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5 Hours Ago

Hey☁ happy father's day! I've been through a lot this last month and i couldn't find any time to post, +my merlin photos and videos were deleted from my phone so i'm also trying to find more🎈 - fw🎀: 443 // pic📸:46 // time⏰14:39


19 Days 3 Hours Ago

I just noticed there hasn't been any Merlin cosplay lately so here you go. As the perfect @aquaember as my perfect Arthur ♥️ in the perfect castle of #pierrefonds Who else misses #merlin? 📷 @goldencagecosplay . . . #cosplayersofinstagram #crossplay #merlincosplay #merthur #merlinarthur #ilovecosplay #cosplay #france #bbcmerlin #merlinfans #welovemerlin #cosplayvacation


20 Days 11 Hours Ago

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Here is a Hilarious meme of Morgana and uther. #merlinfans #merlinfandom #morganapendragon #utherpendragon


23 Days 7 Hours Ago

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29 Days 5 Hours Ago

Heyy💓 i hope that you know about this pic! ++today i'm in the beach until this monday and i hate it🌊 i can't believe it! I hate that my parents take me to this kind of trips. - fw🎀: 398 // pic📸: 45 // time⏰ 15:27


2018-05-17 17:05:32

I'm back! I know that i have been off for a rly long time but i think i needed to come back for a while😅 i love you all💙 and thank you for staying. - fw🎀: 399 // pic📸: 44 // time⏰: 20:06


2018-05-16 10:43:59

They were each other’s home x. Ac: ? Cc: mine #omgpage #omgmerlin #xtranshoutout #albiongrp #merlin #merthur - - -


2018-05-14 17:41:10

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