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Happy #mikayuumonday ! Starting your Monday off with some Mikayuu memes.. captain of Mikayuu is obviously Ferid like- we know how much he ships it rofl. And some facts! All credit goes to the original creators and they are tagged. Hope everyone has a good Monday and rest of week! ~ Violet 💕

Happy #mikayuumonday! Every Monday we will now be answering questions! Such as: "fav character etc." Today's question ~ "Favorite Vampire?" TBH my fav vampire is Mikaela ofc but that's so obvious so I'm gonna go with either Ferid or Krul. 😂 Ferid is no doubt- the most awful character ever but you can't help but just love him cuz he grows onto you in the manga. Krul is another favorite of mine because she somewhat took in Mika, and treated him nicely such as giving him her blood, and protecting him! Keep on Mikayuuing! 👊 - Violet 💕 (Kiri, feel free to add in your favorite!) also art ISNT ours and goes to the original artist!