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2018-07-03 15:14:03

Happy #mikayuumonday ! Here are the poll questions and results from yesterday! 😁 thanks to everyone who answered! If u have a specific question you want asked on for Mikayuu Monday comment or DM us!


2018-05-29 13:02:29

Happy #mikayuumonday !! These were the poll pod results from yesterday! Hope everyone had a good Monday and a great rest of the week! - on a side note, I (Violet) won't be available this week mostly. I'm finishing up school and have to travel for my testing. 😬 - Violet πŸ’•


2018-05-22 14:40:05

Happy late #mikayuumonday !! These are the poll results from yesterday's story! I'm shocked that some people enjoy Monday lol! Also..Shinoa all the way.. πŸ‘€ Hope everyone had a good Monday!


2018-05-07 18:11:30

Happy #mikayuumonday!! For today's Monday, I did some polls! Let me know if you enjoy Mikayuu polls rather than a regular post! Also, super disappointed that no one voted for Yuichiro? I guess I'm a hypocrite though since I prefer Mikaela lol! But y'all Yuu needs more love πŸ€— For the past week I've been really sick with bad allergies lol, sorry for lack of posting! Thanks to Kiri for posting this week and continuing to keep our account active!! ❀️❀️ - Violet


2018-04-10 06:26:52

Hey guys! Happy #mikayuumonday !! Sorry it's a tad late, school has been rough. πŸ˜– Anyways, this post I found on @owari_no_ship 's page, so i hope you don't mind I reposted it! It's really funny 😊 Next post will either be Waifu Wednesday or a cosplay shoutout! Stay tuned and have an excellent week πŸ‘Œ ~ Violet


2018-03-26 18:09:22

Happy #mikayuumonday! Sadly we only got 1 meme for today, I wanted to use this post as more of an announcement. Starting Wednesday, I won't be active. I have a lot of family coming in for Easter and will have a busy week! Kiri will do most of the posting when she is available. Thank you all for your patience and support! πŸ’—πŸ˜Š ~ Violet (a friend of mine made this meme!)


2018-03-19 11:06:03

Happy #mikayuumonday!! Today we have some new memes that will start your week off right! Enjoy 😊 also thank you all for 200 followers! Check out our last post in which Kiri drew a lovely picture πŸ’—πŸ’— Have a nice Monday everyone! (All credit goes to those who originally made these!!) ~ Violet πŸ’•


2018-03-12 19:13:22

Happy #mikayuumonday ! Starting your Monday off with some Mikayuu memes.. captain of Mikayuu is obviously Ferid like- we know how much he ships it rofl. And some facts! All credit goes to the original creators and they are tagged. Hope everyone has a good Monday and rest of week! ~ Violet πŸ’•


2018-02-05 10:43:50

Happy #mikayuumonday! Every Monday we will now be answering questions! Such as: "fav character etc." Today's question ~ "Favorite Vampire?" TBH my fav vampire is Mikaela ofc but that's so obvious so I'm gonna go with either Ferid or Krul. πŸ˜‚ Ferid is no doubt- the most awful character ever but you can't help but just love him cuz he grows onto you in the manga. Krul is another favorite of mine because she somewhat took in Mika, and treated him nicely such as giving him her blood, and protecting him! Keep on Mikayuuing! πŸ‘Š - Violet πŸ’• (Kiri, feel free to add in your favorite!) also art ISNT ours and goes to the original artist!