoderadio. Listen live on Air ✨tomorrow Monday at 10 am ✨Tuesday at 7am and ✨Thursday at 2pm via www.bossmoderadio.com.au or through any Digital Radio App or follow the link in bio at @bossmoderadio. . Jen has the skill of asking all the right questions and in this interview, Amy dives deep into her childhood experiences, personal health adversities, how to come through these tough times, Bare & Wilde’s relaunch and New Website and how Amy has managed to build Bare & Wilde we a “side" hustle😘 . Hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think! Perhaps we have had some similar experiences - we hope to connect with you more over these common stories🙏💗