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HOMEMADE CHICKEN PIE is on the menu today (3/21) Tender chicken cooked in gravy and topped with homemade crust 🙌Get it before it's gone! 🏃 . . . #southerncooking #eatatwades #wadesrestaurant #meatandthree #meatnthree #onespartanburg #lovewhereyoulive #chickenpie

We were featured in @eater_chicago’s article on the hottest new happy hour deals in the city! Come in tonight for half-priced bottles of wine to go along with your #meatnthree.

I love post from our customers at Minnie's 😍 #meatnthree #chicken #cornbread #cooking #chickenlady #southerncooking

Dave Byer

13 Days 13 Hours Ago

Meat n three! @arnoldscountrykitchen

I'm so excited to present the first video of our Be ImPECKable In The Kitchen with CHICKEN LADY video series. This episode features my very dear friend Kenny Miller cooking his fabulous pork tenderloin with original Chicken Lady BBQ sauce ( available at Piggly Wiggly stores) Huge thanks to Frankie Tice for his spectacular, hand made cutting board. Outstanding film work and editing by the one and only immensely talented John Houzer and Monica Jones from Sweet Gum marketing! ENJOY! If you like our video, please like us @officialchickenlady and SHARE

● We are dipping our chicken now in that amazing Chicken Lady sauce- and if you want it HOT, The Chicken Lady has the spice blend for the heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Now let's eat...... BAKED TURKEY, FRIED CATFISH ($ 9.95) COUNTRY FRIED STEAK WITH GRAVY AND FRIED FISH..... 🍗and that FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN!! FRESH COLLARDS and TURNIP GREENS, MAC N CHEESE, CANDIED SWEET POTATOES- #realpotatoes , CREAM CORN, CORNBREAD DRESSING, FIELD PEAS WITH SNAPS, MASHED POTATOES-real potatoes, BABY LIMA BEANS, GREEN BEANS, RICE.🍽....hoe cakes ( fried cornbread ) ,wheat and yeast rolls, regular and jalapeño cornbread muffins :) LEMON POUNDCAKE , 7 layer caramel , yellow/fudge ,chocolate buttercream, red velvet, lemon cheese, carrot & coconut $2.25🎂🍰 Free CUPCAKES 🍥🍥for our kiddos with kid's meal :) 706-322-2766 or fax 706-327-0035 www.minniesuptown.com

It’s a #meatnthree kind of night.

Can’t decide on what to get? Get it all with the Appetizer Plate! #lunch #meatnthree #food #appetizerplate #greenhills #nashville #southerncomfortfood #sportsbar #happyhour

Can’t go wrong with some #meatnthree tonight.

What a wonderful 30th Anniversary celebration with family ( the 3 generations of Chicken ladies) Thank you to our loyal customers!!😍😍#friedchicken #south #meatnthree #columbus #womenceo #boss#boss #gardenandgun #bittersoutherner

Emily M.

2018-02-06 19:48:32

Cool Cafe is the BEST lunch spot if you’re in Franklin. I’ve always heard you should eat your biggest meal at lunch, and this place will make sure that you do! • (Also I hear you should check out the steak night on the weekend!)

Flint Finlinson

2018-02-02 12:05:36

Dining Old School for Lunch @gracemeatthree #thelou #meatnthree

Bluegrass BBQ

2018-01-29 04:35:43

Introducing Meat 'n' Three.. Beginning today, come on down Mondays thru Wednesdays any time for your choice of smoked meat plus three sides from the daily selection all for only £10.. #meatnthree #youhearditright #yourewelcome

MINNIE'S UPTOWN fried chicken #awardwining #soulfood #meatnthree

#chickenlady #bittersouthener #boss #gardenandgun #southernliving #meatnthree #grits # itis #chicken #bbq #southern #soulfood #minniesuptown IT'S TIME FOR SOME FRIED CHICKEN AND SOME BBQ CHICKEN!!!😍 Lemon pound cake $1.95🍋 ●●●Monday CHICKEN SPECIAL ( fried, lemon pepper, BBQ or pot pie) 🍗2 side items, bread and tea for $6.99 + tax ●●● BBQ CHICKEN, POT PIE, LEMON PEPPER CHICKEN, FRIED CHICKEN(TOP 10 IN GA.), COUNTRY FRIED STEAK, HAMBURGER STEAK WITH GRAVY mashed potatoes, mac N cheese, turnip greens, green beans, candied sweet potatoes, rice, cornbread dressing, black Eyed peas, dry lima beans, broccoli casserole and fried okra.... We have a nice selection of bread to chose from; wheat and yeast rolls, cornbread muffins -fried hoecakes and jalapeño cornbread!! CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM, carrot, coconut, yellow / fudge, caramel, lemon cheese and red velvet 🎂$1.95 MINNIE'S UPTOWN RESTAURANT 104 8TH ST UPTOWN COLUMBUS ( corner of 1st Ave and 8th st) 706-322-2766 www.minniesuptown.com

The best way to keep warm is with cocktails. One of our favorites is Le Apple Julep, made with bourbon, ginger, apple, and mint. Enjoy it with #meatnthree tonight.