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42 Seconds Ago

My beautiful baby girl, always be kind but stand up for yourself, always do hard things even if you don't think you can, believe in yourself, follow your dreams, get dirty and have fun, love hard and hug often, but most importantly, always know your worth and then add tax. You deserve the world I can't wait to spend the day with you. #blessed #sweet16 #motherslove #beautiful


11 Minutes Ago

There is nothing like wanting to preserve that classic baby smell and their super soft fresh skin, which is why I partnered with @BabyDoveUS to see how Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo works to nurture all those things we love about our babies’ skin. There is nothing quite like that Baby Dove smell and as a mama I can appreciate more than just that! The 100% skin-natural nutrients are perfect for these boys’ delicate skin! With dry and rashy prone skin we have our bathtime routine down pat. Since a baby’s skin loses moisture up to 5x as much as an adult in one single bath I like to use products that help them keep that soft baby skin like these Baby Dove products have! And as you can tell, the boys give Baby Dove two thumbs up as well! #dovepartner #babydovelove


13 Minutes Ago

I believe in love at first sight because I loved my mak since I opened my eyes (read : my big eyes). Thank you mak for everything and my prayers always be with you . For all the struggles that she went (with 4 boys , hahaha), may Allah grant my mom with Highest Jannah. Jumpe di KL nanti ye . #motherslove #motherson #motherandson #motherandsontime #mothersonbonding


25 Minutes Ago

Growing up way too fast...#myheartbeat ,#mygirl,#motherslove, #myprincess, #mommyluvsukokla


33 Minutes Ago

Long walks with Mom 💕 These three melted my heart...I swear they could have walked for miles #familywalksarethebest


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A little handmade love for a combo belated Mother’s Day and early birthday wishes! Love you always Mom ❤️#motherslove #daughterslove #loveofquilting #handmadecards #loveofstamping #timholtzalcoholinks #timholtzsideorders


37 Minutes Ago

Until ur children are parents themselves, they will never understand how much u sacrificed for them to have the best u could give them, how much u tried to do the best u could with what u had at the time & know that no matter what happens U HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THEM & WILL ALWAYS LOVE THEM WITH UR HEART❤️happynhealthylife #kindnessisfree #mentalhealthmatter#perthisok #youareunique #beyou #lifestylechanges #forthewholefamily #healthybodyhappylife #motherslove #lifeisgood#hnhlife #alwaysbeyou#realitysucks


2018-05-06 14:16:13

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.” #quote #rainbow #momof2 #momandaughter #momswithcameras #love #motherslove


57 Minutes Ago

He’s so much sweeter than $8 cotton candy 🍭 Update: I talked to my mom, Brandon, Logan and about 25000 people online about chopping my hair and I decided not to ☹️ I’m balding as it is and I’m gonna value the few locks I have left 🙃💗 Also sharing the unedited version of this photo so you can let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a video on how I edit my photos 🌈😛 #monikabochfamily . . . . . #motherhood #mothercare #parenting #motherday #motherandson #momblogger #momsofinstagram #motherlove #motherslove #monumento #mothermonster #motherland #mothership #momlifeisthebestlife #parentlife #lovemom #mommylove #motherson #newmom


2018-03-24 18:28:26

No importa cuántas veces tengas la oportunidad de hablar en público, siempre existirán esos nervios que te dan cuando quieres dar lo mejor de ti y de tu trabajo. Hoy fue una de esas veces en las que sentí miedo, pero también una de las que al final del día puedo decir que valió la pena haber tomado la decisión de emprender en mi país 🇻🇪 y apostar por una sociedad en la que todos tengamos la oportunidad de mejorar nuestra calidad de vida 👏🏼 Cada día se aprende algo nuevo y aunque hoy me tocó a mí enseñarle a otros, fui yo quien aprendí que los miedos son ese impulso que nos motiva a seguir dando lo mejor de nosotros mismos 🙋🏽‍♀ ♥️


2018-04-06 06:46:44

Mi súper #tbt va dedicado a una de las etapas más hermosas de mi vida el ser mama, está foto fue tomada una semana antes de la llegada de mi princesa menor @nicoleschmucke y les quiero confesar que no existe un rol que disfrute más que el ser mama y aunque a los emprendedores en ocasiones (casi siempre) nos toca trabajar extra horario, nunca dejó de sacar el espacio para compartir con mi familia y darles a mis hijas todo el amor de mamá.. #felizfindesemana #mamaemprendedora #modomama #family @jschmucke


2018-05-08 16:22:23

Como buena venezolana siempre pienso en positivo, sobre todo si se trata de alguna meta o sueño. Porque lo que sea lo puedo lograr, y todavía sigo pensándolo. Sin embargo, tener mente positiva también es ser realista y saber de antemano que el emprendimiento es un camino lleno de obstáculos que sortear. . Sin duda lo primero que aprendes cuando emprendes (con rima y todo 😛), es que no hay horarios. Ser tu propio jefe implica el doble de compromiso, pues te vas a exigir mucho más. 📱💻 . Pero eso no es lo más duro, pues el gran trancazo llega cuando te das cuenta de que ¡te vas a decepcionar varias veces! Y no es porque lo hagas mal, sino porque todo se trata de ensayo y error, así que ahora que sabes lo que nadie me dijo antes de emprender, ¡aprovéchalo y sigue adelante! 💪 . . . #emprender #mamáemprendedora #melenamachado #frasedeldía #quotes #emprendimiento


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Take a good look at your sons and daughters and see if there’s any embarrassment you feel when you are around them, and evaluate, and ask yourself these questions: Read more...see link in bio HOME PAGE. #thymedontdoteens #teens #teenagers #parenting #parenthood #kids #embarrassing


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It’s not Mother’s Day, not her birthday either, but I just want to give back all the love and appreciation to my superhero. All that I am, I owe to this wonderful woman. I am what I am today because of her. She is my life’s manual. And I am always praying for you to have longer years to keep up with me, your other siblings and to all your “makukulit na apos”. I love you so much Nanay!! ❤️❤️❤️ - - - #momshies #mothers #mother #motherslove #momanddaughter #motheranddaughter #likemotherlikedaughter #ilovemom #ilovemymom #mysupermom #mysuperhero #myhero #momsootd #ootd #momsfashion


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Is it weird that I consider them both my first born? ❤️👣🐾 📷-@skygraz #wearing #loveislove #worthit #motherslove #happymom #close #happiness #gratitude