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Fun fact: I get bored of the same gym easily and new gyms motivate me. So I will drive 30 min just to go to a new gym, it's dope cause each gym has a different vibe an different equipment an it's just motivating in a way.

💥Post-show Physique Update 💥 ••• Current stats: -Height: 5'4" -Weight: 116-117 (~4-5lbs above stage weight) As promised, here is my current physique 3 weeks post-Nationals and 3 weeks into my reverse diet/improvement season. I always want to be as transparent and honest with my followers and posting post show physique updates is just as important as posting the highlights of your progress in prep. Right now my macros have gone up while my cardio has gone down, energy levels are starting to go back up and my workouts are SO much better! It's crazy bc i never realized how low my energy levels for my workouts had gotten bc in prep I'm so focused on that end goal that i don't even think about it! ••• One negative issue I'm currently experiencing is my digestive system is a wreck 💩 not that it's abnormal for me to have digestive issues bc i have my entire life but I've definitely been experiencing a whole new level of it. Which in turn has caused severe bloating but weight fluctuations and sometimes waking up with an extremely uncomfortable distended stomach. Given time i know this will buff out and my system will start to regulate again. (hopefully lol 🙏🏼) ••• Other than the digestive issues, at this point in my reverse, currently i am HAPPY about where I'm at both mentally and physically. I'm comfortable with how i look my body is at a comfortable weight again where it's happy as well. One thing i will say is getting to that extreme level of leanness for stage is an amazing feeling of accomplishment, but it's also very uncomfortable at times. I'm happy to be filled back out again and not to be extremely thin and wiry anymore. My body is also happy to finally have put some healthy weight back on. I've been able to live a semi-normal life again and it's been SO nice! There's a time and a place to be stage lean, but for now I'm happy with where I'm at and excited to continue on with my improvement season, increase food and make some lean gains in the areas i need to focus and improve on 🙌🏼

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Leggies successfully destroyed 🍑😄💪🏼 Full workout below!! Also you guys this hat I’m wearing was freaking $3 at Walmart and it’s so freakin cute! Just thought I would let ya know 😉😘 Workout: 🔥 4 x 8 High Bar Squats 🔥 3 x 12 BB Hip Thrusts ➡️ 2 x 5 (heavy) 🔥 3 x 10 Goblet Squats 🔥 4 x 10 DB Straight Leg Deadlifts

Hi friends! Life has been busy between school, getting ready for Christmas and holiday functions these last few days. I haven’t done any physique updates really since if I finished my reverse, so I figured I’d post one tonight. The picture on the left is from almost a year ago (January) and the right is from last weekend. My weight is the same (+\- a pound or two) but my body composition has changed a lot and I definitely carry my weight differently (and I’d say, in a better way.) I’d like to think I’ve put some muscle on in the past year, but there’s definitely other factors at play too. I’ve been working with a great coach this past year (aka mama 🐻) who has guided me right along. I’m eating more now than I ever have before, lifting more and continuously feeling stronger. It’s legit amazing how much of a difference fueling your body correctly makes during your workouts and how much it can improve your metabolism and your body’s overall function. Generally, I track macros, but that doesn’t mean I don’t go out and enjoy myself on occasion or have a drink here or there (cause that’s life 💁🏼). There was a time when I thought tracking was crazy and stressful, but now, I actually really enjoy it. Do I track everyday? Also, definitely not. There’s a time and place for that and it isn’t right now. Your off season is a great time to get in tuned with your body, its signals and its cues. To really press the restart button and get a better understanding and feel for your body and what it wants and needs. This entire year, this journey, has reminded me how amazing the human body really is, how resilient it is and how much it is truly capable of.

Featuring 🏆 #best of the #fridgeselfie series ”🏆 ...in case someone needed some organization or grocery inspo this evening 🤗 . . We had such a wonderful time in nyc today (see some highlights in stories )... I am cuddled up next to the fire now while watching the Shark Tank... for some reason I always say “I could have thought of that!” 😂😂 . How was everyone else’s weekend? . . Xoxo SP . . . . #mealprep#sundayshelfie#shelfie #mealprepsunday#pantry#eatwell#cleanfoodshare#healthyfoodshare #bbg#macros #vegetarian#nutritionschool #glutenfree#iinmyfridge#mealpreponfleek

True friendships are meant to withstand the test of time. It’s a shame I only get to see him once a year.

So, I’ve been sick with the flu for the past 10 days (which I’m positive has now evolved into ‘Walking Pneumonia’), and I haven’t been eating much through the day. I seem to still be in a weight-loss stall and I’m not sure how to keep my ketone levels up while I have no appetite! Any suggestions would be welcome:

Pretty sure I have a sweet tooth from hell😅 Though I’m excited for the days of chest splits, smaller thighs, a diced V taper back, & the 130s for now I’ll enjoy eating cookies twice a day with PB bc coach hooked me up with all the carbs & fats & #iifym 🤷🏼‍♀️ - like I legitimately did not know what to do with myself today😂😍 But here’s a throwback to July when I was eating @halotopcreamery & @kodiakcakes for breakfast trying to survive 😅 The struggle is real. #preplife #sweettooth #girlswholift #bodybuilding #gainz #food #macros #flexibledieting

Macros of [2017] by @paintedpolishbylexi!

Today it was Arwen's turn to help with the holiday baking.



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Trusting the process is hard at times, sometimes we just want to give up and quit because we’re not getting the results we want , or we’ve lost abit of motivation , or for the bingeater like myself we have that sudden urge or we’re just having a bad day !! DON’T GIVE UP you’re just that one step closer , every day is a step closer if we just trust the journey .Chase your goals chase your dreams never limit yourself , it may seem so far away but you’re just that one step away , remind yourself daily why you started and what it means for you ! Don’t let that one little slip up define who you are and where you’re going ! just keep trusting the process you’re amazing you’ve come to far to give up now keep hanging on to those dreams and goals ❤️🙌🏽🥙🍃 #dreams #goals #reality #determination #fitnessgoals #lifegoals #fitnessdreams #lifedreams #goals #dreams #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fattofittt #fattofitjourney #trusttheprocess #nevergiveup #fitwomen #positivevibes #positivequotes #motivation #goodvibes #healthy #healthyliving #healthyeating #recoveringbingeater #mealpreps #macros #iffym #onestepatatime #womenwholift #instafollow #instapic

Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. Having self-control will get you further than constantly reacting to everything that’s trying to test your patience. Center yourself and remain calm in difficult or challenging situations. Thinking that you have to rush things will only slow you down. Believe that everything will align for you and trust the power of divine timing✨

Monday sets the tone for the week..... Monday can either be the start to a struggle week or a fresh reminder that this week you will be strong! • • Join @mrs.nicholeallen for 45 minutes at Rise & Grind 6:00am 💪🏼💦 to kick off your Monday morning!! You’ll leave focused and determined. O! Remember ALL #groupfitness classes are #free for December how could you not come start your week off with a great workout!? : . : #yeggers #yegfit #niskufitness #nisku #yegfitfam #newweek #newgoals #focused #motivated #groupfitness #riseandgrind #personaltrainer #nutrition #macros #monday #mondaymotivation #luxefitnessnisku #leducfitness #beaumontfitness #yegfitness


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460 calories worth of goodness! 🤩 Brown rice and quinoa, Moroccan lamb rump steak and haloumi salad. Just amazing! #highprotein#iifym#weightloss#myjourney#salad#eatyosalad#iifymaustralia#iifymgirls#fitfam#fitfoodie#macros#macrofriendly

Forgot to order or prep this upcoming week? There is a limited amount of Grab&Go meals available at @kranknutley this week. First come first serve!! Get it while izzz hot! DM for availability! #yum #grabandgo #convience #mealprep #mealprepmadeeasy #mealplan #mealplanning #fatloss #fatburn #muscle #fitfam #weightloss #weightlossjourney #transformation #progress #healthy #healthyeats #igfood #food #foodie #macros #micros #lifestyle

Ya estoy listo para ser amo de casa 🤗🤣 #mealprep #fitness #healthy #macros 😎💪🏻

Meal prep for macros by meal... not by day. Not pictured... post workout meal. I’ve been having a real hard time hitting numbers so I spent today calculating and crunching. I’m really not losing much yet. #chicswholift #fitgirls #fitasfuckby40 #mealprep #macros #tatortotsaremyfavorite #goals #theresnochocolatehere #only5mealsaday

🙄So many programs out here scream “It’s the Science.” There is no Science out here that beats ACTUAL SCIENCE😂. There is only 1 science based diet and that is called Tracking Macronutrients. People are just taking this system, renaming it & marketing it you as if they know some new shit😎. Some pages will give you the break down in P/F/C others will give you pre-measured food to just weigh out in oz/cups..............👉If there was some new & improved way to Cut Body fat and Build Lean Muscle out here don’t you think the bodybuilding community would hear of that first? Not some "Poppin" Page on IG claiming the secrets so buy now! Bodybuilders do this for a living lol…so trust me they would have this so called “New science.”95% of Bodybuilders Track Macronutrients daily & that’s why I do it too. I don’t want fitness on that level. I just use it to help me reshape my body but I like the mathematic accuracy to this process. I like knowing what will happen if I follow it & I like the systematic approach. This diet is scalable so you can go as extreme as you want all the way to just a general lifestyle change. I wish I could say learning on your own is easy. It’s a formula/math, body type understanding & takes an understanding of muscle/fat ratio to create them. Once you have Macros Tracking them is much easier: that takes owning a food scale, weighing out your food & understanding how to read labels. 🔶Most of the reason people aren’t where they want to be is due to not understanding how to read a label. Regardless if you track macros or just try to eat clean intuitively you should still be looking at labels prior to leaving the grocery store. I plan to make a post soon on how to read nutritional labels. 👉Swipe for last weeks diet, NO macro log will be posted for week 11, I am testing out new macros this week & next here is my option 1. ❤️Fat 42g, Protein, 187g & Carbs 98g❤️. Going more Keto Style on this set but as you can see my Carbs are about 39g less than previous macros. Not happy about that but the fat should balance it out. I have another set of macros that are the same caloric count but are allocated differently I will test out the following week.Stay tuned!

You get what you put in ⛓ - . Being stagnant in life is only going to get you left behind. If you’re doing the same shit everyday, you’re never going to advance. . - there’s no new knowledge in something you already know/done. Be willing to try new things, be willing to get out of your comfort zone. . . . . . . . . . . . #supps #feeltheburn #getfit #adventure #exercise #eatclean #preworkout #energy #fitnation #strong #model #fitnation #carbs #supplements #powerlifter #refeed #biceps #barbell #dowork #fitnessmodel #sunsoutgunsout #protein #cardio #fitnessmodel #beach #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #gymshark #pump #gymselfie

TAG that one friend who always goes overboard with the #holiday lights. 😂

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What a difference a week can make 😤 while prepping for my exam, I wasn’t able to work out much ☹️ program called for 215 on bench so I was excited! - It was only 3 x 3 but I struggled way too much!! It just goes to show that consistency is critical. You use it or lose it 😂 Video is my last set because people love standing right in front of my camera 😒 - - Workout Bench: 215 for 3 x 3 DB Incline Bench: 60 for 3 x 6 Lateral raises: 17.5 for 3 x failure BTNP: bar for 3 x failure - - Song: Chambea by Bad Bunny