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12 Days 2 Hours Ago

The Lago di Braies lake with a beautiful reflection. Would like to stay until the blue hour but it also had other places to visit. #gostlandscapes


11 Days 1 Hour Ago

The Chinque Torri. A great rock formation you don't see every day. It's just worth taking a look at the beauty of nature. #gostlandscapes


8 Days 16 Hours Ago

Arrived at tre cime di lavaredo. a sight you will not forget so quickly. Infinity is in front of me

This hike was not easy. At 2500m the conditions are a bit different. But the view definitely pays off in the end. #gostlandscapes


7 Days 17 Hours Ago

My girlfriend feauturing the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. What a wonder of nature. #gostlandscapes


7 Days 14 Hours Ago

My official first Milkyway photo. A completely different kind of photography, in which a lot of sensitivity is important. For my first time at least not so bad I think. #gostlandscapes


5 Minutes Ago

"Just remember once you're over the hill you begin to pick up the speed." 💯


6 Days 16 Hours Ago

Just sit down, think of nothing for a few moments. Enjoy the view and the beauty of nature. Welcome to the planet Earth. Does anyone know the place or has been here before? It is like from another world #gostlandscapes


16 Hours Ago

Is there a better place to enjoy your rest? Have you ever been to this place? I can only advise you, pack your things and get out with you! There are such beautiful things to see. #gostlandscapes


16 Hours Ago

View of Monschau 👌😊


46 Minutes Ago

Gift🎁 Ring anniversary 4 years🎈💍Thank you beloved hubby💑 Past,Present and Future


13 Hours Ago

⌛️’s up.