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The perfect summer dessert, just in time for #nationalstrawberryshortcakeday 🍓. Any dessert that doesn’t involve turning on the oven & can be assembled quickly is my idea of a summer favorite! What’s your go-to summer dessert? Tell me in the comments! 👇🏽👇🏽

Today is #nationalfalafelday & I’m celebrating by sharing with you one of my favorite ways to eat falafel! Summer is here which means it’s officially salad season so let’s celebrate today by eating my Falafel Salad with Tahini Dressing 🥗. Head to my story to see how this summer favorite comes together!

This week’s cart is a little less organized than usual because I’m feeling under the weather & barely even made it to the store 🤷🏽‍♀️🤧 but I did manage to pick up some new stuff! ✨ Head to my story to see what I picked up this week!

Sunday’s are for brunch, & nothing says brunch like pizza 🍳🍕

It’s #nationalchocolateicecreamday so you know where to find me 🤷🏽‍♀️🍦 (at @eatalyla face deep in chocolate gelato).

My new favorite spot for noodles! 🍜 @marugame_udon is an Udon bar with an entire cafeteria style tempura, musubi & inari section of treats made to order right in front of you. At the end there is a cold toppings bar that allows you to dress up your Udon however you like, because who doesn’t love customization?? The Udon were chewy & tender, bathing in the most flavorful broth. The tempura was so crispy & so fresh. The musubi was made well & so refreshing against all the hot things on my plate. This was the perfect meal!

New week, new cart! Not too much cooking happening this week so most of this is for snacking, lunches & quick dinners! I’m also shopping at Whole Foods this week as well! ✨ Head to my story to see what’s new this week!

Today is a big day. Today is #nationalcheeseday which is basically a holiday made for me. So to celebrate, I’m sharing with you, fellow cheese lovers, my complete DIY “Trader Joe’s Cheese Board Guide” so you can make a cheese board of your very own! Check it out (link in bio) & I hope it inspires you to make a cheese board! Tag me & use the hashtag #mkcheese so I can see all your wonderful cheese creations! 🧀🧀🧀

Tip #22 To make perfect boiled eggs that are easy to peel, boil your water first, then drop the egg into boiling water rather than starting with cold water & bringing everything up to temp together. If the eggs start in a cold pan then slowly come up to a boil it allows for more time for the proteins in the egg whites to stick to the shell making them more challenging to peel. Another method to ensure your eggs are easy to peel is shocking them in an ice bath. Once the eggs have boiled for your desired amount of time, remove them from the heat & immediately plunge them into a bowl filled with ice & water. This stops the cooking so you don’t end up with over cooked eggs & the shocking helps release the whites from their shells! #justthetip

Happy #nationaleggday everyone! What an egg-celent holiday! My favorite way to eat an egg is an 8 minute boiled egg. It’s still a little jammy in the center but cooked enough that you can slice it up & throw it on some toast! Just bring a medium saucepan of water to boil, toss in a few eggs, boil for 8 minutes then remove to cool in an ice bath (bowl of water & ice) for a few minutes! Once they’re cooled, peel & enjoy!🥚🍳

Anyone else dreaming of spending their Sunday by the pool with one of these in hand? Maybe filled with some tequila, rum, or vodka? 🙋🏽‍♀️🍉🍹

Another new lock screen brought to you by the Farmer’s Market 🥬🥦

Tip #21 Tomato season is here! To cut multiple cherry tomatoes or grapes, lay them between two plate bottoms & slice right across! It’s a great trick for making quick salads! 🍅🥗 #justthetip

My Bottlerock full food review is officially LIVE on the blog! Click the link in my bio to read allll about the yummy food I got to eat last weekend! Hope you love it! @bottlerocknapa

There are moments in your life where you will witness something that you’ll never forget. Watching Iron Chef, legend & all around culinary badass @chef_morimoto break a @guinnessworldrecords is one of those moments. He successfully filleted & portioned 100 3.5oz portions off a 205lb Tuna! Oh yeah & it only took him about 15 minutes. It was truly amazing to watch! 🐟

It may be #tacotuesday but I just can’t say no to Chicken Flautas! 🌮🌯 What’s your favorite taco spot? Comment below! 👇🏽

Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸Heading to a BBQ & don’t want to show up empty handed? How about 6 layers of deliciousness, sure to please even the pickiest eaters at the BBQ! You’ve got spicy bean dip, guac, sour cream, cheese, pico & olives! What more could you want alongside some delicious burgers & dogs? 🍔🌭

You guys, it can be a challenge eating all of this delicious food day after day, but I do it for you. But seriously, this weekend has been one of the tastiest weekends of my life & I’m so grateful I get to do this. The food in Napa is truly remarkable & I’m so glad I got to experience it. This is festival food elevated to a whole new level. These are some of the highlights from the first two days! Head to my story/highlights to see my reviews & stay tuned for day 3! I’ll also be sharing a full culinary breakdown on the blog this week so keep your eyes peeled for that! 👀 @bottlerocknapa

Say bai bai bai to thirst 👋🏽 with @drinkbai 🍉 #flavorlife

I’m celebrating #nationalwineday the best way I can think of. By drinking @jamcellars #californiacandy #rosé in wine country! Napa Valley is known for their incredible wines & after this weekend I see why! Cheers 🥂 everyone! Enjoy this holiday responsibly 😉. @bottlerocknapa

Tip #20 Elevate your store bought pie crust by adding a little design or decoration to the crust! It can be as simple as creating lines on the outer rim using the prongs of a fork or step it up a notch & decorate with little coins cut out using a small cookie cutter or the back of a piping tip! You can even adapt this method for different holidays! Hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patty’s Day or even little skulls for Halloween! #justthetip

Is this a new item or have I just never seen it before?? Any nougat lovers out there? 😋🍓🍰. I got to explore a new @traderjoes today that had different products than mine & I snagged myself a few Bay Area exclusive bags too! @traderjoeslist

I really resonate with @jeffmauro when he says that any meal can be a sandwich. Life really is better between two slices of bread & my current favorite vessel for the perfect sandwich? @traderjoes Brioche Buns! They’re soft & pillowy with a touch of sweetness. I’ve used these buns to make mustard chicken sandwiches, bacon & crispy egg sandwiches (both recipes to come) & so much more! If you’re looking to elevate your burgers & sandwiches, these Brioche Buns are the way to go!

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Flour and flower. #millennialkitchen

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to share a little news from my personal life... I’M GETTING MARRIED 💍👰🏽🤵🏼💕 (We can get back to the food now)

May is almost over, which means summer is approaching, which means it’s basically already fall, which means it’s almost Thanksgiving....right? Or are the Thanksgiving cheese board withdrawals getting to my head? #putapumpkinonit

Artisan crafted, allergy free tea ☀️

More bridal shower content coming your way! This was my @traderjoes haul 🙌🏽. I also shopped at @costco & @smartfinal to get everythingggg I needed for this feast!

Some final shots 📸 from yesterday’s bridal shower💍. Yesterday’s menu was all finger foods & appetizers! On the menu: spinach dip, prosciutto & melon skewers, a cheese board, ham & cheese pinwheels, turkey & mozzarella pinwheels, tortellini skewers, a variety mini quiche, buffalo cauliflower lettuce cups, and a fruit platter. Looking to feed a crowd for your next bridal shower, family reunion, graduation celebration, birthday bash, etc? Slide up into those DMs ⛷

Tip #19 If you want to cool something down quickly, lay it out in a single layer on a plate or baking sheet rather than a bowl. This allows more surface area to be exposed making it easier for the food to cool down at a quicker rate! #justthetip

If you watched my stories last night then you witnessed the saga that was dumpling night turned empanada night. Sometime’s dishes don’t turn out exactly how you planned, life happens & you have to adapt. My plan was to make dumplings, but when I went to the store to get dumpling wrappers, the closest they had were empanada wrappers. So I adapted, picked up a few more ingredients I hoped would work well together with what I already had in the fridge & the outcome was better than the original plan! My original plan: Ginger Pork Dumplings. The result: Italian Empanadas 🥟. Head to highlights to watch the saga & grab my new favorite recipe!

#nationalbarbequeday has me dreaming of @bludsosbbq 🤤🤤🤤. What’s your favorite bbq spot? Tell me in the comments 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Current obsession: @traderjoes Soy Chorizo 🤤. This stuff has incredible depth of flavor, crumbles beautifully & cooks quickly. You see why I’m obsessed right? I used it to make sheet pan nachos, but sprinkle this on just about anything & you’ll be very happy with the outcome!

Today we’re celebrating everyone’s favorite dip because it’s #nationalhummusday & who doesn’t love hummus?? When I don’t feel like making my own hummus (@smittenkitchen has an incredible recipe) I like to take a good quality store bought hummus (@traderjoes Mediterranean hummus is the best I’ve ever tasted) & spruce it up with a drizzle of olive oil & a sprinkling of smoked paprika 😋.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💕✨ I hope everyone’s day is filled with family, laughs & brunch!

Mother’s Day haul 🙌🏽. To celebrate mom, my fam is spending the day brunching, swimming, laughing, drinking & closing out with a bbq! How are you celebrating mom today?? Tell me in the comments! 👇🏽👇🏽

More #mothersday ideas coming at ya! Candy boards are a great way to celebrate the sweetest moms in your life! Load them up with moms favorite candy to show her just how much you love her! 💕 #happymothersday

Want to give mom something simple & homemade that she’ll love this #mothersday ?? 💕 Try @traderjoes new Fudgy Chocolate Quinoa Cake! It’s so simple to assemble & tastes like you spent all day measuring flour & sugar! @traderjoeslist

Tip #18! Putting your cheese in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before grating prevents the cheese from falling apart! It hardens up just enough to make shredding or grating a breeze without the cheese cracking or crumbling from being too soft! #justthetip

It’s almost Mother’s Day, & what better way to say I love you than with an Italian inspired cheese board?? This year my mom requested an antipasto/cheese board filled with yummy Italian things! Swipe to see the ingredients! (I know gruyere isn’t Italian but it’s mom’s fav cheese so 🤷🏽‍♀️). How do you celebrate Mother’s Day??

Who else is already obsessed? 🌸🕯

I haven’t had a cart this full in a while & I’m excited 🙌🏽. I’m making a few dinners this week, testing a couple recipes & trying out some new items 🤗. On the menu: Sheet Pan Nachos / Pasta w Tomatoes & Chicken Sausage / Corn Flake Chicken Tenders & Slaw. What did you buy this week that you’re excited about?? Comment below 👇🏽👇🏽

Craving pizza this #meatlessmonday 🍕?? I’ve got you covered with my Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza with Classic Blue Cheese Dressing! Head to the blog for the recipe!

Had to make a special trip to @traderjoes to see if my store got in the new Peony Blossom candle 🌸. It looks like my TJ crew was as excited as I was about the new candles because they forgot the L on the sign 🙆🏽‍♀️. Have you grabbed yourself a new Peony Blossom candle yet?? @traderjoeslist

Not only is today Cinco de Mayo, but it’s also #nationalenchiladaday so I’m celebrating both by sharing my recipe for Jackfruit Enchiladas on the blog today! (Link in bio)

Tip #17! Whenever you’re cooking or grilling meats, bring them to room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking. Bringing meat to room temperature allows it to cook more evenly when added to the heat! #justthetip

The Cinco de Mayo party continues with a second trip to @traderjoes! This trip was dedicated to picking up some yummy things for my Cinco de Mayo cheese board I shared yesterday! Does anyone else reach for a basket when their list is shorter than normal but regret it as soon as it starts to get heavy?? Or is that just me 🤔

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner!! Surprise all your friends by bringing a Mexican themed cheese board to your Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend! I started with a base of Mexican cheeses (at least as close as I could find at @traderjoes), then built up the board using other fiesta favorites like guacamole (of course), salsa, chips & veggies! I finished the board using garnishes often found in Mexican cuisine like cilantro, pepitas & chili lime seasoning to tie the whole board together! What are your favorite foods to eat while celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Tell me in the comments 👇🏽👇🏽

Confession: it took me until mid April to finally try these Almond Butter Cups. I know I know, so embarrassing. Don’t be like me, don’t wait months to try a product everyone is RAVING about online just to find out you wasted so many weeks of not eating these amazing treats. They’re the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate & fluffy almond butter with just enough sweetness to satisfy, but not too much to overwhelm. If you haven’t gotten around to trying these yet, just do it, you’ll thank me later! @traderjoeslist @traderjoesjunkie

Not too much cooking this week which means I got to stock up on soooo many new things to try 🤗. Head to my story to see what goodies I picked up this week & comment below with your favorite @traderjoes products! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Still dreaming of @amanda_silvia lemon curd cake from last week’s Easter feast 🤤🍰

Tip #16! Adding a little Dijon mustard to salad dressings gives them a boost of flavor & helps emulsify the dressing resulting in a much creamier dressing! #justthetip

Still have leftover cheese sauce from earlier this week? Here are some salty & chewy soft pretzels to help you finish it off 🥨. It is #nationalpretzelday after all!

Everybody’s favorite two ingredient appetizer is the center of attention today because it’s #nationalpigsinablanketday 🐷🌭. Do you prefer to dip your piggies in ketchup or mustard? Or do you just go balls to the wall & make homemade cheese sauce like I did? Comment below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

#nationalpicnicday brought to you by @traderjoes! Celebrate today by getting outside & enjoying some of your favorite goodies! The weather is finally warming up so it’s about time we celebrate everyone’s favorite way to eat outdoors!

Today is a day meant for cherishing & thanking the earth for all the amazing things it provides us with 🌎. All the incredible food & landscape we get to embrace every single day, it’s all thanks to this marvelous planet we’re lucky enough to live on! Happy #earthday everyone! 🌿🌸🥦🌷🌈☃️🌨

There needs to be more days in the year where it’s acceptable to eat a tray of deviled eggs. Who’s with me?? Happy Easter everyone! 🐰💐🥚

Is there a better way to celebrate #nationalpineappleupsidedowncakeday than with a Dole Whip topped Pineapple Upside Down Cake?? The answer is no. 🍍🥮

Looking for a last minute dish to bring to Easter? This spinach dip comes together quickly, using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! Serve it with bread, veggies or even chicken skewers! ✨Head to my story for the recipe

Tip #15! Ever wonder how to test the freshness of your eggs? Place them in a bowl of water. If they sink to the bottom (or stand on one end at the bottom) they’re good to eat! If they float to the surface, toss em’! 🥚 #justthetip

My happy place is the ‘under $4’ cheese section at @wholefoods. ✨This week I got @cypressgrovers Midnight Moon & Caerphilly Gorwydd

Happy Monday everyone! This week I’m finally using my @costco card so my @traderjoes trip was a little smaller than usual! This week I’ll be testing a few recipes & making some easy dinners! On the menu: Broccoli Pasta / Fish Tacos

Easter is right around the corner & my favorite way to celebrate is with brunch! Brunch boards & platters are a great way to serve up all your yummy favorites for a crowd! Some of my favorite brunch staples include: bagels & lox, veggies & of course, eggs! What are your Easter traditions? Comment below! 🐰💐

I hope you’re all having an egg-celent Saturday 😎🍳

Tip #14! Always make sure to rinse your leeks before cooking them to remove all the sand! The way leeks are grown they harbor a lot of sand in all the little layers so always rinse them thoroughly after slicing. No one likes sandy food! #justthetip

A final shot 📸 of my Chimichurri recipe I shared last week! Are you ready for grilling season??

Some nights I come home from work & can’t wait to get in the kitchen to whip up dinner. Other nights, it’s a rotisserie chicken & frozen mac & cheese. But that’s okay because I still got dinner on the table! Does anyone else have nights where they can’t imagine cooking & just need to pick up a chicken??

There’s not a whole lot going on this week so my cart was mostly freezer essentials & Easter prep 🐰💐. But of course I still had to try a few new things so head to my story to see what I picked up this week!

It’s #nationalempanadaday so you know I have to celebrate by sharing one of my favorite empanada recipes with you guys! I love a classic beef empanada, but it’s #meatlessmonday after all so today’s recipe is for Corn & Cheese Empanadas & it’s by @thespruceeats!

New lock screen courtesy of the farmers market. 📸 Who else loves spending their Sunday mornings at the farmers market?

It’s finally starting to warm up outside which means it’s grilling time again! ☀️Two of my favorite things to grill are chicken thighs & skirt steak because they’re so tender & take really well to marinating! 🍗🥩 I shared my favorite chicken marinade yesterday but for steak I love marinating in Chimichurri! It’s so easy to throw together & gives the meat sooooo much flavor! ✨Head to my story to see how it comes together!

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Our next review is going to be BIG! @bigtrucktacos that is. ❤️🌮 ————— 📷: @reganshorter for @thehouseokc series “Let’s Eat”

Tip #13! Making salad dressings in a jar not only allows you to shake them instead of having to whisk them, but it also doubles as storage for any left overs! Shaking the dressings as opposed to whisking them ensures even distribution of all ingredients & creates a thicker dressing! ✨Head to my story to see how I make my favorite mason jar salad dressing. #justthetip

We’ve been celebrating a lot of food holidays around here lately, & that’s because they’re the best kind of holidays! Guess what we’re celebrating today?? It’s #nationalchocolatemousseday 🍫. With Easter right around the corner, why not celebrate with these adorable (& insanely delicious) Chocolate Mousse Eggs??

So much new stuff this week 🤯 also did I mention @traderjoes has a NEW CANDLE?? & it’s GRAPEFRUIT 🍊 On the menu this week: Scallion Pancakes with Crispy Eggs / Gyoza Soup / Skirt Steak Hash

Today is #nationalsourdoughbreadday & my favorite way to eat sourdough bread is dipped in a perfectly runny egg yolk 🍳. ✨Head to highlights to see how this breakfast bowl comes together!

All that’s left after some weekend baking. Chocolate Coffee Beet Cake!

Morning Good 🍩🤳🏼

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We picked our @maplesbarbecue $50 gift card winner. Stay tuned, we’ve got ANOTHER ONE to give away! 🏆