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8 Days 22 Hours Ago

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” “The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”


28 Days 13 Hours Ago

THE FAILURE WILL PREPARE YOU WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR THE LIFE ❗️👍💯💪🏻 #preparation #strong #motivation #inspirational #guate502 #success #positivity #motivationalcollection #motivationhere #motivationnepal #motivationsarmy #motivationpicture


26 Days 9 Hours Ago

Really starting to like how my side chest is looking, can notice a lot of improvements just looking at last weeks progress pic. A lot of people will look at us that post progress pics as being vain, but this is what fuckin motivates me to be better. Even Zane said that in order to get better you must take pics to see how you have improved and to see what you need to work on. #motivation #motivationvalquotes #motivationtomove #picoftheday #motivationsetthemind #motivationalpic #motivationalpage #bebetter #motivationisourfoundation #motivationalinsta #motivationtags #motivationalboss #motivationgym #motivationalarticles #motivationsayings #motivationeveryday #motivationforyou #motivationforsport #frankzane #motivationalquotations #motivationalcollection

Let this man give a chance for hand to hand with thanos without infinity grauntlet. No one will die Cause this man can do this all day


2018-06-12 13:26:40

Don’t let your childhood desire of being accepted dictate what level of your true self you honor through your actions.


2018-06-04 18:52:49

What are your plans for the summer?


2018-05-30 12:18:43

Hey! You are amazing, talented, interesting and you WILL crush it! That’s all ;)


2018-05-17 08:25:46

If you want to dodge a question today, consider this line by Slick Willy.


2018-05-15 05:24:08

If we never do anything new, there is no discomfort and nothing awkward. But to feel awkward is to grow. Read my latest medium article see bio and we can grow together.


2018-05-13 13:12:36

What do you think is the second most important ingredient??


2018-05-05 11:47:30

👉What's Available When You Do Things That Are More Difficult To The Masses.... --->All The Goods! All the solitude! And my favorite part... No competition.✌


2018-04-10 11:30:29

Take it day by day . Get inspired by what you see