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@andrewchristianintl 💚

11:11 pide un deseo 💫 #mar #fotografia #invierno

@winkformula gave me the opportunity to make a sketch for their upcoming makeup pallets! i’m quite bad with makeup but they provided me with all of the different pallets and they’re so colorful uWu i couldn’t resist heheheh. they’re honestly so lovely and one of the nicest people i’ve worked with. LOVEJO is an exclusive discount code that will offer 20% off for you guys! their lashes are also hella pretty ufffff, makes me want to have proper makeup skills 💗🤧✊🏻

features @wild_lives_matter. 🌟🐦 Canada Warbler 🐦. .🌟 Congratulations and thank you for sharing ! Please take a moment to visit their gallery. Follow: @bird_brilliance Tag: #bird_brilliance . pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__pintaram__ Please visit our sister Brilliance Nature Families: 🔸 @nature_brilliance 🔹 #nb_nature_brilliance 🔸 @sky_brilliance 🔹 #sky_brilliance 🔸 @macro_brilliance 🔹 #macro_brilliance 🔸 @tree_brilliance 🔹 #tree_brilliance 🔸 @water_brilliance 🔹 #water_brilliance 🔸 @dof_brilliance 🔹 #dof_brilliance 🔸 #bb_wild_lives_matter

¡Vamos Gio! #Repost ・・・ Dios nunca dijo que el camino sería fácil, pero sí que valdría la pena. Es momento de darlo todo en la cancha por @miseleccionmx Hoy somos México 🇲🇽👊🏾