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Are we just gonna watch this happen?


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some people get annoyed at these posts but i dont really give a shit! #equality #metoo


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🖼️: "Espantapájaros" (1929) de MARUJA MALLO (1902-1995 🇪🇸) La pintora gallega fue una de las figuras más creativas de la vanguardia europea. Para muestra, este cuadro, que el pope del surrealismo André Breton adquirió fascinado cuando Mallo vivía en París.🇫🇷 La tétrica figura del espantapájaros aparece varias veces en en la obra de Maruja Mallo, simbolizando de alguna forma al vacío y alienado hombre-masa en un escenario arrasado, convertido en un pelele por las ideologías, la economía y las asfixiantes convenciones pequeño burguesas. Una triste profecía de lo que estaba por venir en Europa, a la manera de los maniquíes de De Chirico. Aunque reconocida en su tiempo, hoy en día no tiene la repercusión de otros artistas varones a los que sin duda aventajaba en talento e inventiva, quizá por el vergonzoso y constante olvido de la mujer en la historia del arte. 🎨 🎨 🎨 #eltanquerojo #etr #marujamallo #mallo #dali #miro #art #woman #femaleartist #artist #painting #surrealism #avantgarde #artista #arte #vanguardia #metoo #surrealismo #pintura #cuadro #feminismo #igualdad #8m #vsco #vscocam


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The Intercept spoke to nearly two dozen women across the cybersecurity industry who recounted experiences ranging from uncomfortable to traumatic at conferences such as Def Con and Black Hat, held each year in Las Vegas, and RSA, held worldwide. These women had encountered a variety of offenses, from suggestive commentary and drunken come-ons to groping and assault. Some of the women, among whom are renowned journalists, CEOs, diversity advocates, and hackers, said that even if their own status had shielded them from some of the worst behavior, they had all heard troubling stories from younger colleagues, peers, and friends.⠀ ⠀ “A lot of women will tell you, ‘I just brush it off and do my own thing,’” said Chenxi Wang, a leading expert in cybersecurity. “That’s fine. But the question is, should we put young women through that? Should we tell them, ‘Oh just toughen up, this is the industry?’”⠀ ⠀ As the leading gatherings for key speakers and cutting-edge products, conferences set the tone for what the field can and should look like. And even as event organizers claim that they are taking steps to address sexism and harassment, many women still perceive a general indifference to their complaints, which they say sends a message about what kind of behavior is considered appropriate.⠀ ⠀ Some women are hopeful that the growing legitimation of women’s experiences may pressure conference organizers to take more pointed and effective steps to address abusive behavior at their events. Others, however, are more skeptical about the possibility of a culture change. “There’s been no reckoning that I’ve seen,” said Kasha Gauthier, director in residence for Community Engagement at the Advanced Cyber Security Center. “I think there should be, and I think women are having those discussions, but that’s not where money is and not where power is.” ⠀ ⠀ As women seem to be attending these events in decreasing numbers, there is one matter in which they are all in agreement: Change is impossible so long as the men in charge don’t step up to address the issue head-on.⠀ ⠀ Illustration: @okchickadee for The Intercept⠀ ⠀ #cybersecurity #metoo #defcon #harassment


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. خیلی دلم میخواست از هزاران اهنگ‌ قشنگ‌عاشقانت یکیو بذارم به مناسب تولدت! ولی نمیتونم‌ دختران بلوچستان و انقلاب و زهرا هاشمی و ریحانه و ندا هارو ندیده بگیرم . کسایی که عشق رو‌معنی کردن و تو چقدر قشنگ‌ازشون گفتی از زخمی باغ عدنی که هرگز به حقش نمیرسه از رویای ازادی ای که هرگز محقق نمیشه از جهانی که به رهایی اره نمیگه تا جهان زیبا شه از تمام ساده هایی که مثل سایه بودن و در حد سایه موندن از دخترای خالی از عاطفه و‌خشمی که به سکون تن دادن از دختری که با شال سبز تا ابد توی تراس روبرویی میمونه از دختران ایرانشهری که این روزا قفل سنگین سکوت رو به خاطر واژه ی حقیر و‌ پست حرف مردم و ابرو نمیشکنن ، از خانواده های متعصبی که اگر بدونن دخترشون یکی از اون دختراست شاید حکم مرگش رو‌صادر کنن این روزا بابد با تو خوند روزای افتابی رو به روم نیار و برای بغض سنگین هزاران دختر بی پناه دلمون بگیره تو صدای تمام دخترانی هستی که سکوت کردند و‌دم‌ نزدند و به امید ازادی عاشقانه با تو سرودند ممنونم که صدای ما هستی میلادت مبارک‌♥️ #ابی#دختران_ایرانی #دختران_ایرانشهر #دختران_ایرانشهر_تنها_نیستند #دختران_ایرانشهر_سکوت_را_میشکنیم #زنان_بلوچ #ایرانشهر #ebi#منم_همینطور #metoo

Muchas compañeras feministas sienten que en este post hay plena identificación. En un país tan conservador y machista, sólo nos queda estar unidas en esta lucha que nos beneficia a todos y todas. #niunamenos #metoo #culturamachista #cuentalo #cuéntalo #nosomosunasomostodas #noesno #nosestanmatando #feminismo #feminisme #mujeresenlahistoria #mujeresextraordinarias #nonoscallaran #solosiessi #nosignificano


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We will be announcing our first certified Women Change Master coaches at the "My Honorable Truth" event this September! We couldn't be more excited to share these beautiful souls with you. They have SO much to offer. If you have never worked with a coach before please consider the amazing impact they could make on your life. Reach out with any questions. January of 2019 we will begin our 2nd round of coach certification as well! Don't miss out! 🌟 @womenchangemasters . . . . . #womenchangemasters #women #strongwomen #womenchangetheworld #metoo #inspire #transform #empower #womenempoweringwomen #myhonorabletruth #truthbetold #honoryourself #loveyourself #savethedateseptember15 #coachinglife #findacoach #beacoach


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🎀 Content // mentions of abuse 🐘 💙 ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline // 1-800-422-4453 💙 Rape Abuse Incest National Network // 1-800-656-4673 ---------- I'm back to talk about another step of the journey. Shame. Personally I never believed what my sexual assault was my fault because my life was threatened and I was so young. I couldn't blame a child, and I feel a certain sense of confidence because I did my best to communicate despite being a child. But the years of subsequent neglect abuse from my caregivers was something I had so normalized that I didn't register it as wrong. It took years until getting to talk to a professional to learn what abuse looks like. My abusers essentially blamed me for my health issues I exhibited as a result of being abused. As a child I was shamed for having symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, chronic nightmares, mood shifts, and paranoia instead of taken to a doctor. Remaining complicit to known harmful behaviors is unsafe behavior in itself. A single abuser cannot thrive on his own. He needs people willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to tolerate, enable, and make excuses for him--that is the very nature of a community of trauma. Until harmful behaviors are not tolerated and called out, until the focus is taken away from sympathizing with abusers in favor protecting and supporting survivors, until establishing prevention practices, there can be no establishing safety and recovery. The shame is not mine to carry. It's incredibly taxing to write to your own family to plead for empathy when you know that in a healthy family they should be your immediate support system. But now I'm working to remember every day: I am not wrong. I am not wrong for wanting those in my life to exhibit safer behaviors. I am not wrong for expecting a better life moving forward. I am not wrong for telling my story. I am not wrong for recovering. --- 💛 Photo by @kimnewmoney 💛 #shameisnotmine #shameless #ptsd #adultsurvivor #childabusesurvivor #childabuse #sexabuse #metoo #abusesurvivor #nocontact #pinkelephantproject #wewontbequiet


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“Caution: Flight Attendant Doesn’t Take Crap” 8.5” x 6” zipper pouch. #flightattendant #fa #cabincrew #flightattendantlife #flightattendantproblems #airlines #metoo


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Child crying while being separated from family at U.S border One love, Kwaku


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Working hard in what you believe! Never give up!. thanks to my @artwearlabs family for support my work! 🙏🏻✨Trabajando duro en lo que crees! Nunca te rindas. gracias a mi familia @artwearlabs por apoyar mi trabajo! #designer #localartist #miami #miamifashionweek #artptoject #lisuvega #venezuela #artwear #sublimation #textiles #fashiondesigner #venezuela #nevergiveup #metoo #women #powerful #love


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