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Izzet the best? It sure it.

B+W is a powerful combination. Long live Orzhov.

And then everyone turns on each other.

And it has flying so no one can get over it. Art from Wall of Swords.

Cardboard crack, not even once.

Lightning Timbs, drake, Jeff goldblum, and big chungus walk into a memes.

Sure it is. Template from @theyhadsomuchpotential whom you should follow


They're coming for ya. From the new art / card by @sebmckinnon on Bedevil Blank on 2 if you want it. #memetemplate #memeformat

Big Chungus is OP.

Literally. From elvish bard by #susanvancamp Alliances art is wild, y'all.

You just wait while I figure out how to win.

Now, fulfill your destiny and take your father's place at my side.

Oh no. Thanks to @babayagabiscuits for the format, it's one 3.

Sol rings, lightning greaves or bust With this 40 life, there ain't nobody you can trust No evincar's justice, it's just us In fact, staying untapped it be a must And each and every play around the table sucks And salty so called partners'll try to call your bluff Its called betrayal First is magic, 2nd is about IT culture, 3rd is a blank. Caption is a play on betrayal by #gangstarr and probably cringey but oh well. #memetemplate #memeformat

I made a format and there is something for everyone. Magic on 1, joe Rogan on 2, guns, dogs baby on 3, osha violation 4, alien porn on 5, blank on 6. #memetemplate #memeformat

It's a movie about rich kids casting force of will and other counters repeatedly.

Just because someone's life total is low doesn't make them not a threat.

"LiBrUlS hAtE jOkEs." - @tank.sinatra and @donaldjtrumpjr the bastions of internet humor. Edit: this is making fun of the 2 mentioned above thinking this sort of thing is clever.

I wish this existed. Reposted because I misspelled her name. Art from jaya Ballard by @magali_villeneuve

Prepare your child for when they meet him.

Treemogoyf dies to fatal pushmas.

Spoopy. #livelaughmull

Oh tarmotree, oh tarmotree, How lovely are your graveyards. Season's goyfings yall.

Gimme dem toes, vraska. #footfriday is back y'all. Art by @aleksibriclot from vraska, the unseen. #foot #feet #fridayfeet #pedicure

What's up fellow kids?

You have no power here. Thanks to @hehadsomuchpotential for the format, the blank is on 2

I'm excited but also not. Gonna have to up hygiene requirements for entrance for some of the fanbase.

Turns out it was me all along.


2018-12-12 09:43:57

Thanks is after the Infinity Sol Rings #magicthegathering #mtg #meme #thanos #magicthehatering #giveaway

Those creatures have names, y'all.

You're an asshole and you deserved to lose first.

I try and stay TF out of people's DMs personally. 2nd one is about skating. Art from launch party by the great @lucasgracianoart

Thanks to @hehadsomuchpotential for the head.

We did it! They finally raided @atomicashes and shut down his illegal counterfeit operation.

Sometimes I say the second half of this quote and others I don't. I never actually come over though.

If you're playing in a modern tournament...

I'd say 1 for me. I felt like burning the world down last night and probably will tonight too.

I can smell yours from across the internet.

Regardless of your favorite format, this keeps us all up at night I believe.

If you don't call thing in the ice, titi, you're wrong. #bigtiddygothgf #tiddies #titi #elivra #morrigan

This isn't me, it's for @live.mtg who just lost their home. Link is in their bio. Help out if you can.

Effective vs effective and efficient cards.

Can someone with bangs answer this question plz? Art from memory lapse by the God tier @marktedin #bangs

This is based on science. I'm a mix of 3, 5, 7, 8. #jace

Thanks for the well wishes from everyone over the past 24 hours, hatering appreciates the love. I'll keep posting as stuff comes to mind. Gives me something else to think about and I've always turned to humor when I've been down in life. Reminds me of the lenny Bruce quote, "The only honest art form is laughter, comedy. You can't fake it...try to fake three laughs in an hour -- ha ha ha ha ha -- they'll take you away, man. You can't." This ain't art and I ain't funny tho so. Rant over. #nnn #nonutnovember

There's more than this but it's a start. You got your Poindexters, stinky folk, traders, table flippers, those who attribute your good plays to luck, and stoners here. I love mtg but for real, it's hard to find chill people to play with.

I wanna be pretty like Joven. Thanks to @mtg_fakenews for reminding me that Joven existed.

INB4 filthy netdeckers.

Magic meme on 1, non mtg meme on 2.

Zig a zig ah.

It's hard to look away. Thanks to @gratum_mortuis for this one.

I cant wash this off. Still took those turns and won on my third turn of the turn.

Y'ain't that far off.

Fuck with me.

Pop goes your chances of winning.

I'm prone to misplays that cost me the game, y'all ain't gotta worry about me.

Naturalize your problems.

C'mon. Edit: not my actual deck list

Beautiful. Art from annihilating fire by @cearleyclint

Sneaky ass force of will.

You playgroup privileges will be revoked. Inspired by the real life happenings of @ratchet_the_splattering

Enter promo code "since wotc is fucking the fan base, I may as well fuck myself" on Adam and eve for 50% off. Just kidding. I've not sold out yet.

I'm in a LTR of love and hate with counter magic.

Who ya got? I've seen boxes in the 240-260 range which is reasonable ish but the $336 tag is way too high.

Gonna get ya, stop running.

Me watching is just me saying "why'd you play that like that?" over and over. And laughing at them saying things like a vanilla 2/2 for 2 is good value. It ain't.

No half measures. From Dark Depths by #mathiaskollros Blank on 2.

Y'all thought other master's sets were too expensive? Here's our solution: MORE EXPENSIVE PACKS! #uma #ultimatemasters #mtguma #ea

$336 a Box or $14 a pack? It's a dope set but super pricey IMO. What do y'all think? #uma #ultimatemasters

Joy of joys.

Come on down.

I sold my karns this year and miss him dearly.

I wish I could wipe my own memory.