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1 Day 21 Hours Ago

Hi guys, I was given 2 lyft gift cards for my birthday and there is no way for me to convert it to cash. I want to help myself and others because I don’t use lyft but I see that others want discounts for existing users and lyft simply won’t provide that. I call anybody who needs one a lyft, but once I call it you must send me $5 or I’ll cancel, and the ride can be no more than $10, if it is more you must send $5 off the original ride cost! For example: if the ride is going to be $20.00 you would send me $15.00 and if the ride is going to be $7.00, you would send me $2.00 My payment method is already on file as well so I’m responsible for paying for the ride. It’s a win win for the both of us ! -Simply provide your pick up and drop off location- YOU ARE BASICALLY GETTING $5 off your ride! (I will also send ride receipt to your phone number or email) PLEASE NOTE: I do send screenshots of the car, your driver, and license plate so you know that I called the lyft for you, once the ride is confirmed, please send the money as I do not want my payment method to be charged a cancellation fee and be down my money! If interested you can comment below or shoot me an email/text: 347-746-6361 Email: ofiljok@gmail.com NO PHONE NUMBER!! NO CREDIT CARD!! My goal is to convert these gift cards to cash and put them to use (: if interested comment below my PayPal: ofiljok@gmail.com Preferred payment^^^ #lyft #lyftrides #unlimitedlyftrides #freegiftcard #lyftinvite #lyftpromo #uberrides #uberpromo #uberpromocodes #lyftpromocodes #lyftfree #lyftfreeride #freelyftride #lyft #ubereats #lyftcodes #lyftcoupon #lyftcredit #lyft