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2 Minutes Ago

Influence + Impact = INCOME. What if you could influence the world by being 100% authentic and completely you? What if you could impact thousands of lives and transform the world? What if you could earn an income while living your passion? ...oh WAIT. Honeys I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can! 🙏🏼 Starting my own business is the BEST thing I've ever done! 🙌🏼 - This business has allowed me to.. dream big // travel the world // meet some of my best friends // impact so many lives // say yes to me // design my days // prove to myself that I can & I am worthy // create something I am proud of // gave me back my confidence // grow daily // never miss out // quit my 9-5 job // so fricking much!! I'm beyond proud of the life I am creating + all of the lives I am changing 🙏🏼💗 - - - #beautiful #manifest #abundance #happy #health #healthy #skin #weightloss #selflove #manifestation #love #wealth #vegan #plantbased #inspo #inspirational #sydney #entrepreneur #business #hiring #nowhiring #jobhunt #job #holistic #skin #acne #travel

2nd coming.

@elixirbottomsup got the fam on one! Thank you go support this business. Follow and shop.

I keep hearing this voice saying... . Don’t give up . Keep going . Keep on keeping on . Be persistent . You have a specific purpose and it is crucial that you carry out this purpose . And so I listen 💖


5 Minutes Ago

Can’t touch this 😝🌺🌿 VEGAN BAE 💗 . Remembering my playful, inner child, and embracing the light, carefree, dancing, skipping around energy 🤪 . #innerchild #vata #awakening #vegan #veganaf #curlygirlmethod #cgmethod #wavycurly #devacut #devacurl #manifestation #spirituality #positivevibes


13 Hours Ago

✨ “The price of anything, is the amount of life you exchange for it.” - Henry D. Thoreau ✨ Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a recurring theme in the conversations I’m having, time. 🕑 We walk around with the misconception that there will always be “enough time”.. that we will get around to that thing we want to do next weekend, find a new job when the time is right or someday we’ll be happier.. but the reality is, there is no right time or someday.. there is only right now, this very moment you are in, that’s all you know for certain. 🦋 This sunk in for me some weeks ago, at the Landmark Forum, and since then my attitude has shifted to a whole new level in order to achieve my goals and dreams. Needless to say, this is not about being busy for busyness sake, but about looking back on your life knowing you made a concentrated effort to live and not just exist. In the last several weeks I have booked trips✈️, tickets to shows, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Blue Box café for my birthday 💍 and so much more, because I know that in a few months from now that time will have passed whether I’ve done something that has enriched my life, or not. So be honest with yourself, are you just marking time or are you actually seizing moments and planning things that will enrich your life? ✨ This looks different to us all, for some people it’s watching the sunrise, and for others it’s backpacking across Asia. Whatever your soul wants, write it down, and make it happen. I want to look back one day and have been happily tired from all the living I’ve done, I’m sure you do too.. 💖 ps eating rainbow cake totally counts too 🌈


11 Minutes Ago

Hey wandering Souls! What is my “why”? You ask yourself. What is a “WHY” anyway? • Your WHY is the reason you want to grow. The reason you want to prosper. • Getting to where you want to be should not feel like you have to work super long hours and nonstop days. • For this reason you are taking “action” • We don’t want that. We want ... • INSPIRED ACTION • Inspired action is where we create, where when we are reaching our goals, it doesn’t feel like work. It just comes naturally. • Inspired action is when you’re creating content and working hard but you’re at peace. This isn’t “work” to you. It’s your obsession. It’s what you love. ✨ I, myself, am learning that we don’t have to work 2 jobs or long days and hours to make a living. That’s just what our ego wants us to do. But what about our higher self? What does our higher self say? If you create art, write, sing, act whatever gift you know you have and were meant to share with the world, that’s your higher self! And when our higher self speaks to us, we must take action. Inspired action that is. Our desires come naturally. We shouldn’t have to work for them. 🌿


6 Minutes Ago

Remember to only ever speak out positivity.😊🙏The universe wants to bring you abundance and for you to experience true happiness.🌸 What are you trying to manifest? #positivethinking #positivity #positivevibes #positiveaffirmations #positivevibesonly #grateful #gratitude #gratefulheart #manifesting #manifest #manifestation #money #moneyaffirmations #moneymotivated #happy #happiness #focus #dreams #goals #abundance #lawofattraction #attraction #meditation #meditate


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Post #4, that song is my shit. But the way my lunatic button is set up.... 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ This is why spiritual cleansing is so necessary, you don’t know what has taken place, so protect your spirit at all cost. When you deal with someone who has multiple partners, their partners become your spiritual partners. Hopefully this will touch someone spiritually this morning. Stop and think before you ruin people’s lives. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄👏🏽😏💯🧞‍♀️ #kings #queens #monabelike #hellonursebelike #spiritualhealer #spiritualgangster #she #shewhodares #iamshe #supremebeing #goddess #godbynature #scorpioascendant #capricornsun #piscesmoon #waterdominant #iamthatiam #manifestation #thealchemistmona #thebronxbruja #bruja #healyourself #badandbruja #higherself #twinflame #twinflameshit #oya


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✨Ritual. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Follow your urge & drop in. Whatever feels nourishing & safe for you. . . . #sacred #ceremony #ritual #practice #mindfulness #tunein #grounddown #presence #alanafairchild #manifestation


13 Minutes Ago

• HIGH VIBE • Few weeks ago we had such a great time at the Temple Bird tribe event led by @lore_solaris Thank you everyone for coming and thank you lore for the magical music & high vibe on that night. Photo : @brendanmcmullanphotography


19 Minutes Ago

Fresh coconuts are one of our all time favourite drinks!! 🌴 🌊 They are full of electrolytes & we love to get a spoon & scrape out the yummy flesh inside 😁 We are proud to say we can even open them ourselves! 💪 Have you ever had a fresh coconut?? Ps just after this photo I got attacked by ants! 🐜😬🤺 So we recommend putting the coconut shell with its leftover sweetness away from your setup to avoid those little gatecrashers... 😝


20 Minutes Ago

💭 THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS 💭 . Our brains are SO intelligent. We can imagine something that isn’t there. Our subconscious minds are being filled with information every single second without us realising. We take in a LOT every day. This is why sometimes you might wonder why you’re so exhausted even though you’ve not done anything physically demanding…. your mind is on over-drive. ✨ When you’re surrounding yourself with things, make sure they are things that make you smile, things that uplift you, people that make you happy, sounds, smells, views that make your heart sing. The more happiness and positivity you fill your subconscious with, the more powerful your mind will become in protecting you from the negative things that happen. 💖 If you’re not concentrating on yourself and doing things to create a strong positive mindset, the small things that happen throughout your day will become a HUGE thing you feel you can’t handle. ✨ Our mind will begin to race. To create things that haven’t happened. To build up anxiety and thoughts in our minds that bad things might come of the small thing that’s happened. Whereas if you had a strong positive mindset, you won’t see that small issue as an issue at all. It will be a “matter of fact” kind of situation. It won’t bring your mood down and you will take it in your stride. 💖 That’s the difference in progressing with your personal development journey and staying pretty still or going backwards. ✨ What you think about you bring about. So fill your minds with positive things so your subconscious is protected... 💖 What mindset techniques do you follow & use daily? Share with me in the comments 👇🏻 . P.S. Did you catch last week’s FREE Manifesting Challenge? Hit the link in the bio to catch up on what you missed! Time to start Manifesting the GOOD stuff gorgeous one!! 🙌🏼 . 📸 @crystalmonkeyjewelry . #jennifergracecoaching #prosperandflourish


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23 Minutes Ago

HOW NOT TO BREAK A JUICEFAST 😑🍉🍋☀️💛 • I unintentionally broke my fast a couple of days ago (Day 47) I wasn't hungry, I didn't want to eat and I was completely fine during the day but in the evenings I felt more and more empty. Empty inside, lonely and I just needed some love. I wasn't ready to release these emotions, to surrender and let go. So I compensated with food and ate roasted and salted pistachios. You NEVER EVER want to do that. 😬🤒🤧 • I instantly felt my lymph nodes on my neck, my stomach felt like I swallowed stones and I was just numbed out. I couldn't really think straight and went to sleep. On the next day I woke up with bags under my eyes, my nose and throat full of mucus, my eyes were a bit swollen. My lips were expelling acids and since then I even have two small rashes on my stomach/rib area. I also started smelling so horrible. Sorry if this is too much information for some of you but I just want to keep it real and show you the effects of food like products that we are not meant to consume. 🍽🚫⚠️ • In the past I would've stressed out about my stupidity but I don't see these things as something 'bad' anymore. The only thing I focus on now when something 'bad' happens is WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THAT? Or what is this trying to teach me? You can tell a small child 5292 times that fire is hot but until they experience it themselfes they won't know. True wisdoms only comes from experience. So NEVER STOP TRYING, never stop learning and doing something you have never done before because otherwise it creates stagnation and that is not what we want. We want to progress, to grow and reach our highest potential. 😇☀️💛


25 Minutes Ago

✧ THIS MAN ✧⠀ ⠀ 6 years ago, this beautiful man entered my life. As soon as our paths crossed, literally that very same day, energies in my life have started to shift. We spent days together exploring and connecting and as we did, I felt something waking up inside of me. A strong sense and understanding of unconditional Love that I now know had always been within me, was finally given the chance to come to the surface and flow freely — free of judgements, in full acceptance.⠀ ⠀ When we met, I was going through a dark phase in my life, with severe eczema, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and a low sense of self-worth. Even then, this man saw my potential and not one day has he stepped away from that. When I self-harmed, he showed compassion. When I felt broken, he held me. When I got lost, he turned on the lights. Times were challenging, in no way was I being my best self, and yet, he was able to see through it and encourage me to do the same.⠀ ⠀ I know I have done all the inner work, the healing and growing, but it's thanks to Jeroen that I was able to find my path, regain a sense of Self and believe in myself again. He showed me MY way. Even before I was able to see the steps in front of me, he was already there cheering me on in the dark and putting on the lights as I went along, so I could keep following my path with more belief and confidence.⠀ ⠀ Thank you so much, my lover and dearest friend, for being such a bright light in my life, for being the kind and compassionate man that you are. I love you so, so incredibly much.⠀ ⠀ #myhealingjourney #healingjourney #healingeczema #ptsdrecovery #healinganxiety #healingtrauma #depressionsurvivor #childhoodabuse #breakingthehabitofbeingyourself #unconditionallove #alignment #manifestation #positivevibes #inspiration #vegansofig #vegansofbelgium #poweredbyplants #plantsheal #plantseeds


26 Minutes Ago

So precious to connect and bond in Sisterhood together. Last week was another epic Juicy Women’s Temple - so much connection, vulnerability, sensuality and LOVE. Reconnecting with the beautiful feminine parts in our body, to make us feel more VIBRANT & JUICY and also RELEASE - shame, guilt, fear about our sexuality. Embracing our full sensual & sexual being and stepping into our full power, in a safe & sacred space with supporting Sisters, we’re all in it together. . . This week with a Yoni Egg Ceremony, a powerful treasure to support in this journey of Shakti radiance. All the practices can be done with or without a Yoni Egg, so bring yours or we have some as well. Tomorrow 11:11am - Juicy Women's Temple. . . And great preparation for Tantric Temple Night in the eve - PM for private event. From where we can meet each other from a place of honour, seeing divine beauty, connection, heart and exploring the many stages of intimacy, pleasure, sensations & connection with the Divine. . . The brothers are connecting on Thursdays at VITAL MEN - yesss, love how the brothers are stepping up into their full power mature beings as well. . . Send me PM if you want to join or know Sisters in Ubud who want to join. The last two Juicy Women’s Temples of this time! Juicy Love Sisters! . . And to amp it up more - the last two weeks of Juicy & Tantric events with @vitalcoaching ✧ Juicy Women's Temple - Monday's 11:11am ✧ Tantra Magick Night - Activate your Tantric Sensual Fire - Wednesdays 6PM ✧ VITAL MEN - Thursdays 9:30am ✧ TANTRA DAY - Saturdays 9:30am ✧ SuperMoon Conscious Party x Ean Golden - Saturday 25 August @ Akasha . . Crazy Sensual Journey Camp, 15-22 Sept, Tuscany. . . All event links in Linktree in bio . . 📸 @norawendel


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#alivingseries #wordoftheday #achievement Athing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage. Some other words for Achievement attainment, reaching, gaining, winning, acquirement, procurement realization, accomplishment, fulfilment, fulfilling, carrying out, carrying through, effecting, implementation, execution, performance, engineering; conclusion, concluding, completing,  close, closing, finishing, success, fruition #inspire #weekend #instagood #entreprenuer #words #bookstagram #selfhelp #manifestation #inspiration #success #life #stayinspired #motivation #bookstagram #empowerment #bloggers #enlightenment #inspiration #advice #success #motivation #goals #optimism #smile #motivation #moveon #books #life #aspire #positivity #hustlehard