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Do you see that? Over yonder, on the horizon? Black Ships crashes its way onto the tap list here in Napa, with boatloads of coffee, molasses, and black licorice! Come in and try this delectable treat today! “There is a great divide between the love of pastry Stouts and classic Stouts, and Black Ships Imperial Coffee Stout sails right through that channel delivering adjuncts for a more discerning palate. Brewed with black coffee, black licorice juice, and blackstrap molasses this dark and roasty barbarian is slick in mouthfeel and finds a perfect balance using a very small hop bittering addition alongside the acidity from the extremely dark roast Catahoula coffee, the bitterness from the licorice juice, and the acrid nature of the dark roasted and kilned malts. A complex malt profile supported by some of our favorite malts from England create rich notes of burnt toffee, Dutch waffles, and chocolate bunt cake. We love Stouts of all kinds, but Black Ships really hits the spot for what we want to be drinking on a cool night in the Bay.” #imperialcoffeestout #napabeer #napa #craftbeer #oxbowpublicmarket

Planet Heartbreak is now on tap in Napa! The newest addition to our long line of IPAs features Southern Passion hops. Come try it today! "One of our favorite hops we are able to keep in our lupulin-arsenal is the boisterous Southern Passion from South Africa. To our surprise we were able to get a little bit of 'em, so we opted to make a new beer that exploits the overwhelming orange creamsicle and subtle dank characters from this hop into an absolute juice bomb. The malt bill is straight forward and simple only adding a small layer of toffee to sweeten up this half-and-half bar of a hop. Since we can't get a ton of these hops we opted to go for a giant dry-hopping to pull as much from the Southern Passion as possible till we started picking up notes of orange sherbet. Secondary tropical and dank notes support this IPA as it splashes across the palate and kicks off its massive aromas. Don't like Southern Passion hops? Don't like long drawn out beer descriptions? Don't like lists of three? Welcome to Planet Heartbreak." #hazyipa #juicyipa #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

“Hello. It’s me, your lunch.” Pair this divine @Oenotri meatball sub with any beer for just $10. . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

With the holiday weekend coming up, why wait in line for Crowlers? Preorder online at (link is in our bio)! #onthecrowl #takeitforaspin #juicymane #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

SF Beer Week is coming up, and we’ll be releasing Double Dry-Hopped Pulp at the Napa Taproom on Saturday, February 2nd! #ddhpulp #newtwist #oldfavorite #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

TONIGHT 4-8PM The storm has passed. Let's get out of the house!

Chloe is on tap now in Napa! This Belgian Pale Ale is incredibly refreshing, with notes of lemon and tangerine. Stay dry, and come get some today! “Our first foray into the realm of classic Belgian beers is Chloe, a crisp ester-driven ale with a prickly carbonation and complex flavor profile that is far too drinkable and well worth the wait. The Belgian yeast we chose is a blend of two different classic strains that have a track record of making some of the best beers in the world longer than we have been alive, and luckily for us they work flawlessly together in fermentation matrimony. An all Belgian malt grainbill lays the foundation for a delicately complex combination of new world hops and yeast derived flavors. Lemon Drop and Mandarina hops are used with trepidation, providing just enough flavor of lemon and orange citrus peel to pair with the matching yeast esters; resulting in a Belgian Pale Ale that remains perfectly balanced while dripping with soft notes of orange blossom, lemongrass, and blooming orchids. Chloe may only be available in Northern California, but it is a beer that will make you think it dropped you onto a cobblestone sidewalk in Bruges.” #belgianpaleale #refreshing #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Stars Hollow is back on tap! Come in and enjoy! "With the meteoric rise of IPA, it feels like the American Pale Ale has unfairly taken a bit of a backseat. Sometimes you need to leave the hustle and bustle of IPA behind for the balanced liquid-Americana of the Pale Ale, and Stars Hollow is exactly the one we want to drink. Light, almost toffee-like malt character lends a mild sweetness to the beer that is balanced out with an equally mild bitterness, laying groundwork for its tropical flavor and aroma. Notes of concentrated peaches, grapefruit flesh, Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes, and freshly juiced guava surround this small format Pale Ale like tourists around a plate of Four Slice French Toast from Luke's Diner. Also, just because this is an everyday-drinking style doesn't mean we didn't cram it full of the hop fervor you expect from us. Stars Hollow Pale Ale is pretty much our perfect porch beer; every bit as sessionable as it is aromatic." #hazypale #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Q: What’s the best way to end a rainy day? | A: #trivianight at Tannery Bend Beerworks 💁‍♂️ . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

#event alert! Tomorrow 1/16 @pizzeriatravigne hosts @napasmithbrewery for a pint nite 5pm to 7pm. Don’t know about you guys, but I need to #drinkmorebeer in #winecountry sometimes. See their description below! #napavalley #napalocal ・・・ They say it takes a lot of beer to make wine and no one knows this better than the folks at @napasmithbrewery ! Join us next Wednesday, January 16th from 5-7 for our first “Meet the Brewmaster” #pintnight. We will be joined by a team of peeps, including Brewmaster Stein Servick, from our neighborhood brewery who will be here to talk about beer, give away cool stuff and hang out with you beer drinking aficionados! #drinkbeer #craftbeer #drinkcraftnotcrap #beerontap #morethanpizza #napabeer #beerevent #sthelena #visitnapavalley

Only six 750ml bottles of Porter left! Swing by the Greenhouse or the online store to get some chocolatey goodness before it's gone.

Fieldwork is delicious, no matter where you take it. Get some Crowlers from the Taproom or by preorder for your next big adventure! You can find a link to the preorder site in our bio. #adventurestogo #craftbeer #icecold #napabeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Really looking forward to our first “Meet the Brewmaster” Pint Night this Wednesday, January 16, 5-7 pm with @napasmithbrewery ! Meet Stein Servick and the team from #napavalley favorite brewery. We are featuring three brews, and there will be swag! Buy the beer, keep the glass. Like beer, be here! #craftbeer #beerevent #pintnight #morethanpizza #beerbeerbeer #craftbeerdrinker #visitnapavalley #napabeer

SF Beer Week is coming up, and to celebrate, Special Release cans of 2019 Viking's Lament and Destroyer Of Galaxies will be available at the Napa Taproom on Friday, February 1st! Limits will be determined based on turnout when we open at 11am. No growler or Crowler fills will be available of Viking's Lament. Growler fills of Destroyer Of Galaxies will be availlable. As was the case last year, we expect about 85 total cases to be available of Viking's Lament and it tends to sell out very quickly. We look forward to seeing you then! #vikingslament2019 #destroyerofgalaxies #sfbeerweek #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Update @ 6:30: We are all out of the BlackBerry Parfait and Scream, Citra, Scream!, and C+C Mosaic Factory. We will still be offering fills of them to go. Today’s the big day! Special release cans of Scream, Citra, Scream!, C+C Mosaic Factory, and Blackberry Parfait will be available at 11am! Supplies will be limited, and limits will be based on turnout. Be sure to come grab some today while we have them! #canrelease #goodday #hazyipa #kettlesourale #napa #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

It’s a perfect day to swing by and have a beer. Before errands. After errands. Instead of errands. 😉 . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

St. Clair Brown Brewery expansion 2019! Our two new 5 BBL fermenters arrived yesterday. These beauties will allow us to do 5x our current production. Cheers to more Napa Valley beers!

Looking to brighten up this cloudy day? This veggie squash sando is basically sunshine ☀️ in your mouth. AND...on Fridays you can get with a pint of beer for $10. . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Saturday 1/12: Special Release cans of Blackberry Parfait will be available at the Napa Taproom at opening! Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11am when we open. Growler fills will be available. Crowler fills will not be available. "Fieldwork Parfaits are a series of tart beers where we take a big and creamy base of oats and milk sugar, then sour them in our kettle until they are bright, acidic, and effervescent. We then ferment and condition the beer on heaps of pureed or whole fruit until the beer is almost opaque with color looking almost like a melted crayon. A small vanilla addition plays with the lactose to create a whipped cream-like flavor profile and mouthfeel that is just big enough to compliment the fruit without overpowering or taking away from the real star of the pour. With Blackberry Parfait we have what we think tastes like a blackberry shortcake in a glass, no other way to describe it." #kettlesour #berrygood #craftbeer #napa #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

The ☀️ is out and any mode of transportation that gets you to the brewery is a good one, in our opinion. If you’re taking up skateboarding in the #newyear, we know a guy who can make your board super fresh like this one.👆| 📸+🎨: @fishify @catasstrophyskateboards . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

1/12: Special Release cans of C+C Mosaic Factory will be available at the Napa Taproom at opening! Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11am when we open. Growler fills will be available. Crowler fills will not be available."In this week’s episode of “What’s In Our Glasses” we bring you hop inspired early 90’s European dance rap fitness pop puns and the Double IPA’s named after them. C+C Mosaic Factory is just that beer; a juicy cannon of Mosaic hops and floor-malted English barley that sticks to the inside of your glass while making the outside of it sweat sweat. Those Mosaic hops flex hard like they’re shirtless in a leather vest kicking up flavors of melon, grapefruit, lime zest, peach juice, and a slight background note of a freshly rolled spliff. Its mouthfeel is full with a hint of malty sweetness and is balanced out with a mild bitterness that makes this 8.6% Double IPA shockingly drinkable and most definitely enjoyable." #doubleipa #hazyipa #craftbeer #napa #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

TONIGHT 4-8PM The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the wine is half price! See you all soon!!

When it’s ☔️ raining 🐱s and 🐶s and you need a reason to get out of the house, fill those growlers! . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Saturday 1/12: Special Release cans of Scream Citra Scream! will be available at our Napa Taproom at opening! Limits will be determined based on turnout for opening at 11am. Growler fills will be available. Crowler fills will not be available. "Scream, Citra, Scream! is what you get when we dump a terrifying amount of Citra hops into a slightly malty, slightly sweet, and very Fieldworky IPA. A boneshakingly high amount of body blankets this beer with a foggy texture that coats the sweet and fruity orange marmalade-like hop flavors. A bitterness that is so light that it could kill a vampire balances this Citra-bomb of an IPA to be just the right amount of heft while still remaining super drinkable.” #hazyipa #spookycitra #napabeer #napa #craftbeer #oxbowpublicmarket

ONLY 3 TICKETS REMAINING for our Inaugural Beer Boot Camp! If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, there is still time to treat yourself. Contact us quickly to reserve your place! — Just twice a year we invite attendees to spend the day brewing a batch of beer with our Winemaker & Brewmaster and learn the art of crafting world class beer, as well as the nuances of food and beer pairing, and technical beer tasting. — - Brew a batch of beer throughout the day with Winemaker & Brewmaster Elaine St. Clair - 3-Course beer paired lunch - End the day with a technical beer tasting - Take home a St. Clair Brown Growler filled with your choice of beer - Beer Boot Camp t-shirt - Case of 12 (750mL) bottles of the beer you helped brew during Boot Camp (available approximately 6 weeks after Camp) — INAUGURAL CAMP Sunday, January 20, 2019 9 am - 5 pm Class size is limited to 6 attendees current availability: 3/6 Please follow the link in our bio to enroll!

They say it takes a lot of beer to make wine and no one knows this better than the folks at @napasmithbrewery ! Join us next Wednesday, January 16th from 5-7 for our first “Meet the Brewmaster” #pintnight. We will be joined by a team of peeps, including Brewmaster Stein Servick, from our neighborhood brewery who will be here to talk about beer, give away cool stuff and hang out with you beer drinking aficionados! #drinkbeer #craftbeer #drinkcraftnotcrap #beerontap #morethanpizza #napabeer #beerevent #sthelena #visitnapavalley

Tuesdays = #trivianight Bring your A-game because these two ladies do—EVERY WEEK.🥇(No pressure.)😉 . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

It’s #texmexmonday, which means quality time with this handsome fella and tacos by @picomoderntaqueria! @dal_smartinez is pouring the beer and he’ll be watching the College Championship between Clemson and Alabama. Who’s joining him? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

The Napa Taproom will be closed Monday and Tuesday - the 7th and 8th - this week due to Oxbow Market closure for maintenance. Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great Outdoor! This hoppy Pilsner is amazingly satisfying and crisp, with some delicious dank flavors. Come grab some and stock up on Crowlers to enjoy over the next two days! “Outdoor was designed with two things in mind, to be a refreshing and excessively crushable Pilsner to be enjoyed in the outdoors; as well as having assertive aromas of fresh cut grass and freshly trimmed buds. Up front this Pilsner delivers a classic and crisp aroma that quickly transitions into a well manicured hop aroma that is equal parts grassy and floral as they are dank and sticky. Restrained on bitterness with a lightly grainy and cracker-like malt profile, Outdoor's hop character is complimentary without being brash or overwhelming as beers containing the moniker of "hoppy." Easy drinking while remaining a labyrinth of flavor, Outdoor Pilsner works as hard as possible at being a pick-up truck full of classic Pilsner character perfectly balanced alongside new school American hops; creating our Fieldwork take on our favorite historical style.” #pilsner #thegreatoutdoor #napa #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

Perfect way to spend a rainy day. Playoff football is on and there’s plenty of food and fun for the kiddos. . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Centennial Was Dead has made its triumphant return! This insanely delicious revitalization of Centennial hops is reminiscent of cantaloupe showered in orange zest. Try some today! “The real greats in history never reach their peak 'till later in life. It took Scorsese 26 years of directing 'till he finally won an Oscar, Thelonius Monk didn't reach mass acclaim until he was 46, and the best rapper of all time Shawn Carter never peaked 'till he married Beyoncé at the age of 38. The beer equivalent of these legendary gents is Centennial hops. Released 43 years ago this PNW classic set the bar for what American hops could be, but as new-school hops like Citra and Citra came along Centennial lost popularity, and was ostracized to play Bar Mitzvahs for loose change. Then came the 2017 crop year... we don't know what the hell happened, but this grapefruit blossom classic rose from its grave like a mighty phoenix raining down fire, brimstone, and flavors of lemon candies and what we can only describe as a cantaloupe melon that had its rind removed and replaced with a sweet orange peel. We're happy to say that the Dr. Dre of hops is back, and while you may have forgotten about 'em, Centennial is back.” #juicyipa #hazyipa #forgotaboutcentennial #napabeer #craftbeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Cheers to the first weekend of 2019, plus 🏈 playoffs start today! Tell us who you want to see in this year’s #superbowl below.👇🏼 . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

The Stickiness is on tap now! With Mosaic and Enigma hops, this delightfully tropical juice-bomb is for hop-heads and haze-lovers alike. Try some today, and don’t forget to fill some Crowlers of it too! “The Stickiness could have been called "the selfishness" since it's really just an IPA brewed for us using our two favorite hops. We know you love Citra and Galaxy (note to self, need to brew a Citra and Galaxy IPA), but this one is ours, with just a hint of sweetness and a body more cushy than a memory foam pillow this IPA is built to chill. Mosaic and Enigma hops go together better than Troy and Abed with combined aromas of honeydew melon, blueberries, citrus, and tropical fruit salad with a ganja garnish. We're really excited for The Stickiness, not just cause we love these two hops so much, but mostly because we actually put in effort this time.” #hazyipa #dankipa #stickyicky #napabeer #craft beer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Lunch is served! Any sandwich + any beer for $10. Meet you at the brewery! 🚴‍♂️ . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

If you haven’t filled up that football card yet, there’s only a few more games in the season to join us for a beer and earn a stamp for prizes like more beer, nachos, apparel and a seat at our annual #superbowl party! 🏈🥳 (P.S. Playoffs start Saturday and we’re open at 10am!) . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Fieldwork now has beanies! Come get one for $20 at the taproom, and keep your head warm while enjoying a beer outside! #comfy #wintergear #napabeer #napa #craftbeer #oxbowpublicmarket

TONIGHT 4-8PM Our New Year's resolution is better fiscal responsibility. Saving a fortune on 1/2 price wine and $5 beers? That's just mathematics. See you soon!

Show some puppy love to your best furry friend! We still have dog bandanas available for $10, half of which goes to Jameson Animal Rescue, a local animal sanctuary. Fashionable, and for a good cause! #puppylove #fortheanimals #beeranddogs #napa #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

Happy New Beer! Our most recent release, the Oak Knoll West Coast IPA, is the perfect beer to ring in the New Year. ... Brewed with CTZ, Centennial, Idaho 7, and Simcoe hops, you can expect this brew to pack a hoppy punch balanced by the malt. It’s very strong on the nose with citrus and pine aromas, followed by earth and subtle floral notes. It has a rich breadiness, almost like fresh sourdough, followed by a light nuttiness. It gives you a full mouthfeel to balance the hops and alcohol finishing with a slightly sweet and warm, lingering bitterness. . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

First tasting of the year at Trade Brewing in Napa. Some seriously great IPA’s. So glad I stopped into this quaint, friendly brewery. . . Chatted with Marty, who was telling me about his travels to taste the Resilience IPA’s from the breweries who are brewing this wildfire relief beer. Like Marty said, “Beer people are good people!” . . . . . . . #beer #michiganbeer #beerculture #beerstagram #beerlovers #craftbeerlovers #beerconversations #ilovebeer #beergeek #craftbeerlife #instabeer #brewerylife #craftbeer #brewtography #breweries #beerporn #beerfun #bier #beerfoodfun #beerme #sierranevadabrewing #ilovecraftbeer #beerlove #napa #napabeer #ipa #ipalover #tradebrewing #resilienceipa

It’s our final #texmexmonday of 2018 and we’re celebrating with @elchilecaliente from 4-9pm. Plus everyone’s favorite Texan @dal_smartinez is behind the bar. . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

NYE is tomorrow, but we’re already thinking about the recovery. Join us on New Year’s Day for everything you need to recover from the night before: micheladas and beer-mosas will be flowing. . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Stock up for NYE! We're open today Sunday & NYE 12-6PM for grower fills, wine/beer bottles to go, and drinks to be had!!

Looking for a classic, super-dry Westcoast IPA? Hittin’ Switches is on tap now at our taproom! “We’ve been missing being able to get Westcoast IPA when we’re out and about so we’re taking it upon ourselves to keep making more and more. Adding to our Westcoast fam is Hittin’ Switches, a super dry IPA with ‘64 IBUs and a deep resinous hop character delivered by the duo of Mosaic and Columbus. Mosaic’s fruity and tropical aromas slightly overpower Columbus’ old school profile of grapefruit and endo to make a combo akin to Boone’s and a blunt. Being so dry and light in body but a big hoppy blast Hittin’ Switches is one of the most crushable IPA’s we’ve brewed as of late.” #westcoastipa #dankipa #switchinitup #craftbeer #napabeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Update 11:40: We are sold out of Galaxy Sauce 16oz cans, but we are still offering fills of it! Only a few Chocolate Thunder God cans remain! Special Release cans of Galaxy Sauce and Chocolate Thunder God will be available today at 11am when we open! Limits will be determined based on turnout. There will be a limit of one growler fill per person per day. No Crowler fills will be available. #sauceisboss #bringthethunder #doubleipa #imperialmilkstout #napabeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket


22 Days 5 Hours Ago

Tonight’s holiday bottle is the amazing Grisette from Mad Fritz: The Lion and Other Beasts. Intense wild yeast note, with subtle tropical and stone fruit right in the middle. World Class. . . #beer #craftbeer #californiabeer #californiacraftbeer #napabeer #napacraftbeer #madfritz #madfritzbrewing

Looking to go on an adventure this weekend? Swing by the taproom and grab some Crowlers to take with you! #adventurestogo #fieldworkbeer #napabeer #onthecrowl #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Saturday 12/29: Special Release cans of Chocolate Thunder God will be available when we open at 11am! Limits will be determined based on turnout. Growler fills will be available. Crowler fills will not be available. “With the winds whipping up off of the ocean and the dark seas spitting back with each bump, we take an Imperial Milk Stout voyage wto pillage chocolate and goods from faraway lands and bring to the mighty gates of Valhalla a new member of the Aesir; a Chocolate Thunder God. First port we stop in is Britain where we take all of the golden and roasted malts we can carry. Malts we had heard stories of contributing notes of coffee, cocoa, biscuits, and molasses. Our brew team loads the ship with bags of malt while our lone keg washer lights the guy from Coldplay’s house on fire; then we set back off for our next stop, the Netherlands. There we gather up heaps of their magical dark cocoa powder to help us decrease the acidity in our magnificent ale and lend a deep flavor of dark chocolate. Down the Atlantic Ocean and through the Gulf of Guinea we get to Ghana where we stock up on cocoa nibs that we will run through our smoker and toast by hand until they are dripping with chocolate perfection. Off to fight the storms of Drake Passage and up the Atlantic to Ecuador where we collect even more cocoa nibs to rain down in their raw state to add a bite of dark chocolate to this rich elixir. Our final leg finds us traveling up the Pacific Ocean to California where we take as much Milk Sugar as we can fit in our arms, a happy cow or two for dinner, and Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini. When combined the ingredients our mighty red beards traveled the world to collect create a tormenting storm of chocolate that rains down on neck beards with the fury only provided by the Chocolate Thunder God.” #bayareabeer #craftbeer #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #imperialmilkstout #chocolatethundergod #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Saturday 12/29: Special Release cans of Galaxy Sauce will be available at the Taproom! Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11am when we open. There will be a limit of one growler fill per person per day. No Crowler fills will be available. “Galaxy Sauce is the eponymous imperialized version of our Galaxy Juice IPA. Big, sticky, juicy, and hazy; this Double IPA drinks like a cloud of pineapple that rains its juicy perfection down onto your fortunate taste buds with a satisfying reprieve. The mild malt character lends a hint of sweetness to the abundance of Galaxy hops, making the tropical hop punch stick to your lips ever so slightly. The jacked up ABV works as an intoxicating catalyst of flavor, cranking up all aspects up this beer to the point of saturation. Bursting at the seams with Galaxy greatness, you won’t even need to lift the glass to smell its vibrant aroma. With the same soft bitterness as its little brother but with an even bigger and juicier body; Galaxy Sauce is the IPA you already loved, we just fit more of it into your glass.” #bayareabeer #craftbeer #thesauceisboss #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #galaxysauce #doubleipa #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

Merry Christmas y’all! We’re closed today but we will back to normal hours tomorrow. #hoppychristmas #hoppyholidays #napabeer #napa #tistheseason #oxbowpublicmarket

Dug is patiently waiting to open his Fieldwork gifts. We’re open from 11am-5pm today for all your last minute gifts and to go fills! #hoppyholidays #beerdog #brewdog #fieldworkbrewing #napabeer #napa #oxbowmarket

Hoppy Holidays, from all of us here at Fieldwork Napa! In case you haven’t already, be sure to swing by today or tomorrow for a Christmas Beericle! We will be open on Christmas Eve from 11am -5pm which leaves plenty of time to stock up on some growlers and Crowlers to share with family and friends for Christmas. #fieldworkinit #craftbeer #stockingstuffers #justintime #napabeer #hoppyholidays #oxbowpublicmarket

@particelli_dtrain chopping old Cab vines for new SCB Brewery tap handles.

Skip the line and pre-order Crowlers for your holiday festivities. Just click the link in our profile and pick up in as little as an hour. #hoppyholidays #adventurestogo #craftbeer #napabeer #napa #oxbowpublicmarket

We’re still building that wishlist for the big guy over here... . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Update: We are sold out of King Citra cans. Don’t worry, fills are available! We may be sold out of Familia Es Todo but we still have special release cans of King Citra and Rainbow Parfait. Get yours before they’re gone! #hoppyholidays #cansoncans #specialrelease #napabeer #oxbowmarket #napavalley

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness! Love, Team St. Clair Brown

Our third Special Release for Saturday 12/22 is Familia es Todo! “There's a chill dancing through the air past the holiday lights and bustling commerce in Union Square. Windows ads are lit up like your Uncle before dinner and wish lists are scanned with a rabid fervor; yet all you want is a damn beer. To help numb the pain of long lines for everything and incessant holiday songs that aren't by Trick Daddy, we bring you this citrus-forward IPA with a wonderful toasted berry-like malt profile. From the ground up Familia es Todo IPA has unique malt character provided by our cousins to the south at @admiralmaltings with their incredible and edible Red Seven Malt. Layered on top of all that lovely is some of our favorite citrusy hops in Citra, Simcoe, and Idaho7; dropping aromatic presents of orange peel, grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and freshly peeled tangerines. Medium in body but still really crushable, we hope you all enjoy this over the holiday season whether that be with friends, family, or yourself, cause that’s fine too.” Saturday 12/22 at 11 am here in Napa. Special Release cans of King Citra and Rainbow Parfait will also be available. Limits will be determined based on turnout when we open. Growler fills will be available. No Crowler fills will be available. Come pick up some cans for the holiday festivities! #bayareabeer #craftbeer #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #familiaestodo #admiralmaltings #specialrelease #napa #oxbowmarket

Saturday 12/22- Special Release cans of Rainbow Parfait will be available at 11am here in Napa. Limits will be determined based on turnout at each location. Growler fills will be available. An ideal beer for your holiday festivities. Stay tuned for more updates. #napa #craftbeer #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #rainbowparfait #kettlesourale #oxbowmarket

Thanks to all who came out for our 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party in support of #toysfortots! . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Xmas comes early on Saturday 12/22- Special Release cans of King Citra will be available at all of our Taprooms! Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11 am when we open. Growler fills will be available. Crowler fills will not be available. “The clock strikes noon as King Citra awakens in his parents' basement with only one thing on his mind, battle. He straps on his cardboard chainmail, arms himself with his pool-noodle broadsword, grabs his brown bag lunch, and heads to Ohlone Park to continue with his campaign. With a towering aroma of mom's fresh squeezed orange juice and tangerines freshly picked from the backyard, no one will be competing with the king today. A thick and full mouthfeel creates an Orange Whip-like profile that sticks to the palate with a refreshingly dessert-esque fervor, slowly giving way to a soft bite of carbonation. As the sun sets across the horizon King Citra fires thunderbolt after thunderbolt at every taste receptor till they are overwhelmed and he struts away, crown atop his head, still reigning supreme over his Empire of Double IPA.” #kingcitra #doubleipa #craftbeer #happyholidays #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket #fieldworkbrewing #napa

Bandanas for your best friend are now available at all of our Taprooms and online at $5 from each bandana sold will be donated to local rescue groups working in the communities where we have Taprooms including Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch in Napa, Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove/Monterey, Copper's Dream Rescue on the Peninsula, Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento in Sacramento, Tri-Valley Animal Rescue in Dublin and Paw Fund in Berkeley. #adoptdontshop #dugthedog #brewdog #napavalley #oxbowmarket #fieldworkbrewing #napabeer

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is our final #trivianight of 2018, and this fabulous foursome has joined us every week this year. 2019 goals for the rest of ya! 😉 . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

The last keg of our Farmhouse Saison is now on tap! We only brew the Farmhouse Saison once a year with our fresh hops grown onsite. Come through before it's gone!

Sasha, our Dry-Hopped Saison, is tasting delicious right now. This beer is bright and refreshing with moderate hop aromas of white wine grape, citrus, and cut grass [hops: Blanc, Styrian Golding]. “Not sure if any of you all have been paying attention the last few years, but we have a few clear loves in this world; hops, Saisons, our friends, dogs, and our friends' dogs. Sasha encompasses all of these things in one elegant and refreshing package. Named after our dear friend Brian's dog Sasha; the sweetest German Shepherd since Rin Tin Tin, this Saison is brewed with one thing in mind, melding a classic hop profile from Europe with its new-school successors' aromas. Simple, clean, bright, and refreshing this slightly larger than normal Saison has a delicate malt profile with a hint of wheat and oat doughiness. Hop flavor leans mostly in the direction of the earthy/grassy profile keeping it in line with expectations, but is then followed up with a unique hop aroma of white wine grapes, white grapefruit, and guava.” #craftbeer #norcalbeer #fieldworkbrewing #napabeer #napa #sasha #saison #oxbowmarket

It’s the season for Hors de Saison! “Saisons are historically a beer style brewed to rehydrate and refresh farm workers during the hot summer days in Belgium, and Hors de Saison is our winter interpretation of that wildly diverse and complex style. With the intentions of keeping our customers, employees, and friends warm during wet and chilly winter nights, we increased everything from ABV, to body, to the color. When grabbing your glass you will first notice the color, much darker than a typical Farmhouse Ale; Hors de Saison is dark brown in color with deep ruby hues when held up to light. As you then bring the glass closer to your nose, you'll find yeast esters kicking off notes of hay, plum, and dark cocoa, followed quickly with the subtle hints of sweet orange peel and white peppercorn. Now tip the glass back and you'll see that the flavors are much in line with the aroma; dark fruit attacks the palate with hints of raisin, plum, and dates, followed up by a very malty middle with minimal sweetness and a hefty dry cocoa finish. Still staying true to its roots of being refreshing in nature, Hors de Saison offers up plenty of malt character before washing clean off your palate and leaving behind a nice and subtle alcohol fueled warmth on your nose and cheeks, perfectly suited for a rainy Bay Area night.” #bayareabeer #craftbeer #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #horsdesaison #napa #oxbowpublicmarket photo: @ejb09

Cheers to the weekend and to a clear IPA. Clear Skies IPA joins the beer menu today! “Clear Skies was one of our first clear-but-juicy takes on IPA we ever brewed; bridging sub-styles with uncharacteristically low bitterness, a semi-heavy and sticky body, a huge tropical aroma, and a fairly clear appearance. The complex hop aroma is a balancing act between farm-fresh fruits like honeydew melon and ruby red grapefruit, blended with tropical guava and a resinous pine character that sticks to the palate. Its British base malt contributes a clean doughy character that subtly travels along the flavor profile start to finish, and its light carbonation keeps it stuck to your palate like its creamy cousins in the Northeast.” #clearbeer #ipa #craftbeer #cheers #freekinweekend #napa #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket

We’re just gonna go ahead and put this out there in case the big guy’s listening. #santa #alliwantforchristmas . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Give the gift of Fieldwork! Visit us at the taproom or order merch and gift cards online at To guarantee delivery by 12/25, you must order by midnight (PST) on Monday, 12/17. #happyholidays #thegiftofbeer #craftbeer #napa #napabeer #oxbowmarket

Fieldwork Dry - Light Lager is on the beer menu today! “Fieldwork Dry is our unique hybrid Lager taking some components from the extra dry Lagers from Japan and some from the brightly hopped Lagers of the Czech Republic to make an absurdly crushable Light Lager. Lacking the grainy or cereal nature of many of its kinfolk Fieldwork Dry is crisp, light, and clean with a dry finish. Different from its Lager predecessors, and to avoid picking up bitterness in dry hop and losing all that super crushable-ness we use Azacca and El Dorado wet hop distillate to give this beer a nice hoppy kick with that lovely wet hop grassiness and some tropical and stone fruit notes from two of our favorite hops. All in all, Fieldwork Dry is quite possibly the most quaffable beer we have ever made but still maintains a fun and bright complexity.” #lightlager #dry #napa #napavalley #napabeer #norcalbeer #oxbowmarket

TONIGHT 4-8PM we're pouring all wines 1/2 price by the glass and all beers on tap for $5. Come through the Greenhouse and keep it cozy with us!!

We are pleased to announce our INAUGURAL BEER BOOT CAMP! Just in time for Christmas, the Inaugural Beer Boot Camp may just be the ultimate gift for the beer lover in your life. — Twice a year we invite an intimate group to spend the day brewing a batch of beer with our Winemaker & Brewmaster and learn the art of crafting world class beer, as well as the nuances of food and beer pairing, and technical beer tasting. — - Brew a batch of beer throughout the day with Winemaker & Brewmaster Elaine St. Clair - 3-Course beer paired lunch - End the day with a technical beer tasting - Take home a St. Clair Brown Growler filled with your choice of beer - Beer Boot Camp t-shirt - Case of 12 (750mL) bottles of the beer you helped brew during Boot Camp (available approximately 6 weeks after Camp) — INAUGURAL CAMP Sunday, January 20, 2019 9 am - 5 pm Class size is limited to 6 attendees current availability: 4/6 Please follow the link in our bio to enroll!

It’s that time of year! Start planning your outfit for next Wednesday’s 2nd Annual #uglysweater Party, December 19, 3-9pm. Drink + Donate a toy to Toys for Tots and get a $3 beer. Plus, there will be prizes for the ugliest sweaters, so dress to impress ladies and gents! . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

I will update my gift guide to include this one! Still@spots for their January boot camp! @stclairbrownwinebeer Love what you guys are doing over there! Gift a *beer boot camp* to that special someone! #napamicrobrewery #napabeer #napanista #napanista_approved

@michaeljosephschneiders is back at it grading your #trivianight pictures tonight. Who will impress him??? 🤔 . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit

Let’s taco about how good @picomoderntaqueria is! 🌮 We’re so pumped to have them back for another edition of #texmexmonday with our man Alex on the tacos and everyone’s favorite @dal_smartinez on the beer! (And we have heaters to keep you warm!) . . . #alohafriday #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit