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Awe man! This is so sad but so true for most... I don't know why it is... Maybe they are just trying to protect you or maybe they really don't have your best interests at heart... Either way don't listen to them! Go after your dreams and do not ever apologize for living a life that works for YOU! Also...find a tribe that supports your goals and dreams and if you don't have one then click my link in my bio and meet mine ❤❤❤ #comehangwithus #mommaof3 #parenthoodunplugged #mommaonamission #mommyonamission #momlifestyle #onlinebiz #mumlife


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Ladies , lifting weights won’t make you big and bulky. You won’t look like a man. You don’t produce enough testosterone. It will actually enhance our feminine curves. STOP believing rumors! . Got my ass to the gym!! Did you? I love how my trainer is always motivating us!! What a great environment to workout in! . . #crossfit #crossfitmom #crossfitgirls #pushpress #girlsthatlift #lifting #liftingmotivation #fitmom #fatmomtofitmom #lifting #mondaysbelike #ilovemondays #weekstart #7monthspostpartum #mommaof3 #momlife


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Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a note taker...it's just how I retain the info... So this past weekend...it was my company's SUPER weekend... all that means is that we get together, ALL different walks of life, to learn, refocus and workout!!! If you missed my story during it...you missed some powerful stuff! I love these types of events...because not only does it give me kind of the kick I need to get back into things... but I get together with like minded individuals, who are working toward a similar goal... I took a lot out of this event but never did I think I would leave feeling stronger mentally, and feeling more motivated!!! Now it's time to take that info and turn it into action... Because "knowledge that doesn't result in action is simply info"! #feelrhepower #beasuperhero #mentallystrong #motivated #getthekick #superweekend #refocus #likemindedpeople #findtourtribe #notetaker #disneyfitmom #mommaof3 #footballmom #dancemom #weightlifting #weightliftingmomma


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Today I procrastinated on my workout. I wasn’t feeling it. Sometimes you just have those days. BUT I muscled through it (no pun intended 😂) and I’m glad I did. I always feel better when I’m done. It seems every year I fall off the wagon and I won’t workout for 4-6 weeks in a row. It usually is around day light savings time or the holidays. This year won’t be as challenging for me because I have everything I need from the comfort of my own home. Don’t let the winter blues or holiday bulge get you in a slump. Start now and stick with it. You’ll be glad you did! 🤗💪🏻


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Life lately... Emmy, you told me today that 1% of you wants to be a cheerleader and 1billion million five hundred fifty% of you wants to be a basketball player. You also explained that you and Ethan pretended to jump into a time portal through a picture frame at recess, then spent the entire time searching for the “perfect shaped” key (err woodchip) to get back inside. #nerdalert 🤓 Tucker, you wanted to know if Crosby’s name would still be Crosby by the time he goes to preschool. This led to a lengthy explanation to which you gave your usual reply of, “wait... whaaaat?” 🙈You asked me to sing you Jingle Bells before bed tonight and I like that about you. 🎄Crosby, you make the most hilarious faces, especially when you’re jamming out to Andy Mineo (cue the bobbing duck face). You request “DOGS OUT” (who let the dogs out) all day. 🤣 Thankful for my fam. . . . . . #joyfulmamas #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #instamom #momlife #momofthree #mommaof3 #parenthood #kidquotes #familyfirst #horseshoecanyonranch #familytrip


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"Never Miss a Monday" kept going through my mind today. Except I was tired. Didn't sleep well. No motivation. No energy. Blaa. I do NOT want to workout today 🙄 I've been LOVING my online workout I'm currently doing... but not today. ___________________ I did it anyway. Week 7. I did it because I knew it would make me feel better 😘 I did it because I knew even if I modified & didn't push myself 100% it's a hell of alot better than giving zero. So friends...never miss a Monday cuz it real does set the tone for the rest of the week and your body, mind & spirit will thank you🦋🦋🦋 and Boob sweat is good😂 Sorry this pic is blurry. Arms are a shaking! #progressnotperfection

Pretty cool looking huh?!

Her new favorite way to watch My Little Pony. ❤️ Pretty much her new favorite way to do everything!!! Ry has a soccer game tonight and Ollie decided she wanted to stay home with Me and Ro. Such a sweet big sister. 😍😍😍 #oliviajean #rowanpaul #mybabies #cuddletime #love #siblings #mommaof3 #momlife


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My little tribe all end up in our bed through out the night! #mytribe #mybabies #ilovethem #kingsizebed #mommaof3 #imsolucky 💙💙💖


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Guys I’ve got some B I G things coming in November 🔥 It’s my B I R T H D A Y month so naturally I want to be extra baby! The gift of health - birthday edition is launching November 5th! 🎈3 weeks of working out to a program tailored to you girl 🎈meal plans galore with me highlighting my go to meal prep items 🎈weekly prizes 🎈 gift giving of my favorite things! 🎈daily check ins with ME and likeminded babes 🎈BONUS gift when you choose my favorite package at enrollment If you are looking to get healthy and end 2018 strong as hell, you’re my girl and I want you in my gang!! For info or how to enroll comment below with your favorite emoji OR fill out the form in my bio 😘 (first one babe) . . #momlifebelike #blondebalayage #blondehighlights #nosepiercings #targetstyle #mermaidwaves #blueeyesblondehair #cincygram #cinyigers #ohiogram #ohioigers #ohiomom #sweaterweather #weightlossinspo #tiumom #weightwatchersfreestyle #boymomlife #postpartumfitness #bodyafterbaby #lashparadise #selfloveclub #mommaof3

Happy monday!! Im wearing makeup.... wait WHAT!!! HAHA Did sprint's today, 16 OF THEM, 30 sec hard, 30 sec rest, 8 sets flat road, 8 sets incline 15!!! Then did biceps, triceps, abs, and STRETCH!!! #fitness #mommaof3 #lovemynewlife #therapy #hardwork #mommaof3 #legday #blueeyes #booty #results #shoulders #shoulderworkout #cardio #killingit #family #arms #hitcardio #alwaysstrong


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We have to be the women we want our girls to be -Brene Brown . . Or I would interpret it as we have to be the PEOPLE we want our KIDS to be! And I want my kids to love the Lord first, I want them to be smart and kind and strong and full of life! . . So I'll just be over here working on being the best me- for me and for THEM! 💕 You see it's not selfish to give yourself some time and effort! And if you'd like help starting, shoot me a private message! #mondaymotivations


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This was the perfect solution to my not so great morning. So me and my 3 year old curled up with Frozen on TV and our favorite Stressaway and Lavender blend in the diffuser this afternoon. How is your Monday going? #mondaymood #monday #naptimewins #essentialoilmomma #essentialoilsforthewin #coloradomomma #mommaof3 #wahm #wahmlife #bossbabe👑

When your daughter writes you a surprise note on your workout board to find the next day. #pricelesssurprises #mommaof3 #livebyexample #liveyourbestlife♥️ #bebravewithyourlife #daughterslove


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H O L Y • S H I F T 😳⁣ ⁣ Part of me was scared to workout today, but I was in need of a blood pumping activity after pretty much laying on the couch most of the weekend with a migraine. First time to ever experience this and I hope it was the last. ⁣ ⁣ Today back at it with our new program!! And holy moly did the sweat pour! #sweatybetty 💦 Is it weird that I like that though! 😂😂😂 It makes a person feel empowered. Like they just pushed themselves to do something hard and they are capable! 👊🏼 Or it could just be me! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Either way!! 😆#imweirdandtotallyokwithit⁣ ⁣ Happy Monday and I hope you started your week off with a bang. 💗⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #mondayslapontheass #gogetyoursweaton #fitmomof3 #migrainessuck #bettertoday #itwontstopme #freshstart #newweek #mommaof3 #fitasticmomma

The odds of hitting your target 🎯 go up dramatically when u aim at it ❤️🏹 #fitfam #girlpower #mommaof3 #archery🎯 #killinit #firsttime


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Therapy session ✔️ This momma is so touched out from a sick baby and well 2 other kids! My biggest tip to relieve stress and all the anxious feels... workout. Get the endorphins going. Feed the 1 year old some Annie’s bunny graham crackers and sweat it out. It’s only 30 minutes. You both will survive. And you’ll be a happier mom. . P.S. my triceps felt 10 times bigger after my chest/tri circuit 😆 So another side effect is instant confidence 😏 . . . #destress #instantconfidence #mondaymotivation #mommaof3 #postpartumfitness #blondebalayage #momswithmuscle #cincygram #cincyigers #ohiogram #ohioigers #ohiomom #breastfeedingmom #weightlossmotivation #momstrong #nosepiercings #anxietyrelief #toddlermom #boymomma


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Day 1: I always love the very beginning of a new program! There’s always the excitement and dedication that comes with a new beginning! I’ve thrown out some pretty HUGE goals for myself, and I know that not only am I going to have to show up in these workouts. But also dial in my nutrition! Will I have moments of weakness? Probably Will it be difficult? You can count on it Will it be worth it? Absolutely This process begins with you. Your willingness to do better, be better, and feel better. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Start now! Start with me! . . #winningmymornings #inspiration #fitnessandpassion #momlifebelike #blondemom #mommaof3 #fitnessjourney #pushplay #goals #letsdothis


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Reality post here: Kids. Trash our house, talk back, never satisfied, suck the $ out of us along with changing our figure forever, never alone in the bathroom, knocking is not something they understand, they don’t understand the word no, we are their personal assistant, housekeeper, and chauffeur. They test our patience and their limits BUT at the end of the day we are truly learning so much more from them and they do really love each other even tho they fight like cats a dogs most of the time. The best job I have in life in being their Mommy. I wouldn’t change it for the 🌎. They are sculpting me and I mold them. 💜💜❤️☺️ #mommaof3 #theychangedmyworld #theyatesculptingme #teachingthem #setagoodexample #theyarewatchingyou #teachthemtobetheirsleves #lovethem

I’m so happy that my hubby captured this picture. As a momma I’m hardly in pictures because I’m the one who’s always taking them. You can see the excitement in our faces! It was my little Lucy’s first time going on a ride and she couldn’t be more thrilled until the ride seemed to never end for her haha. Nevertheless we enjoyed the ride 💕 #fallfair #mommaof3 #thatsoundsboring #mommaof4soundsbetter #hahahajkbabe #donthaveaheartattacknow #familyfun


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#38weekspregnant & #38yearsold. Look out world, I've only just begun. #strongmomfitness #mommaof3 #raisingkickasskids


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On his day off this is what it is filled with! Hahaha home reno life at its finest. The basement is our last big project in the house and y’all it’s turning out to be pretty stinkin awesome!!


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So I’m struggling this Monday... I know what I need to do, it’s just doing it that’s hard. I’ve been “treating” myself a little more lately and it’s showing in my progress pics. . . Currently In my challenge group we are to post every Monday our progress pics and this mornings pics of me made me realize that I need to buckle down and dial in my nutrition. . . So of course I was beating myself up because I’m not where I want to be with entering my 6th week of round 2 of my program. So with that being said I needed a little picker upper. ________________ I was just being very non-productive and going through some old videos and even though I was paying attention the the cuteness of Conrad and hearing Skyleigh’s kiddy voice 😭 I happened to notice the weights I was lifting. Here I am beating myself up when in the top video you can see I started out with 8 lb weights and had to drop down to 5’s! Bottom video shows my consistency over the last year IS paying off and I’m now up to 15lbs for this move😱 I’m not bragging by any means I’m just sharing where I’m at and I know how bad the struggle is. So when I say the struggle is real I MEAN IT! ____________ These videos are 3 years apart. So obviously this goes to show I’ve been struggling with fitness since then and really before that. _________ I’m mentally and physically in a WAY better place now and would love to help you over come your obstacles. So if you need help and accountability, let’s chat! I’m accepting more clients for my ongoing challenge group. It doesn’t matter where your starting out, we will keep you accountable and kick you booty! ☺️😉 ________________ #thestruggleisreal #consistancyiskey🔑 #liift4 #mommaof3

💜💜 Stephanie's Warrior Moment! 💜💜 "Here's a story... about a month ago I was feeling down on myself about not having gone to graduate school yet (which is after all the ultimate plan and why I moved to Portland area after getting out of the military) not having the finances available yet after having a third baby. Then I was driving to work feeling lame then I thought to myself... here I am supporting my family of five, supporting my husbands aspiring business, building my own business and homeschooling two very smart children and working as a newly hired critical response nurse which requires me to respond to every critical situation in the hospital. I was suddenly acutely aware of the impossible aspirations we as women and mind put on ourselves and I became very proud of the life I have. I suddenly felt proud, happy and drove to work jamming out!" Stephanie, you are an amazing Mom and I admire you so much! You've served our country, you save lives and you are a sweet friend. Love you! #zyiawarriormoment #mommamonday #zyiaactive #armywomen #criticalcarenurse #mommaof3


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I was PUMPED to get up and get going this morning! I recharged alllll weekend because this week is packed full of fun, and I knew I would need to fuel up this weekend in order to pour out so much this week. . I have to give kudos to all of the girls from my community though because THEY keep me going. . I was so excited to see my newbies on our morning zoom and to login and see that some of my girls had already gotten their workouts in! . These women are taking steps to better their situation whether it be mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially, and it is SO inspiring and keeps me going. . They think that I’m the one helping them but the truth is that they help me sooooo much more. We are all in this TOGETHER and that’s what matters because COMMUNITY.IS.EVERYTHING. . I’m so glad that I’ve found mine and keep adding beautiful souls to it. I WANT to be surrounded by people who are pushing to live their best life because it keeps me focused on doing the same. . Here’s to completing my devo + PD and crushing my workout before 6 AM👊🏻 Now to race over to my community and give them some killer stuff for this week. . Who else is ready to SLAY the day?! . . . . . . . #foodfreedom #momsthathike #hikermom #feelinglikeabeast #raisingboys #fitmomsofig #momfitness #boymomma #mommaof3 #toddlermom #faithfullyfitmomma #womenintheword #formerathlete #healthymom #countrymom #backwoodsliving #gooutsidetoday #fitmomforgood #linewife #igfitmoms #gotfan #csection #bonusmomma #bonusmom #stepmomma #sahm #stayathomemomma #mommaofboys


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When your markers haven’t came, you improvise and use things from your kids school gym supplies. #noexcuses #ivegotgoals #homegym #mommaof3


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... Do try this Chia Parfait by @vegamelon . 1 cup almond milk + 3 tbsp chia seeds + pink pitaya, and the top is 1 frozen banana blended with 1/2 cup strawberries. Add the extra frozen berries for decoration. . Benefits of almond milk: - boosts immune system - helps repair damaged skin - helps maintain blood pressure - helps maintain a healthy kidney . #momboss#mommyhood#mommy#realmotherhood#busymomlife


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LIIFT 4 and 80 Day Obsession are just a few programs offered in the OnDemand streaming. People are changing their lives by being committed to a fitness and nutrition LIFESTYLE. You too can get into the best shape of your life and have ME as your motivational and accountability coach! Link in bio or visit my Facebook page Lift with Lizzie to learn more! How can I help hold you accountable?

Oh man ain't that the truth?? Everything you go through and survive will make you stronger... And I have survived enough to be scared of very little... How about you?? We all go through things...some more than others... If you can take what's nearly broken you and use it to your advantage and keep on keeping on then you have won! Just remember to move forward with kindness... Don't let the negative things that have happened to you make you bitter... Try and make the world a better place while living fearlessly 😘 #mommaof3 #mywhys #lifeunplugged #momlife #3kidsmama #mywholeworld #bestlifeever #3kids #momlifeisthebestlife


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Just a reminder that simply standing around hoping that your hopes, dreams, and goals will just fall in your lap isn't gonna happen 🤷🏼‍♀️ you gotta work for ALL that. 💁🏼‍♀️So go ahead, make a dream/vision board, or write a list of your goals for the week and the month, then where you see yourself at the 3, 6, and 12 month mark. 👀 Look at it everyday AND work at it! 🙌 🗣You CAN make your dreams happen BUT it will never happen by standing on the sidelines just waiting for them to fall in your lap. 》》》》MAKE THOSE DREAMS YOUR LIFE《《《《 I'm still in that working on my dreams mode too so let's go, join me on my damn journey. Come on NOW we GOT THIS 🙌💋 #mommaonamission #theuniversehasnorules #mommaof3 #livingmybestlife #glutenfreelifestyle #sportsmom #yogamom #alldayeveryday #airforceveteran #yoganowwinelater