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|| Burgundy Dress || Thanks for sharing your cutie @riouxcha! 😍

Let the Christmas countdown begin! 📷 @loveavery.xoxo

Anyone else feel like making a new mom friend is kind of like dating ? 🙋🏼‍♀️ There’s a “get to know you” period, planning the “date” so to speak and then you hang out and see if you “click” 💁🏼‍♀️? You know what I’m talking about don’t you 😜 Well today I went on such a special friend date with my new friend @alexiselmassih and we had SO MUCH FUN! Exploring the city, eating at a super cute cafe, getting some yummy @stumptowncoffee (duh!) and walking our little girls around. Kind of a friend high right now. We actually met through IG which is even more awesome when those connections make it to the real world 💕 so anyway, enjoy some pictures of our little adventure date. So looking forward to more hang outs with you and your precious girl ❤️🤗 . . Ps for those who saw the news today, there was an explosion in lower Manhattan today and we were very far from it and were totally safe 🙏🏼 Thank God👌🏻 #ourlifeinnewyork✨

🎄🎄GIFT🎄🎄 I’m so excited to team up with @bambonatureusa to give away a MONTHS SUPPLY OF DIAPERS AND WIPES!!!! I love this brand so much and so will you! To Participate: 1⃣FOLLOW ME and @bambonatureusa 2⃣LIKE this picture 3️⃣ If you want a DOUBLE chance at winning, TAG some real friends, only who would like this giveaway in the comments below, AND LIKE MY LAST 3 pics! This will run from DEC 11-14! The winner will be selected at random, and announced by Dec 16th. We will verify that everyone who entered followed every step correctly! This is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram Inc, or any of the brands. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram and all brands of all responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. VOID where prohibited by law.

m o n d a y | For two little girls who were born on a tropical island and lived the majority of their lives in a Southern California beach town, the excitement of a visit from Jack Frost had them putting on their winter coats and galoshes quicker than I could say, “Watch out for dog poop!” We crunched around near our backyard woods and the girls ooed and awed at every leaf dazzled with icy sparkle. I know some will think this isn’t anything to write home about, but oh if you could hear their excitement and joy. It’s the little things.

Best friends! 🖤🦖

anyone else completely obsessed with all black and white patterns? 😍 happy monday friends! today has been insanely productive but man am I drained. i love monday’s . 31 weeks & 4 days with little man and he is definitely growing and running out of room. his movements have been less but when he does move they are definitely noticeable and a lot more powerful *hurting me sometimes*. haha. and I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling my first #braxtonhicks these last few days. so crazy! almost less then two months.

How has it already been two weeks with you Rosie Wonder!?

Do you get overwhelmed with stress over the holidays? It's a very busy time of year and it can get expensive so today on the blog I'm sharing how to throw a fun holiday party under $100 with @gianttigerstore 🎄You can still have lots of fun over the holidays without breaking the bank. Head over to the blog to check it out and enter to win a $100 #gianttiger gift card! #ad


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Play all day and hopefully sleep all night #amiright

Kelly Ared

5 Minutes Ago

I will do anything in my power for you to keep that smile my little monkey! I love you more than all the stars ✨ #myeverything #toddlermom

Nolan didn't enjoy Santa this year. Or the candy canes. ☹️



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i guess you don’t need a mistletoe when you have a sibling. ❤️


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#current mood just saying. Today was kind of rough! Brooke was a crazy woman and it’s safe to say that Tyler and I will be needing a much needed relaxing night

Sara Garza

8 Minutes Ago

Well today was perfect. Took my favorite tiny human to my favorite city. We woke up at 3:45am, landed in NYC and hit the ground running. We had the best lunch, saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree, strolled past the Saks windows, Ezra had a stare off about a foot apart at the glass with a huge grizzly bear in the Central Park Zoo (which is the BOMBBBBBB...why have I never been?!), and just strolled around. We ended the day by getting a pastrami sandwich and knisch from Katz Deli and eating it in our hotel room while watching Elf. This might be my favorite day ever. I can’t wait for tomorrow. #ezrawilde

REAL LIFE The girls and I have been chatting about jeans a lot lately, and we got to talking about “mom jeans.” You want in on a little secret? I am totally rocking the mom jeans, and I am proud of it. A couple years ago you never would have seen me in a pair of high waisted jeans, in fashion or not. What’s changed? Loving the body I have, and dressing the body I am in NOW. Not the body I wish I had or I was waiting to have. Wearing jean and clothes that actually fit makes it a whole lot easier to like what you see in the mirror. So, if you see me out and about, chances are my jeans are all the way up to my belly button. (Or past - short girl problems.) 😅 And since we are always on the hunt for a cute pair of jeans that fit in all the right places, what brands are your favorite?

"Mom where's my crown? I need to be a king, get me my crown" 😳😂 Who does he learn this from? I mean he is pretty darn cute and about to sleep like a king in his new @christeli mattress, but that's as king as it gets around here little man, in the wise words of someone very wise "we is common folk!" • • • • #motherhoodunited #wildandfree #christeli #wildandfreechildren #apartmenttherapy #telulinen #teammotherly #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #momdotme #incyinteriors #artandeden #theunrevolution #buybetterdobetter #organiccotton #safeforkids #lowimpactdyes #artfulclothing #consciousliving #sustainableparenting

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! 🎄

Hey Siri set a timer for... Hey Siri call Mom Mobile Hey Siri what should I be for Halloween. Hey Siri what is the weather like. Hey Siri what time is it. Has now become👇🏼. Hey Siri how do I say Apple, blueberry, tree, Christmas tree, I love you, brother, sister. Grandma, grandpa, school...in Spanish 🤦🏼‍♀️ Here’s to creating bilingual kiddos 🤞🏼 #bilingual #honestmotherhood #nextgenhonduras #heysiri #internationalparents #intentionalliving #slowliving #phone #honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising #mytinymoments #motherhoodsimplified #learningspanish


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Spent most of our weekend in our pjs and preparing for a new week. Reminding ourselves this week that God is with us through the good times and bad, he hears our cries and knows our hearts. Feeling blessed for this family of mine and thankful for a new fresh week. #mondaythoughts

So Penelope has been saying 'doggog' or 'gog' for dog (sometimes she does actually say dog) for around a month now, but a dog just came in the TV and she straight up pointed at it and yelled 'GOG!' I'm so proud 😭 she loves dogs so much, it's so cute

You want so badly to tell me things. To share your sweet little mind with me. To invite me into your thoughts. You lack patience, unable to wait for the words to arrive. One day that door will open wide. And you will cross that threshold into a world of infinite words. #makeportraits #illuminateclassesthefamilyhistorian #letthembelittle #thegalleryoflight #thefamilynarrative #themagicofchildhood #motherhoodrising #follow_this_light #subjectlight #themonocromaticlens #thefreelensed

Ahhhh! Very EXCITING news tonight! 🎉 . I am going to be in a private virtual test group WITH this momma right here, Autumn Calabrese, doing her new program that releases in January 😱🤸🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 This momma right here help transform my life 3 year years ago! I’m so excited!! . But here is the REALLY EXCITING part!! I get to hand-select a few of YOU to do it with me!! . So..... what are you doing January 15 - April 15? Wanna join me? Are you Willing to commit to 80 days of hard work, a new workout every single day, a balanced meal plan that takes all the guess work out, and honestly, just a complete life change from the inside out? . Prep for this group will start mid-month and your equipment packs are up to order this Wednesday. I will get you started this month with a workout program and meal prepping so you'll be fully ready to go on January 15th! . Let’s crush some goals and feel amazing in the new year!! 💪🏻🎉 . Comment below with "I’m in!" to get on the list for more info if this sounds like something you want to consider! Serious people only!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 . {Swipe left to Check out some of the results people have had with this program!! It's crazy!! 😱😍🙌🏻) . . . .

Today I sent my kid to school in pajamas for a movie and hot cocoa day, which sounds really cute right?! Well turns out, it's not until Thursday, and my kid was the only one wearing pajamas in a sea of blue and white uniforms. I spent a good 45 minutes crying about how much of a mess I've been lately, and then probably 15 minutes crying about how I now needed to take her a uniform and probably wouldn't get a chance to get a shower for the second day in a row. Thank heavens for amazing husbands that come home with a hug, coffee, and take the baby so you can get a shower AND run the uniform over to the school. So you could say it's been a Monday! Anyone else wanna join my "don't have my ish together club"?? Tomorrow I vote for lots of slinging and snuggling my boy in our new cayana @mywildbird.

Each day Nell is one little bit sweeter and more engaged with India. N is discerning to say the least with everyone new she meets so her new sissy was, unsurprisingly, no different. But she is beginning to relate to the baby as “on her side”. Watching their little connection evolve is so exciting I can’t even take it. It’s the best Christmas ever, and I don’t know how anything could ever be better. #nellieandindie

MONDAZE // You know what’s perfect when you’re drowning in a sea of boxes you haven’t yet unpacked? These easy peasy Chocolate Sunshine Popsicles, that’s what! They’re made with just three ingredients (including the topping) and sweet, seedless Cuties! So glad the kid’s insisted we make extras! 😆😋 Follow @cutiescitrus to see how else you can celebrate #100daysofsunshine! #ad


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the better half of me.

We spent the day in our pajamas, played games and did a lot of cuddling. The perfect way to cure our Monday blues.