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Repost —- Let them judge. Let them make noise and compare. You do the work. You live your own agenda. Personal freedom is the ability to fully express yourself and to follow your own path and passions without conforming to nonsensical rules or playing the high school impulses to be approved of. _ Read #motivationmanifesto for the right mindset then #highperformancehabits for the #win. ™@brendonburchard

This. Right. Here. @brendonburchard 👏🏻 . Attn: Unique souls of the world, always remember that you're equipped with the power to make radical changes in your life- own that magic, awaken and activate that innate ability to manifest the destiny you will to and for yourself! ✨ . All of the power you need lies within you, you were created with it for GREATNESS AND A PURPOSE. 🦋 [ Shout-out @oolalife ] . Can I get an amen? I'm working on something HUGE right now. Downloading from spirit my steps but let me give you some clues: ✨Personal Growth ✨Manifesting ✨Service to Others ✨Living Out Your Passions ✨Spirit-led-preneurship . That’s all I can say 🙊 for now. Does that sound like something you can align with? Holla at me. #chaselife . . . . #passion #purpose #alignment #lawofattration #mark1123 #calledtogreatness #thestruggleisover #brendonburchard #motivation #manifestation #motivationmanifesto #goodvibes #joyfulliving #mindfulness #dreamlife #personaldevelopement #riseup #spiritjunkie #crownedone

Happy Saturday! I used to be terrified to speak my mind. ⚡️ I used to be so scared to share my gift with the world that I would shake. ⚡️ I used to be so afraid of people not liking me or liking my art that I would hide it for no one to see ⚡️ I'm learning the strength we can gain if we just take the plunge...JUMP! ⚡️ I'm learning that everything doesn't have to be 'perfect' in order for me to share it with the world. I think the hardest part for most of us is that we spend too much time in our minds. We convince ourselves out of making that song, writing the first page of our book, applying to that school of our dreams, taking that class... ⚡️ We tell ourselves that we have to 'wait until our situation is right' to move forward. The problem, I'm finding, is that THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT MOMENT TO DO ANYTHING!' ⚡️ People thought my wife and I were crazy to move from the comforts of the Midwest to the most expensive place in the WORLD! They told us that we were too young to get married, too young to start a family, too old to chase our dream. But excuse my french but...BUMP THAT! ⚡️ I refuse to live life by the opinions of 'They'...and I'm learning to tell myself daily to KEEP GOING! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! One step forward is better than doing nothing! ⚡️ Hope you all take this weekend to take inventory of some things you've been holding back from starting...we need your ideas, your music, your businesses, your books...THE WORLD NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE! ⚡️ Let's give it to em! Love yall! 💜✌🏾 #saturdaymorning #saturdaymood #saturdaygrind #saturdayfeels #perfectionist #lifelesson #thejourney #moveforward #brendonburchard  #motivationmanifesto #garyvee

How often do we judge others 'cos they mirror our own flaws? Looking for the answers, you ask the wrong questions* #thinkfree #souldrifta #pierrecitron #motivationmanifesto #brendonburchard

How often do you go out? I know a lot of guys that say they can't find a girlfriend but when you ask how often they go out, they are always "busy" ... you're busy watching netflix? Watch my video on this, the link in my bio!

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This literally just showed up for me the other night—no it was last night—it was hard for me to see myself “going through the motions” because the last time I had to “change”, it was out of desperation and change was imminent for survival. @tonyrobbins calls it living in the “pressure cooker”. All the. Ew actions have gotten me to a place where everything is going really smoothly and I didn’t feel a desire to change...but something has been pulling at me internally that this new level wasn’t a long term place in which to get comfortable and I shouldn’t be here too long. So I made some new decisions I head to dig deep to construct a “why” around...and I’m tickled to have come across this share from @brendonburchard . . . . #motivationmanifesto #brendanburchard #miami #successquotes #marketing #personaldevelopment #intuition

The luck that has advanced me and the disasters that have educated me 🙌🏼✨☝🏼 . . #attitudeofgratitude #motivationmanifesto

Prendersi il tempo per crescere. La formazione non deve mai essere un capitolo chiuso della nostra vita. È un'esperienza continua e sempre stimolante. Se pensiamo di sapere già tutto perdiamo una grande opportunità. Time for a new experience. Never say "I already know". If you do, you lose. Thank you @brendonburchard you are the very TOP! #mentor #mymentor #mentorship #success #formazione #course #growingup #highperformancehabits #thecharge #motivationmanifesto #improveyourself

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Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.�--�David Packard

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Try to improve yourself with every opportunity and you will definitely succeed!

Sometimes you have to close your eyes instead of keeping them open. It will help you see things more clearly, even though it sounds implausible. Close your eyes and imagine life just how you want!


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This was gifted to me by my son, about three years ago. I think it’s finally time for me to read it. #trustthetimingofyourlife #themotivationmanifesto #brendonburchard #personalpower #pricelessgift #lovemyson #motivationmanifesto

Rise up!! It’s #mindsetmonday and #motivationmonday Let’s address the pain and the fear, rather than feeding the urge to self-soothe with food. When you meet the challenge and address it, you have the ability to overcome. Focus on success and overcoming the obstacles. This isn’t about overcoming food or temptation and is about overcoming the reasons you turn to food to begin with. The core issues aren’t the food, they are the unfelt feelings that lead you outside yourself. #gastricsleeve #gastricbypass #gastricsleevesurgery #gastricbypasssurgery #weightlossjourney #weightlossqueen #wls #weightloss #weightlosssuccess #attitude #mindset #motivation #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmastery #selflove #selfgrowth #vsg #wlscrew #wlslife #vsglife #vsgcrew #motivationmanifesto #bariatric #bariatrics #bariatricliving #bariatriclife #bariatricmindset

No wonder this book was a best seller! 👌👌📚

Don't wait for things to get better. Life is sometimes complicated. Be happy now with what you have. Otherwise you will run out of time. #wisewords #lifeisshort #timessquare #moodyports #moodwomen #motivationmanifesto

Yesterday, I spoke on my Facebook live (http://facebook.com/awstillwell) about being courageous and how it’s possible for everyone to be courageous - even quoted Brendon in the livecast. Then I saw this post from him and had to share it. Whether the lesson is for you or for me, it’s the same... Keep stepping up against your fears or those same fears will hold you back and keep you small. Even baby lions roar. It’s time to roar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Repost below from @brendonburchard ・・・ “Fear will always be present when you are venturing into the unknown or climbing to that high peak. The question isn’t if it’s there or not. Fearlessness is a teenager’s naive dream. No, the question is that when it inevitably roars, do you STOP. _ Or do you proceed with #faith and #confidence in your ability to figure things out. _ On your march toward your dreams, Fear doesn’t need to win. You can face it. And take another step. Read the chapter on fear in #motivationmanifesto and GO!”