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stohp ma wit dis kind of pic. ur embarrassing me 😖😖😖😖😖😖

ma wuz busy so she forgets tat i wuz there wit her. i fell asleep on the cold floor n luckily ma realised n put a warm blanket n put mi on the warm bed as well 🛏💤😴

u guyz probably want to see mi little straight teettthhhh? 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷 ma said i look scary here like a vampz

ma thought i looked so cute together with rambo. but i dun like how i look when mi belly iz exposed. ma stohppppp ⛔⛔⛔

mi luv to sleep at a random place when mi famili iz working.

look at rambo he looked so pissed cuz he dont get the milk. too old for milk rite 😏😏

ma always told me to be patient wen it comez to food. mi old bro always luv mi puppy food n i just haz to wait. swipe to see how long can i wait for mi food

luv laying down n gettin my belly rubbed. ma couz just sittin there holdin mi head. i kno he wants to kiss mi but he wuz jus scared of his ma. bye couz 👋👋👋

ma shocked mi becoz of her giant step. i awoke just to see that she wuz taking pic of mi. ma dun u think im too young to be an object 😡

itz not #tongueouttuesday but mi rarely dis happy at a new place. ma brought me to her friend's place n mi kinda luv it. wood floor is da new thing for mi🎀

luv this bag only when itz cold. when its hot? nah mi prefer on the marble floor 💫

bro. ur too big but mi luv u tats why i keep following u around ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

mi dreams is to eat sleep repeat everiday. no time to play ⛔🙊

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A pura risa por aquí!! 😂 @donhkoland amo que me hagas reír sin parar.🤣🙃

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Gathered toys from the old space & beyond, threw them in a clear box, and created a new table in the office! A lot of gems & SIRK stories in this thing.

...Hot Thursday... GO INSIDE LANDSCAPE

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La casa è un po’ vuota senza di voi #family #beloved #love #interior #decor @ilbellavita @carlotta_bellavita

Raise one ear if you need a nap 💤 #sleepystan #corgicuddles #loveloaf #stanleytails


Sempre più forte la voglia di morbidezza e di relax, per essere eleganti ma contemporanei. Vieni a trovarci a Flannel Bay City Outlet, Via Paolo da Cannobio 8 Milano. #flannelbay #menswear #italianstyle #uomoitaliano #napoli #handmade #elegant_men #top_italia_photo #mashpics #loves_madeinitaly #doorsandwindows #notocity #instagramitalia #top_italia_photo #visualcreators #moodygrams #fatalframes #peoplescreative #exklusive_shot

Una passeggiata a Serravalle. Foto di @lara_bluelapis #igerstreviso #weareigersit #instagramersitalia

Domenica 23 giugno ci penserà la musica de @lacombriccoladeldisco a chiudere in grande la decima edizione di Birrarbia! Vi faranno ballare... 🔥

B R E A K . . . Wanting to take a break is valid. It’s good for rejuvenating, brainstorming, resting, finding some joy and inspiration! However, my ideal break I was dreaming of did not involve the stomach flu! Looks like it will be tea and rest for me for a couple of days. Look for me to post more videos from the commission on my last post! I’m excited to show you how it ended up! But for now I will sleep while baby sleeps. 😔 💤

When you up in the club and smell grass, DO NOT call the cops... it’s just me working on my new fragrance line, Sass & Grass - stay clean, stay green. - #springfever #freshandclean #freshcutgrass #newfragrance

Thursday is here so that means Alex and the witch will be drinking beer with you tonight @revelrylakeworth Stop in and try a @copperpointbrewingcompany Coxness Monster, @miabeerco Mega Mix and many more. Happy hour until 7pm #lakeworth #revelrylakeworth #cbu

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The Gyeonghoeru Pavilion was built to hold lavish banquets and entertain important foreigners. Wondering what it's like to be a guest here in the past when they would hold these legendary parties. Another bottle of Soju please? 🤗⠀

Sometimes the greatest miracle is being able to face exactly where you're at and say: This is where I am, no running, no hiding. There's gold for me here, and I intend to find it, no matter what. — @thepracticeco photo @deejfabian

I look at plastic like it's my first love. But then plastic ate me up. Don't use single-use plastic. Plastic kills! इतनी मात्रा में प्लास्टिक, आपको बीमार बहुत बीमार बनाने के लिए काफी है। #plasticophilic 2.0 concludes tomorrow. Have you visited it yet? Would you like us to put this up at your facility? #plasticpollution #saynotosingleuse #instanature #natgeo #discovery #lonelyplanet #mashpics #plasticwhale #avengers #volunteers #youth #sustainability #socialimpact #csr #awareness #campaign


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An inextricable maze @visit_berlin @awesomeberlin @best_germany_photos @ig_berlin @sei_berlin

Summin’ bout the color red.

Barbershop. @frankschopshop

| دور ایک گاؤں ہے وہہاں ٹھنڈی چھاؤں ہے|

Subconsciously using patriotic colors be like • < insert election day hashtags here >

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Chapel in the Sky

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