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Designed by Maxim Nilov @maxim.nilov - Link · https://dribbble.com/shots/4723518 - Want to get featured? Use #thebeeest


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🙌🏻🏢 Giderek ulaşılması zorlaşan yeşil alanlar gibi yükselen mimari dolayısıyla, görmek için çaba sarf etmemiz gerekenler arasında yerini alıyor gökyüzü de. Ne de olsa biraz çabanın aşamayacağı şey yoktur. Gözlerimizi binalardan ayırıp yukarıyı takip etmeye başladığımızda bozulmamış doğal yaşamın, bozmayı başaramadığımız bir parçası olan manzarasını bizle paylaşacaktır.

On Saturday we are heading to visit my parents in my hometown for a week. I’m starting to pack a little bit by looking through my “one last wearing” clothes pile. There’s 14 pieces of clothing I’m getting rid of. I’m going to bring them and wear them all week on my trip and then donate them to the thrift shop there before I leave. The clothes will get one last day in the sun and I will return with a half empty duffel bag! Wish I hadn’t already donated all the sweatshirts I was getting rid of so I could bring one of those for the week too and leave it behind. Right in this pile I have two workout shirts that have seen better days but will be fine for a couple workouts at my parents. A skirt that’s too big but fine for one more wearing. A dress that is fine but I don’t really live it so it never gets worn. A light cardigan that’s been replaced es with a nicer one. A pair of khaki shorts that have seen better days but still look fine. A plaid button down shirt that I’ve never loved the fit of but will look fine tied at the bottom for cooler nights. And 6 T-shirts that I don’t love anymore but still look ok. #lightpacker #travellight #travelling #frugal #usewhatyouhave #wearyourclothes #useitup #packlight #onelastwear #donate #minimalism


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What country do you think will win the world cup? 🏆⚽️ Don't miss out on Golden concept's limited edition world cup phone cases. Numbers are limited so act now before your country's flag sell out! . FOLLOW THEM NOW👇👇 @goldenconcept @goldenconcept . #goldenconcept #stevejobs #iphone #apple #applestore #phone #smartphone #ios #ios11 #minimalism #black #spacegrey #silver #technology #case #grey #iphonex #luxury #luxurydesign #football #countries #worldcup #worldcup2018


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exhibition in a small gallery #photography #minimalism #blackandwhite


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Hypnotizing road ahead 🔘


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⌚️ From @oio_doo93


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@lcondos_rivieramaya business card, details make the design pt 2.


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“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” - Wayne Dyer Life can be busy, hectic and at times overwhelming.😆 But it doesn't have to be that way...tiny shifts over time can create radical changes.🙌🏼 Start with these tips to bring more peace into your daily life: 💛 Set BOUNDARIES. We all only have 24 hours in a day - you, me and T-Swift. So choose your priorities, and remember to keep time every day for your own self care and reflection. 💛 Find a CALMING TECHNIQUE that works for YOU. I like breathing exercises and writing in my gratitude journal when I'm stressed out. What works for you? Yoga, music, meditation, prayer...find out what works for you and do that. 💛 CLEAR your SPACE. Unclutter your workspace so there are no distractions and no unnecessary clutter (papers, notes, books, piles, etc). Clear space = clear mind. This works for your desk, but also for your bedroom, bathroom, car, kitchen...any space where you spend time. 💛 ASK instead of guessing. I'm not a mind-reader and neither are you. So save yourself the anxiety, uncertainty and misguided conclusions and ask instead of assuming. Communicate, even if it's difficult at first. #peace #love #productivity #minimalism #wanderlust #inspire


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#buynow from EagleEyeArt. Commissions available. We also offer our files as full size images with no border/white edge. #follow for updates or DM for more info. *images subject to copyright ©️* #flower #flowers #minimalism #portrait


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Thank you loves! Here are the last two pieces in this series. $125 ea (shipping not included) // Also just realized I didn’t give sizes for these beauties! These last two are 9x12. // previous square pieces are 8x8. // One odd ball size of 6x8, (painting # 7). // and the circle pieces are approx 8x8. // and just in case this is the first post you see in regards to the shop today, check out the first post from yesterday about how to purchase! That’s it! Please feel free to send me a DM with any questions you might have! Shop is live until 5:30 tonight (PST). ✨


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Outfit of the day. #zara #adidas #tomford #tommyhilfiger #breitling