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Take the leap dear one and jump! And remember no matter what the experience, no matter what happens, you will gain something. Look for what you have gained. For what you have learned about yourself. It is always there, always. Trust that if you try one thing, but it is not “the thing,” it will lead you to the next. It is always unfolding. You are on a journey of self-discovery, awakening to your true essence. ✨ . . . #inharmonywithspirit #releasethefear #letgo #selflove #moveforward #followyourheart #youaresupported #souljourney #trusttheprocess #soulawakening #channeledmessages #channeling #messagesfromspirit #innerwisdom #wordsthatinspire #dailyencouragement #lovingmessages #wordsofwisdom #graphicquotes #graphicdesign


2018-12-11 14:21:22

The best love is self love. You cannot love those around you properly if you do not love yourself first. You chose this body & this life for a reason, to do great things. What greater thing than love. Loving yourself opens doors of unimaginable abundance & gratitude. Remember to always be kind to yourself, you are still learning. Treat yourself as you would like to be treated by others. When you love yourself, the possibilities are endless. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖 • • • #selflove #selfloveclub #selflovejourney #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #healingcrystals #labradorite #labradoriteheart #rosequartzheart #innerhealing #innerhealingmovement #messageoflove #messageoftheday #lovingmessages #lightworkers #lightworkersunite #ambersaura

A great ceremony gets us every time. We love when couples incorporate fun and unique spaces for their wedding ceremony. An awesome venue paired with a sound plan helps everyone hear the messages shared between the couple. #ceremonylocation #uniqueceremony #beautifulstairs #uniqueweddingceremony #uniqueceremonyideas #architecture #ido #weddingvows #vows #lovingmessages #marriagevows #vowsofelegance

"I am happy to report that my inner child is still ageless!" 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶 “If I can go back in time, I would tell my little are beautiful, you are perfectly imperfect & you are loved." 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶 What loving message can you send to your inner child? #innerchildhealing #attachmenttheory #freedom #trueself #whoweweremeanttobe #relationaltrauma #therapy #psychology #growthspurt #nurturing #lovingmessages #innercritic #jews4mentalhealth

Samanta Linger

2018-11-11 09:04:14

I would like to thank everyone for the loving messages from my birthday 💋💋 This was my cake, photo was made by Edwin during a performance. I want to give everyone a digital piece. Thanks much love Samanta ❤ Photo was taken by Edwin Brouwer. Look at his Facebook Edwin Brouwer Or Instagram edmamawema @edmamawema #verjaardagtaart #birthdaycake #fototaart #lekkertaart #cakelover #fotograaf #fotografie #digitalart #lovingmessages #lieveberichtjes #samba #alshetmaarlekkeris #goodvibes #nicesmile #fotomoment #carnaval #nederland #showlady #beautiful #brazil #beautifulpic #fototje #photo #brazilvibes #sambadanser #looklikeabeauty #sambadancer #fotomoment

Sue Owen

2018-11-06 00:18:45

Feeling thrilled with my new Angel Oracle Cards ~ excited to be using them for my clients 😃💖😇#oracle #oraclecards #angelreadings #messages #guidancefromtheangels #lovingmessages #angelcardsreading #workingwithangels

SOUL MESSAGES FOR YOUR WEEK! Your inner critic is having a field day and it’s has the capacity to destroy the progress you are making, if you continue to let it run havoc. The first card of the week brings you a huge beaming heart glowing in your direction, reminding you that love is here for you also. Don’t let negative thoughts bring you down. Find a way to dissolve unwanted and disturbing thoughts. If the walls feel like they are closing in on you, get outside. Open spaces or even just a new space can have a great affect on how you feel. Mother Nature is always there for us, so pay her a visit. She will encourage you to breathe and let go. Spend quality time with her and feel the benefits of this interaction. It may also be nice to connect to your human mother or to people who you find loving and nurturing. They will have wise and loving words to share with you. Listen and take it in. Drop the torment and find your clarity. This will allow you to feel, see and acknowledge your truth. The last card gives us some insight as to why this flare up of self doubt and negativity is coming from. You have been going against your inner knowing for too long, so it had no choice but to get louder. Look at where you are putting up with people or behaviour that is not in service of good. Are you being dominated by a force that is tearing you down and diminishing your happiness? If so, it’s up to you to take back your power now. Determine what you value, speak your truth and be bold enough to say you deserve better. CARDS: Gaia Oracle by @toni_carmine_salerno

Abi Ⓥ

2018-10-22 12:31:32

🔮 WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING 🔮 OCTOBER 22-28 . ✨SAG-PISCES✨ SWIPE ➡️ to see the weekly message for your zodiac sign. Descriptions below! ⤵️ . . ♐️SAG- 🔸 THE HERMIT 🔸 The Angels come to you fierce Sagittarius gods & goddesses this week to tell you to take a step back, retreat within. Embrace solitude and use this full moon energy to quiet your mind and grow spiritually. You’ll benefit from quiet meditation and reflection. 🌝 Full Moon Affirmation: “ I embrace alone time and open myself up to spiritual growth.” . . . ♑️CAPRICORN- 🔥 SEVEN OF FIRE 🔥 This week you may face opposition, the Angels want you to stand your ground and defend your beliefs! You may shy away from confrontation but face it head on! In terms of career or investment opportunities, you need to be assertive and alert this week to avoid losing out. 🌝 Full Moon Affirmation: “I am centered and confident with my core beliefs. I stand my ground in the face of opposition.” . . . ♒️AQUARIUS- 💨 NINE OF AIR 💨 Positive thinking is essential this week as you may face some challenges. You may experience negative dreams, sleepless nights and anxious thoughts. You may encounter negativity this week, but stay strong and participate in stress relieving self care rituals like exercise, artistic endeavors, or meditation/relaxation. These self care activities will allow you to get out of your own head and find peace during this turbulent full moon energy coming your way. 🌝 Full Moon Affirmation: “I only allow positive thoughts. I am calm and peaceful.” . . . ♓️PISCES- 👭 UNITY 👬 Archangel Sandalphon comes to you this week with encouragement to expand your circle of friends. You have a lot to learn from the people you surround yourself with, and you cannot grow spiritually if you don’t reach out. Now is a great time to connect and seek out like minded individuals. You may feel held back, but use the full moon energy to reevaluate the limitations placed on YOU by YOU. 🌝 Full Moon Affirmation: “I am open to expanding my mind and my social circle.” . . . #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #oraclecards #weeklyguidance #weeklyoraclecardreading #weeklytarot #positivevibes #fullmoon

Abi Ⓥ

2018-10-15 12:12:50

🔮 WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING 🔮 OCTOBER 15-21 . ✨LEO-SCORPIO✨ SWIPE ➡️ to see the weekly message for your zodiac sign. Descriptions below! ⤵️ . . ♌️LEO- Clear out the negativity this week, Leo friends! The Angels recognize you need to clear ALL of your chakras to help improve your overall wellbeing and feel more energized. Visualization is key this week, so use clear quartz to help your brain fog clear up and your energy to flow smoothly. Call upon Archangel Metatron to open up and heal ALL of your chakras! 🌈Chakras: ALL . . . . ♍️VIRGO- Ok Virgos, time to TRUST yourself this week! Have confidence in your inner voice, you’re wiser than you think. The Angels are showing you clear quartz to remind you to meditate on those ideas you’ve been having to receive clear messages on what to do. You may ask Archangel Uriel for help, but ultimately you need to listen to your higher self this week. You know what to do. 🌈Chakras: Crown & Solar Plexus . . . ♎️LIBRA-Quiet your mind, and open your heart this week, Libras! Prosperity is on its way to you, don’t worry so much. These cards suggest you may have been struggling with financial/material worries but recognize that Archangel Ariel is here for you, helping to attract the support you need. You are always divinely protected and safe. 🌈Chakras: Root . . . . ♏️SCORPIO-Stay strong, everything is unfolding as it should be! Take a step back to observe your journey so far, what can you learn from your recent challenges? Use Leopardskin Jasper to help you heal and move on from past challenges. You are attracting the right energies you need to heal, know you’re divinely guided by Archangel Jeremiel. 🌈Chakras: Root . . . #astrology #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #weeklyspread #weeklyguidance #angelcards #angelcardreading #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #vegansofinstagram #crystals #crystalhealing #healingenergy #positivevibes #inspiration #lovingmessages #archangel #horoscope #positivevibes #raiseyourvibration #magick #zodiac #selflove #tarot

Abi Ⓥ

2018-10-15 12:06:21

🔮 WEEKLY ORACLE CARD READING 🔮 OCTOBER 15-21 ✨ARIES-CANCER✨ . SWIPE ➡️ to see the weekly message for your zodiac sign. Descriptions below! ⤵️ . . ♈️ARIES- Be compassionate with yourself and others this week. You don’t need to change your independent stance or competitive spirit, but approach situations with a loving heart and be empowered! Use lapis lazuli and rose quartz during meditation & dream time to receive loving & divine guidance this week. Connect with Archangel Zadkiel through dreams. 🌈Chakras: 3rd Eye, Throat & Heart . . . ♉️TAURUS- Allow yourself to shine this week, Taurus friends! The worst is behind you, and your recent challenges have made you stronger. Ask Archangel Jeremiel to increase your happiness and have a more positive outlook this week. Once you adopt a more merciful outlook, your self confidence will soar. Meditate with peacock copper and citrine. 🌈Chakras: Solar Plexus . . . ♊️GEMINI- Slow down this week, my busy bee Gemini friends! The Angels are asking you to have patience with yourself and others. Find peace within yourself and meditate with sodalite to balance your emotions and remain calm. Call upon Archangel Jophiel if you feel stressed or rushed, she will help you feel gratitude. 🌈Chakras: 3rd Eye & Throat . . . . ♋️CANCER- Stay grounded and focused this week as you move through the changes. You may be going through a recent career change, new job or newfound clarity with regards to your life purpose. Use hematite to stay grounded and calm the tension these changes bring forth. Clear away old energy and pay attention to your dreams with the help of Archangel Chamuel. 🌈Chakras: Root . . . #astrology #oraclecards #angelcards #angelcardreading #weeklyspread #weeklyreading #oraclecardreading #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #vegansofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #raiseyourvibration #spirituality #divineguidance #archangels #crystals #crystalhealing #healingenergy #healersofinstagram #horoscope #inspiration #weeklyguidance #selflove #compassion #lovingmessages #uplifting #cardsoftheweek #tarot #tarotreading #magick #zodiac

Marvin Baloloy

2018-10-02 21:02:50

Thank you for the loving messages, my dear kiddos... But I have no idea why most of your messages includes "salamat sir kasi palagi niyo kaming pinapasaya"... Do I look like a clown or am I really a clown to you? Hehehehhe Anyways, I appreciate all these little efforts and it made us (your teachers in Calong-ongan ES) feel blessed that despite of our shortcomings, you still recognize our passion to teach you. You are the very reason why we strive harder. Reading your loving messages makes it all worth it. Thanks again, my bunch of mischiefs!!! Sir Marva loves you!!! #sirmarva #calongonganes #pvcdistrict #worldteachersday #happtteachersday #lovingmessages #kahilakkoggamay #sulitkahitmakukulit 😍😘💗👏👏👏

Marie Bates Curry

2018-09-02 12:52:03

Happy Labor Day weekend! Ditch the heat and rain and make an appointment with The Mobile Medium today! You'll be glad you did! #mediumsarecool #lovingmessages #callforanappointment #youllbegladyoudid

Here’s the reveal from my #flowersofthenightoracle 💖. Card 1 - Night Gladiolus/Sensitivity - emotions and feelings are quite strong right now. Maybe something has arisen around you that has piqued your sensitivity, if that’s so just feel into it and ask yourself where that has come from. Compassion will see you though that. Alternatively it could be that there’s a deepening love connection or indeed a new love connection. Know that what is being reflected is your true feelings and emotions. But also know the same will be true for other people who are experiencing similar sensitivities. Someone may need your compassion and support right now and equally the same for you. Just remember boundaries and all will be well. It’s ok to be sensitive as you understand! Card 2 - Casablanca Lily/Celebration - there’s a cause for joy and celebration. Maybe it’s the arrival of a new baby, a wedding, new friends, d friends coming back to you or something similar. Take some time to really celebrate your connections, even if there have been difficulties it’s time to face such with unconditional love and compassion. Take some time to consider the connections you have and what you are grateful for and the aspects you value most! Card 3 - Red Flare Waterlily/Passion - new possibilities for romance or rekindling of existing relationship is indicated. Deepening connections. Sharing of feelings. There is also indication that this could also be about your relationship with yourself and also about your projects. Creative fire and passion bring new opportunities especially with your hobbies having the potential to become your career/income stream!! Passion runs right through this card. It wants you to speak your truth, live your truth and go boldly forward and pursue what your heart desires! Great things are indicated. Great abundance and success! Trust the process! Blessings to everyone ♥️♥️ #cardslinger #oraclemessages #lightworkersofinstagram #oraclereadersofinstagram #lightworker #messageoftheday #inspiringmessages #lovingmessages #loveistheway #lovemission #oracletribe #oraclereading #blessings #passion #celebration #compassion #sensitivity

Doggone Zen

2018-07-29 06:11:59

This sweet baby has been in Heaven a little less than a year. Her Mom wanted me to communicate with her beloved Dolly to see how she was. Dolly said she was “A OK” and even though their time was cut short she loved her Mom with all she had. She said the best seat in the house was in her Moms lap and she looked forward to snuggle time. She loved her adventures with her Mom as they did everything together! She went on to say that her Mom should not be alone and deserves the love of another. Dolly said when her Mom is ready she will connect her with the right baby. She said to look in their eyes and see me, you will know it’s true. Talk about healing your heart! Dolly gave her Mom permission to love again in honor of Dolly! How awesome is that? Tears of joy and healing 💜💜💜 #petmedium #petreadings #rainbowbridge #lovingmessages #healing #insight #clarity #dogsofinstagram #honor #petsandpeople #remotesessions #westpalmbeach #soflopetmedium

Le parole del cuore hanno una forma particolare... 🎶 Come le note sul pentagramma possono essere lette ed eseguite da chi conosce bene l'arte della musica... Così le note del cuore possono essere lette da chi conosce bene l'arte dell'amore. Credo che l'arte di amare, senza scomodare i più illustri filosofi e pensatori, sia come un filino d'erba che cresce tra le rocce: tenace, resiliente... portatore di vita anche tra le avversità, può nascere nei posti più impensabili. Ma... tornando a noi... le parole del cuore che messaggi lanciano? Se si basano sull'arte, allora quel filino d'erba col suo colore verde smeraldo e i suoi fiori che cresceranno rigogliosi che messaggio lanceranno? E due innamorati, con le loro parole, i loro gesti, i loro sguardi, quali messaggi invieranno? E tu? Quali parole e quali suoni usi per i tuoi messaggi dal cuore? Io oggi ho deciso di dedicare parte della serata ai miei messaggi dal cuore, indirizzati a chi mi sta vicino e a chi voglio bene: in primis a me stessa (la persona con cui convivrò per sempre 😂) e poi ai pochi intimi che rendono la mia vita speciale! Tu a chi vuoi mandare un messaggio dal cuore? Tagga qualcuno qui sotto ⬇😻 #messaggidalcuore #lovingmessages #psicologiasocial #messaggidalcuore #viteinconnessione #comunicarefelici #coppia #dallapsy #antoniettacaputopsiologa #counselingquotidiano #lapsicologaaportatadismartphone #lapsicologaonline #viteinconnessione #antoniettacaputopsicologa #dallapsicologa #dallapsy #consulenzapsicologicaonline #consulenzapsicologica #consulenzaonline #psicologadifiducia


2018-07-24 18:17:28

Recycled sweatshirts available ! Sustainably creating something new with clothes we already have to minimize pollution on this earth. We are creating a conscious effort to be aware of how we consume, while wearing positive messages for others to read. What you put out into this world makes a difference. 🦋 . . . . #sustainable #etsy #ecofriendlyclothes #ecofriendly #positive #effect #community #lovingmessages #positiveadvertisement #marketing #smallbusiness #etsyshop #recycleclothes #reuse #reuserevolution #aware #conscious

SEVEN by AuntyG

2018-07-20 12:20:40

I always like to add something a little special, and I love adding an engraved message to my copper heart gift tags! #copperaddiction #somethingspecial #copper #gifts #etsyseller #lovingmessages #anniversarygift #weddinggift #finishingtouches #cricutmade

Vicki Dilley

2018-07-16 20:35:37

I feel this message wasn't just meant for me, so I wanted to share as it may resonate with you ♡. Forgiveness of self & others is so important. I find it so empowering as it is something I have done & worked on for many many years in different ways. As we can hold onto so much hurt, anger, mis-understandings, sadness & grief etc that over time effects us in a way of not allowing ourselves to move forward, to enjoy life, embrace opportunities, to love, to live a life that we each all deserve. Not to say never to feel any of these feelings because we always will throughout life. It's normal we are human, but it doesn't mean we have to bring it through every moment of our life. Instead let it help you grow.It also doesn't mean we agree on other persons actions towards us either. Notice any blocks?There may be need of letting go of the past/situations that no longer serve you? No one needs to know you are doing it.This makes you more understanding & compassionate of yourself and others. Big or little. We all need to forgive ourselves & others time to time. Remember we are all doing our best, what we know best at the time. Love is the way! Love & light xXxX ♡♡♡ #angelmessage #angelmessages #angels #spiritualgrowth #soullearning #lovingmessages #forgiveness

Our Soul Centre

2018-05-02 13:41:43

Such beautiful inslirational greeting cards that you can find here at @oursoulcentre #inspirationalcards #lovingmessages #findtheperfectone #oursoulcentre

I was asked today ‘why do you connect to spirit and give messages?’ My response ‘I feel it brings needed healing to the person in front of me. To be able to give evidence of spirit to that person after their loved one has transitioned, it can bring so much relief and lift someone’s spirit at such a difficult time. It can alleviate fear of death and also help them to know that although their loved one is not physically here, their spirit lives on and is always with them. It’s brings me so much joy to connect and pass on loving support and messages’. I love what I’m able to provide 💜 the spirit in me honours and sees the spirit in you💜 #lovingmessages #lovefromspirit #spirit #lovingspirit #spiritguides #lovedones #transition #intuitive #healing #shamanichealing #tillwemeetagain #angels #angelhealing

Lily Ann

2018-03-21 18:17:10

Este tipo de mensajes son los que me motivan cuando me siento desanimada! Gracias a todos los que me escriben! 😊 🙏🏼 #inbox #lovingmessages

Sophie Wadsworth

2018-01-16 13:03:43

Just because @nevilljosh and I are in a house now, certainly doesn't mean that we have matured at all 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • • #pugshowercurtain #magiccats #magiccatsbedding #newbedding #grownups #adulting #pugs #cats #animals #mature #suchadults #muchwow #lovingmessages #animals #loveanimals #charmer

Arapina Bakery

2018-01-16 01:17:47

Blue Monday 2018 this is how we feel today! Write off yesterday and kick start the week with #colour #joy #lovingmessages #flowers #happiness. Or easier, come to our bakery and we will make your day!! #friendspromise #makeyourday #startoftheweek #blueisnotmycolour

Today’s cards are from Sonia Choquette and they are called Ask your spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guides can be a past loved one or a higher teacher from a different life time, could also be someone from a different galaxy. They are here to help and serve us to be the best at we can be, to make the right decision, or any answers that we may need help with, but we must ask them for help they can’t intervene without our consent. Pick a number, like and share this page, then come back and visit tonight for the posting of the revealed messages they carry. Love and light #blessings #cardsmessages #spirtguides #lovingmessages #readings #guidance

Joe Cleavely

2017-12-23 11:06:20

When a certain friend isn’t joining ya to complete the winter social triangle so you send him a loving picture wish he was here 🖕🏼😂😂😂 isn’t that right 🤔🙄😂😂😂😂 We felt so let down 😂😂 #wintersocial #brook #lovingmessages #fishingfriends 😂😂😂

When you work with flowers and crystals, you automatically access fairy energy. When communicating with fairies, notice any shift of thoughts, feelings or visions. This is the fairies way of giving you loving guidance and messages. #shivashaman #fairies #flowers #crystals #guidance #messages #lovingmessages #worldwide #nj

Grateful to feel the holiday cheer tonight for my last show of the year!! What a beautiful journey with spirit people, special humans and all the places near and far forever in my ❤️🎄🎀 #theamybrock #thespiritualintuitive #psychic #medium #healer #psychicmedium #spiritualcoach #lifecoach #spiritualteacher #intuition #platformdemonstration #liveaudiencereadings #soulhealing #messagesfromheaven #messagesfromspirit #lovingmessages

Cuando te sientes triste o desesperado... mira una flor y te recordará a la belleza de este mundo, de la suerte que tenemos de vivir en este planeta y de la magia de la pachamama.. 🌷🌸🌻🌺🌿 . When you feel sad or hopeless.. take a look at a flower and it will remind you of the beauty of this world, of how lucky we are to live on this planet and of the magic of mother earth... 🍃 . . . . . . . . #flowerhealing #flowers #flowersarethebest #floresandinas #flores #ecuadortravel #otavalo #refuge #cascadadepeguche #pachamama #healingjourney #natureismedicine #plantasmedicinales #lovingmessages #passionately #nofilterneeded

Tools of the trade #crystals #tarot #lovingmessages #divine

Gorgeous old French postcards, complete with stamps and messages. Pre WW1#vintagefrench #frenchforsale #vintage #postcards#oldpostcards #lovingmessages #vintagestamps

Hello dear ones, Today's intuitive message is to take time out and rest. The energy from last weekends full moon has us all feeling a bit tired still. This is time to allow things to unfold naturally and organically. Trust that whatever is meant for you will show up at the right time. Also I sense that some of you have been having trouble sleeping at night. This is partly due to some worries you have but my guides say it's also linked to your gallbladder feeling a little out of balance. Sometimes when we're having trouble making decisions, and or we are feeling uninspired in our lives, the gallbladder can show symptoms of imbalance. We can rebalance our gallbladders my gently placing our hands on our right side and saying the following affirmation: "It's now okay to open up and let go." Say this affirmation a couple times and picture your gallbladder filling with light. If anyone is interested in a private reading please DM me. 🌟💖#intuitivemessages #readings #tarot #oraclecards #lovingmessages #angels #guides #health #lettinggo #faith #trust #rest #timeout #break #decisions #gallbladder #guides #takecareofyourself #alliswell #sleep #relaxing #fullmoon #energyhealing #reiki #restore

Don't forget to give AND receive love today! Start with yourself. Facebook: Illuminated Halo #love #giver #receiver #iloveyou #iloveeveryone #iloveme #feelsgood #bschool #bschoolwoowoo #illuminatedhalo #intuitivereadings #angelcardreader #bepositive #lovingmessages #loving

Nancy Hartsoch

2017-06-13 12:00:44

A moment to visit the historical Liberty Bell in Philly. Murals with messages of true leaders of the country. #libertybell #freedom #philly #lovingmessages

"Healthy" Thin Mints to honor my dad! When you honor/celebrate spirit, it is present! Join Illuminated Halo on facebook for the recipe! #mediumship#lovingmessages#illuminatedhalo #intuitivereadings #cardreadings #nutritionforintuition

Today's card is: The Ocean . . It's about letting yourself move with the waves and accepting them as a beautiful part of its whole. Letting yourself move in and out of experiences and feeling states with water-like ease. Let yourself be taken where it's painful and then let yourself be taken to where it's joyful. The more that you try to brace against the wave with sheer might and resistance the more likely you are to be completely disoriented after the wave passes. . . If you can see the wave for what it is, just a moment that will take you wherever it will take you until it's done, you will be much more equipped to reorient yourself when the wave is over. . . You can dive into the wave willingly and notice how far it took you while you were under. If you engage with the wave consciously like this you're really able to notice the difference between where you were before vs after. This is because you've already accepted the reality of the wave coming and you're able to continue your perception of your path throughout. You know that you will come up on the other side & that your story will continue. When you are unwilling to accept the inevitability of the wave you create a false sense of future and when the wave comes you feel completely lost, hopeless and directionless. . . The waves will come, friends. There is no need to fear them. But don't worry that they will knock you off you feet. They do that so that the ocean can move you closer to what you desire (in ways that are challenging to consciously understand.) The more that you can dive into them willingly, knowing they will only take you closer to your desires, the more centered and balanced you will feel. You won't need to spend all of your time struggling with your concept of your path and feeling like you were wrong. The wave takes you closer to where you intended to be in this lifetime, it's the resistance to where you end up or the feeling that you've been lost and taken off course that makes you suffer and slows you down (even while you're above the wave.) #dailyguidancefromyourangelsoraclecards #angelcards #angelcardreading #angelmessages #dailymessages #oraclecards #lovingmessages #centering

Ashley Atkinson

2017-06-02 17:35:07

Another beautiful reiki treatment done tonight .... what an amazing feeling it is to follow your passion and help people while you are at it 🙏🏼 #reikiforlive #lovingmessages #improvingeveryday #trustmyintuition #messagesfromspirit #helpingothers #feelings #visions #asenseofknowing #purpose #loveandlight

Happy June! Here are your angel cards for the month: 1. Time to go 2. Entrepreneur 3. Assertiveness . This months message is about breaking out of the habits and structures that confine you! You don't need to smash everything, the energy is more of a steady movement toward a more freer way of living. What do you need to do in order to feel in more alignment with your soul? What abilities of yours are itching to be used and expressed? How do you want to be living? What is the lifestyle that you desire? . These are all important questions for you to really think about and make some decisions around. Once you know what you want, what you would prefer, you know what to ask for. Ask for the angels and any gods you connect to to bring you the signs and pathway for you to move in that direction. It's ok if you don't know how you'll get there but it's important that you have some ideas about what being there is like. It's ok if you don't have an image of exactly what it looks like, it's important to figure out how it feels. Do you have more time to make your own art? To spend time with friends? Are you working more collaboratively? Are you engaging with your work in a different way? Are you contributing to something that feels important to you? You are allowed to feel free🌻 you are allowed to feel like you are appreciated🌷There are more than enough resources for everyone on this planet. Society has its way of trapping and confining us. But it is not how it needs to be. Affirmation: This month I dream of a better future where my life is ideal and I'm happy and abundant doing what I love. I tap into how I want to feel and I allow that to be my anchor. I let my guides and angels know what I'd like to feel. I ask them everyday to guide me to make decisions that will get me closer to it. I am receptive to the signs they give me and proactive about pursuing what feels better to me. I'm not afraid if any old pains are brought up to be reprocessed. This is all part of the process of me moving closer to my ideal life and I know that I am being helped along the way. Even if it seems slow and daunting, it is where I'm heading. . Thank you @egodeath.unltd for the deck💜🌿!!

#lovingmessages#poland #albania #russia #chile 😻 miss u guys

Devata | Goddess

2017-05-01 15:46:07

In this card, the lightness of the aura around Ganesha portrays innocence. Don't lose touch with the innocence within you. By being soft and still you give the Universe the opportunity to assist you in creating your desires. If you are making changes in your job situation, relationships, or even the direction of your life path, approach with a sense of exploration and excited curiosity of a child. Allow your heart to be centered in a place of peace. Call upon Ganesha for guidance to renew your mind and refresh your thinking. - Whispers of Lord Ganesha #devatayoga #oraclecards #lordganesha #ganesha #innocence #guidance #changes #newbeginnings #yoga #yogi #healing #loveandlight #love #lovingmessages

Kate Oppong

2017-04-29 14:22:34

"So it's the year to share right? Okay so awakening spiritually is really important to me and to help everyone around me. This has nothing to do with being perfect. That's impossible. I remember mum and dad's friend would meditate together quite often. I absolutely see everyone as family and she was like family to me. Sadly we couldn't get in connect with her for dad's funeral. But anyways sooooo. Meditation is about stillness not necessarily completely stillinh the mind just being unbothered by thoughts and lerting them float by. Meditation stimulate the pineal gland which everybody has access to all animals with a vertebrae have a third eye. Since a kid I've been able to predict things. In one of the letters dad sent me he was explaining how there are enough chemicals in your mind to get you naturally high. I didn't understand this till now!! Through the Pineal gland or third eye which produces DMT "the spirit molecule".Which also makes you dream. This may seem obvious but wasnt at 15. Something clicked just now on my walk. I feel like he was subconsciously trying to help awaken my spirit." #epiphone #dad #intelligence #innerchild #letswakeup #create #creative #childhood #remembering #love #connection #lightlanguage #galactic #destiny #lovingmessages #pinealgland #thirdeye #spirals #spirituality

Just waiting for the ladies to arrive for our "Afternoon with the Angels-2" event here at The Sip & Clip Coffee House! #angels #lovingmessages #spiritualguidance #spirit guides

Medium Kelley

2017-02-22 19:14:31

A Little bit about me. I have always been the optimist all my life, making the most of every situation. Life has not always been easy and I have endured some pretty rough times since childhood, yet I always remained happy and excited about life. This is just the nature of my soul. I don’t believe in negativity. I am a strong believer of “Like attracts Like” meaning that if I want to be around positive happy people then I need to be a positive happy person. When giving a reading, I look for the best in every situation, to me the way I deliver a message is very important. I want the love and positivity from spirit or a psychic reading to show through for my client. This doesn’t mean to say what the client wants to hear, I am authentic to spirit, myself and my client. I provide the information as I receive it. I try to empower my clients by giving them tools. I share my light. This is who I am! #mediumkelley #empower #love #spiritlove #psychicreading #mediumship #raisingvibrations #lovingmessages #beingauthentic #truth #inspire

Today is the last day to register for Couples Readings at Breathe N Flow yoga studios!!! Don't miss out! I'll be in Oceanside on Saturday from 230-530 and I'll be in Freeport on Sunday from 130-430. You must register in advance so if you're thinking about going, reserve your spot today!!!!!

This weekend!! ❤️

💥💥Best day ever💥💥 FPG tanks have arrived and I ordered extras to help spread the message! If you want one, shoot me a message. #courageouslyloveyourself #unconditionally #fittank #lovingmessages #warrioress

sete sentidos

2018-02-10 02:53:20

Encontro mensagens por toda a casa. Estão dentro de mim. Deveriam mas não estão. Sou terrivelmente incostante. Ora melancólica, ora vibrante. E basta olhar em frente e depois para cima. Segurá-las inteiras e colar os pedaços que faltam. As metades. As minhas metades. #setesentidos #lovingphotography #fotografia #projecto365 #lovingmessages #photography #365project

Xanthia Pink

2017-01-17 11:10:40

I have always loved this amazing quote by Rumi: " What you seek is seeking You"🦋💞✨ Once I really tap into this as an unwavering truth, my heart becomes more at ease. 💖🦋🙏🏻We have desires that are inherent in us because a part of us knows that what we desire truly DOES exist. That there is a vibrational match to us and our highest and greatest good ! When we become aware of this , we illuminate hope and possibility of finding & creating that which we are truly looking for! What's more beautiful is to discover it is already inside of you, and it is waiting to be manifested into life! 💕🦋🙏🏻Sending out Loving vibrations to all who need extra support today!!! #raiseyourvibes#loveyourself#goodmorning#love#hope#healing#lovingmessages#rumi#wordsofwisdom

Our AMAZING (funny, cool, spiritual, down to earth....we could go on forever) leader Ariella! She gave so much of herself to us this week, so we gave her a bowling pin! (fair trade right? 😬😁😜🤓) #heritageretreats #lovingmessages #ourfearlessleader #lit #friendship #thankyou


2016-12-23 11:36:32

Best Christmas list ever!! #selfless #lovingmessages #awareness #tododaily #specialquotes


2016-11-16 10:47:28

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Pilar Marín

2018-01-22 14:53:30

Estrenando taza! "Los amigos son como las estrellas⭐⭐, no siempre los puedes ver 🙈 pero sabes que están ahí🙌🙌" #lovingmessages #friendphrase #friendshipquotes #frasesamistad #tazaamistad