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~Failure~ (Based on a true story) My whole life I have always been afraid of one thing; failing. I wanted to get everything right. If I got a question on a test wrong, I would beat myself up about it. If I did something wrong in school, everypony would laugh at me and I would cry in the bathroom at lunch. I would throw out my lunch because everypony said I was too fat to be their friends, and I listened to them. I brought my stuffy to school because I was told to work with a partner all the time, so buttons (my teddy) was my partner for everything. Nopony would be my partner, nopony except buttons. But in grade 7, that all changed. I stopped bringing stuffies at grade 2, but I worked by myself until grade 7. A filly my age never talked, ate, or looked at anypony else but the teacher. She was picked on from day 1, and I decided enough was enough. I told the bullies how low they were making fun of somepony as perfect as her. They fought back, peppering insults here and there, but in the end, I won. We were friends ever since, and school has been okay. We both throw our lunches out every once and a while, but we're on the basketball team and the school council. I learned to make more friends, how to get involved, and how to like myself for who I am. Now, nopony can bring me down as long as I'm with my friends. #mlp #mlpfanfic #mlptruestory #mlpfim #mlpsad #sadmlp #mlptwilight #twilightsparkle