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20 Hours Ago

My happy place... @tannerybendbeer #craftbeer #napabeer

Update: We are sold out of all cans. Triple Release today at all of our Taprooms! Good Conduct, Moonview Highway and It’s All Arid. Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11 am when we open. No fills or draft available of Good Conduct. Draft and growler fills available of Moonview Highway and It’s All Arid. Come pick up some beer for the holiday week festivities! #napabeer #craftbeer #norcalbeer #cansoncans #napa #oxbowpublicmarket


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

#repost from @winedogs_hq. Meet Petunia from @napapalisades in the new BREW DOGS book. Naughtiest deed: Dragging pillows out through the doggy door then ripping them apart in the back yard. #napapalisades #napabeer #labrador #labsofinstagram #labradorretriever #californiabeer #dogsofinstagram #dogs #brewdogs #brewerydogs #dogstagram #instadog #doglover #dogoftheday #ilovemydog #buzzfeedanimals #a_dogsworld #gooddoggoodbeer @brewdogsbook @visitnapavalley


1 Day 14 Hours Ago

Porter is back on tap. Only 60 gallons made. Get it before it's gone!


1 Day 14 Hours Ago

Breakfast, anyone? We’re serving a classic Pub Breakfast of @oenotri sausage, frittata and toast every Saturday and Sunday 10am-12pm. Start your weekend with us! 🍻 . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit


2 Days 18 Hours Ago

It’s Nacho Thursday! Come and get ‘Em for $8 all day. —> Plus, we’ll be watching the @packers and @seahawks at 5:20pm. 🏈🍺 . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit


1 Day 17 Hours Ago

Reward yourself with a pint of Chaos Emeralds. “A lot of what we do here at Fieldwork is picking the best raw materials for the job, putting them together, and trying to make every beer we make the best version of what that beer can be. Then every once in a while we come across some hops that are so good there is no combining of raw materials. No sense in risking muddling the flavors these hop growers developed so masterfully. We'll then often brew a simple beer just like this: moderate in body and low in malt character grain-bill to support one single hop. In this case, the hop is our Simcoe from the most recent harvest. The best Simcoe we have ever smelled. Notes of passion fruit, guava, grapefruit segments, white currants, and a hint of spruce tips. We love how the Simcoe hop has morphed over the years into what we have littered in the glass in front of you. We're crossing our fingers we can get Simcoe with this same profile year after year so we never have a reason to pull Chaos Emeralds IPA from our constant IPA rotation.” #craftbeer #hazyipa #chaosemeralds #napabeer #happyfriday #napa #oxbowmarket


2 Days 16 Hours Ago

C&C Mosaic Factory is on the beer menu here in Napa! “In this week’s episode of “What’s In Our Glasses” we bring you hop inspired early 90’s European dance rap fitness pop puns and the Double IPA’s named after them. C+C Mosaic Factory is just that beer; a juicy cannon of Mosaic hops and floor-malted English barley that sticks to the inside of your glass while making the outside of it sweat sweat. Those Mosaic hops flex hard like they’re shirtless in a leather vest kicking up flavors of melon, grapefruit, lime zest, peach juice, and a slight background note of a freshly rolled spliff. Its mouthfeel is full with a hint of malty sweetness and is balanced out with a mild bitterness that makes this 8.6% Double IPA shockingly drinkable and most definitely enjoyable.” #hazybeer #doubleipa #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket #napa


2 Days 20 Hours Ago

TONIGHT // 4-8PM - ATTN FOODIES: Pico is back in the house supplying your tasty taco needs. Mendocino Cod with pickled cabbage, jalapeño, and radish? Woah. Duck Confit with ancho chile, almonds, and cocoa nib !!?? umm...YES PLEASE! - Join us every Thursday for 1/2 price wine, $5 beers, and @picomoderntaqueria. See you soon!


3 Days 16 Hours Ago

Special Release cans of Its All Arid, our collaboration brew with our friends @magicrockbrewing, will be available Saturday 11/17! Limits will be determined based on turnout at 11 am when we open. Growler fills will be available. No Crowlers will be available. “Real talk, we’re not even the biggest fans of Brut IPAs, they just aren’t our thing. However with “It’s All Arid” we teamed up with our friends from Magic Rock in Huddersfield England to brew up a super lightweight Brut Double IPA; using the glycerol produced by its alcohol to aid in body and mouthfeel while leaving it insanely dry and balanced out with five IBUs and a massive dry hopping. Southern Star, Mosaic, Motueka, and Blanc hops drop aromatic bombs on your schnoz with huge notes of sweet melon, ripe berries, freshly smashed grapes and hints of juicy weed. We kept carbonation on the lower side to keep It’s All Arid from being all spritzy and left its mouthfeel intact with lovely hop oils that slip across this Double IPA void of malt character like a waterslide in summer. " #craftbeer #norcalbeer #napabeer #fieldworkbrewing #magicrockbrewing #collaboration #brewmance #napa #oxbowmarket


4 Days 14 Hours Ago

Special Release cans of Moonview Highway, our collaboration brew with our friends @burntmillbrewery, will be available Saturday, November 17th! Limits will be determined based on turnout when we open at 11am. Growler fills will be available. No Crowler fills will be available. “Doing collaborations is one of the more fun aspects of working in a brewery, but they take on a whole new level of fun when you get to do one with people you enjoy as much as our friends at Burnt Mill. We traveled out to Suffolk England last year to brew with them and now it was their turn to return the favor and take our brewhouse for a spin. What we came up with together is Moonview Highway, a super crushable juice bomb of an IPA loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops draped across a medley of our favorite… …sorry, we meant our favourite British malts. The resulting IPA is quite soft on bitterness and is laced with juicy notes of tangerine, fresh peaches, and grapefruit marmalade. If you loved their beer we poured at Oktolbertfest as much as we did then you’d be foolish to skip on this one.” #napabeer #craftbeer #norcalbeer #collaboration #fieldworkbrewing #burntmillbrewery #napa #oxbowmarket #brewmance


5 Days 5 Hours Ago

Hmmm. Anyone want to go on a road trip to the beach? Or maybe anywhere warm? We heard California is still hot 🔥.... ok that was bad taste, but seriously. It snowed for a good 2 days here in Denver and as much as we love the cold and the snow, it makes it annoying to travel for work. When we get the chance to enjoy it in the comfort of our homes then it is the most magical thing. Otherwise, after 3 layers of clothes we are still frigid. @NapaSmithBrewery with the California Lager hookup. Pretty tasty, nothing insanely special, but still worth keeping around in the fridge for days where you just dont want to over think anything. #beer #beers #craftbeer #beerstagram #instabeer #beerblog #beerme #beertime #beeroftheday #beersofinstagram #beerporn #napasmith #napasmithbrewery #calibeer #napavalley #napabeer #californiabeer #calicraftbeer #californiacraftbeer #localbeer #beertography #garnetheartbeer


5 Days 14 Hours Ago

2018 Good Conduct will be released in all of our Taprooms on Saturday, November 17th! We will also be releasing It's All Arid, our collaboration DIPA with UK's Magic Rock Brewing; and Moonview Highway, our collaboration IPA with UK's Burnt Mill Brewing. 11 am in Napa. Limits will be based on turnout at each location. No draft or fills will be available. "Good Conduct is a kind hearted Imperial Brown Ale that has been subjected to an immense amount of Maple Syrup, many months in Bourbon Barrels, and an imposing level of whimsy. As Good Conduct makes contact with your glass, the battle of maple versus bourbon begins. The two extremely complimentary components duke it out for palate supremacy, with maple taking the nose by storm and bourbon rushing across the taste buds. The two senses come together in barbaric harmony just as the incredibly complex Brown Ale enters the competition. Deep notes of rich cocoa, burnt toffee, and peanut brittle march back and forth across the palate as all of the flavors making up Good Conduct work together to create a beer fit to be shared over the Holiday season. 88 cases produced." #goodconduct #barrelagedbeer #craftbeer #fieldworkbrewing #oxbowmarket #napabeer #napa


5 Days 23 Hours Ago

We’ve got a special edition of #texmexmonday today with @dal_smartinez and @mercaditofoodtruck from 12:00pm-4:00pm. Beer and tacos anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit


6 Days 17 Hours Ago

In the year since we interviewed Nile Zacherle & Whitney Fisher of @madfritzbrewing in St. Helena CA, they've opened a shiny new tap room with a brilliant selection of beers that will spin your head around...and the world is better for it. #craftbrewery #nanobrewery #couplesinbusiness #coupleco #couplecopodcast #napabeer #businesspodcast.


6 Days 21 Hours Ago

This morning we are releasing bottles of Wondrous Beings Chained To Life! Get yours before they’re gone. “Next coming out of our barrel aged sour program is Wondrous Beings Chained to Life, an imperial-sized Sour Ale that spent almost 2 and a half years aging in oak barrels, a portion of which with blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries. With berries taking center stage of this fruity almost vinous super-sized Sour, there is balance attained from its mild brett-induced funk and just a pinch of oak tannins.” Available at 11 am. $18 per bottle. 790 bottles produced. Limits determined by turnout. #norcalbeer #fieldworkbrewing #sourbeer #barrelaged #wondrousbeingschainedtolife #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowmarket #napa #bottlerelease


7 Days 15 Hours Ago

Passionfruit Parfait is now on the beer menu! Join us for a glass or grab some Crowlers to go. #adventurestogo #passionfruitparfait #kettlesour #napa #napabeer #oxbowmarket


7 Days 20 Hours Ago

Sunday, November 11th: Wondrous Beings Chained To Life Bottle Release! “Next coming out of our barrel aged sour program is Wondrous Beings Chained to Life, an imperial-sized Sour Ale that spent almost 2 and a half years aging in oak barrels, a portion of which with blackberries, raspberries, and boysenberries. With berries taking center stage of this fruity almost vinous super-sized Sour, there is balance attained from its mild brett-induced funk and just a pinch of oak tannins.” Available at 11 am. $18 per bottle. 790 bottles produced. Limits determined by turnout. #norcalbeer #fieldworkbrewing #sourbeer #barrelaged #wondrousbeingschainedtolife #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowmarket #napa #bottlerelease


9 Days 15 Hours Ago

@fishify joined us for 10 football games, earned 10 stamps and now he’s enjoying an order of nachos on us. Damn, it must feel good to be a gangster! . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit


9 Days 16 Hours Ago

Hello!!!! @lincolnavebrewery @lincolnavebrews #brewery #beer #pizza #burgers #lincolnavebrewery #napabeer #calistogabeer #calistoga #winecountrybeer


9 Days 18 Hours Ago

Ready for a new week in the greenhouse 🦋 . . . . . #stclairbrown #downtownnapa #donapa #napavalley #gglocalgems #urbabwinery #nanobrewery #napabeer


9 Days 19 Hours Ago

Old Love is back on the beer menu! ”Old Love Bohemian Lager is a result of surviving the bell-curve of craft beer. What is the bell-curve you ask? Let us explain this to you… Every beer drinker starts out with the cheap domestic beer you were able to convince your cousin to buy for you, then it was on to classic imports, then Pale Ales and IPAs, then double IPAs, Imperial Stouts, then at the peak of the curve you land on 21% Imperial Stouts with peanut butter and birthday cake aged on logs from a platypus' burrow. Then it's back to a Double IPA, then IPA, then you just want a nice Pale Ale, then it all comes back to the old reliable... ...the European Lager. Hence, Old Love Bohemian Lager. Bright, grainy, and refreshing with a light body, low bitterness, and mild floral hop character; Old Love evokes all of the memories we miss from the beers we were raised on yet somehow looked past on our path up and down the bell-curve.” #oldlove #bohemianlager #fieldworkbrewing #craftbeer #lager #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket #napa


9 Days 21 Hours Ago

TONIGHT // 4-8PM - Supposedly cooler weather is coming, but it appears that day, good sir, is not today. - Join us in the garden for 1/2 price wine + $5 beers! See you soon!


10 Days 15 Hours Ago

Stop by for a glass of the fan favorite PB&J Parfait. ****Contains Lactose and Peanuts***** ”Balancing fruit sweetness with tart acidity and vanilla to taste just like a tart fruit parfait meets homemade pie. Fieldwork Parfaits are a series of tart beers where we take a big and creamy base of oats and milk sugar, then sour them in our kettle until they are bright, acidic, and effervescent. We then ferment and condition the beer on heaps of pureed or whole fruit until the beer is almost opaque with color looking almost like a melted crayon. A small vanilla addition plays with the lactose to create a whipped cream-like flavor profile and mouthfeel that is just big enough to compliment the fruit without overpowering or taking away from the real star of the pour. Each fruit variation will look, smell, and taste quite a bit different, but all should be their own version of a blended fruit parfait with a tart, creamy, and fruity finish.” #pbandj #pbandjparfait #kettlesourale #fanfavorite #craftbeer #napabeer #oxbowpublicmarket #napa


10 Days 19 Hours Ago

This week we were lucky enough to pick up beers from @tradebrewing and @novelbrewing! Both of these breweries have never been poured at Barley & Bine and we're stoked to see them on the board soon!


11 Days 14 Hours Ago

Know all your beers are bottled and labeled with love, by hand. ———— Assistant Brewer Bren bottling up a new batch of Porter today for the November Beer Club.


11 Days 16 Hours Ago

Most people go to Napa for the wine. We go for the beer.


11 Days 17 Hours Ago

Green Rest returns to the draft list! Come by and try this staff favorite before it's gone. “Green Rest IPA was conceived to showcase what we believe is the superiority of unfiltered and un-fined hoppy beers. We coined the term ""Green Rest"" to describe the duration between the kegging of our IPA's (never filtered) and the day we feel the beer is drinking at its absolute best. Hitting the market only when we think it is tasting at its peak, Green Rest IPA is a veritable playground for the infinitely complex hops known as Simcoe. Its nose is untamed with potent aromas of fresh grapefruit and sweet guava that bump and grind on your olfactory receptors like an un-chaperoned homecoming dance. One sip in and you'll rejoice that the cafeteria is serving grapefruit juice with lunch; as this opaque elixir runs across your palate notes of fresh squeezed grapefruit mixes with hints of grapefruit blossom, followed by a mild acidity and sweetness, only to finish with a bright and refreshing flavor of grapefruit oil and pith. With a little extra time in the tank to avoid filtration and fining agents, Green Rest IPA graduates into being a hop-bomb that we are beyond proud of. We truly believe the Bay Area is putting out the best hoppy beers in the world, and we don't think it's a coincidence that our favorites are all unfiltered. Raise a glass with us to all of our fellow breweries willing to sacrifice time and money in the name of making the best product they can. Cheers!" #fieldworkbrewing #craftbeer #napabeer #norcalbeer #napa #oxbowmarket #greenrest #ipa


11 Days 19 Hours Ago

Will Alex TreBRÜCK be hosting Trivia tonight??? 🤓 We can’t confirm either way, but we can guarantee that the beer will be flowing and the questions will be intriguing. #trivianight . . . #napa #napacraft #napabrewery #napabeer #tannerybend #brewery #mmmbeer #beer #eatersf #donapa #visitnapavalley #napavalleyspirit


12 Days 15 Hours Ago

We've got 24 beers on tap! Come on by for a pint or grab some Crowlers to go. #adventurestogo #caseofthemondays #craftbeer #fieldworkbrewing #oxbowmarket #napabeer #napa


12 Days 17 Hours Ago

The second kitchen hood is up and the kitchen bar top is being added. We can't wait to serve you soon at @lincolnavebrews. Cheers! #calistoga #napavalley #napa #napabeer #calistogabeer #winecountry #winecountrybeer #pizza #burgers