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Which one are you? 🤔

Very funny. Thanks to @boasthostjake for this one

This is unfortunate, can we please get respects in chat

My roblox account is cooler than urs

@ that friend 😂

I’m not even sorry

I never quite understood why cheese nips are called cheese nips. Like they aint cheesy nips and if they were, why you eatin them?

Gordon's fucking coming for you

Who's going?

Alright let's try this one more time... My name is Spider Nigga... I got my powers after fucking a radio active spider-thot in the bathroom. And for the past 15 minutes... I've been the hood's number 1 hero I'm sure y'all know the rest I can stick to walls... Dodge child support... But instead of shooting webs I just shoot niggas And no matter how many times I fall... Imma keep getting back up. Because I'm the one the only... Spider Nigga

Well that’s a lot of bacon