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10 Hours Ago

The difference in the quality of people’s lives is the difference in their standards - what they are willing to tolerate. Tag a friend you know has high standards below!


5 Days 13 Hours Ago

Somedays we have to make our own sunshine.. i just had this thought. We have had a ton of snow and rain. Inalways try to keep thing positive


25 Days 15 Hours Ago

Soltar..... para Saltar.... Buen inicio de semana corta!!!!😊💪💃


2018-02-19 06:36:14

MONDAYS MESSAGE: Inspired by one of my childhood heros. @officialslystallone


2018-02-05 12:13:46

One day at a Time. Yes Do not Need to rush things out but Never give up. Consistency on everything You Do in Life is Key for Success ✨ #trust #surrender #transform @unanochesincafe


2018-01-29 06:51:08

On sleepless nights, when My Brain cant stop thinking and I start to give in to worries and forgetting Who I am; all I get to do is listen to you breathing. Listen to your heart beat. As I lay down next to you connecting to you, connecting to myself cause we are one; you place your hand in my chest as If you knew what is going on. As if you knew You are the reason I keep breathing and You and only you keep me grounded. Thank You for Blessing me. Thank You for choosing me as Your Mom. Te Amo Pedazo de Carne 👦🏻 #mcm #mywhy #blessed #myguardianangel #insomnianights


2018-01-26 06:35:50

Hard work is the key to success. But only working hard won’t help you get success in life. There are other factors involved. Confused? Let me tell you a story of two friends out of which one got rich and the other lagged behind even after putting in a lot of hard work. Once, there were two great friends. The first friend used to work hard throughout the day but hardly got anything. Whereas, the other friend worked for four hours and used to help the needy and meditate the rest of the time. When they meet after a long time they discuss their life with each other. The first friend asks his friend, “Why is it that you get success and money after working for just 4 hours and I remain poor even after working the whole day.” After hearing his friend’s complaints, the other friend smiles and asks his friend a question,” What do you have in mind while you do your work.” The first friend replies, “I keep think about ways and mean of earning more wealth.” At this the second friend replies, “This is the reason behind your unhappiness and failure.” “This is the reason behind your unhappiness and failure.” He explained that,” One does not attain success by just working hard. Success is a state of mind. What is the purpose of working hard when you stay unhappy.” “Mental happiness is very important for a successful life.” “Mental happiness is very important for a successful life.” He advised his friend to stay happy and calm under every circumstance. After hearing his friend’s advice the first friend started following the same thing and soon he became rich and successful in life.


2017-12-05 08:04:13

Don’t trust your memory, joy everything down. Like, comment, tag, and follow! 🖊📖📓📝💥🔥🔥❤️💪🏽🙌🏽❤️#morningmotivation