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I am the proud mom of the sweetest, & equally most rotten, little pooh-head I've ever known. We had a great day together. We did a little strider training & then went on a 4 mile walk. Before we left, Little Miss Independent melted my heart when she, for the first time, reached up & held my hand while we were walking up the driveway. Then after a wonderful day she finished things off with one of her usual tricks, & an extra added twist. She always sits & jumps on my head when I lay on the floor while we're playing. Sometimes, I think she's trying to off me. She'll jump up & down on my neck. Other times she'll just plop on my forehead, or sit & cover my nose & mouth so I can't breathe & have to push her off, while I pretend I'm gasping for air & she laughs hysterically. Tonight, she one-upped it. She runs over, steps on my head like she's going to use it as a step to get on her chair, & instead plops her butt down, farts on my cheek, & laughs like there's no tomorrow. I'm telling you, some days that kid's lucky I don't sell her to gypsies! #lovemylittleyeti #whatalittleshit #familyrocz #imaluckymomma #mommysbestentertainment #ifshefartsonmyheadagainimsellingher

In another episode of "What did my little shit do..." I took the heathen to the office yesterday. When we left, I let her walk out in the parking lot on her own since there's plenty of space to see her & no cars coming in & out. I put her stuff in the car while she played in the grass, in front of a car about 3 spaces over. It was less than 5 second & when I turned around she was nowhere in sight. I called for her as I walked to the far side in front of the other car. She did not answer or make a single sound. (I wasn't THAT worried, I knew there was only 1 place she could be.) When I got around the corner, Little Shit was standing completely still, like a statue at attention, against the driver's side door of the car. Her head was facing straight out in front of her & she refused to turn it towards me while I'm repeating her name. I see her little stone face looking my direction out of the corner of her eye. As I'm telling her I see her she still won't move, so I told her I was going to get her & as I started at her she let out the biggest belly laugh she could muster up & darted in the other direction. #lovemylittleyeti #whatashit #ivecreatedasneakylittlemonster

Little Miss Independent is at it again. First, we had to walk the rail trail on our own again. After that we went to the dentist to find out my biter has loosened her front tooth b/c she's like a rabid little beast. Then we tried out a new activity this evening. During her tubby she fired off a warning shot. I know from the last time that shortly afterwards you're fishing a poop out of the bath & scrubbing it, so I chose not to ignore this one. We ran to the toilet with her in my arms & when I sat her on the seat her tummy muscles tightened & she gave it her all, but nothing. No big deal. So back to the tub we went. A minute later she was in position again and back to the toilet we went. For 10 minutes, at least, I could not touch her but to hold her by the legs so she didn't fall in while she tried for the prize & began her process: ball up the toilet paper, wipe front, wipe back, unball the toilet paper, repeat... repeat... repeat... She was livid when I told her we've had enough, but I imagine her hiney was probably asleep from sitting there so long. I feel like she'll be looking for an apartment soon. #lovemylittleyeti #tiredofbeingmauledbyarabid1yrold #itsterrifyingwhenyourealizeyourstubbornkidisjustlikeyou

Mom told me that I can't walk the rail trail, carry frank, & read my book at the same time. What does she know... I did it for a good 1/4 mile before we got to the road & she made me get back in the stroller. #trainingformy5k #gonnahelpkickcancershiney #stjude #imgonnarocthis #runandridewithryandungeyandfriends #imnopokeylittlepuppy #lovemylittleyeti

I went full diva on Uncle Mike on the way home from Florida. Mom had him giving me my dried fruit but that wasn't enough. I made him rub my feet too. & when he wasn't rubbing or fast enough with the fruit I yelled "Hon... hon... honey!!..." & waived my foot at him. Mommy about cried she was laughing so hard. #lovemylittleyeti #livintheyetilife #ivegotunclemiketrained #familyrocz #lookoutmariahcareyimtakinover

Mommy & daddy were teaching me more things that they'll regret later... but I can say & started associating "on" & "off" now! #sillyparents #iturnoutthelightsmorethanmommy #lovemylittleyeti #itsgoodtobehome

And there you have it... my first time at Disney! #whatthebleepmommy #lovemylittleyeti

Soo, this used to be my favorite hiding spot; behind the chairs in front of the double window in the living room. Then I started to take my stool back there & would stand on it looking out the window. Now, I'm not allowed to hang out there with my stool because mom saw me looking out the window one minute & then crawling across the window sill like a cat the next. Here's my foot trying to get back up it without the stool. I'll do it. I swear! #lovemylittleyeti #whatashit #imadaredevil #hopemynogginsashardasdaddysaysitis

Yesterday mom & I did another 3 miles on the rail trail after the farmer's market. I got to go play at the park & try out new mommies too. Daddy better watch himself because I found one of them there as well & almost gave him a shot. My plan to make mommy step up her game must be working; she bribed me with a few & far between treat- a soft pretzel stick. Another 5k prep workout in the books! #lovemylittleyeti #stjude #imgonnarocthis #gonnahelpkickcancershiney

So this is Stanley. First worm I ever met. We were gonna be friends. Good friends. But after a few minutes things took a bit of a left turn. He pooped on me. & a few minutes later, I tried to eat him. (Disclaimer: No worms were harmed [or eaten] in the making of this video.) #lovemylittleyeti #wormfriendshipsdontalwayswork #protein

Today our 5k training consisted of playing at the park, a 4.5 mile walk, & playing at the park again... I'll get up this darn slide, I swear! #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz #whatashit

Yup, this kid's all mine... lol #lovemylittleyeti #whatashit

Today mommy & I decided we are tired of waiting for better weather & we were going to get started on our training for the 5k with @ryandungey & friends for @stjude. First, I had to explain to Dutchie that he couldn't walk with us b/c it was too far for an old doggie to go. Thank god mommy got a weather shield for my stroller b/c it was 33° & windy as a mofo! We ended up doing more than a 5k, & I slept the whole way. I think we're off to a good start!! A few more weeks of this & then we'll start taking my strider along too. We've still got a long way to go to reach our donation goal, so if you're feeling generous, please go to my page & make a donation! #weregonnahelpkickcancershiney #immommysmotivation #stjude #ridered #strider #lovemylittleyeti

Apparently, Roczyn's bike wasn't running as well as she hoped last night. Tonight it got a tune up... (& she's always yelling "honey" lol) I don't get to spend Tuesday with my little yeti because of class, so daddy sends me updates... I love them! #ridered #lovemylittleyeti

I was cleaning up from dinner, looked over, & saw Roczyn on the floor going "vroom, vroom..." pushing her dirt bike around... ♡♡♡ #lovemylittleyeti

Today, I was such a good girl at church. I sat on grandma & grandpa's lap most of the time... until grandma took me into the nursery & I cracked my noggin off the corner of the bookshelf. #lovemylittleyeti #damnitjonahiwonttrytoreadaboutyouanymore #dentedthenevilnogginagain

One day, I'm gonna write a book of my own, about my people, & I'm gonna go around & read it to the world. Until then, I'm gonna practice my public reading skills in my living room. #lovemylittleyeti #mommyslittlereader

It appears that balance bike training for my #stjude ride with @ryandungey & friends isn't happening outside today. Back to biking inside... #damnitmothernature please get your shit together, it was 70 degrees last week! #lovemylittleyeti #ridered #iguessthegroundhogwasright #helloagainwinter #youwontstopusblizzard

Can't beat a good dance partner... this morning it's dehydrated bananas. #lovemylittleyeti #myfruitylittledancingmachine

Doing a little genealogical research tonight... I'm finding my peeps. ;-) #lovemylittleyeti

It snowed today, so we went to the mall to do our walking... needless to say, we'll be doing more walking tomorrow. In other news, I have a great new wardrobe for summer!! #lovemylittleyeti #makeupyourmindmothernature #mommyneedsaleashforherrunner

Today mommy & I started walking to prepare for our 5k with @ryandungey & friends in July, to raise money for St Jude. It was really windy but we did it, with some company from Nina & baby Nash. I was so tired tonight that I fell asleep before I even made it all the way into my bed. I've got to get my rest so we can do more working out on Friday! You can donate on my page at #lovemylittleyeti #stjude #imgonnarocthis

We're at $220... only $1580.00 more to go to hit our goal! Thanks for the donation Patricia Rinker... we, & St Jude totally appreciate it!! #lovemylittleyeti #stjude #strider #ridered

Mom wheeled me out to dad & told him that we think I'm getting too big for my wagon. Mom's pretty sure my response was "Shit." #lovemylittleyeti #wevecreatedamonster #timetogetouttheswearjar

I woke up this morning, & after just 1 day of sharing our St Jude fundraiser we've raised $170! Thank you so much, Kendra Sieck, and Colin & Cole for your donations!!! It means the world to us!! To donate & share my page: #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz #stjude #ridered #strider #dungey

Mommy told me even though I'm just over a year old I can still do badass stuff... so we're gonna rock this adventure!!!! Here's my news: In July mommy & I will be heading from Pennsylvania to Hastings, Minnesota to participate in @ryandungey 's Run & Ride for #stjude . So I'm tuning up my #strider & we're starting to practice so I'm ready to hit the pavement... with my bike, not my head. Cancer has impacted our family too, & we want to honor those we love by helping St Jude help children with cancer, & their families! We've got our trip covered- I'm filling up my $ jug- but we need your help to raise money for St Jude. Please check out my page (, & if you can, make a donation to help us raise, or pass, our goal of $1800.00 (seemed like a good number since I'll be 18 months old when we go). Feel free to share our page too!! & since we're going to be there, we mine as well go see the race at #scmxpark too! :-) #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz #ridered #stjude #herestoanotheradventurewithmommy #weregonnahelpkickcancershiney #promotocross

I've had a week full of 'firsts' already, & it's only Wednesday!! Rode my Strider on the wheels instead of the rocker for the first time. Pooped in the tub for the first time. Annddd.... today I said 'shit' for the first time. Wonder what's up my sleeve for the rest of the week?!?!... ;-) #lovemylittleyeti #whatashit #ridered #strider

Pssssttttt... mommy & I have a totally awesome adventure in the works!! We're really excited, & can't wait to share more details with everyone very soon!!! And we're gonna need a little help from all of you, so don't go away... #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz #ridered

Mommy's playing dirty! She told me repeatedly not to do something, but since she has no voice & it was basically a whisper I didn't really care. Soooooooo... she stuck the strings of 24 balloons in the back of my pants & walked away. Redirection successful, without saying a word! #imnotahappyyeti #parentingwin #mommysucks #lovemylittleyeti

Doesn't appear that Roczyn will be ready for #nitrocircus anytime soon... but she sure is trying!!! lol #lovemylittleyeti #babyfreestyler #thatsgonnasmart #ridered

Please excuse me while I jam to a little Soundgarden & read my book. #ilikethegrunge #flannelismyfriend #lovemylittleyeti

National Geographic (or it's just Roczyn's mom) presents this extremely rare view of the young yeti's natural habitat. We caught this one takin' a snooze with her pal, as the designated lookout kept a close watch on her from behind a dark forrest #livintheyetilife #yetisgottasticktogether #lovemylittleyeti #stillmommysbestentertainment

So here I am, a whole 1 year old now!!!! #lovemylittleyeti #roczynmary #nyebirthdaygirl

No good deed goes unpunished. Tried to teach Hacky Malatchy to spit out the mucus that's been stuck in her for the past month so she can finally feel better. I was careful to only show her to do it in the tub. I knew i was taking a chance... But... she's running around spitting in everything; the tub, her toys, bags, shoes, my arm, etc. Freakin kid... #lovemylittleyeti #whathaveicreated

Sometimes, this forkin' thing doesn't cooperate... #doneforkinaround #nappinghairday #lovemylittleyeti

Daddy fell asleep on the floor, so I jumped on his head & ran away with a big grin on my face when he woke up... I pulled a grab & go with his phone too... bahahahahaha #whatalittleshit #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz

I'm breaking out the workbench tools. I'm gonna build that new dining room table daddy has been promising mommy... for the last 3 years... ;-p #lovemylittleyeti #imgonnadoitall

I told Roczyn that Anaheim 1 is on today. She was ready. Then I told her it's not on until 10pm so she'll have to see it tomorrow... #ridered #monsterenergysupercross #sxonfox #lovemylittleyeti

I told mom I want to start climbing classes... not in so many words, but she should get the picture. I just turned 1, 5 days ago; this is the stuff I've been up to for a while now. (I pushed the first chair to the side, pulled down my snack bag, & got to work...) #whatidowhenithinknooneislooking #nofear #lovemylittleyeti #butshethinksshesamountaingoat #momisnotreadyfortheertrips

Daddy & I are trying to figure out my new Black & Decker work light. My fingers aren't quite strong enough but I'll get it down real soon & then I can work at my tool bench with mommy & daddy. #lovemylittleyeti #daddysgirl #alittlegirlandhertools

Kaiya, whatever you do, DO NOT look over you right shoulder. They say they're more afraid of us than we are of them... but, dude, it's little, hairy, & I'm tellin' ya, I think it's coming this way!! #lovemylittleyeti #mommysbestentertainment #bestbudz #familyrocz

I had a great time hanging out with everyone at my birthday party! ♡♡♡ #lovemylittleyeti #thebirthdayyeti #familyrocz

I'm a changed girl today... I turned one & decided it's time to rock a new sophisticated look! ;-) Here's looking at you, new year!! ~ Roczyn Mary, The Birthday Yeti #lovemylittleyeti

I thought I was sneaking on my quad when no one was looking. I'm determined to ride this thing proper before my first birthday, & I'll tackle that strider next! This family has been riding red for years. #lovemylittleyeti #ridered #lookslikeroczynhastheridingbug

And so it begins... the story of a Nevil & her toys. :-D Roczyn's first Christmas #lovemylittleyeti #santaandunclemikeroc #babymxjackpot #ridered

Me & my daddy...putting together my new kitchen. I kinda took over his job. I told him what to do & walked around yelling!!!!! Hahahahahaha #teamwork #lovemylittleyeti #myfirstyetichristmaseve

I used to be able to walk, pretty well too!! But you put these things on my feet & what the... stop laughing asshole... I mean... mom!!! #lovemylittleyeti #momsaresoannoying

Mommy's favorite little breakfast sleeper... ♡♡♡ #lovemylittleyeti #breakfastrocz

This never gets old!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ ~Mommy #lovemylittleyeti

It's been like 6 months now. Me & my tongue are still at it... & I roped cousin Chloe into it as well! #lovemylittleyeti #thatthingislikearattlesnaketongue #whatanut

It's me, mommy, GrumpaClaus, & the back of the crazy snowman with horns... boy, is this a weird place!! They say a picture tells a thousand words. This picture really just says one, "Bullshit." You see me laughing. Let me get this straight. I'm NOT. The camera caught me mid-flail; I was screaming like nobody's business! You wait until I'm old enough to talk, & meet the real Santa. I'm gonna be like "What the hell kind of con helpers are you sending out there, Santa Claus?!" #grumpaclaushijackedmychristmascheer #yourenotbringingmedowngrumpaclaus #lovemylittleyeti #mykidfreakinrocz #mommysbestentertainment

I'll walk, but when mom gets out the camera it's only for a short time, because I prefer to be Ninja Roczyn. #whatashit #lovemylittleyeti

Since my uncle, aunt & cousins leave tomorrow morning we put up my first Christmas tree tonight. Nick Jr, Malia & mommy helped me put it up after daddy drilled the hole so we could put it on the tree stand... crooked. ;-) We had a great time & my tree came out awesome!!! #lovemylittleyeti #feelingthechristmasspirit #familyrocz

I spent my first Thanksgiving with mommy, daddy, uncle Mike; uncle Nick, Aunt Rosemary, Nick Jr & Malia; & aunt Yvonne & uncle Dave. It was such a busy day that we barely got pictures, but here's a few. #lovemylittleyeti #familyrocz

I can't thank these guys enough!! (Hill View Tree Farm) Every year we get our tree here & today they ensured that I will continue to for a long, long, time. They don't open until Saturday but took us out on the truck to pick our Christmas tree anyway; so that we could share Roczyn's first Christmas tree picking with Aunt Rosemary & cousin Malia. What a way to start off the yeti's first Thanksgiving & Christmas season!! ♡♡♡♡♡ #lovemylittleyeti #happyholidays #familyrocz #hillviewtreefarm #feelingthechristmasspirit #myfirstmommychristmas

Malia & I were getting ready for some car racing at the store this afternoon. :-) #iloveracingalready #readysetgo #lovemylittleyeti #cousinsrule

I do not like to perform on video, but I kept doing this when I was hanging out with daddy the other day. So he finally got me to do it for the camera & sent it to mom with the message: "She's part Nevil". That's right! :-) #lovemylittleyeti #thatsmommysgirl #braaap (well, I guess it's more #broombroom right now) #itsalmosttimefora4wheeler

Stop buggin me mom! I'm at the library to play, not pose for your pictures. #imalreadygettinthelooks #momsaresoannoying #lovemylittleyeti

"My name is Blurryface..." Mom tried to get my pic but, apparently, I was more interested in a tribute to @twentyonepilots this morning. #mylittleyetiisgrowing #lovemylittleyeti #21pilots #notstressedout

I'm at school trying to get the teachers attention over here, like, "Hey lady, buggin ya??" #halloweenrocz #goinundercoverasaladybug #myfirsthalloweeninmyfirstcostume # wardrobechange #lovemylittleyeti #alwaystryintobeteacherspet

These two weirdos really love me!!! #lovemylittleyeti #halloweenrocz #babygirl

Nothing beats your dad & an empty water bottle when you're waiting for the hayride to come. #daddysgirl #halloweenrocz #lovemylittleyeti

My 1st Halloween, checking out the pumpkin patch with mom & dad. I'm pretty sure my daddy is crazy but he always has my attention!!! #daddysgirl #lovemylittleyeti

Today's adventure, mom's neatly folded laundry. I wrecked it!!! (In my appropriately titled bib: Little Miss Behaving) #lovemylittleyeti #the_2_1/2_foot_tall_cyclone

"You're almost 9 months old. We should go out on your first bicycle ride to celebrate" mom exclaimed! "Sounds great," I replied with a smile. Then she said "You know Roczyn, I don't think I've really ridden a bicycle in nearly 10 years," as she strapped me in to that freakin' death trap & drug me nearly 10 miles. That's me, holding on for dear life. #freakinmoms #itsapeapodmyhiney #isurvivedthefirstrideof2016 #andnapped #lovemylittleyeti

Mom, the ham & green beans were pretty good, but not nearly as good as that ladybug that grandma dug out of my mouth! #yeahforprotein #lovemylittleyeti

One of my favorite things to do with the yeti; hanging out in the car, off an exit of some highway... I'm not sure if it's because we're on our way to or from another mommy/yeti adventure, or because she's strapped in so she can't get away & still has a smile on her face for once ;-) ; but we stop, play, laugh like crazy, & then head down the highway again! I've got the coolest road trip sidekick ever! & today we got to follow the KTM RC Cup racing rig for a bit too... #lovemylittleyeti #ktmfactoryracing #rccup

Yesterday I turned 8 months old. Mom's been slackin' & not taking pictures of my month milestones so today we went to the park, had a good time, & got lots of pics. I've been crawling for about 6 weeks now, I climb stairs, I think I'm too big for baby food so I eat what everyone else does at dinner time, my favorite thing to say- yup, it's Dada, & I still like riding the 4 wheeler with mommy (now I'll even hold on to the handlebars). Mom doesn't know quite how big I am, she just says I'm hard to carry & will be as tall as her soon. I've got my 3rd & 4th teeth coming in, so I get a little cranky & drool like it's nobodies business, but all in all, life is good! & just to top off my good FIRST summer, I got to watch @kenroczen94 rock the outdoor mx series & win another championship... :-) #lovemylittleyeti #promotocross

4oz to freedom was the only chance I had; cuz I was grumpy & bein' bad... ;-p #sublime #lovemylittleyeti

This kid is definitely her father's daughter. I'm pretend sleeping so she crawls on me, pokes at me, & when ask else fails to get a reaction she gets her fingers full of slobber & shoves them in my nostrils... after I do the "Ahhhh" & flailing she's like "What, I didn't do anything?!" #freakinkid #shouldhavenamedherregan #lovemylittleyeti #whatalittleshit

I took roczyn for her 6 month shots & they sent me home with this 21lb piranha instead!! :-/ #lovemylittleyeti

I had a very busy first 4th of July! I took aunt Yvonne & uncle Dave out for their anniversary, went to breakfast & annoyed my friend Kaiya while she tried to eat her breakfast (mommy says I'm just like daddy, always messing with people), swam & made a new friend (Amanda) with aunt Maria & Ava, really started my mass produced baby bullet eating (Now I eat a lot of weird, often raw concoctions like granny!), & had 4th of July with grandma, grandpa, uncle Mike, Faith, daddy & mommy! #istartedsayingdaddythisweekend #imahotdog #momwontquitputtingstuffonmyhead #imatraveler #iwishthesedamnteethwillallgethere #lovemylittleyeti

Roczyn says "see that behind me, it's @kenroczen94 winning again, & at my first motocross race, with mommy & uncle Mike... so cool!" :-) #highpoint #lucasoilpromotocross #lovemylittleyeti

There it is, folks. The most dangerous of its kind... On this expadition we were extremely careful not to wake the beast, for it could have catastrophic effects. I present to you the ferociously fierce, sleeping, snoring, incredibly cute, grump-a-yeti!! #lovemylittleyeti #didntthinkthiskidwasevergonnanap #stupidmommysalwayspickingonme #nappers4life #wildlifeexpaditions #isleeplikeagrumpyoldman