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um so this tea is 100% real and none of this is fake but UM deadass in my science class i heard the boy who sits across from me talking to his friend and he LITERALLY SAID "damn i wish i kissed bella (me) while we were up" UM EXCUSE ME WH A T DID THEY NOT REALIZE I WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM so his friend turns to him and says bro wtf why and he replies and says OH SHE'S HOT LIKE GODDAMN so im sitting here like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IM RIGHT HERE and his friend asks him if he wants something long term and hes like mmm yeah we'll see and his friend is like haha yeah dude r u still gonna do it and hes like yeah ill see SO I GUESS I HAVE TO WATCH OUT BC I HAVEN'T HAD MY FIRST KISS AND I SURE AS HELL DON'T WANT IT TO BE A HORNY 8TH GRADE BOY IN MY SCIENCE CLASS

Face all the pain and take it on, Because the only hope for me is you alone.


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Please help me get to 100 followers by the end of the year! Recommend me to your friends! Also thank you to all of my followers for following me and liking my pics! . . . . . #mcr #mychemicalromance #raytoro #gerardway #frankiero #mikeyway #emoboi #mikeyfuckingway #emo #emoboy


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ill update on the tea when new shit happens bc today was pretty uneventful except when i was waiting for the bus but its not significant enough for me to tell my whole following about it so ill only tell u about it if you're my friend or if you're genuinely interested in the tea. also no swipe pic today, sorry :(