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There's so much power, and vulnerability, in taking chances that feel in alignment with you and your truth. ✨ • • Regardless of what anyone else may think. There's so much 🆆🅸🅻🅻 to change, 🅳🅴🆃🅴🆁🅼🅸🅽🅰🆃🅸🅾🅽 😎 to be different, to 🅳🅾 different. It's courageous and powerful beyond belief.💓 • • Maybe it's leaving a job you don't care for... Or that social circle that's pretty negative 😒 & doesn't encourage you towards your goals... Or even getting over yourself and your own self-talk, 🙈 telling you there's always next month, year, or whatever other future time to achieve your goals. • • Whatever it is, when that inner warrior 💪🏽 shows up and tells you it's time to do something differently... Hermosaaaaa 😍, it’s TIME to raise your belief in yourself. • • To move forward, despite whatever fears or doubts you have. FEAR 👿, my friend is a LIAR! 👊🏽🙏🏽 • • Imagine just how much good could come. How much better you could feel. 🙌🏽 How much more you could learn to love and appreciate yourself by letting your real self shine through. • • Share that light! 🆂🅷🅸🅽🅴 ✨ B R I G H T hermosa!! • • Hey! 😉 Whenever you get there, when you're ready to hear that voice 🗣 out, I'll be here. To be by your side cheering you on and clapping 👏🏽 the very loudest when that moment of truth strikes. ⚡💞

Bobbie Ray

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I dont post alot of foods because 95% of my foods are repeats. I love to explore with foods, but once I find what foods works best for my goals, that's what I stick to. So with that being said. Here is my dinner. Chicken with different veggies. Added a sprinkle of cheese and of course, my hot sauce. #fitfam #goals #weightlossjourney #2019ismyyear #mommaof3 #dowhatworksforyou rksforyou #healthyfood #healthylifestyle

My last baby for the last time in this rocker. I hope the next owner enjoys it as much as I did 😍 three babies in 3.5 years is a lot of rockin ❤ #jettilouise #mommaof3

Today, i took time for myself! Some much change, at once was really getting to me. So nice, cold, wet, MUDDY 🤗😁 walk with mother nature to clear my head space! My watch was happy i got some floors in today. Seen 3 coyotes on my walk. It was cool, and a little scary how close they were. #30andlookbetter #mommaof3 #furmom #airforcewife #armyvet #tattoomomma

This sweet red head of mine turned 11 yesterday. I want every one of my kids birthdays to be this magical day where they feel special and loved and known. And every year I feel like a total failure. Its so much pressure! To make this perfect day happen, and then the perfect party, and the perfect gift. And maybe I should just remind myself that I am not perfect, I shouldn’t be teaching them to expect perfect. What I really really want out of this day and every day is for them to know they are loved. They are my precious baby, and they are loved so much that I make myself crazy trying to show them, when maybe I just need to tell them. . So even though yesterday, I pretty much dropped the ball, and we all cried at the end of the night. . Today I sat down and I wrote in a journal that I’m giving him for us to write back and forth in. I told him how much he is loved. How he was loved even before he was born. I told him all of the things about his personality that I adore, I told him stories, I cried and laughed while I wrote. . Maybe this is the best gift I can give him. My love. A safe space to figure out who he is. To be known. . . . #boymoms #hes11 #parentingfail #imperfectparenting #momfail #storytellingmama #myhonestmotherhood #themommydiary #honestlymothering #momlifeisthebest #momlifebelike #parenthoodvibes #mommaof3 #momswithcamera #crazymom #messy_motherhood #stopdropandmom #lovethesekids #mylittles #mybigs #mybabiesforever #mysweetboy #hemakesmesmile #hemakesmelaugh #myminis #blessedmama #thankfulmama #appreciatewhatyouhave #realmomlife

This is a constant reminder for myself, GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME. It is not always easy to stick with something whenever instant gratification isn’t happening. This journey I am on along with others in my group know that just because you drink 1 shake or workouts once that the results are going to magically appear. They are going to take time. There are some of us that want to lose weight, feel better, get off medications, live a healthier lifestyle, or get in a better routine. But the 1 thing that we all have in common is HAPPINESS. We all want to be happier. Doing the things I listed above can help us get there one step at a time. Not overnight or even in couple weeks. This journey takes time. I am grateful for those who have joined and I am looking forward to the future conversations with those of you that want these things too!

Using my 1yr old as a weight for leg raises . Hes entertained and loving it 👌👌 #sahm #sahmlife #fitfam #weightlossjourney #mommaof3

@shaunt you tried to break me today but those pushups in that transformer did not win 😂 I conquered those and the oblique downward dogs 👊🏻 #16weekspregnant and I still got it! Feeling stronger than ever this Friday morning and SO darn proud of myself and my virtual Bootcamp ladies who are CRUSHING their goals alongside me 😭🙌🏻

When doing push-ups you can always use your knees and still get great results! 30, 3 reps of push-ups with plank runs in btw each set...swipe👉🏻 for second example! Super easy and easy on the bod! #30minuteworkout #fit #fitness #fitmomma #mommaof3 #athomeworkout #getresults #pushthrough #motivate #inspire #wecandoit #30min #getyoursweaton #sahm #fit4u #core #corestrengthening #strength

I'm going to let you in on a secret 💁🏼‍♀️... I know I talk about staying #motivated and focused alot but truth be told, motivation is kinda bull 💩. 🤷🏼‍♀️It’s made up. 🤭Like Valentine’s Day❤️ for hallmark (even though I love my hallmark movies haha)😂 What my "motivation" IS, is it’s simply a DECISION. I’m not “motivated” majority of the time. I struggle. Change is friggin' hard. And I'm human. And a busy mom. But my WILLPOWER & DEDICATION wholeheartedly outweighs my excuses!! 👏🏼 Let me tell you...if you don’t want the CHANGE more than you want to stay the same you WILL continue to just spin in circles. I WILL give you all the tools, support & #accountability to do YOU. 😘😘😘 but YOU gotta want it and be willing to put in the #effort 💪 . . . . . . . #mommaonamission #factfriday #theuniversehasnorules #mommaof3 #alltheenergy #canyoufeelit #baseballmom #gymnastmom #glutenfreelife #mombienomore #easyas123 #yoganowwinelater #inversionsarefun #yogatherapy #yorkiemom #beyourbestyou #newenglander

Day 5/42 💦💦 This new program is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone....but y'all won't believe me when I tell you I'm already down lbs in the FIRST WEEK 😳😳 . I still feel uncoordinated doing some of the moves and I still have to modify some of the moves but I am WORKING 💪🏼 . If your excuse is that you don't have the time, that stops here 🚫 Hit me up if you want in on just 20 MINUTES a day and I'll get you started in my group 🙌🏼 Check the link in bio!! . . #ditchthemombod #busymomgetsfit #sayyestoyou #mommaof3 #canyouhandleit #whatsyourexcusenow #getoutofyourhead #nursemommy #curlygirlproblems #curlseverywhere

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Let's get to know each other a little better! Where were you born? I was born in Washington DC #gettoknowyou #wherewereyouborn #essentialoilmomma #coloradomomma #mommaof3 #momof3 #wahm #sahm #bossbabe👑

We had a fab return to tree tribe today! Freezing, but we both wrapped up warm and had fun collecting bugs 🕷 🐛 🐜 with all our friends! #mommaof3 #mamaofboys #bugs #bugslife #scotlandsbeauty #scotland #scottishfold #scottishhighlands #funinthesnow #snowtimes #winterishere #babyitscoldoutside #outdoorfun #outdoorplayground #nevisrange

This little guy woke up just as I was finishing my morning workout!!! Everyday, I have the support of my ladies and I LOVE IT💕... but it means that much more when the kiddos see me doing it everyday to stay healthy and to set them up for success! You see I’m not just doing this workout thing because it’s a fad or just for me, I’m doing it for those 3 little ones 👶 👶 👶 who are always watching! I want to show them what being healthy is about... to grow up loving themselves and being happy with every thing they do! It’s about passing down the love and joy and for them to take that and conquer the world! As much as I hate to see them growing everyday😭 I know they have a healthy role model(s) to look up to! @rotatedbaby #belivingproof #showthem #betherolemodel #staystrongforthekiddos #nevergiveup #showthemhealthy #showthemlove #workoutbuddy #idoitforthem . . . #disneyfitmom #mommaof3 #footballmom #dancemom #wrestlingmom #weightliftingmomma

Day 16 was sweet! It was much later as I left the hubby home with the kiddos and headed to a movie to enjoy sometime by myself. The day didn’t go exactly as planned but all in all it was a good day!

80% good eating, 20% mild exercise! Still got a bit of work around my arms (hate hate hate upper body workout) Been TRYING to change my lifestyle through food for 3 solid months. I've lost only 3.5kg's but dropped down by 4 dress sizes from size 18 to size 12! Trying out a vegan, gluten free, water (only beverage), semi-organic (where possible) lifestyle...i know it's a mouthful 🤘🤣... BUT BUT BUT the changes are Aha~mazing!!! 💎💋💝 Meal planning and meal prepping aren't as simple IN THE BEGINNING but after a rough 3 months, you get the hang of it! February I will TRY a level up with more cardio and someone's even GRACIOUSLY offered to train me for free! Slowly but surely I'm progressing to achieve my goal of a complete "LIFESTYLE CHANGE" including fewer trips to the Dr's and less reliance on meds Approaching 40 years younger and loving it! #mommygoals #mommaof3 #lifestylechange #progress #vegantrial #blessed #motivatedmomma #grateful #trying

Sometimes life can get you upside down!🤪 and its not a bad thing too! I mean, I don’t mind it as long as i’m getting a good stretch in! Ive been working on my handstands lately. Almost on my own! #buildingupperbodystrength #handstand #goodwaytopractice #fitmomma #tattoedmomma #backpiece #fit #fitness #mommaof3 #fitlifestyle #fit4u #motivation #inspiration #sahm #upsidedown #letgo

I heard something on the radio and it made me stop and think... Today is the day that most people give up on their New Years resolutions! Just 17 days is all the longer they make it. . My goal... 🍂 is to make sure I don’t become part of those statistics 🍂 to take some time for me everyday so I can be the best mom, wife, friend that I need to be 🍂not to give up on myself so easily 🍂remind myself that fear is a liar . Maybe you are on this journey or maybe you haven’t started, but you’ve been watching. Mae this your year. Send me a message and we’ll get started and help each other stay on track this year. . #thisismyyear #goalgetter #mommaof3 #notquittingthistime #fearisaliar #transformationinprogress

Who would want to follow me??? I was so shocked and amazed at how different I felt, in what a change had taken place in me... how for the first time in a long while I had confidence in myself again... All those reasons and SO many more are why I decided to coach... But then I remember having to fill out papers for the kids school and under “mothers occupation”... I froze... 😳... That 1st time I put SAHM and nothing else! Because SERIOUSLY who did I think I was...people would die laughing if I put “health and fitness coach”... I mean... it sounded so much more official if I had to write it on paper like that... I DO NOT look like someone who should wear that title... 😬 I mean I’m a “bigger boned” gal! I do not have a 6 pack... I’m not very fashionable (I think the fact that I’m still wearing Christmas socks as seen in the pick helps prove that 🤦🏼‍♀️)... I still eat out... I have diet coke sometimes... I’m not a size 2... heck I’m not even a single digit... allllllll these things kept going through my head!!! But what I’m learning (yea learning... I’m still a work in progress) is to share what I AM and not focus on what I think I’m not!!! I AM someone who truly cares about people! I’m a woman who continues to realize that people JUST LIKE ME need to see that if a normal, messy, mom of 3, like me can actually make a change and get healthier and stronger... well ANYONE can!!! So yep... this is me... I have stomach rolls and I’m a “health and fitness coach”... I put that on forms now! (well not the roll part 😉) ❤️

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not; I hope you have strength to start over. - F. Scott Fitzgerald . Team call night 💕 #youcansitwithus


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Oh, the dreaded pumping sessions! BUT I do it because it is what we find to be best for our baby and our family. He breastfeeds so well outside the cursed hours of 10am to 6pm so I pump and bottle feed during that time. Plus, it helps a bit when I have to coordinate three schedules and meet the needs of three (demanding but oh-so-cute) kids. I was set on avoiding the pump this time around but we all know baby has a way of derailing plans! And I am adjusting my expectations and remembering the real priorities are a happy, healthy, and fed baby. 👶🍼 #fedisbest #breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #pumpingmom #combofeeding #combinationfeeding #breastpump #spectrabreastpump #2monthsold #baby #motherhood #nomomshaming #postpartum #mommaof3 #supportoneanother @pump_momma_pump @pumpinggoddesses

One year ago today I was posting about my love hate relationship with these resistance bands... story is still the same 🤣 . I love the burn these bands provide. The extra oomph during those routine moves. On the other hand, I hate them just the same. . I didn’t put a full hour into my workout like I did when I was following 80DO but let me tell you.. getting my blood pumping and that sweat rolling felt gooood! . With the hubs back on nights and the kids and I finding our “new” routine, I’ve had to adjust, readjust and adjust some more when it comes to our daily schedule. My morning “me” time has been all kinds of jacked and I haven’t been able to find a good time for my workouts BUT my nutrition has been on point even with me battling my crazy munchies cravings lately. . So, as I’m figuring out my new schedule...when do you get your blood pumping? Do you have a scheduled “me” time? . . . . #leowifelife #nightshiftwife #leow #leowife #adjustments #newroutine #mommaof3 #resistancebands #tbt #throwbackthursday

When you look at yourself, what do you think? Are you happy, are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you compare yourself to others a lot, or are you totally content with yourself? I’ve been all of the above!🤷🏼‍♀️ especially after having 3 kids and being stretched in all different directions haha! It’s only been the last 6 mths I’m feeling back to myself again! I had my babies pretty close in age and I nursed all 3 of them, I wldnt have had it any other way, but honestly it can be maddening lol🤪 Life is about choice, we’re blessed to have that!✨ I chose to make change and I chose to stick with it! Being consistent can be hard and it doesn’t have to be perfect! Perfection is an illusion, but being the best you, thats reality! Don’t let anyone tell you different! #fit #fitness #fit4u #fitmomma #mommaof3 #confidence #inspiration #motivation #beyou #loveyourself #lovetheskinyourin #beachbody #beachtime #hilife #luckywelivehi #hawaii #oahu #sahm #sahmlife #livethelifeyoulove #livinthedream #change #consistency #commitment #bethechange

I didn't want to, but I walked for the duration of my daughter's gymnastics class. It's not like they had comfy chairs for reading 😁, and it was good to stretch my legs. Sometimes it's TOO convenient, and you have NO excuses left to give. #ymca #ymcagym #walking #indoortrack #mommaof3 #mommaistired


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Rainy days are for jumping in puddles and mud, laughing until your belly hurts, and warming up with hot cocoa and cuddles! #heartisfull #momlife #mommaof3 #mytribe #explore #adventure #wanderlust #outdoors #rain #puddle #mud #blessed #love #laughter #kidsareawesome #radkids #iloverain #life #♥️

Would you step outside your comfort zone and take that leap of faith if it meant a brighter future for your family? 💗 . . So many people walk away from their dream or their goals because of fear of the known. I can’t beg you enough to STOP doing that ✖️ . . When I decided to start this coaching business part time as a means to bring in a side income, I had very small goals in mind. I literally just wanted to make enough money to pay for the monthly shakes that I’m obsessed with! Once I did that, I realized how quickly more income came in just from helping others achieve their own personal health and fitness goals! Guys I’m telling you... you don’t have to struggle to pay bills, you don’t have to live in debt for the rest of your life, you don’t have to work a 9-5 job that you hate! Stop living with limitations! Give your family the future they deserve! . . If you’re interested in joining my team or want to know more about how this amazing business works, just comment below with your favorite emoji or message me 📲 . . . . . #goalgetter #newyeardoyou #girlwashyourface #brighterfuture #incomepotential #financialfreedom #sideincome #debtfreejourney #transformyourlife #letgooffear #mommaof3 #boymom #girlmom #southfloridablogger #beachlifestyle #familybeachphotos #familybeachday #allforthem #myreasonwhy

🤷🏽‍♀️ When you work for yourself, so often your schedule gets blurred! As a #homeschoolingmom it happens more often than not 💯! . 👊🏽 I used to fight it, trying to fit every single moment of my time in a block and then I STOPPED!! . ✨ I found #time to #liveinthemoment! Accept the “interruption” and realize “THIS” this is the very moment I work so hard to live!! . 🤷🏽‍♀️ Why not stop mid afternoon and enjoy every single bit of it?! . 💙 I cherish every single meltdown, cuddle, interruption and pure joy with you my youngest of 3!!! . ❤️ Every single one!

• My 💗 Bug • • • • • • • • • • • • #kaelahalana #fallpics #familyphotography #babygirl #bigbowdontcare #blessed #mommaof3 #youngest #janieandjack #babygap #babyfever #oldnavy #oneyearsold @janieandjack @_babygap__ @oldnavy

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter”- Rachel Carson #soulfood #gooutsideandplay #exploremore #tunein #beherenow #mountainmomma #mommaof3 #snowday #appalachianmountains #countryliving


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Working the obliques! This is a great way to tone and define your mid area✨ it helps with your core strengthening as well as your arms, holding your upper body while you transition back and forth left to right without touching your mat/floor. Light cardio this morning with some free weights😅 #fit #fitness #fitmomma #mommaof3 #fit4u #cardio #core #coretoning #define #arms #mid #strengthening #30minuteworkout #athomeworkout #consistency #motivate #inspiration #determination #pushthrough

Becca Verny💋

1 Day 7 Hours Ago

I can write a bunch of motivational posts. I can show you all of the before & afters. I can give you a ton of clean food recipes. But the truth is, you need to want it bad enough for YOURSELF 👊🏼 💛You are in charge of your change💛 so get off your butt, put in the work, and make it happen! I'm looking to help a few ladies take charge and make changes! So if this is you 👆🏼 drop a comment below or message me for more info! . . #mommaof3 #ditchthemombod #positivityforthewin #busymomgetsfit #sayyestoyou #2019goals #workingoutwithkids #getoffyourbutt #whatsyourexcusetoday #whyareyouwaiting

Changing up my fitness routine with some amazing and empowering women! @studio_fitness_mobile. No matter what fitness stage you are at, go ahead and Give your body some L-O-V-E 💕#loveyourbody #fitmom #mommaof3 #beyoubefit

GOOD MORNING!!☀️ My Chiquita has been sick all night 🤮 with little sleep but still smiling! • • She always makes this momma snap out of the negativity and look at life with a different #perspective 😎 • • How'd you wake up today hermosa?? • Did you wake up with positive thoughts or negative thoughts!! 🤔 If you woke up with negative thoughts and are stressed for the day ahead... that's exactly what it'll be.. a stressful day!! • • CHANGE those thoughts!! Get excited for the day ahead!! Think about what you’re #grateful for! 🙏🏽 It'll make even the tough stuff easier!! 🙌🏽 • • Don't take life so seriously!! 💞 Have FUN, LAUGH & be AWESOME!!

Tammy Gilles

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👇You may want to read this!👇 As soon as I turned 16, I couldn’t wait to get a job and start earning my own money. I grew up in a middle class family with 4 kids. We had everything we needed but if we wanted extra, we had to spend our own money. I had to buy my first car and pay for my car insurance and gas money if I wanted to drive. So I went to work! - I loved the feeling of earning that paycheck each week! I always had a strong work ethic even into adulthood. #workhardplayharder - Becoming a #stayathomemom mom was tough for me because I didn’t like having to depend on someone else for money. And I felt like I needed to ask permission to spend it (not because my husband cared, it was my own mental block). #strongindependentwoman - Of course, I eventually mostly got over all of that and loved that I was able to stay home with my kids, have play dates, go to the zoo and park and all the fun stuff we did together! But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the thrill of payday and earning my own income especially through the hard times. - I found coaching after Stella was born and only joined really to work on my fitness goals (I needed accountability!) and thought maybe I could help a few friends get started too. - Here I am 4 years later with a passion and drive like I’ve never had. I’m still not in it for the money but I certainly appreciate having the feeling or worth and satisfaction that comes with earning a paycheck each week. And the fact that I’m following my passion and that its led me to so many friends and experiences that I would’ve never come across makes me especially grateful! - We live in a world of so much opportunity now! You can become anyone you want to be, follow your passion and live your very best life! Don’t waste it! You only have one shot as this life! Live it up! - I’m building my team of women who want to find the passion and fire inside of them- helping others while becoming their best versions of themselves! #womensupportingotherwomen - If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, drop me your email below or give me 👊. #liveyourbestlifenow

Genia Gardaya

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I’m late, I’m late... for a very important date... A date to get my butt kicked... I heard my alarm and just didn’t want to get up... it also didn’t help that I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight... After seeing that it was already 6:15AM I hopped right out of bed to get in my workout! With this NEW schedule, I could easily workout later in the morning, but I have scheduled that time for business growth and personal growth... also I needed to make sure the kids were up and ready for school... otherwise they would be late everyday 😯 So really 6AM is the ideal time... No I’m not a morning person, and I don’t usually have the energy, but with the help of my go-go juice, and the support of my morning crew, I’m ready to knock the workout out!!! Plus it’s only 20 min... it’s a killer, but only 20 min😄 Come join the adventure!!! #imlate #imup #ididit #20min #killerworkout #day4 #whyhaventyoujoinedme #newschedule . . . #disneyfitmom #mommaof3 #footballmom #dancemom #wrestlingmom #weightliftingmomma

Definitely struggled with this one! I had a hard time getting the moves down! BUT I will get better because I have 5 more weeks😳 the modifier was my BF🥰 #transform20 #noexcuses #donein20 #feelingreat #mommaof3 #allfromhome#itsalluptoyou

Mommy Mitse

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BNWT #jujube #belight in #blackwidow print. 1 slot available DM me for inquiries. Shopee: MommaOf3 Carousell: mommaof3ph #jujubeph #jujubephilippines #jujubebag #onyx #onyxcollection #mommaof3 #mommaof3ph #legitseller #legitsellerph #shopeeph #shopeephmommaof3

Mommy Mitse

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BNWT #jujube #beset in #blackwidow print. 1 slot available DM me for inquiries. Shopee: MommaOf3 Carousell: mommaof3ph #jujubeph #jujubephilippines #jujubebag #onyx #onyxcollection #mommaof3 #mommaof3ph #legitseller #legitsellerph #shopeeph #shopeephmommaof3

Mommy Mitse

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BNWT #jujube #fuelcell in #iconic2 print. 1 slot available DM me for inquiries. Shopee: MommaOf3 Carousell: mommaof3ph #jujubeph #jujubephilippines #jujubebag #tokidoki #tokidokicollection #tokilove #mommaof3 #mommaof3ph #legitseller #legitsellerph #shopeeph #shopeephmommaof3

Mommy Mitse

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BNWT #jujube #superbe in #iconic2 print. 1 slot available DM me for inquiries. Shopee: MommaOf3 Carousell: mommaof3ph #jujubeph #jujubephilippines #jujubebag #tokidoki #tokidokicollection #tokilove #mommaof3 #mommaof3ph #legitseller #legitsellerph #shopeeph #shopeephmommaof3

Mommy Mitse

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BNWT #jujube #bequick in #blackwidow print. 1 slot available DM me for inquiries. Shopee: MommaOf3 Carousell: mommaof3ph #jujubeph #jujubephilippines #jujubebag #onyx #onyxcollection #mommaof3 #mommaof3ph #legitseller #legitsellerph #shopeeph #shopeephmommaof3


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Me, myself and I... #mommaof3 #momlife #metime #looklikeshit


1 Day 19 Hours Ago

From mauka to makai is where I stay✨ if I’m not in the ocean, I’m hiking in the mountains! I’m always keeping my blood flowing and always going on adventures with my keiki! I think it’s important to teach our children good habits, hiking is something my ohana loves to do🌿 #adventures #hiadventure #mauka #hawaiiliving #luckywelivehi #aloha #fithawaii #hiking #fit #fitmomma #mommaof3 #hikingmomma #sahm #sahmlife #himomlife

Day 15 - Reveal Was the perfect practice for the day that I had.

Finished that walk and then got distracted with getting dinner ready and forgot to post. But I am so glad I that I made myself get out and do that walk! Feeling relaxed!

Genia Gardaya

1 Day 21 Hours Ago

Alright so it’s been 2 days and I’m not gonna lie I have been dreading to post this... but... here it goes! Day 1... I’m keeping track of my progress with these next 6 weeks... totally cringe worthy. You see, first things first: I HATE PICTURES. I’m naturally uncomfortable in them and I’m even more uncomfortable when it’s just me! Second: Although I have made some serious progress, I just HATE seeing myself... my whole self out there for everyone to see! But here’s the thing... I’m super uncomfortable...but I know these 6 weeks aren’t just gonna change my physical self, it’s going to change my perception too! It will be a total breakthrough and I seriously can’t wait! If you haven’t joined this amazing program yet... put your hands up 🙌 to get added! Your own transformation journey is waiting... and you will be surprised at where this journey will take you! #transform_20 #thetimeisnow #cringe #imnotapictureperson #embarkonanewjourney #trackyourprogress #cantwait #takealeap . . . #disneyfitmom #mommaof3 #footballmom #dancemom #wrestlingmom #weightliftingmomma

Present. This is “my word” for 2019. Present. In all areas in fact. In my work. For my business. With my friends. In conversations. As a wife. As a mother. And most importantly, for myself. Presence over perfection. It’s a real process for me, but I’m game. I’m ready to show up in this life as me, for me. I’m ready to be beautifully, imperfectly PRESENT. ✨ #presence #presenceoverperfection #bossbabe #doterrabiz #mommaof3 #newyearsresolutions #goals #selflove

Amber A 🦋

1 Day 23 Hours Ago

Just saying cuz mean people suck 😝

It isn't always sunshine and 🌈🌈🌈!! This is real life! Some days are TOUGH! I'm physically, mentally...emotionally exhausted & drained. 💔 Broken! Besides going through the loss of our sweet boy 🐶 Chance...I’ve been dealing with a rebellious TEEN who is turning my grey hair {yep, I got some} green! 🧟‍♀️ Lots of things have increased my #anxiety therefore resulted in little sleep. • • Working out is this momma’s #therapy ➕ such a huge part of who I am. Today I knew I couldn't let these obstacles ⛈ and being too tired stop me from doing my 20 minute workout. • • Yep, 20 minutes! That’s not a workout, you say. HA! 😜 I say...FALSE. This workout is REAL, sweaty💦, muscle burning 🔥...20 minutes is all you need! 💃🏽 • I knew my day would be better if I just got it done! 💪🏽 Late but CRUSHED IT!! 👊🏽

Making time for me happen, even when the only excuse is myself! It has been a long day of internal struggles.

Cue the dirty looks, but it needs to be said................ . Not every job situation is optimal. But for most of us, working is a necessity. Plain and simple. . Sometimes the work environment is not the greatest, but that doesn't mean we dislike the job itself. . We love the heart and soul put into our work. The relationships built. The feeling of happiness we experience when doing our job helps or brings joy to others. . One day, we might have to leave that job. While we know we won't miss the politics of it all, we will miss all those good things, and the sense of purpose and accomplishment they brought. . We will learn to embrace our knew situation to the best of our ability. But, deep down, we miss those feelings of purpose and accomplishment. . Add in leaving that job to be a sahm. At first we're excited to start this new adventure. As time goes on, we find it's so hard. Sometimes it feels like the life is literally being sucked out of us. . Everyone is telling us we're so lucky. To embrace the opportunity. Enjoy every moment. We're gonna miss it when they're gone. . We already feel guilty for missing our job, no longer contributing to the family financially, and feeling we have no purpose outside of being "a mom". . Now we feel even more guilty for missing those things more than we enjoy being a sahm. . Any parts of this story sound familiar? Situation may not be exact, but the feelings are pulling at you? . Please realize it's ok, and you are not alone. Being a sahm is not for everyone. This DOES NOT make you a bad person or mom. . You don't have to continue feeling like this either. If you are looking for that sense of purpose and accomplishment outside of being a sahm, you can have it. . I've been there. I've seen me do it. You can too💕


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

This mornings workout included some free weight toddler🥰 Sometimes having that extra weight helps my squats! Being a sahm is such a blessing and doing my workouts at home keeps me from having to pay for childcare while I’m at the gym, no thanks! Only 30min and then on with my day! It’s not always easy, it’s not always what it’s supposed to look like but it gets done, I feel great!🙌🏻 #motivation #inspiration #fitmomma #fit #fitness #fit4u #mommaof3 #sahm #athomeworkouts #workfromhome #morningroutine #30min #30minaday #getitdone #wecandoit #change #mindset #strength #toddlerweight #sahm #sahmlife #squats #squatswithweights

Becca Verny💋

2 Days 6 Hours Ago

✅Tip of the day✅ . . I always make sure to stock up on "quick" foods....nothing processed, but stuff that I can cook up in a hurry ⏱ . . It does not have to be complicated!! Sometimes I don't have time to make extravagant today 🤷🏻‍♀️ so chicken sausage and brussel sprouts saved my butt! . . #imnochef #paperplates #mommaof3 #whipitup #cookitup #hungrygirlproblems #feedyourself #nourishyoursoul #feedthebody #busymomma #feedthemomma


2 Days 7 Hours Ago

When your maternity workout pants blend right in with your sports need for a workout tank 🤣#30weeksprego #mommaof3 #healthypregnancy #yogatime

Anyone else have to do a run to the grocery store every two days #happy #healthyfood #3kids #mommaof3

Well dang I haven’t shared an update in a while. Probably because im embarrassed to still be carrying around my mom belly while being a health and fitness coach and being surrounded by other moms who were able to get rid of it like 2 weeks post partum. And here I am 6 MONTHS out. BUT I’m here to tell you this... love yourself at any stage in life. Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself how proud you are of you? That’s really hard for me. It’s hard for me to accept a damn compliment but you better believe when someone tells me I’m inappropriate, that I show too much skin , that I’m a bad mom or that I’m incompetent- I’ll believe that negative ‘ish right away. Sounds ridiculous right? So live in your own story, your own truth, love yourself no matter what, and know that you my friend, are enough❤️ (and trust me- I didn’t come across this on my own- it took learning personal development for my business and being surrounded by the right crowd of peeps). Things don’t fall in our lap for nothing . When will you start to turn around your negative? ❤️*link in bio*

Heather Setka

2 Days 7 Hours Ago

I love how many possibilities we have and being able to support others. Today one of the gals I know through networking told me her Occupational therapist for her child who is on the spectrum highly recommended her to start using essential oils and told her it would be so beneficial for her. 🙌🏻🔥 More people are finding out just how awesome these are. Which is fantastic! InTune contains Amyris and it is an interesting oil that stimulates the brain, supports mental clarity and focus while reducing feelings of stress. InTune is very grounding, and it encourages proper auditory and sensory processing and is excellent for promoting concentration and those who have learning needs. An easy way to apply is down the spine daily. DDR Prime helps support the body on a cellular level and is good for cognitive function or speech delay, etc. and can be applied daily to the bottoms of the feet. Tag a friend who may find this useful. #doterra #essentialoils #learning #focus #concentration #speechdelay #spectrum #neuroprotective #natural #wellness #naturalsolutions #naturalremedies #integrativemedicine #wellnessthatworks #healthylifestyle #dailyhabits #mommaof3 #essentialoilsforkids #sharewellness #livebetter

Kristina Morud

2 Days 8 Hours Ago

Big goals for 2019? Try this oil! This is one of my favorite oils to use in my business everyday. I love wearing it on my diffusee necklace! And bonus it's on the oils under $20 list! To see more check out my Facebook page link in bio. Have you tried it yet? #envision #envisioneo #ylessentialoils #essentialoilmomma #coloradomomma #mommaof3 #momof3 #wahmlife #sahmlife #bossbabe👑 #wahm #sahm #goals❤️

《《GOOD • MORNING!! 》》 Scrolling through my feed this lovely Wednesday morning and I'm seeing SO many people wanting to get healthy and I LOVE IT!!! 💁‍♀️Who wants to lose weight/fat, increase your energy, ease joint discomforts if you have them and increase your mood and sleep quality? Give me 60 days and you wont be disappointed ❤ Heres what you'll get: -free log in with customized link to share with friends to earn freebies - one on one help from yours truly and a group of other amazing women who empower and lift each other - the amazing feeling of feeling your best self yet from the inside & out! -not a diet, or crazy miracle...just science and nutrition at it's best ♡ -3 simple steps added to your morning routine that you will want to actually stick with!! 📲DM me or comment below ⬇️ . . . #mommaonamission #theuniversehasnorules #mommaof3 #livingmybestlife #glutenfreelifestyle #sportsmom #yogamom #alldayeveryday #airforceveteran #yoganowwinelater #glitterandsnowflakes #thetimeisnow #energizedandfocused #newyearnewgoals

Brooke Collins

2 Days 12 Hours Ago

...taking advice from Hulk today, he seems to get stuff done pretty well 😜🤣 Honestly though...this morning I woke up feeling like I was already behind in the day, never a fun way to start out. My mind told me, “hurry up, just go start your workout with your virtual Bootcamp ladies who are waiting for you to show up on the video chat that YOU set up this week to help them stay accountable to their early workouts...stop letting them down.” My heart told me, “no, slow down, take some quiet time, dig into the Word, let God speak to your heart, and THEN give to others.” Gosh that man upstairs sure knows what He’s doing am I right?! 😉 Taking that slow, quiet time was exactly what my heart and mind needed. Today workout was mentally tough. Lots of abs and well let’s face it, abs aren’t exactly my thing right now🤰🏼so most of the workout had to be modified and it’s really easy to best yourself up over that. Instantly your mind goes to “wow, you suck, why are you even trying?” Ever been there? I’m here to tell you friends...SHOWING UP is the victory! Celebrate the heck out of that. Modifying a workout isn’t bad. Pushing pause to catch your breathe isn’t bad. Showing up a little later than you really wanted isn’t bad. You’re here. You’re trying. And you’re doing YOUR best. That’s all that matters. Stand proud in that truth today 😘

Stacey Carr

2 Days 14 Hours Ago

I didnt want to get up today. It was to cold in my house, 64°😯 and Dakota toss and turned all night which means I got kicked in the face at least twice. Yes I cosleep some nights its easier. BUT I did get up and I crushed Day 3. 😎 Its only 20 mins of a killer workout how do you let your excuse win. I feel better and I know I am starting my day right. #day3 #transform #beachbody #mommaof3 #fitmom #gottolosethisweight #goals #havetostartsomewhere #mommawantsanewswimsuit

Ms Jεήήifεя

2 Days 14 Hours Ago

I believe in the ability to choose. I believe this life is made up of our choices & their consequences.....the good & the bad. I do not believe in letting anything up to fate. We are the makers of our own destinies, our own futures, our own paths. To blindly follow is an insult to the miracle of being human. To be human is to make choices, the moment you allow others to make decisions for you is the moment you do an injustice to not only mankind but to yourself...#chisomsays #mommaof3 #iamamiracle #sexybadtmamah #ayeress #namanweydeyreasondeyscratchbearbear #bamyarn #nocheckam

Day 14 Grace, another great session. My breathing was so on point tonight. Thanks @adrienelouise

I made throw you up some side by sides so you can see a tangible transformation sometimes... but this is the REAL most important #transformationtuesday 🙌🏼 I’m not the best at making food “look pretty” but I’m a girl that enjoys to eat!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Bell pepper nachos!!! DELICIOUS!!! Now let me add that I totally get if you look at this and say “yea girl... bet it was really great 🙄🙄🙄 but I’ll stick with chips” That was EXACTLY how Jennifer circa 2016 felt!!! I didn’t enjoy eating vegetables and I didn’t want to live life either starving or choking down gross food I didn’t like!!! 😬 But then I also realized I was SO TIRED all the time and felt like blah!!! (crazy thought but what you put in your body actually fuels how you feel!!! 🤷‍♀️ who knew?!?! 😉) I also was sick of my washer/ dryer and closet shrinking all my clothes so I didn’t feel good in them!!! 😳 So I eat the CHIPS PLENTY, don’t you think for a minute I’m deprived!!! But I also have found creative ways to sneak in veggies so I have what I need to get through the day strong! 💪🏼 If a “🌽 &🥔 are the only vegetables I like” kind of girl like me can change it up... ANYONE can!!! 🙌🏼 Don’t knock it til ya try it... BUT also don’t try 1 thing and decide you just “can’t do it”... it takes a little time!!! 👍🏼❤️

Love Is Dope

2 Days 23 Hours Ago

#blackloveisdope 🖤. #repost @santananicoled with @make_repost ・・・ 2005 VS. 2018 😍 . . 13 years of marriage, some fighting, a whole lot of good loving 🤪, finding Jesus, 3 whole kids & several businesses later‼️ . . #highschoolsweethearts #13yeardifference #agechallenge #myownfamilygoals #mommyblogger #fashionblogger #marriage #love #marriedandinlove #marriage #blackmomsblog #blackmomskillingit #blackgirlswhoblog #blackcouples #blacklove #blackfamily #lifestyleblogger #mommystyle #brownsugarsocial #anniversarylove #blacklove #mommaof3 #realmomsofig #coolcouples #luvblacklove✨ ❤️


2 Days 23 Hours Ago

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be” One of my favorite children’s book. So happy to see my daughter thrive in her reading and to love it as well. ❤️ #mommaof3 #illloveyouforever #favoritebook #mommyduties

Brianna Wetzel

2 Days 23 Hours Ago

Day 2 done AND I’m still alive 🙌🏼 . Nothings impossible if you DECIDE to commit. It’s the deciding that is sometimes the hardest part. . When you also have a group of like minded women cheering you on EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, you don’t want to throw in the towel. You want to show up for yourself AND them. Starting something new is scary but it makes it less scary when you are supported 💚 . 2️⃣0️⃣ minutes, that’s it! . Side note....anyone want to help tear the rest of that wallpaper down?!?! 😬

Uggghhhh can't believe I'm sharing this..... but here it goes..... Just started my new workout program and here are the BEFORE pics...... #needatan But I know that they're important so that I can see how much amazing progress I've made when I get to the end of this 6week program!!!! I'm still shocked it's only 20mins a day... So here's to CONQUERING MY MIND..... so I can TRANSFORM MY BODY!!!! Annnddd that's the face I made today after my trainer told me to 'SPEED IT UP!!!' #mountainmomma #mountainstrong #transform20 #mommaof3 #csectionmom #beforepics #commit #letsdothis #kickass2019 #girlriseup #itstimetorise #riseup2019

Bobbie Ray

3 Days 2 Hours Ago

Anyone tried these #baibubbles drink??? I'm not a big fan of flavor waters of any sort, but I thought I try this. I like the taste but I can tell it will hurt my stomach. #flavorwater #fitfam #2019ismyyear #weightlossjourney #mommaof3 #sahmlife

Caitlin Weiss

3 Days 2 Hours Ago

Mindset is everything! I am a firm believer that change starts from within and as much as I love the journey I am on with my shift, I want some ladies to join me! After much time and consideration, I have decided to open up an exclusive group that focuses on mindset while also working on health and fitness starting Feb 4th. WE will go on this journey together and work as a team to get our thoughts in check and ourselves back on track with our health and fitness. When I say exclusive, I mean 3 spots available! As some of you can remember, I ran monthly challenge groups based on health and fitness goals. Well, I fell off the challenge group wagon because my mindset just wasn’t right. I was falling into depression, especially after Baby G, and was just stuck in such a funk I felt like I wasn’t good enough to help others if I didn’t even feel I could help, I took a break and started really focusing on my mindset and the affects my thinking had on my life. It’s truly eye opening when you give your thoughts some thought and connect them with your feelings and moods. So I’ve adjusted my groups to be more mindset oriented while still bringing in the health and fitness aspect...because let’s face it, physical activity of any sort is good for the soul! My intentions for this group is to help you make that mindset shift needed to accomplish your goals...Let us work together with weekly activities, a workout and nutrition plan (I’ll even supply meal plans to get you started) and a daily mindset check in to keep you in the game. We will exchange numbers and emails and will work through some amazing things in 4 weeks… Are you ready to make a shift? Are you ready to work on YOU? Message me OR drop an emoji below and I’ll reach out to you… I can’t wait to talk with you! . . . . #mindsetreset #exclusivegroup #oneononecoaching #leowifelife #leowife #mommaof3 #taketimeforyou

Mid year proud of my kids.....this is my baby girl!! #studentsequalfamily #proudmomma #mommaof3 #teachingoutsidethebox #classroomawards