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Pretty awesome when the teacher comes back to get a picture for kids in the classroom! 🤗 #sequim


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So... it’s been awhile. Half a year to be exact... . ...and we are FINALLY back! This time stronger than ever. But... you might still be wondering... where have we been? . Sometimes life can be rough. It can knock you down pretty hard. And this is exactly what happened to our owner @cecileyhallman . Find out exactly what caused BE WISE to be put on hold in our latest post “4 WAYS TO GET BACK UP WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN.” (Link in bio) . If you missed our latest email with the big news, it’s about time you sign up! Simply click the link in our bio “GET ACCESS TO FREE BE WISE GOODIES”. Not only will you get some rad free stuff, you’ll never miss any important news from BE WISE. . We are thrilled to be back and we have some amazing things in store. Thanks for sticking around. You’re the real MVP✨💖

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If you are not earning the respect from the people that are supposed provide value to your life, then you need to watch this video to know why you’re not succeeding...


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Fatherhood is about more than just showing up; you have to be Present. Tag a present father. #tjspeaks #repout #fittuniversity

YASSSSSSS MY GIRL!! #repost @purposepragency (@get_repost) ・・・ Its Finally here! Purpose PR Agency Radio!!! It only took two years🙄😂. Every thing in perfect timing and always according to his will... Tune in Every Thursday at 7pm! I will be interviewing #celebities #mediapersonalities #ceos #authors #influencers and #motivationalspeakers . So many topics, great insight and information, most of all a lot of purpose with laughter!! . Click the link in the profile to tune into full episode. Don't forget to connect to Purpose PR Agency website: www.purposepragency.com www.porshahargrovepr.com #porshahargrovepr #purposepragency #purposepr #porshahargrove #radio #podcast #media #interview #artist #entertainment #talk #postoftheday #postoftheweek #trending #trendingnow


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A common misconception about boxing is that you have to be a giant man to fit in at the gym. I can promise you that is not the case at @cantonboxinggym ... Both my mom and my sister train there and consistently talk about how much they appreciate the ability to workout and experience the discipline that it takes to train in the art of boxing. ... Boxing is way more than hitting someone in the face. It's a foundation for personal discipline, it lets you find and unlock potential you didn't know you had, and it helps you build confidence in yourself. ... Go get some. Start training. Strengthen your body and your mind. You won't regret it. ... - Almasy

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She always shows up to help me. She never judges. She always smiles and finds the positive in you. I hope that she is reminded how much I care for and love her on her birthday today. We love you Miss Nece #ladylike #itsyourtime @aneechia 😘😘😘😘


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Join me and The Guru @etthehiphoppreacher on our exclusive weekly mastermind call TOMORROW morning 8am Eastern. We are only opening it for 10 more people this week. . ☎️ sign up now http://bit.ly/2tPwKRz or click the link in the bio @kendallficklin 👈🏾


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Take a moment to celebrate and support those special moments 💁🏽 Happy Birthday Miss Leslie #soror #baublequeen 😘


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Focus daily on who you want to BECOME, not what your situations have blinded you to think you are. 💯


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The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships. - Leo Burnett


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#repost @successresourcesaustralia @successresourcesuk • • • • • Love is truly all you need 💗 Why? Because the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. Although human connection is the thing we all crave most in life, few people devote the time and energy they should to their romantic relationship. We often take our significant other for granted, or waste time looking outside the relationship to find happiness. Whatever your current romantic situation, there are ways to strengthen your relationships and strategies to learn that will help you find your perfect partner and having a different perspective can help you do just that. @TonyRobbins tips: - Change the way you communicate -Examine your 4 stressors - resistance, resentment, rejection and repression, and break free from the relationship stonewalls you’re facing by re-establishing effective communication - Look toward the future - Repair what went wrong in the past and strategise for your future #foodforthought #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationalquote #motivational #motivationalspeaker #motivationalpost #motivationalwords #inspiration #motivations #motivationquotes #motivationdaily #motivationquote #entrepreneur  #motivationoftheday #motivationalquoteoftheday #motivationalspeakers #motivation101 #quotes #motivationmondays #motivationiskey  #success #inspirationalquotes  #motivationmafia


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I love that we are big thinkers and big dreamers. I love grandiose ideas BUT I first need to think about those smaller changes I can make within myself. I need to makes those changes, I need to become the person who will one day make those big changes. 🌎🌍🌏 What change are you going to make within yourself? Post below and let’s share this journey.


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Gladiator Games ✔️ Bring on the finals... I set 90-day targets because I always learn something about myself. - This go round it was... You always got some left in the tank. - Excited to find out who I am in another 90 days when we compete for finals in Austin. - Want to take yourself to another level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually then empty your tank & challenge yourself. - You’ll figure out a lot about yourself. - Two years exactly after losing my father. He was my focus in every event. - Thanks, Dad! I love you... - See you in October Austin. - Be Relentless, - Seth ‘Gladiator’ Humphrey - PS This was a team event and I appreciate these gents... Ryan Wood, Jesen Merle, Mitchell McNally (not frendz yet)


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@amoryblair Live at Speak Up Series turns one! Will she bless us with spoken word, rap, or vocals? You never know. Come out THURSDAY JULY 26TH and find out #speakupseries #motivation #motivationalspeakers #poets #singers #rappers #music #networking #artists #unsignedtalent complimentary wine, cake, candy $15 entry

‼️Make sure to read the caption for more insights on this quote‼️. Comment “Amen” if you agree. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Be part of the family @destinyachievement . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - My thoughts on this quote: 📜A new beginning📜 To everyone out there, experiencing the same feelings as me. I’ve just finished my last year of high-school and i’m moving on to a new chapter of my life. I’ll be leaving my friends,my family and my country to study abroad. It’s f*cking breaking my heart even more at every new step taken(admission,ticket buying,visa,etc...). But well i gotta do it, this is the best choice. To everyone out there feeling the same, the end is just a new beginning in a heart-breaking camouflage,testing you to see if you are ready. And you are. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Join the family @destinyachievement 📸: Credits to respective owner . . . #quotesforyou #quotesdaily #motivations #motivationdaily #motivationalspeakers