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6 Hours Ago

We learn many things in life, through our families and friends, in school, from books, at our jobs. We can find any information we need online. And sometimes, we just know things. That knowledge may not come from another outside source, but from within. And it's more than knowledge. It's wisdom. Ever have those moments when the words came out of your mouth, or flowed onto the page, and you're like, Whoa! Where did that come from? Maybe you're channeling a parent who crossed the rainbow bridge (I think I channel my dad sometimes, or at the very least, his energy). Maybe it's just something you knew all along. I believe we do have a collective wisdom that we can tap into. But it takes being willing to hear it and trust it. Has this been your experience? #innerwisdom #itookthispicture


16 Minutes Ago

Come and get it

"The cure for pain, is in the pain" -Rumi 🌼 One of life's many paradoxes 💫 This odd-ball Quadruple Terminated Lodolite is available in the shop 🌿 #gardenquartz #etsyshop #shadowwork

You're the #alchemist of Your Life... Manifest through #learning the Power of Positive Thinking & SelfLove 🍃🌞🌱 💕👁🌈🕊 . . #trust #faith #newbeginnings #freshstart #cleanslate #newadventures #newlife #livedontjustexist #love #selflove positivevibes #positivity #manifestation . . 📽Repost 🌻👑 @tamarbraxton


9 Minutes Ago

I am so proud of myself. Today I completed my 4.5 month long Business Masterclass Course with @mickellrose. This course changed my life. Not only did I learn what I am passionate about and how to start a business, I learned so much about myself. Before this course I was complete perfectionist, and so hard on myself. I had many limiting beliefs about myself and would always shrink around others to make them comfortable and make myself the butt of every joke. I have learned my self worth, how to take myself and my life seriously, how to face my fears, strengthen my relationships, be true to highest self, and to dream a BIG life. I pushed so far out of my comfort zone and I truly discovered who I was on the other side. @mickellrose you are an Earth Angel and so incredibly gifted at what you do. I can not thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me! I love you!!!


9 Minutes Ago

Newly added! Clear Quartz and 22k gold plated copper twist beads. Clear Quartz is a master healer and been said ti instill patience and positivity. It helps to protect from inner negativity and is a crown chakra stone. Tap to shop ❤ #wuvip #bohojewelry #thankyou #healinggardenshop  #wordsofwisdom #energyhealing #inspiration #spiritual #crystalhealing #reikimaster #reiki #faith #support #communication #inspirational #etsyshop #rockmyzen #manifestation #love #bohostyle #clearquartz


11 Hours Ago

✨Manifesting Magic✨ When you are content. You are in the middle energy frequency level. 🌸YOU CAN Up Level that!! There is so much more than contentment. 🌸When you are on the mediocre / middle energy frequency everything is just okay. You may FEEL stuck. You are blocking the flow of amazing things to flow in to your life Pay attention to how YOU FEEL about YOU, instead of what others FEEL about YOU. Do not settle. VISUALIZE where you want to go and be there, FEEL it as if you are there. 👌Do this as many times as you can through out the day. You are opening your flow to manifest your desire💗 💗Cathlene


12 Minutes Ago

@kajoljhandey takeover 💁🏽‍♀️ ▫️ Amazing Turkish mixed grill in Leicester ▫️ 📍Leicester


14 Minutes Ago

Today all I could think was “powerful being, powerful being, powerful being” 💆🏽‍♀️ Do you know how magic you are? You don’t need anything. You have it all. You lack nothing. I don’t mean material things, I mean the intangible forces of energy that are working in your favor whether you know it or not, like it or not, use it (to your advantage) or not. What you’re looking for exists in the pulse of your heart, the thoughts in your mind, the palm of your hand. You powerful being!!✨💛✨ • • • • #theuniversehasyourback #magic #youaremagic #yourownmagic #higherconsciousness #higherfrequency #raiseyourvibration #getintune #powerfulbeing #mindfulliving #aswithinsowithout #asabovesobelow #energyhealing #energetic #manifestation #lawofattraction #mindbodysoul #mindsetmatters


13 Minutes Ago

Have you ever felt so completely aligned with everything in your life? Yeah, me too. Only been in Louisville for a few hours, and already smothered in love by so many of you. Feel free to stop me for hugs and photos and whatever else you need - I’ll stay up until every last one of you feels my love and energy back. #bosslee


14 Minutes Ago

Follow our friend @ippokratis_bob


14 Minutes Ago

Follow our friend @ippokratis_bob

It is all in Divine Order!✨ PARADIGM OF LIFE COACHING # 6 ; _ To me, this means releasing control, trusting the universe, and leaning into the unseen as the process unfolds. _ We are never in full control and always co-creating with the Universe. _ We may not always like what happens to us, but life only gives us what is necessary for our higher evolution. _ On the flip side, some situations that may seem preferable aren't always what's best for our evolution. _ Having trust in the divine is a seed we plant, and order is the process in which the seed of life is unfolding. _ These paradigms are intentions that we can all align around, but are also created to trigger what needs to be healed. _ They provide us with a new perspective that's maybe never been thought of and creates more possibilities to open up. _ There is One Presence and One Power moving in and through us all, in divine and perfect order. _ Grow to trust the universe and know this divine order to be true in your own life. _ Nothing is happening TO you, everything is happening FOR you. _ Check out my Paradigms of Life Coaching 1-5 by scrolling down on my feed. 🙏🏼💗


18 Minutes Ago

Morning rituals.. connecting, tuning in and opening up before journeying with clients today 🙏📿🔮✨ May you be present today in wonder and beauty to make you happy today and effortlessly happy in your future 😘❤️❤️


33 Minutes Ago

Hello loves! I thought it time I introduced myself.😉 My name is Beth and I'm a Christian intuitive medium/clairvoyant. The rest of my "stuff" is in my bio. I also plan to incorporate Akashic records into my list of services...eventually. 😉 Photography is also something I do part time and you can see more of my work on my personal IG. Please ask me if you'd like that IG handle. I'm a thirty something happily married double Libra (sun and rising) with a Sag moon. I'm a mama to a little boy and currently pregnant with our second child. I love all things oceanic and beach, hence my name and all things Halloween and fall. I so look forward to serving you all. 💜 Blessings! . . . . . #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #astrologer #loveandlight #manifestation #witchesofinstagram #magick #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #oracle #tarotreading #witchy #newage #spiritual #spirituality #crystals #christianwitch #christopagan #mediumsofinstagram


20 Minutes Ago

Write it down, think it, feel it, speak it, believe. Your already rich, you’ve already started the business you want, you have the money, you are strong, you are beautiful. Anything you want in life anything that you so ever desire is already yours. Watch your thoughts and your words that possess the power that you need to manifest 😘💕


18 Minutes Ago

☆ Steampunk Tarot ☆ ~ Two of Pentacles ~ Friday! And yes you CAN make it through today :) By sheer determination (stubbornness) and faith (foolishness) you can do anything. It will be a bit of a juggle as things unplanned happen but with a bit of effort you can maintain balance and maybe even composure! Lol this card screams 'I think I can, I think I can' at me. I thought that when I saw it before looking at the book... love when that happens! (The phrase is in the book) Today our workplace is doing the biggest morning tea for cancer fundraising but Im having surgery in less than a week and am on diet shakes gggrrrr. BUT I'm going to get through it! I bought extra capiscum (bell peppers) and chewing gum lol. In this card they connect the balance needed with the water she rides on - emotions - but it can also refer to money and energy spent (pentacles)... so consider... what are you putting your thoughts and time into that aren't really helping you in the long run? Are there things you can cull to help you find more balance? It can be big things or little things.. like weighing up the options of cakes and savouries, or a smaller Liver :) Have a great day ☆ ♡ Nicole #tarotpaganesque #paganesquespirittribe #tarot #paganesque #spirit #guided #wisdom #oracle #dailycard #wiccansofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #oraclereadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #witch #pagan #starseed #galactic #magic #mystic #manifest #manifestation #spiritguides #channel #love #pentacles #steampunktarot #steampunk


21 Minutes Ago

Emotion = energy in motion.


21 Minutes Ago

THIS👏RIGHT👏HERE👏 Create Your World. That is my new motto for life. I’m 100% serious. I’m tired of unintentionally creating a mess of a life. I’ve woken up, I’ve seen the truth. And the truth is: we create our lives with our thoughts, words and actions. We are in control of what we create. WE ARE. If there’s something we want, we can have it. Create it. Manifest it. Believe in it so much that it has no other choice but to show up in your reality. At some point in my life I want to have a tattoo on my arm that says these three words: create your world. I am making a decision to live this every. single. day. Our thoughts have power. We manifest with our focus. I’m focusing on what I WANT. 🌎☀️#createyourworld


24 Minutes Ago

That's a great question to ask ourselves 👆