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Would really like to tattoo, more fine line pattern / geometry, obviously inspired. DM Or email theblackwhitelines@gmail.com to get tattooed. Thanks

Karana . . . Figured I'd reveal my last fully healed tattoo while we wait on the most recent one to heal up. Fantastic job by @tommy_oh over @holynoirtattoo. Super clean lines and amazing stippling 😍 This is a tattoo of the karana mudra with the flower of life sacred geometry pattern on the palm and fingers. This one is both a protection ward for myself and a reminder that I am relied upon to be my family's shield and last line of defence in any crisis or emergency. Karana, in Buddhist iconography, is a gesture that wards off evil, rids obstacles, and dispels negativity, anxiety, fear, and depression. This mudra creates energy that helps keep negativity out of the mind, body, and heart.

Hier soir j'ai offert Des petits points en symétrie pour le BBFF 🌚💦🖤 #minimalisttattoo #apprenticetattoo

finally had the chance to meet the lovely @geehawkestattoo on Tuesday for my first tattoo! She’s a total sweetheart and can’t wait to get more of her incredible work done too! 💕 can’t believe we actually had quite a bit in common and a huge thank you so much for making me feel comfortable with going ahead with it too! Now a little bit about the meaning (I know I’ll get asked) but this phrase means a ton to me. I don’t really share everything on social media but I had hydrocephalus for 22 years (which is essentially fluid on the brain) which really made me adapt how I lived for all these years, throw in some bouts of anxiety too and it didn’t make for a great time. But it made me realise that I was one of the lucky ones as with that disorder, I could of been so much worse off, and that I had one of the best family support systems to be there for me and I seriously owe them tons, plus they’ve all made my life pretty much perfect from day 1. Getting this done was my way of closing off that chapter of my life (I’m well aware that I’m 24 and totally pussed out until now) but hey! here’s to the future! — #firsttattoo #tattoo #labellavita #minimalisttattoo #mininalist #minimalism #modern #moderntattoo #writtentattoo #armtattoo #geehawkestattoo #deathsdoortattoo #brightontattooartist