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These @istanbulagop #sterling cymbals...wowzers. @sterloid ya nailed it! Head over to @nelson_drum_shop and just try to not buy them both...I dare ya. #istanbulagop #agop #sterling #sugarpercussion #cymbals #drums #drum #drummer #nashville #tennessee #nelsondrumco #nelsondrumshop #family #shoplocal #nashvilledrummer #nashvilledrums #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourfriends #cedar #popcorn #dallas #texas #scarf #instadrum #remodrumheads #instagood #repost @nelson_drum_shop with @get_repost ・・・ Come play them for yourself, there’s isn’t anything @istanbulagop does that isn’t absolutely inspiring! 16” Signature Hi-Hats, 20” + 22” @sterloid Crash Rides. // @sugarpercussion Yellow Cedar - 9x13, 13x16, 13x20. All available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 / // Our friend & brother, @jonathanwomble on drums.

A few 1960s Ludwig Pioneers added to the website. We have about 3-5 more available in shop as well but here’s a few ready for you online folk. SWIPE RIGHT ——> /Retail hours: 12-6pm / 615-948-1744 /

2016 Craviotto Solid Shell Maple 'Super Swing Model' - 7x14. Retail hours: 12-6pm, mon-sat / 615-948-1744 /

1970's Slingerland 'San Juan Outfit, without Floor Tom) - 7x13, 7x14, 14x20. Retail hours: 12-6pm / 615-948-1744 /

1980's Gretsch 'Mixed Match' Kit in 3 colors - 10x14, 16x18, 16x24. Retail hours: 12-6, mon-sat / 615.948-1744 /

Who’s coming tomorrow for our clinic with our friend @jasonmcgerr of @deathcabforcutie?! Few tickets left, grab them online and we’ll see you at 10am tomorrow, April 16th. Gonna be a blast!

Hey friends! Our shop is having our friend @jasonmcgerr of @deathcabforcutie out for a special drum clinic, April 16th. Would love for you to come! You can sign up over at:

Who’s coming to our drum clinic with @jasonmcgerr of @deathcabforcutie April 16th? Sign up on our website, few tickets left. It’s gonna be a blast, Jason is one inspiring & musical machine...don’t miss out!

Now this kit just sounds way too good to make sense! @sugarpercussion Mahogany Concert Kit in Ebony Stain - 7x12, 9x13, 11x16, 13x22

Asa Lane

12 Days 21 Hours Ago

@sugarpercussion Alaskan Yellow Cedar 13x9/16x13/20/13 with a 14x5 Painted Poplar snare 🙌🏼 Here at @nelson_drum_shop!

1950's Slingerland Student Model Radio King in Blue & Silver Duco - 5.5x14. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

1940's Slingerland Radio King in White Duco - 9x13, 16x16 Tack Bottom, 14x28. Major mojo, available online & in shop: 615-948-1744 /

Asa Lane

15 Days 3 Hours Ago

So excited to have @jasonmcgerr (Death Cab for Cutie/Tegan & Sara/Matt Nathanson) in for a clinic at the shop next Tuesday April 16th at 10am (before the shop opens)! Link in Bio for tickets! 🎥 by @rob_whited 🙌🏼

2006 Gretsch Re-Issue Bop Kit w/ 70s Stop Sign Badge Rack Tom in Blue Sparkle - 8x12, 14x14, 14x18. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Who’s coming to hang & learn from @jasonmcgerr of @deathcabforcutie?! It’s going to be a wonderful clinic & event, April 16th @ 10am. Sign up online, limited seating! / 📷 @rob_whited

1960's Ludwig 'Combo' in Black Oyster w/ added Bowling Ball Trans Badge Concert Floor Tom - 9x13, 16x16, 14x22. In shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Sometimes you just got to take that vintage drum and break it in with some groovy inde rock!! — Am I right @thehunterwest 😉🤗🙌🏻🤘🏻 — #repost @noisehome ・・・ Loving this ‘68 Ludwig drum I picked up from @nelson_drum_shop. • • #officialsnaregeek #snaresoftheday #geargeek #snaregeek #builders #woodwork #morethenshells #drumart #nerdfam #woodworking #drumbuilder #drumcreator #drummer #handcrafted #drums #drumtuning #heirloomdrums #drumheads #snaredrum #metalworks #smallbuisness #handmade #customsnare #handcrafted #vintage #getgooddrums #oldschool #nelsondrumshop

1950's Slingerland Student Model Radio King in Black & Gold Duco - 5.5x14. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Asa Lane

21 Days 23 Hours Ago

Trying to convince myself of that I do not need these roto-toms.

1960's Star 'made in japan' Kit in Black Onyx - 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 w/ 5x14 matching snare. // In shop & online: •615-948-1744 •

Daru Jones

22 Days 23 Hours Ago

+Drop By PT.2+ During my first visit to @nelson_drum_shop, I had a hard time picking out which hat purchase item. Any help ya’ll? #jabo #bonham #ringo (Side Note: I wish they had a #stubblefield one :).. #darujones #nelsondrumshop #nashville

Ain’t nothin like a little groove from @darujones. Thanks for hangin friend & sharing the good vibes! // Repost: @darujones - Footage from my first visit to Nelson Drum Shop in East Nashville. #darujones #nashville #nelsondrumshop credit: @darujones

Daru Jones

23 Days 16 Hours Ago

Footage from my first visit to Nelson Drum Shop in East Nashville. #darujones #nashville #nelsondrumshop

1960's Ludwig in Red Sparkle - 8x12, 16x16, 14x20. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /


24 Days 13 Hours Ago

You Snore, I snore #snorepals #nelsondrumshop

This is a special one for you vintage lovers! 1970's Gretsch 'Progressive Jazz' in Maple - 8x12, 14x14, 14x18. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

1972 Ludwig 'Hollywood' in Bowling Ball Black Oyster - 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /


28 Days 22 Hours Ago

Ethan trying out cymbals at #nelsondrumshop in #eastnashville. He took one home. Awesome shop!

1950's WFL 'Swingster Dance' in the rare Green & Gold Duco - 5.5x14. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

jason smay

29 Days 3 Hours Ago

Headed out tomorrow on tour with @jdmcphersonpix and the boys...Stop out and say hello, chew the fat, kick some tires, discuss the vintage drums or vintage motorcycles. Here are some dates........................ Mar 27 - Kansas City, MO - Knuckleheads Mar 28 - Wichita, KS - Wave Mar 29 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Mar 30 - Fort Collins, CO - Washington's Mar 31 - OFF Apr 1 - Salt Lake City, UT - The State Room Apr 2 - Boise, ID - Neurolux Apr 3 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios Apr 4 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios Apr 5 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern Apr 6 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern Apr 7 - Vancouver, BC - Apr 8 - OFF Apr 9 - OFF Apr 10 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Apr 11 - Calgary, AB - Commonwealth Apr 12 - Saskatoon, SK - Amigos Apr 13 - Winnipeg, MB - West End Cultural Center Apr 14 - Fargo, ND - The Aquarium Apr 15 - Rochester MN - The Castle Apr 16 - Madison, WI - High Noon Apr 17 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig Apr 18 - Bloomington, IN - Bluebird Apr 19 - Louisville, KY - Iroquois Amphitheater w/Jason Isbell #ludwigdrums #jdmcpherson #rockandroll #nelsondrumshop #dreamcymbals

Asa Lane

29 Days 5 Hours Ago

@nelson_drum_shop today 12-6! Come say hello!

1930's Leedy Broadway Parallel Snare - 5x14. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

1955 Slingerland 'Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble' in White Marine Pearl - 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 w/ 5.5x14 Super Krupa Snare. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Here’s another one of our studio & session rentals we carry. 1960 Slingerland Radio King ‘Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble’ in Capri Pearl - 9x13, 16x16, 14x22. If you feeling crazy, throw on this matching 1960 Slingerland ‘Hollywood Ace’ in Capri Pearl - 5.5x14. Vibe on vibe on vibe!

Recent rental for Steve Jordan on @sherylcrow new record that will be out later this year. Our brother & partner Clay Fuqua provided some of our beauties for this record as well as our Gretsch ‘Playboy’ kit for her previous record “Be Myself” with Fred Eltringham on drums, go checkout those drum tones, he’s a monster as well! I think for many of us music nuts, Sheryl & Steve are some of our favorite musical talents, what an honor to be apart in a small way! It’ll be some time for this new record but we’re anxious to hear it! If you love the vintage, we’re happy to help provide some goodies & tech for your sessions! Visit website for our partial list of rental inventory:

Asa Lane

2019-03-19 13:03:04

This honyock joined the Nashville Rolling Bomber Club today. Welcome, my friend!

This beautiful 2008 'Johnny Signed' Cherry Craviotto 24” Bass Drum is now available online & in shop. This was @chad.cromwell personal touring Craviotto with the legendary @neilyoung. Chad has became a dear friend over the past year & is just one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. Thanks for this piece of Gold Chad, much love friend! 615-948-1744 /

Here’s another one from our ‘Rental Department’. To simplify things & pull away from confusion, anything with the ‘Rental’ stamp will be for rent & anything else posted will be for sale. For you Gretsch lovers, this pup records great! // 1963 Gretsch ‘Name Band’ in Blue Sparkle - 9x13, 16x16, 14x20 w/ 5.5x14 - 6-ply // 615-948-1744 or

Here’s a pile of wonderful goodness that we purchased yesterday from one of our favorite collectors in the game. Come on over & hit some of these with us! Love this community, so grateful for the support that allows us to do what we do...can’t say it enough.

Asa Lane

2019-03-15 09:20:51

We’re now officially offering vintage drum rentals at the shop! • Repost @nelson_drum_shop Hey Nashville, I have some new news that I’m real happy about. We’ve been real anxious to announce this for the past two years of patient planning & dreaming. We are officially launching our ‘Vintage Drum Rentals’ today. We’ve been doing this fairly low key for 4 years for various friends but decided we wanted to make it an ‘official thing’. We have dozens of vintage drums, cymbals, percussion, and all the goodies you vintage lovers need for your studio sessions, live performances, video shoots, or just pure enjoyment. For excitement & fun, we added about half our drums on our website but will be updating it every week with piles of more gear. I think what I’m most excited about is that we are bringing on two very skillful & loved friends to work with us. Honored to partner with these two men, they are great humans & nothing but great vibes. Welcome Clay Fuqua (Drum Tech Legend) & @coolranchdorio (of @doriovintagedrums) to the ‘Nelson Vintage Rental’ program! Checkout our website for the beginning lineup of our inventory. Much love Nashville!

We got a sweet tag on these beauties, price drop. 1967 Ludwig 'Hollywood' in Burgundy Sparkle - 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Ken Coomer, one of the nicest guys in town. Regular at the shop, just the coolest hang. For all you @wilco fans, Ken is the original drummer & a mad session player in town, legend. Thanks for all the kindness you gift this community with. Much love man!

@istanbulagop 15” 30th Anniversary Hi-Hats, 19” Turk Jazz Ride, 22” Traditional Medium Crash / @sugarpercussion Mahogany Bop - 12.14.18. Demo’d by our friend, @jonathanwomble. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Take a listen to vintage royalty, this was a couple years before they switched the COB Super Ludwig to the Ludwig Supraphonic! — Take a listen to this baby goooooo!! — #repost @nelson_drum_shop ・・・ (Vid 2) Welcome our friend, one of the kindest humans on this earth, @ben_barter. New Zealand native now presently living in Los Angeles, California. Ben is the original drummer and currently plays for @lordemusic. Some other credits include: @passion_pit, Kingston, @broodsmusic, @jarrydjamesmusic, @halfnoisemusic, and more. ————————————————————————— Drums for sale: Early 1960's 'COB' Supraphonic - 5x14. Available in shop and online. (1951 Knob Tension Leedy & Ludwig - SOLD). ————————————————————————— Mix: @ben_barter // Video: @brysonnelson • • #officialsnaregeek #snaresoftheday #geargeek #snaregeek #builders #woodwork #morethenshells #drumart #nerdfam #woodworking #drumbuilder #drumcreator #drummer #handcrafted #craft #drumtuning #heirloomdrums #drumheads #snaredrum #metalworks #smallbuisness #handmade #customsnare #handcrafted #vintage #cob #nelsondrumshop

This gorgeous outfit is available in shop, not online. Can ship by phone or email: 615-948-1744 / // @ccdrumco Player Date 1 in the beautiful Rose Pearl - 8x12, 15x16, 12x22.

Some inspiring recent vintage/new drums from our friend, @davecobb7. Vibey Leedy with a floor Tom Cradle, 60s Super Classic Snare, and a very inspiring @joyfulnoisedrum Blackbird Signature that sounds out of this world! Available in shop, not online. Will ship by email or phone: 615-948-1744

Late 50s Gretsch 'Progressive Jazz' in Midnight Blue - 4x14

It’s been a long time since we’ve shot any videos. Such an @istanbulagop fan, we had to get a few buddies in to demo some of our favorites for you. Here we have 14” Traditional Medium Hats, a 22” Signature @sterloid, and a 22” 30th Anniversary. All available in shop & online. Also, couldn’t outfit these cymbals better than with the amazing bop 12.14.18 @sugarpercussion. Big hug and thank you to one of our greatest friends for his skill & time, @jonathanwomble. Love you buddy!

Great hang with @aaronsteele_damn & @winsworth. If you have the night free, go watch @winsworth play with @devhynes tonight, here in Nashville. Also, @aaronsteele_damn just moved to Nashville & is one of the grooviest drummers and hangs around, give him a big welcome hug. Much love

We just received this Gretsch in Olive Satin Flame. @tayloryorkyall is one of the more generous & kind people on this planet, he’s letting go of a special special kit, these Gretsch beauties are looking for a new home. Call or email in for shipping.

Nashville... we are all up in the @exit_in for 2 nights, let’s get rowdy. Hoping to see some friends and roll to the amazing @nelson_drum_shop ❤️🖤❤️🖤 Thanks to @lowdef_ for the assist 🖤#exitin #nelsondrumshop #nashville #thursdayband

Jason Cooper

2019-02-25 06:31:30

I had a super cool hang with Bryson and Geoff at @nelson_drum_shop this Friday. I am so proud of this young dude and the name he is making for himself in the vintage drum circles. 🙌 #sessiondrummer #nashville #memphisdrummer #vintagedrums #vintagesnare #nelsondrumshop #drums #drummer #drumfam @brysonnelson @dapperdrums

Another beautiful batch of vintage drums off to our friend, @davecobb7. Dave is a legend, one of our favorite producers around. Thanks for all the support over the years, much love & respect from the Nelson Crew!

Foundry Reserve @meinlcymbals now available on our website. These are special ones, enjoying them immensely!

1920's Leedy Gold Elite Snare - 5x14. Available in shop & online: / 615-948-1744


2019-02-22 04:01:45

Very excited to welcome home this beautiful Ludwig “Bronze Strata” S-330 12,14,20. BIG thanks to the lovely lovely people at @nelson_drum_shop for helping me get her. She will be cared for in her new home. THANKS GUYS 🥃🥃🥁 #nelsondrumshop @ludwigdrumshq #ludwigdrums #vintagedrums #erikestrada

Great hang with these two guys. Strong humility & kindness. Personally speaking - Al Green & Stevie Wonder are my all time favorites artist. Spending a little time with @liljohnroberts was a real treat. From Stevie Wonder, to Janet Jackson, to helping and friending @meinlcymbals artist day in and out - these two are both living legends. Much love & respect from the Nelson crew.

Couple of Ludwig 6 lug Pioneers. That sweet sweet @ludwigdrumshq sound. Available in shop, none of which are available online. Call in or email for shipping. 615-948-1744 /

Thanks for all the influence, kindness, and warmth of friendship, @josemedeles. Much love from all us appreciative drummers & drum enthusiast. You and @revival_drum_shop mean the world to so many of us. Get your copy, restocked online:

1966 Rogers 'Tower' in Red Sparkle - 5x14. This one is now available online, call in for full retail inventory. 615-948-1744 /

Good hang with @nunez5211 before his show tonight with the @thekooksmusic. Good vibes all around.

This rare @ludwigdrumshq monster! 1939 Ludwig Pioneer Mahogany Snare - 7x15. This one is now available online with a few more goodies, call in for full retail inventory: 615-948-1744 /

That famous @ludwigdrumshq brass. 1930's Ludwig NOB Pioneer Snare - 5x14. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Proud dealer of @keplingerdrums in Nashville, Tn. You gotta hear these, very inspiring. Snares now online. All percussion is available in shop but we can ship, no prob. 615-948-1744 /

Some of the favorites from this weeks new/old recent inventory. Nothing from here is on our website but feel free to call in or email for shipping. We typically only have 30% or so online but ship any & everything in shop. Come on over - hangout, play some drums, talk life. 615-948-1744 /

Late 50's WFL 'BeBop' in Aqua Sparkle - 3x13. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Chris Russo

2019-02-12 07:32:57

Really excited for some new gear I have coming on the horizon... but for now big shoutout to @indexdrums for this awesome vintage beer can shaker and @nelson_drum_shop for my (John) Bonham trucker style hat... 🤘 . . . . #johnbonham #drummergear #nelsondrumshop #indexdrums #vintagebeercans #shadystreetshowband #aandfdrumco #drummerswag

We have some new drummers in stock including our original three. Who’s your favorite? Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

Ain’t nothing but vibe, Slingerland Drums. 1951 Radio King '3-Ply Mahogany Piccolo' in Sparkling Gold - 4x13. 615-948-1744 /

Mid 1950's - Slingerland Student Model Radio King in refinished Navy Blue - 5.5x14. 615-948-1744 /

Late 30's Ludwig '8-lug' Pioneer - 6.5x14. One of the greatest sounding brass snares you’ll ever hear! Available in shop & online: / 615-948-1744

This here is our dear friend & part of the Nelson Drum Family - @lucasaldridge. Lucas handles all our restoration work at the shop. Not a single person on this planet could think something sour of this guy, he’s got a heart of gold. So very thankful he’s part of our team & feel very fortunate to have his warm presence around the shop. Thanks for all you do buddy!

This is a company we are immensely proud to support, @drumtortillas. @masonself inspires many, not only by his outstanding ability to play the drums but by his original creative idea with his company, Drum Tortillas. There’s lots of techniques to dampen a drum and lots of great products out there. However, Mason & Ginger’s product (as unique & amazing as it is) is so much more than just a product - it’s filled of honesty, originality, and fun. Something we are very passionate about as a shop is not just the product from venders pulled in but whom makes the product. You don’t meet people as kind as Mason & Ginger, they are quality quality quality people. Big fan & feel very privileged to support them here in Nashville. Keep your eyes peeled on their page, they have new fun designs & creative ideas frequently.

Good hang with this friendly guy, mr. @jdmcphersonpix. Enjoy that batch of 60s ludwig toys!

1960s Slingerland ‘Modern Jazz Outfit’ in Silver Sparkle - 8x12, 14x14, 14x20. Available in shop & online: 615-948-1744 /

@sugarpercussion 'Poplar' in Colorado Orange - 5x14. Quality, quality, these drums!

1919 Ludwig & Ludwig 'New Inspiration Model Outfit' - 5x14 & 14x28. 100 years of existence & these circles still sound insane! Swipe right for catalog —> // available in shop & online: / 615-948-1744

Big Slingerlands 18x16floor tom, 24"kick, 14x8snare, 12,14toms, 14x14floor tom, 20"floor tom @timbofromkeno #rufusdrumshop #nelsondrumshop #slingerlanddrumcompany