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MXD-N-FIT "Wet" Tag anyone you know who might be a good look for our swimsuit campaign. SEEKING ALL ETHNICITIES ! #mxdnfitclothing #mxdnfit #wet #caribean #2piece #pangeainreverse #brownskin #apparel #blacklove #blackisbeautiful #creole #mixed #aesthetics #physique


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comment your zodiac sign, and find your twin 💥


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🌸sorry we have not posted in a while but we will start up again! Love you🌸 • • • • #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #doggo #doggy #doggie #doglover #dogstagram #dogmom #dogmomlife #mixed #mixedbreed #mixedbreeddog #mixedbreedrescue #saturday #saturdayvibes✨


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The most beautiful tulip I’ve ever seen. I saw today. 🌷 #flower #beautiful #tulip #pink #white #mixed #stockholm


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Live yourself, and yourself will be loved. - Today, Someone told me that I was fine the way i was. And i was sincerely touched with what she said. Because "confidence" is such a hard path. It is not because you have fat that it means you can't like yourself. It's not because you have curves that you're obligated to wear large and dark clothes to cover it up. My cousin said to me, that i'm beautiful because i enjoy and love my body so i'm not scared to show it up and assume in public how I look like. I've been skinny, 2/3years ago. At that time i've thought that i was fat, because I was the only one from my surronding to have a curvy body, and someone constanly repeated to me that I had a bit of fat there, and there, and there...and so, I needed to make some sport and exercice ... But that i truly needed was some confidence and SELF-LOVE. YES, self-love. People around you, are the first ones to critize, juged you from your appareances but will never understand how hard is it to love yourself and be happy with what you see. I've learned that, even if I took a lot of weight, my heart is okay with it. My eyes don't always see a fat girl with a fat body. They see someone who tries harder and harder to love herself. At the end, the true love and the true confidence is when you found yourself beautiful, not enought, not a bit, but just a lot. And it's also when you reach that limit where people's opinions and how they seek you, don't reach you anymore. Because, yes i'm beautiful. Yes, I have fat. But I have confidence. #asian #vietnamese #eurasian #french #mixed #culture #identities #origins #proud #love #ootd #oldpics #confidence #selflove #proud #boyfriend #mirrorselfie #bathroom #random #casual #daily #picoftheday #instashare #good #instagood #instafeed


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S . . . Get it 😜🐍


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5/15/18 I don’t remember who spotted Alonzo first, but this is him. I would nervously fumble to hide my camera in the moments following this photo. Alonzo would let himself into the back seat of our ride, and Mekalah would brace herself for impact. I don’t think her hands ever left the steering wheel. Mekalah hadn’t seen Alonzo for about twelve years. Alonzo had been the absent father figure, in and out of prison, constantly breaking promises and putting Mekalah in unsafe situations. In some of Mek and I’s earliest phone conversations back in April, we discussed and compared our vastly different childhoods. It was a punch in the gut for me. I’ve never counted my blessings so hard in my life. My privilege had made me comfortable and my ignorance had allowed it. Mekalah on the other hand had dealt with the consequences of Alonzo from day one. So, meeting Alonzo was going to be very challenging for her. She had high hopes for this reunion, and now it was happening; wildly different than either of us had expected. Alonzo directed us to his apartment. It was a short ride, but a lot happened on the way there. We shook hands. I told him I didn’t know too much about him. In other words, I told him my mom hadn’t told me too much about him. That’s the truth. I knew some good, and some very bad, but I chose to start with the good. I led with, “I always knew you were 5’9-“ but you could dunk. He cut me off before i could finish that sentence with, “6 foot”. I tried repeating myself, and he cut me off again- “6 foot”. Mekalah jived back letting him know that her and I were both taller than him and he finally let me finish my sentence. Before we knew it we were there. He informed us that his girlfriend was home on lunch break and we followed him across the street and to his place. With his back to me I said, “I know this isn’t easy”. He half turned while walking, “oh it’s easy”. Mekalah and I shared a glance brother sister style and headed in. Check out @mmmmekalah ‘s blog in her bio!