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Have you read my summary post yet on The Fat Duck? . . Behold! Behold a levitating pillow topped with magical treats! This course sure brought out many giggles and laughs 🤗 . . #linkinprofile #worlds50best #thefatduck

After nearly half a year of hiatus, we're back with a new blog post. A throwback to one of the most magical and enjoyable meals we've ever had. The Fat Duck! . . Pictured is not what it seems, a Crab and Passionfruit '99'. Read more on the blog #linkinprofile . . . #thefatduck @hestonology @thehestonblumenthalteam

Part of the reason we love travelling so much, is that it opens up our eyes to the culture, history, and lives of the local people, as well as an abundance of cuisine! . . London surprised me in more ways than one! It was so much like coming home, the sights, sounds, buildings, people, and food were just so familiar and warm. . . 6 weeks until we hit up Bilbao, Spain for @theworlds50best Awards!

The Botrytis Cinerea from The Fat Duck was just so beautiful! . . Folks may remember this dish from the final pressure test on Australia's Masterchef. Reading the recipe online, its crazy complicated with over 20 ingredients and I'm just glad that we got to try this! . . #msihuainlondon #thefatduck #botrytiscinerea

Yummmmmm!!! Wish i was back at @barrafinalondon and eating this delectable Milhojas! @weeleesim @zeboy 🤗🤗🤗 . . . #msihuainlondon #barrafinalondon

Can't get over this delcious dessert from The Ledbury, Notting Hill. . . Wild and Gariguette Strawberries with Rosé Jelly and Clotted Cream, this dish was a delightful taste of spring and summer. Tart and sweet, it was the perfect ending to our 4 course meal. . . #msihuainlondon #theledbury

Last meal before we flew out of London was this amazing Sunday Roast at @thesalthousenw8 on Abbey Road. Complete with Yorkshire Pudding, Spuds, Carrots and Greens and at £15 pp for a 24 hour cooked Roast Pork Belly (crackling was scrumptious), we were so full, we rolled out the door! . . . Perfect epic meal to end our UK trip 😍 . . #msihuainlondon #sundayroast #thesalthousenw8

Good morning all! The pasta at @padella_pasta was so amazing we had to return for another round. Spent 39 minutes in line before opening and it was well worth it. 8 plates between the 4 of us 😍 Definitely make a stop here if you find yourselves in London. Its a must-eat for us! . . . Gutted to be leaving London today, but excitedly planning for the next 2-3 days in Hong Kong! . . #msihuainlondon #padellapasta

Surprises are best when they come in threes! The last of our personalised surprises was the most delicious of them all! After what we thought was the last of or meal (course #256684368) came the BFG (Black Forest Gateau). A retired dessert from the previous Fat Duck menu which we got because of a hilarious true story I told in my questionnaire involving @zeboy on his 18th birthday and his love of Black Forests cakes. . . Our storytellers were tickled pink by the account and were as excited as us to present this dish to our table 😍 . . #thefatduck #msihuainlondon #blackforestgateau

This was the final momento presented to me by The Fat Duck team. Caught completely off guard (i thought the bill was in this box), I was presented with this book halfway through dessert. My second favourite series from Enid Blyton, the Wishing Chair! . . It even came with a short story with the three of us in it (scroll through)! 😍😍😍 I can't imagine how much thought and effort it took for the team to make our meal so memorable. Seriously, the best meal experience in our lives. It was the whole complete package. The amazing food, the superb care and special service, the theatrics and drama of it all. Highly recommend putting this in your bucket list if it isn't there already! . . #msihuainlondon #thefatduck #dreamsdocomethrough

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love reading and have bookcases at home jam packed with real books! What most people don't know is that I first started reading with Enid Blyton books, and that my favourite childhood books were the Magic Faraway Tree series and the Wishing Chair series. They took me to magical places and away from a trying childhood. Reading became an obsession. _ Before dining at the Fat Duck, I had to complete a series of questions relating to childhood memories, and I had forgotten that I told them about my love for the books. Imagine my surprise when they brought me a personalised engraved bookmark complete with a quote from Moon Face! More was yet to come too! . . #msihuainlondon #thefatduck

If this is breakfast served everyday, I'm all in! Had the best dining experience of our lives at the one and only The Fat Duck, where we were taken on an amazing and fun adventure. . . Here's a snapshot of the great lengths @thehestonblumenthalteam went through to give us a personalised experience. Our blog logo was presented as a puzzle piece as we played with our breakfast of Truffled Egg mousse filled with tomato consommè, bacon and bread toastie and cereal. . . For more, check out my instastory whilst it lasts! #msihuainlondon #thefatduck

Had a really delicious lunch today at The Ledbury today. I loved how this starter of Deer Dumplings look like Christmas Baubles 🎄🎄🎄 . . . #msihuainlondon #theledbury

Had an amazing tapas night at the very trendy @barrafinalondon where we pretty much inhaled the menu. Pictured first is the Flan we finished our meal with. So damn good! . . Scroll through for Arroz, Lamb brains, Beef tongue, Stuffed Corguette flower, Razor Clams, Crab Croquettes, Bacalhau (salt cod fritter), Suckling pig and Pedrón Peppers. We had more too 🤣 . . #msihuainlondon #eatallthethings #barrafina

Had the best pasta yesterday at @padella_pasta upon recommendation from @laurapriceeats. Everything was so amazing. Worth turning up early and waiting in line. The queue was just continuous as we were there for lunch! . . . #msihuainlondon #padellapasta #boroughmarket

I always love good, freshly made bread in a restaurant and so happy that @lyleslondon didn't disappoint with their sourdough bread 😍 . . . #msihuainlondon

First of our booked meals in London is with @lyleslondon. Favourite dishes would have had to be the Smoked Eel, potatoes and dulce and the Thornback Ray with sea kale and new season garlic 😍 . . . #msihuainlondon

Having our first coffee of the trip at @nudeespresso here at the Old Spitalfields Market before we head on to lunch at Lyle's 😍 . . . #msihuainlondon