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So excited for the @sephora Summer Bonus SALE 😍 Rouge members can start shopping with their 20% discount code TODAY 🎉 There are SO MANY new products I can’t wait to get my hands on! Did you know that @lululemon has a line at Sephora now?! (nope, not athletic wear!) Excuse me while I drain my whole bank account 😅 Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s in my cart for the Sephora Summer Bonus SALE || http://liketk.it/2EgKC #liketkit @liketoknow.it . . . #bloggersgetsocial #blogsociety #bloggingcommunity #bloggerlifestyle #darlingdaily #flashesofdelight #lifestyleblogger #lifeunscripted #personalblog #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #makeupandwakeup #makeupaddiction #fiercesociety #makeupjunkies #mybeautifulmess #postitfortheaesthetic #sephora #summerbonussale #allthings #hellopretty #lululemon #toofaced #igk #fenty #theordinary #marcjacobs

P A N T H E N O L ✨ A lesser talked about ingredient that has some serious skin loving benefits. ⠀⠀ Panthenol, also known as pro-vitamin B5, is mainly used in skincare to moisturize the skin. It is a humectant, which means it attracts water to the skin and allows the skin to hold onto that water better by “locking it in”. ⠀⠀ It has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and skin protecting properties, which is super beneficial if you live in a heavily populated area with more than usual pollution. A less *glamours* part of city life is the grit and grime that the air deposits onto your skin every day. ⠀⠀ You’ll find it in some cleansers and most often in lighter moisturizers such as this @drbarbarasturm face cream light. ⠀⠀ #alliseeispretty #meetthemoment #myeverydaymagic #darlingmovement #choosejoy #seekthepositive #thehappynow #goodthoughts #abundancemindset #positivelife #darlingdaily #prettylittlethings #foodforskin #cleanskincare #howyouglow #kindtoskin #naturalskincare #skincare #skincarejunkie #skincareroutine #beautytip #holistichealth #mindbodyspirit #gowithin #meditation #highvibes #holisticlifestyle #selfloveclub #chooselovely #mybeautifulmess

There’s one book that’s missing from my feed: my own. Why? Because I find it hard to talk about something I put my heart in. Because social media doesn’t come all that easily to me. My book, In Spite Of Oceans, is about love, loss, loneliness set to the tune of south Asian family life. It’s about failing and hurting but also about healing and hope. It won an acclaimed award: the Observer called it “memorable and moving”; the Guardian said it was “beautifully written prose” - but it is only now, four years after it was published that I’m able to say all this, not just push it aside and pretend it was nothing at all. I’m changing my handle on here to my name, to make it easier for people who have read my book and are interested in my writing to find me. So here it is, my award-winning collection of short stories. I hope you like it and thank you to all those who read it, reviewed it and have championed it.

What inspires you? I was thinking about this today and realized I’m most inspired by other cultures. Maybe that’s why I majored in Internstional Studies. I poured over the @tamu course catalog at age 18 and chose this course of study because a) I had to take 15 hours of geography, my favorite subject and b) i HAD TO study abroad. I chose Spain, a country I learned to love and one I haven’t been to in 15 years! This photo was taken last summer in Rwanda 🇷🇼 with @africanewlife. I’m inspired by people that look and act different than me. Some of these people lost their loved ones in a bloody massacre in 1994, and their love is so much stronger because of it. Too heartbreaking to think about.💔 A child that @kodyholley and I sponsor just lost his mom last month to an illness, and I just want to hop on a plane to hug him! (Hoping next summer) Something I just can’t get through my head is a population that thinks our life/country is all their is. That was me years ago! Until I learned about all the other cultures in our world. 🌎 Post will be continued soon...but until then, what inspires you? Your kids, nature, profession, creativity? I’d love to open this convo up!

This sign in our bathroom is a good reminder on this Monday and every day. . . . . . . . . . . #homedecor #target #dontbeaturd #achaoticandcollectedlife #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #ohwowyes #abmlifeiscolorful #mybeautifulmess

Current Makeup Faves. ___________________________________________ Nyx Off Tropic Eyeliner (Crushin' It) - this is such a brilliant eyeliner. It's a gorgeous bright pink shade and the formula is pigmented, smooth, long-lasting and transfer-proof. ___________________________________________ Real Techniques Stippling Brush - this brush does a great job at distributing cream/liquid blushes without creating any streaks or patches and without moving the foundation underneath. ___________________________________________ 3CE Take a Layer Multi-Pot (Common Time) - this is a rather 'dry' cream blush that has beautiful and even pigmentation. It's such an easy product to apply and blend and the shade (an orange-red) is gorgeous. ___________________________________________ Colourpop Single Eyeshadows (Try Me, Making Moves, Chic Happens) - CP's pressed powder eyeshadow formula is one of my faves. These shades blend like a dream! ___________________________________________ Nabla Single Eyeshadow (Absinthe) - this is a gorgeous icy blue-purple duochrome and the formula is super smooth (and almost glossy/ wet-looking). Because it lacks a bold base pigment, this eyeshadow is perfect as a topper shade and as an inner corner highlight. Spot a fave? Comment down below! ___________________________________________ #postitfortheaesthetic #ontheblog #blogger #bloggerstyle #visualsoflife #blog #lifestyleblogger #blogging #bloggerlife #blogpost #flatlays #instablogger #darlingdaily #thatsdarling #livecolorfully #seekthesimplicity #bloggerdiaries #makeitlast #thisjoyfulmoment #thelifestylecollective #mybeautifulmess #pursuepretty #chooselovely #thehappynow #beautyflatlay #howyouglow

when an store orders in a color palette ❤️💯💕🌸🍓

He loves hands on things to do. Creating, figuring out, and discovering by doing is how he thrives. Keeping him active and engaged throughout the day has been challenging through this season of moving and keeping up with his up and coming toddler brother who is into everything. But when I set aside that intentional time with him, he eats it up! Today we had fun finger painting with our new @ecokidsusa finger paint. What are some creative driven activities that your preschool age kiddos love? Always looking for new ideas!

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hidden water

Feelin vvvvv honored to have a couple of my earrings in @___hanmade___ ‘s gorgeous collection. Her taste is off the chain. 💯💯💯 I still have a few of those FLUX earrings available if you wanna *try* copying Hannah. Tap to shop!! . . . . . . . . . . #earrings #tasselearrings #statementearrings #geometricearrings #brassearrings #handmadeearrings #wallhanging #weaving #statementearrings #madewithlove #handwoven #wovenwallhanging #theeverygirl #ootd #creativehappylife #thatsdarling #wovenwallart #abmcrafty #mybeautifulmess #handmade #etsy #etsyshop #homedecor #buyhandmade #shopsmall #smallbusiness #makersmovement #buyhandmade #loomghost

Restock . Onesies in Nb,6m and 12m are back. . Use code THEYREBACK to save 20% for a limited time. Code must be used at time of checkout. . Photo cred || @wifegoodman . . Like and comment on this post for a chance to win a $25 shop credit. One person will be chosen on the last day of each month! . . Minimalist apparel bringing family together | www.charlotteandezra.com • • • • • • • • #momswithcameras #rainbowmama #flashesofdelight #momazine #asseenincolumbus #ohsister #dearphotographer #candidchildhood #ohbrother #modernmotherhood #ohheymama #liveauthentic #igbabies #mynameismama #myhonestmotherhood #joyfulmamas #momentsinmotherhood #momblogger #motherhoodrising #canndidchildhood #littleandbrave #lovelymodernmothers #thelittlethings #momswithcameras #honestlymothering #mybeautifulmess #riseandmom #charlotteandezra

Clearly, we used to be a lot cooler. Happy freaking birthday, Kenz. Love you forever 💕

Currently reading 📚☕️

Psssst👉 •Are you looking for a change?? •Tired of the 9-5 or lack of appreciation and advancement? •Do you want to make what your worth? •Would you like to win trips and travel with some amazing and FUN peeps? •Do you need more time for you and your family? If you answered YES to any of this ?’s then this opportunity may be just what you have been hoping and praying for 🙏🏻 Let’s chat and can tell you WHY it’s the BEST decision I have made and how it just keeps getting better and better! #changenothingandnothingchanges

He thought the picture would look better with a guitar in my hand so here I am pretending to steal all your hearts with love serenades 💞 thank you @arvizu_arts for making me look like a queen 💜

Added these beauties to my Summer Sale 💕 £20 each for the A3 sized pieces, £18.00 for the square ones. All totally original, one off works 🎨🤩💘. Start your new art gallery wall and help me buy more paint 😜🙈😆✨🎨👍😘💕 xxx #supportartists #supportthearts #shopsmall #shopsmallandhappy #etsyartist #workingartist #emergingartist ✌️✌️✌️

A few of my favorite new things that he’s up to lately: Crawling + Clapping + Standing 🙌🏼 . . A few of my least favorite: Grinding his teeth and squeezing the ever-loving-crap out of every piece of food and rubbing it in his hair, before he (maybe) eats it. . . Yes, I’m looking at you mandarin oranges... and avocados... hummus... yogurt-lacquer... U N R E A L! 🍊🥑🙈 . . But man... he sure is cute 💕 #beinghismom #everettbuss

This hand soap is at every sink in my home: kitchen and all three bathrooms. Sometimes I even use it to wash my face! Today through 8/31 you’ll get one for FREE when you reactivate your YL account with a 50 PV order. AND!! 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼SWIPE TO SEE WHAT ELSE I’ll throw in for free! 🥰🥰🥰

"Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore." . Going from the classroom @starrmic to the studio of the TTT family. A surprise chapter in life, that I will be adding to for a long time by the grace of God. . #intuition #gifted #pursuitwithpurpose #mybeautifulmess #abmlifeissweet #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #pursuepretty #everysquareastory #calledtobecreative #liveauthentic #theblogissue #howyouglow #myunicornlife #bossgirlbloggers #ttt #next991fm #actress #radiopresenter #trinidadandtobago #discoverunder5k #selah #britborntred #callaloo #natalake

My game changer. My million mile an hour best friend. My space invading, hip adorning, neck swinging, mischief making monster. I cannot bloody wait to hand you back to your daddy, kid. . . . Auggies 'game changer' t-shirt and striped leggings are from the amazing @west_stanton and I have a lovely little discount code for you to use on your own order Rosh10

“Selenaaaas” I drew her a long time ago. It was just a matter of time that I added some color and brought her to life. Prints will be available soon 😁

My goal this week is to slow down with my 2 little dream boats and find joy in the teeny tiny everyday things. Preschool starts again in a few weeks and as much as I’m looking forward to that (🙋🏻‍♀️) I’m enjoying the last little bit of no agenda. Pjs till noon and avoiding laundry by planning cute projects for my kiddos. #happymonday

Love love this adorable unit we staged today!! Fantastic finishes and a smart layout. Contact @connettjordan for more details!

You can bet I’m thinking one of two things . 1. When is the appropriate time for my next meal? 2. Do flies know how obnoxious they are?

One of a kind Mala necklaces with sooo many handmade beads. I have just a few of them left in my shop.

Choose happy 🙂

One of these two cuties was a perfect angel on our flight home and the other decided it was a good time to “find her voice”. I’ll let you guess which one. 🙄 (📷: @yellowroomphoto)

the c👀lest kids ive ever known.

I was at a restaurant this weekend having dinner and was just inside my head, feeling down because of everything that was going on, lack of sleep, lack of treatment, and pain that would not subside. I ended up having a mild asthma attack and I turned very hot, tears were running down my face and I just wanted to leave. Everyone kept asking "Are you okay? Are you okay?" and the questions were daunting and making me flustered. Finally my sweet nephew gave me a hug and told everyone "of course I was okay. I was magical." I don't know why, but being told I was magical made me feel stronger than ever. So for anyone feeling down, you are magical. You are so dang magical. ✨ Cane brought to you by Mlaw from 🇫🇷

#oliviadrue starts pre-K and #sweetelijahjude has his first first day ever of preschool today 💕

like i said, you can’t beat the sky after a downpour

Hollywoodske vlny, Hollywoodsky úsmev a môže sa ísť točiť 🎬

There’s something about minimal, abstracts that just make me excited and grounded at the same time. Brush strokes and markings that are organic and intuitive make this piece stand out in a subtle way. #abstractart

Make sure you see healed photos from the artist you choose(ask to see these photos!). This is very important! . Also important...before & after photos from ALL angles!! Don’t be fooled by one sided work, there is a reason they aren’t showing the other side OR the front view 🤥 you need to see the symmetry! . #honestbeauty #honestdesign

How do you destress?? Do you have a support system or community of people to help you when your stress is at an all time high? What is your plan and how do you cope? We all have it but there are so many ways to help and not let it knock you down. For me de stressing looks like this 👇🏼 •find a friend who gets you and makes you laugh • take time out for yourself and go do something fun • I roll all the oils on so I don’t have to pop a pill and can support my body with plants instead • alcohol helps too but it is a depressant so it can make stress worse so ya gotta be mindful of that • exercising and making sure I’m feeding my body nutrients and supplements to stay well •getting enough sleep and sleeping well by diffusing my favorite trio of lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver If you need help managing your stress then take a look at how you can support your body and maybe one or some of the things above can help. Happy Monday!!

I am blessed. ⠀⠀ (By all of you). I am blessed to be a blessing. I love to bless the people around me by telling them that they’re good enough, beautiful and just perfect the way they’re created. I do that because it helps myself to believe those words. It helps me to accept and love myself every new day! ⠀⠀ What is your biggest blessing right now? ♥️

I was taking over 10 different pills, twice daily when I first came home over a year ago. 😳 ♡ Pain medications, multivitamins, anti anxiety pills, anti depressants, blood thinning medications... you name it, I was probably on it. 💊 ♡ When I look back at pictures from that first half year home I can see the clouds in my eyes. ☁️ (Physically from my cornea scar 😂 but also from ALL OF THE MEDICATION I WAS ON!) ♡ I simply couldn’t process anything because of the thick veil of darkness that the medicine created. ♡ I wanted to stop taking all of those pills! ♡ A few problems: I was in too much pain to not take my pain medicine. There was one pill the doctors said I would have to be on for the rest of my life, and the rest? A molotov cocktail that I had been swallowing for the past six months because... well... ♡ ...because? ♡ I wasn’t sure why. One thing I did know: I didn’t want to remain on those pills forever. I wanted my old brain back. Or, as much of it as I could have. ♡ So when the pills ran out, I stopped taking them (under medical supervision). And something amazing happened. That one disease a doctor diagnosed me with? Turns out I didn’t have it. Those pills that the doctors were sure I would need in order to stay happy and not depressed - totally not needed as well. Those pain pills I needed because literally everything hurt? Slowly trickled them down until I didn’t need them anymore. And? Still pain. But - manageable pain. ♡ A week turned into a month, that month turned into SIX months. ♡ I’ve been off my pain medicine and all the other junk for over six month now! ✨🙌🏻 ♡ So, today I’m celebrating by starting a new lifestyle that will hopefully help purge the remaining tidbits that may be stored up somewhere inside my body. 👏🏻 ♡ I want to encourage you - you CAN do hard things. It will take a little time and determination - but it is possible!

I was obsessed with these hand-painted coasters by @carlipaintings the second I laid my eyes on them at @marketsbydreamday recently. I loved them so much I bought this one for myself, as well as additional sets for gifts for my friends! Available in different colours, and shapes these coasters are just so stunning and unique that they make exceptional keepsakes gifts for so many things....someone moving into their first house, your BFF who loves pretty things, or that person that just has everything. So grateful to have stumbled on this amazing local artist. Double tap if you'd like to see more of Carli's work in our gift arrangements! . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#creativeentrepreneur #seekinspirecreate #calledtocreate #creativebiz #createandcultivate #girlbossesunite #greatertorontoarea #shoplocalcanada #canadianmade #durhamregionhandmade #durhamregionbusiness #durhamregion #giftboxes #womenentrepreneurs #capturemycraft #creativegifts #customizedgifts #giftguide #giftboxideas #curatedgifts #thecreativegrid #mybeautifulmess #herestothecreatives #wearethecreativeeconomy

I think we have a future hockey player on our hands 🏒 not sure if he really has a choice in this family though 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ thankfully he will have the best teacher around @therealcamzimick

Jurassic Forest 🦖🦕

#mondayvibes include an @rails blouse, beach waves, and a glass of @miraval rose 🍷with a side of sushi from @azumibaltimore #janineserio #fit4janine #influencer #foodie #love #lifestyle #blogger #roseallday #newweek #mybeautifulmess #instalike #instaphoto #photooftheday Photo Credit: @shawdaria Hair & Makeup: @seslater5

This little one, with his grumpy old man face. 🤗 He’s brought together the women in my family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Wednesday afternoons my sister, mom & I gather. I get to hold my nephew in between laptop time for messaging projects, we put on some Project Runway, and we all lean into the community of our multigenerational sisterhood. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It helps me remember that my purpose extends beyond my business. I’m not just a messenger, I’m also a woman. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What’s your favorite ritual with your family?

A little ink drawing from earlier this year. (Hopefully there’ll be some fresh content soon!) Tomorrow real life begins again after 6 long weeks of vacation. I’m taking my boy to his first day of school (😭) tomorrow and then my final weeks of full time office work begins. Is everyone back in the saddle by now? Or is anyone still dangling their legs by a lake somewhere?

We spent Saturday with the Camdenton High School volleyball team as part of a team building activity! Each girl created their own dream catcher and they turned out great 💫

Drew this in slightly warmer times! It’s gone all rainy and windy here over the past week. But at least the flowers are happy - my sweet peas have gone bananas! Hope it’s hot wherever you are 😎 day 80 of #thejoyfuleveryday

This is one of the only rooms in the house with colour on the walls (apart from the room opposite this which is pretty horrid shade of brown and then upstairs where one of the room has superhero wallpaper 😂). I used to love this colour but have definitely got bored of it now! Might go dark in here?! I’m too indecisive for all of this! . . . #interiorinspo #interiordetails #victorianhouse #homestyle #interior_and_living #interiorandhome #pocketofmyhome #interiorstyle #mybeautifulmess #thehappynow

Une fête magnifique pour notre belle mariée 💜🥂 Sharing a few snaps from Cheri’s bridal shower today on the blog!

INSTAGRAM STORY SALE just started!⁠ Head over to my story to see all the works that are on sale.⁠⠀ • Details:⁠⠀ • works on paper 35€ ⁠⠀ • works on canvas 100€⁠⠀ • International shipping and free shipping in the EU⁠⠀ • If you are interested in a piece just reply to the story or write me a DM⁠⠀ • First come first serve!⁠⠀ • Sale is open until sunday 25th 8pm CEST⁠⠀ • Paypal only⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ #maritaspeenart #colorful #abstractartist #artforsale #abstractpainting #contemporaryart #modernart #interiordesign #abstractpainting #emergingartist #moderndecor #femaleartist #artcollector #artistoninstagram #homedecor #gallerywall #originalart #elledecor #mybeautifulmess #inthestudio #makersgonnamake #housegoals #doitfortheprocess #onthewall #carveouttimeforart #artdealer #dsart #supportlocalart #artinprogress #wearethemakers

How to get into: Kota the Friend Kota is someone who delivers mellow and laid back rap. A mix of his calm voice and some good vocals, allows you to chill while listening. What he does is something a lot of other current artists aren’t able to do/want to do. I feel as he is a modern day Cudi. In the early stages still rapping and addressing issues with hisself and others around him. I highly suggest you listen🥵 . . . (Hashtags):#rapper #hiphop #drake #followforfollow #kanyewest #playboicarti #kendricklamar #earlsweatshirt #nf #kidcudi #pushat #kidsseeghosts #likeforlike #rap #mybeautifulmess #love #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #happy #travel #life #sky #like #likeforlike #follow #abc #fire

Runnin’ away from Monday be like…😊 📷 @han.bana

After a 3+ hour nap, I present to you, the happiest baby ever! Fiona is currently obsessed with grabbing her little toes and I am 👏🏻 here 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 it! Changing basket by @shoplovedua Baby blues by @eldertechnicalrescue


:* Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes YOU happy!*: . . . . . . . . . . . . 📸: @blissfullybriana

Yes yes yes! An encourager to others and to yourself. Thanks for making beautiful things @theresgoodinstore 💛⁣

Chaos Of My Mind . The chaos of my mind, constantly swirling. Purely ink and water on paper, doodles on doodles #nicoleadrienneart #numinad #nomadicartist #numinousadventures #inkandwater #gottheblues

Hands in the air for this baby party animal 🥳 Reuben’s all partied out after going to two birthday parties this weekend 👶🏽 #thelifeofreuben #tlor

Happy Sunday Everyone! 🎉 ___________________________________________ Have any of you tried the new, scented mini Prep + Prime Fix +'s from MAC? I recently purchased the watermelon variant and I really like it. This is a lovely finishing spray that removes any powderiness and makes my complexion makeup look more 'skin-like'. The nozzle allows for a fine and even mist and this spray is also super refreshing on the skin. The watermelon scent is a little too artificial but I don't mind this that much. All in all, it's a great addition to my collection. #burgundyxmac

‘Great to see u’ Mr Gruffalo 👋 Lucca had a fun time watching the Gruffalo Live, his first West End Theatre Show 👦🏼 #thelifeoflucca #tlol


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Congrats on yet another beautiful book @mingcheau 🎉


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Makeup Review: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder (mini size from Cult Beauty). ___________________________________________ This is a super hyped up product that I did not like at all. Firstly, the holes in sifter are so small so I struggled to get enough powder out of the tub. Secondly, the powder isn't as finely milled as I would've liked it to be. But, despite this, the powder wasn't chunky or uneven when applied to the skin. My main problem with this powder is that it didn't actually set my makeup. Because of this, the liquid makeup on my face creased, transferred and didn't last as long as it usually does. Also, this powder looked super cakey on my skin and emphasized every bit of acne, texture and lines. Seriously, this powder settled into lines and texture I didn't even know I had. My undereye area looked drier than the Sahara desert. On a more positive note, the powder didn't leave a white cast on my skin. ___________________________________________ I ended up decluttering this product after a few uses and I definitely will not repurchase. That being said, a lot of people love this powder so what may not work for me may work for you (and vice versa). Have you tried this product? Comment down below! #burgundyxhourglass


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Book Review: An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (*gifted). ___________________________________________ Plot: With the hopes of earning some extra cash, Jessica signs up to participate in a survey on ethics and morality. Sounds simple, right? However, the questions become more intense and Jessica soons develops a more personal relationship with the doctor conducting the survey. ___________________________________________ My Thoughts: This novel exceeded my expectations! The characters are complex and flawed and the exhilarating action ensured that I finished this novel in one afternoon. Although Jessica is somewhat of an annoying and careless character, I was still rooting for her to overcome the obstacles with which she was faced. Dr Shields, however, is a far more interesting character as the reader catches a glimpse into the thought processes of an exploitative therapist. Also, I find that supporting characters aren't well developed in this type of genre but this novel had fascinating supporting characters. If you were a fan of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, you'll probably enjoy this as well. Have you read An Anonymous Girl? Comment down below! #burgundyxbooks


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Cinematic Colour Series: Deadpool (2016) by Tim Miller. ___________________________________________ With witty humour, a charismatic anti-hero, and thrilling action sequences, Deadpool is definitely a standout film from Marvel. The colour palette for most of this film is actually quite simple. The urban background includes cool-toned grey and muted blue and purple tones. This, of course, contrasts the stark red Deadpool suit. And, because the first film in the franchise includes Deadpool as the main anti-hero, several of the frames focus solely on him. Have you watched Deadpool? Are you a Marvel of DC fan? Comment down below! #burgundyxcinematiccolourseries