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57 Seconds Ago

Don’t feel guilty. It’s yours to protect. 💕


1 Hour Ago

Make me the focal point of your search for security. When your private world feels unsteady and you grip My hand for support, you are living in conscious dependence on Me. Instead of yearning for a problem free life, rejoice that trouble can highlight your awareness of My presence. In the darkness of adversity, you’re able to see more clearly the radiance of My Face. Accept the value of problems in this life, considering them pure joy. -Jesus Calling #jesuscalling #dailyscritures #dailydevotional #biblestudy #momsoffaith #boymom #girlmom #momofboth🎀💙 #sahm #momswhoworkfromhome #momfitness #faithandfitness #devoted #devotedindecember #lastmonthoftheyear #finishstrong #🎄💪🎁


3 Hours Ago

HE will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of HIS kingdom there will be no end. (Luke 1:33) #pirategirl #luke #intheword


12 Hours Ago

I love to get fired up 🔥 But I also burn out super easily 🤷‍♀️ My personality is a little extreme that way. I love to go go go and no one can tell me to stop until I finally realize how bad I need a break and want to sleep for five days 💤 . . It certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea ☕️I am not everyone’s cup of tea. And that used to really bother me. I used to think that I needed to be the person everyone loved (I still want to be sometimes- just being honest 💁‍♀️) and it has taken a world of growth to get to where I am now. 👉 If I’m not your cup of tea- cool 😎 👉 If you vibe and you want to hang- also cool! 👉 If we totally hit it off and you “get” me- flipping awesome 👏 Let’s hang ASAP because, let’s be real, the more awesome people you have around you, the better. . . The point here is this: stop trying to pease everyone! Some people will love you. Some people will hate your guts for no reason that has anything to do with you. And most people will fall somewhere in between. . . Put your blinders on sis. Their opinion- it doesn’t matter. YOUR opinion of you is what matters. So make sure you impress, love, and cherish yourself 😘

Today has been snowfun, and now that we're snowed in I'm calling it a day🤗❄😴 #ncsnow #snowstormdiego


21 Hours Ago

I may not be a perfect parent, actually I am far from it but as long as this little girl knows every day how beautiful she is inside and out and how much she is loved by her family and the Lord then that is enough for me!!❤️ . Also I will forever cherish the moments where she says “mommy head to head, Kisses!” to me! 📸: @aubzphotogz.photo


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

Night out with the hubby! This dress was fun to wear because 1) I LOVE lace and 2) The scalloped edge at the bottom reminds me of my wedding dress😊 It's always a good idea to go out on a date with your husband 💑 We don't get to often, but it's really important! Hope you all have a great Saturday night 😁 Going to relax with my date🍷🍰 #datenight #momlife #lifewithkids #4kids #mom #nightout #saturdaynight #momsofinstagram #momsoffaith #christmastime


1 Day 11 Hours Ago

Little Women . . . My favorite period movie to watch during Christmas. I've seen other versions, but this one has a special place in my heart . . . and I cry every time. Do you have a favorite movie to watch at Christmas (whether it's actually Christmassy or not)??? Happylittlesigh.com Finding beauty in the everyday ❤ . . . #lmalcott #littlewomen #christmasmovie #perioddramas #favoritechristmasmovie #christmasdecor #victorianchristmas #avonleaqkrueger #amwriting #findingbeautyintheeveryday #christianblogger #avonlea #homeschooler #momlife #momsoffaith #boymomlife #homeschoolmom #homeschoolhouse #homeschoolfamily #happylittlesigh #booklovers #readtheclassics #readersofig #ilovebooks #teadrinkersunite #readermom #momsoffaith #boymom #boymomlife #homeschooling


1 Day 17 Hours Ago

Let your actions match your talk. Always love hard! 💕


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

Alaska mountain! Thank you Kolp family for this sweet gift to hang on our tree🎄🗻We love and miss our other home state and now my tree feels complete!💗 #treasurememories


2 Days 1 Hour Ago

God has never been unfaithful... even in our lack of faith! Trust Him completely with all your “what if’s”. Do not let the fear of “what if” keep you from surrendering to Him. @nichole.lakay #dailydevotional #momsoffaith #accountability #accountabilitygroup #womenofgod #faithandfitness #godlyfitness #sahm #boymom #girlmom #momofboth🎀💙 #momsoffaith #devotedindecember #devoted #radianttribe #lastmonthoftheyear #finishstrong #nofear #faith #🎄💪🎁


2 Days 11 Hours Ago

What if I told you that I have seen some changes in my emotional behavior lately? I love being a mama but hormones really like to mess with me big time. It takes me a good 18 months post baby to get back to feeling normal. Since starting my new routines of fineness and making better choices with nutrition, I have seen changes in my mood, patience and happiness. I sometimes think about what life would have been like at this moment if I didn’t start to add change into my life. Would I still be unhappy and not know how to get out of it? Would I still be eating foods that would give me heartburn and just deal with it? Would I still be struggling to fit into anything besides leggings? It’s moments like these that I wish I could talk to myself 4 years ago and tell her there was hope. To get off of the couch and stop crying. To do the workouts even if they are tough because I would feel better. If you feel like you are stuck in some sort of sadness, you can make a change for yourself!


2 Days 13 Hours Ago

You did not wake up today to be mediocre. And neither did I (clearly♥️🇺🇸💙). But sometimes we owe ourselves pep talks to remember that you are not accidental. No one else is you, and that is your power! You do YOU, Boo! 😘♥️#sortagoodmom 🦸🏼‍♀️ 🍷 🛒 🧼 🧹 🚕 🍫 👑 #tipsyelves #pnwfamily #tipsyelvesonesie #snowbunnyseason #babyitscoldoutside❄️ #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear🎄 #firefamilylife #firewifelife #firewife #proudfirewife #usaproud #sledgirl #momblogs #momblogging #momstyle #momswithattitude #momswithgoals #momswithblogs #embarassingparent #momsoftoddlers #momsoffaith #pnwadventures #suncadiaresort #pnwstyle


3 Days 1 Hour Ago

Learn to look steadily at Me in all your moments and all your circumstances. Fix your gaze on what is unseen, even as the world parades before you. -Jesus Calling #dailydevotional #dailyscritures #biblestudy #jesuscalling #accountability #daughteroftheking👑 #momsoffaith #momsintheword #sahm #boymom #girlmom #momofboth🎀💙 #momswhoworkfromhome #faithandfitness #godlyfitnesswarrior #lastmonthoftheyear #devotedindecember #🎄💪🎁


3 Days 5 Hours Ago

The Lord God will give to HIM the throne of HIS father David (Luke 1:32b) #pirategirl #luke #intheword


3 Days 13 Hours Ago

He changes more every day!


3 Days 16 Hours Ago

What I search for in My children is an awakened soul that thrills to the Joy of My Presence! I created mankind to glorify Me and enjoy Me forever. I provide the Joy; your part is to glorify Me by living close to Me. -Jesus Calling #jesuscalling #dailydevotional #dailyscritures #biblestudy #momsoffaith #sahm #boymom #girlmom #momofboth🎀💙 #momswhoworkfromhome #faithandfitness #godlyfitness #accountability #accountabilitygroup #devoted #devotedindecember #lastmonthoftheyear #finishstrong #givehimtheglory🙌 #🎄💪🎁


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

In a world where you can be anything, choose to BE KIND!✨ . Thankfully I can now be a walking reminder of this thanks to this adorable @mossbrands tee! . If you could wear a constant reminder on your shirt what would it be?


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

As my boss Kyle @thompson__motorsports found out.... this wall is my new favorite place to take pictures of my outfits! Anyways here is today’s #ootd comfy and cute with some #kneehighsocks for some detail..... 🤫🤫🤫 . . . . #momlife #boymom #texas #momfashion #momglam #momblog #blessed #mamabear #momsoffaith #hustlelikeamother #texasgirl #countrygirl #countrygirlfashion #beauty #mommymakeup #makeup #coolmom #instaglam #mua #model #bossbabe


4 Days 2 Hours Ago

I feel defeat, fear, confusion.... When I believe in my own strength. When I try to lead the way. When I forget the fact that I was forgiven of ALL my sins 15 years ago. When I seek out human approval - dangerous trap. Learning to sail away with the only One who can map out the journey. Who WILL lead the way. Who gives me peace and comfort. It's a journey and Heaven is my destination. The journey doesn't come without storms. But, it's the storms that bring me closer to the Son. ❤️


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Stop ✋ Stop right there! We’ve had such an amazing few days and now you’re going to do this? You’re going to let those little thoughts creep up? You’re going to start comparing yourself? No girl. Stop 🛑- a note to myself this evening. . Why, you might be asking would I need to write a note to myself like that? . Because sis, for some reason, comparison seems to be a part of our nature. 🤷‍♀️ . Maybe my note is for you too. Do you find yourself trying to measure your life up against someone else’s? Your income, your ability, your looks, your progress- it all has one thing in common: it’s YOURS! . Own your journey. It was given to you for a reason. Life isn’t happening TO you, it’s happening FOR you! The lessons you need to learn are different than mine and that is why our journeys are different. Not because one is better than the other. . Stop ✋ Stop comparing yourself. There is only one you and the world needs the only you it can get. We need your story because someone out there is meant to grow because of it. . Own your journey. Stop comparing. Start living. ✌️ . Mantra of the week: “Thank you, more please!”


4 Days 13 Hours Ago

The old me would have been going crazy with the fact that the top of the tree was dimming out. I would have spent hours undecorating, restringing lights, and redecorating. But I am so cozy in my little apartment that I don't even care. I have Christmas lights all over the place and it is just so lovely and warm and inviting. I never want to go to bed at night because I just enjoy the peace in my home. I can fix the lights next Christmas. It has taken me a long time to move out of perfectionism. What has helped is realizing that perfectionism is my addiction. It's no different than someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol or porn. Perfectionism is selfish and prideful. It takes away your mental and physical energy that should be spent pouring into those you love. My sweet girl doesn't care that the top of the tree is dim. She cares that she and Mommy snuggle on the couch next to it every single night and pray before she goes to bed. I'm moving out of perfectionism and self-reliance and into the perfect love of Christ, His grace, and His perfect way for my life. I'll continue to reach for excellence in all I do, but perfection can stay away. There is no room for perfection when giving perfect love. Keep making your house a love filled home. High five for home. 💖✋ #perfectionism #grace #jesusfollower #faithfilledmom #momsoffaith #christmasinmichigan #momlife #mommyblogger #michiganmom #highfiveforhome #michiganbloggers


4 Days 14 Hours Ago

This moment captured right here has been one of the hardest roads of my life... yet my absolute favorite road in the world. It’s incredible how something that has caused so much pain, anxiety, exhaustion... to say the least... can be the very thing you’re so incredibly beyond words grateful for. There have been times throughout this journey that I’ve yelled at Yahweh. Angry that it has been as hard as it‘s been to simply feed my babies the way I was designed to feed them. I let out some tears... or more like lots of tears... take some deep breaths, and then thank him for the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been able to experience ... and I don’t ever want to take it for granted... as hard as it’s been. #tenthinfection #documentthejourney


4 Days 16 Hours Ago

He will be great and will be called the Son of the MOST HIGH. (Luke 1:32a) #pirategirl #intheword #luke


4 Days 22 Hours Ago

One of my favorite things to do is dust my house🏡 #whoami 🤷‍♀️but seriously, because as I dust each beautiful piece of furniture I am always in awe thanking the Lord. I know it is just things, but I rejoice and receive with joy because every gift is from above💗🙌🏻 I made a new dusting spray with olive oil, tad bit of vinegar, and lemon eo.


4 Days 22 Hours Ago

We strive to make your tiny tots and tikes smile through our books and inspirational messages on our cute unique shirts for kids. www.thingsfortots.com