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2 Hours Ago


last pic is my promise ring that matches this shirt ❤️ and 4rth pic is the lil tshirt tail that i’m tryna rock lol. so this is a tough one to post, but i really wanted to post this because i feel like it’ll motivate me. this shirt is bIG. even when i tie it in the back, there is a huge gap... anyways this post is mostly about the progress i’ve made. i bought these size 8 shorts and they “fit” now. reason i say “fit” is because they can button, but they’re tight.. ya know? i can’t wait to wear these for the summer without my rolls spilling over. i miss my old body, m8.

Metal lady 🐱

a metalhead minion’s favorite album. 🍌 banana fog, freezing banana, cursed in banana, banana fears, banana eternal, from the dark banana, banana by time and dust, and de mysteriis dom banana. 🍌🍌🍌

Throwback to early summer of '16. 'Twas sort of a happier time. 😧 #throwbackthursday #metallady

favorite mayhem album; favorite mayhem shirt. brbr ganna live in this. got at @darkrealmrecords